Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Destin

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Destin, Fl – 2023

Destin is the ideal location for your thanksgiving culinary excursion.

The town in northwestern Florida is brimming with restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines.

Sushi bars are a fixture since Destin is located on the Gulf Coast, nestled against the Atlantic Ocean, where aquatic life flourishes.

Following are the burger places, European-inspired eateries, and dessert establishments that have made their imprint on the town’s gastronomic environment.

There’s no scarcity of superb cuisine in this town for foodies.

And this is a curated list of your best choices for turkey day.

Best restaurants in Destin, Fl for Thanksgiving this year

1. Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer

Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer

This kinship-run eatery has one of the highest ratings in Destin.

It’s close to Destin Port and has a solid reputation for its native marine delicacies.

This hotel’s open-air setting and tropical life ambiance will appeal to you.

You may have the greatest meal in Destin while watching the breathtaking views of the bay.

If you want to dine somewhere informal, this is the location to go.

To develop its New South and classic coastal cuisine, the customer offers all of its shellfish regionally.

It also provides a hook-and-cook facility, which means that after catching, you can bring your specimen to the caterers, who will cheerfully make your meal.

Among the most popular meals are roasted snow lobster, crabs, and clams.

You’ll like the delicious fish tastes with that salty tinge on your tongue.

Try the hook-and-cook option as well, and observe what the experts create when you deliver your fish.

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2. Louisiana Lagniappe

Louisiana Lagniappe

The doors to this prize-winning eatery initially started in the mid-1980s.

It’s located within the Sandpiper Cove condos and serves shellfish with a Caribbean twist.

If you’re searching to have a more refined food experience, this is one of the greatest restaurants to eat at in Destin, Fl.

With its exquisite presentation and soothing illumination in the open area, Southern Lagniappe defines excellent cuisine in Destin.

The eatery is ideal at night since you can enjoy the cool wind from the water while having a full dinner.

Panorama of the port lighting is an added bonus, make Southern Lagniappe one of the top supper spots for your turkey day this year.

In this restaurant, you must taste the Louisiana Shrimp Stew and the Grain and Lobster Soup.

The stews are delicious and crafted with quality ingredients from the Sea.

3. Crackings


With its musical performances and laid-back vibe, this kinship-run restaurant is among the nicest gatherings in Destin.

And, obviously, delicious cuisine!

Test this out if you feel dinner is your most essential meal of the turkey day. The waitstaff goes to great lengths to prepare these evening meals in accordance with that idea.

As a consequence, you get a large amount of food and, unsurprisingly, it’s good.

You’ll also enjoy the atmosphere of this establishment.

Due to the relaxed environment and musical performances, this is among the most frequently visited destinations.

The personnel is also really nice and will do their best to meet your wishes.

The Lobster Cheddar waffles with tomatoes and spring onions on top are delicious.

With each mouthful, you’ll enjoy the buttery richness with only a dash of spiciness.

4. Mama Clemenza’s

Mama Clemenza’s

This multi-awarded eatery, founded by a family with origins in Irish and Italian food, is recognized for its delicious European-inspired meals.

Try out Mamma Clemenza’s if you’re searching for eateries around you.

For each meal, you’ll experience as though you’re in Europe at the adjacent Marlin Beach restaurant, which offers outstanding handmade food.

 You’ll enjoy the bistro-style environment as well.   

You have the option of sitting at the pub or at the enclosed terrace.

The personnel is so pleasant that they constantly make the circuits to see if you have any additional needs.

The prize-winning Pancakes Scramble should not be missed.

With its delicious pancetta over Shepherd’s pie cakes and mayonnaise, the eatery gave the classic American meal a spin.

5. Vinny McGuire’s Pizza

Vinny McGuire’s Pizza

This is among the top eateries in midtown, located directly across from McGuire’s Irish Pub and Lager.

The eatery delivers European-inspired fare, with spaghetti and pies from Italia being the focal point.

There are several excellent Destin restaurants, and this is unquestionably one among them.

Not alone is the meal deserving of praise.

The atmosphere is also noteworthy, with its rare blend of Italian dining and pub characteristics.

You’ll enjoy the unique eating experience that distinguishes this restaurant on our list of Destin eateries.

You may build your customized pizza with over a hundred ingredients such as Louisiana sausages and even spinach artichokes.

In a nutshell, you’re your personal cook.

If you don’t want to make your own pie, consider the chicken wings with buttermilk or goat cheese sauce.

Do not even hesitate to combine the meal with The Mafia, the diner’s trademark drink made of citrus, cranberries, and juice drinks blended with alcohol.

6. Slick Lips Seafood and Oyster House

Slick Lips Seafood and Oyster House

This modern eatery, located in the scenic Baytowne Wharf, is famed for its delectable fish dishes and lamb chops that will have you going back for more.

Due to the excellent blend of contemporary and antique features within, the two-story place is perfect for your thanksgiving dinner in Destin.

The mini-chandeliers contribute to the global atmosphere, while the ancient photographs and fishy mural carvings give attention to heritage.

No doubt, the foods are delicious, and they are among the finest in Destin or around.

You can even witness part of the oysters deveining activity since the meal is prepared at the tavern, right in front of everyone.

Don’t skip out on sampling the hotel’s award-winning shrimp stew, which is a constant finest.

It’s simply the restaurant’s thick sauce mixed with crabs, prawns, pork, and crayfish heads with spring onions and grains.

7. Bijoux


This prize-winning eatery is well-known for its New Orleans-style seaside food.

It’s located in The Market Galleries, an upmarket community shopping mall.

The gentle illumination and sophisticated design create the tone for a one-of-a-kind exquisite eating experience.

There are also choices for a banquet room, but if you value vistas as an aspect of the gourmet adventure, head to the outside patio for the beautiful flora.

The eatery takes great pride in its Gulf fish and premium sirloin, which are all creatively presented.

The Ahi Fish with cabbage salad and the Rodeo Prime rib are two of our faves.

The order comes with delicious cooked hatcheries and potatoes, making it one of the hotel’s finest.

8. Sarah K’s Gourmet

Sarah K’s Gourmet

This exquisite take-out right next to Destin Square has been winning honors for its delectable gourmet microwave meals for sixteen years.

If you want delicious and affordable dinners, this is the place to go in Destin.

Each variety boils in twenty minutes or fewer and is packaged in metal tins, which makes it perfect for the hectic bee.

For a comprehensive culinary journey, the restaurant also offers a wide assortment of take-and-bake goods.

The Giant Lump Crab Sandwiches are recognized across the globe for their wonderful flavor.

They are, however, entirely crabs, with no additives.

Don’t hesitate to coat the cakes with Sarah K’s handmade blend of spices for a delicious blast.

9. Jackacuda’s Seafood and Sushi

Jackacuda’s Seafood and Sushi

This eatery, based after a traditional fishing spot in Destin Harbour, first opened for business in 2016 and is still capturing fans with its Southern and Eastern meals served in a relaxed environment.

This restaurant’s laid-back atmosphere makes it a popular hotspot for both residents and visitors.

You’ll like the seaside design and contemporary artwork on the walls, which are complemented by the stunning port surroundings.

The café is designed to seem like a sophisticated farmstead where friends may congregate, as the founders planned.

The native Hawaiian meal stir, with its chopped fresh fish, delivered hot and obtained regionally, is a perennial favorite.

I really enjoy the Surf & Turf stir or the grilled Thai beef and prawns.

10. McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery

McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery

The Destin shop debuted in 1997 and still attracts tourists who like the pub’s turn-of-the-century Manhattan tavern vibe.

The atmosphere is unquestionably unique.

Step inside to see over a thousand autographed dollar notes adorning the floors and walls.

So when the pub’s first worker left her initial tip, she established the custom, and succeeding clients continued it.

Every evening, you’ll adore the energetic environment, with live entertainment blasting and individuals who simply want to have a wonderful time starting up talks.

If you want some calmness, head to the terrace and take in the spectacular view of the bay.

The eatery takes great pride in its superb sirloin, which it claims is the best on the Eastern Shore.

Try the Lamb Shank, which has incredible taste and suppleness that will leave you wanting more.

11. Fish Out of Water+

Fish Out of Water

The eatery, which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico, emanates a pleasant and relaxed seaside atmosphere while serving authentic and exquisite Southern cuisine from the shore.

It is the only huge family eatery in the neighborhood, therefore if you’re a foodie who went solo, you’ll receive more than you bargained for.

The large meal plate, on the other hand, is ideal for splitting, which is the reason this is among the top celebration eateries in Destin.

You must have the trademark wagyu beef patty with toasted corn tortillas, garlicky mayonnaise arugula, and mansion cucumbers at Fish Out of Water.

The meat is sourced from a top cow producer on an Orleans farm.


The festive season has arrived, and it is among the finest times of year to visit the Gulf Shore. Thanksgiving vacation is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the Florida weather as well as the various activities available in the region.

Furthermore, 5 Stars Accommodations and Paradise Beach Properties all include features with professional kitchens, making it easy to prepare your Turkey dinner.

Nevertheless, because we understand that not everybody wishes to spend their entire vacation baking, we’ve produced a list of the top locations to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in Destin Florida. If you prefer a smorgasbord, a four-course dinner, or a to-go alternative, the Gulf Shore offers a Thanksgiving feast for everyone.

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