Best Restaurants & Places in Destin

25 Best Restaurants & Places in Destin, FL | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Located in Florida, this place oozes a rich marine life, which explains why many of its sites to eat have tons of seafood options and sublime scenery to accentuate your dining experience. Only the luckiest of people get to explore the place to its core, which means that its authentic dishes should be tasted.

So to satisfy your palate, below, we have customized a list of places to eat in Destin with some of the best Destin restaurants.

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The Best Restaurants In Destin

1. Brotula’s Seafood House and Steamer

Brotula's Seafood House and Steamer

Why it’s a must-visit?

This very welcoming restaurant with a family-oriented ambiance makes it a hub spot for food enthusiasts.

It has earned a lot of reputation for its authentic seafood cuisine as it is located near this city’s harbor.

The wide range of seafood options makes it one of the best restaurants in Destin.

Chef’s Choice

The open area and isolated atmosphere will swoon you beyond no measure

The dining is free to experiment as one has the liberty to ask the chefs to prepare dishes from their own acquired fish

The easy-going ambiance is the cherry on the top, along with the various scrumptious dishes it offers

Most of the food is local, which explains its unique Taste

Location and contact

2. Louisiana Lagniappe

Louisiana Lagniappe

Why it’s a must-visit?

Inaugurated in 1984, this restaurant has a stellar performance review, mostly crediting to its outstanding dishes.

Along with its fantastic menu, it also has a breathtaking ambiance surrounded by the sea’s cold breeze.

It gives the island a feel as the harbor surrounds the entire restaurant. It’s also one of the top restaurants out there.

Chef’s Choice

It would be best if you tried their Cajun seafood as its crunchy and delicious

Also, try to get it along with the corn, and the crab bisque is a must-try too and this place is one of the must eat places too.

If you want to warm yourself from the cold breeze, then the soups will be a perfect choice for you.

Location and contact

3. Crackings


Why it’s a must-visit?

The crackings restaurant is one of the best ones among places to eat in Destin for its simple layout.

This Destin Florida restaurants are family-owned, which explains why so many famlies frequent it.

It also features soothing music to accentuate your whole dining experience. 

Chef’s Choice

The lobster here is something to die for as its exquisite in the Taste

Other than that, the cheese dishes here seasoned with the furnishings of tomato are a heavenly delight

Even though the portions might be significant, you will still feel the need to devour more dishes as you take every bite it’s one of the best top rated restaurants in Destin.

Location and contact

4. Mama Clemenza

Mama Clemenza

Why it’s a must-visit?

The owners of the restaurants near me are Italian and infused their roots with European-centric dishes.

The delight is an incredible delight as they are overflowing with flavors

It has a stellar staff who are great at helping you in clearing any queries.

Chef’s Choice

Their mouth-watering eggs benedict is your best bet as it contains tasty ingredients.

It also features a uniquely American dish in the form of dessert, their signature pudding and muffins to brighten your day.

You will be left in a trance as you take every bite. It’s one of the nicest ones out there.

Location and contact

5. Vinny McGuire Pizza

Vinny McGuire Pizza

Why it’s a must-visit?

Cravings for pizzas are best satisfied here through their European-centric servings.

This restaurants in Destin Florida, has a great vibe with stellar ingredients to lift your spirits.

The best part about it is its custom option from which, like subway, you can choose what and which ingredients to add to your pizzas. 

Chef’s Choice

If you’re not a fan of customized pizzas and don’t trust your skills in experimenting, then your best bet can be the chicken wings that are incredibly famous here.

Tuck that along with the delicate blue cheese or ranch to get the most out of your chicken wings

Also, in the end, nothing can beat the pairing of the above dish with their exquisite signature drink –  the godfather, which is a mixture of various juice like orange mixed with rum.

Location and contact

6. Slick Lips Seafood and Oysters House

Slick Lips Seafood and Oysters House

Why it’s a must-visit?

Marked for its outstanding servings of oysters, this restaurant boasts itself of the wide variety of delicious seafood dishes it offers

The oysters are served raw in the open sight of everyone to add thrill to the entire dining in experience.

It is also considered one of the finest in all states for its excellent servings and is a great place to eat.

Chef’s Choice

In the restaurant, gumbo is one of their best dishes, among many others, which has maintained continuous positive feedback.

It has all the luxury seafood that one wants to experience in their lifetimes with the servings of shrimp, crabs, sausages, crawfish, etc.

It’s topped with various veggies for a more fruitful look

It indeed is a paradise for seafood lovers

Location and contact

7. Bijoux


Why it’s a must-visit?

The bijoux restaurant has achieved heights through its award-winning steak, providing the best ambiance and servings.

The restaurant features many options for preferred settings like a private area for deep conversations and the open regions for amazing views.

The open areas are breathtaking to look at as they are a magical experience. It’s also one of the most famous restaurants in Destin for this reason only. It’s aura makes it a romantic restaurant.

Chef’s Choice

The food near me is impressive, with specialties like gulf seafood, their highlight.

 The steak here is also something that should not be missed as it’s astronomical in Taste.

The ahi tuna here is also quite remarkable, with roasted potatoes to heighten your Taste.

Location and contact

8. Sarah K’s Gourmet

Sarah K's Gourmet

Why it’s a must-visit?

With a continuing streak of awards for almost sixteen years, this unique restaurant prides itself in its ability to serve delicious meals over a short period.

The food is packed and portable to be eaten in the place itself or anywhere else. So if you are on a limo of where to eat, then this place is your best bet.

They specialize in bakery options which explains why cakes and dough materials are a highlight.

Chef’s Choice

The cakes here are the most delicious.

Especially the jumbo cake is something to die for cause of its unique Taste.

The cake pairing comes best with the homemade sauce, which has a spicy flavor and is sure to fulfill your appetite for flavors.

Location and contact

9. Jackacuda’s Seafood and Sushi

Jackacuda's Seafood and Sushi

Why it’s a must-visit?

As the name suggests, this restaurant specializes in Asian dishes, which are founded on the prime ingredient of rice.

It was established in 2014 and has a modern ambiance with posters and beach captions to make your day.

It’s a trendy hangout spot for youths and children alike.

Chef’s Choice

Their delicious Hawaiian dish is their best highlight, coupled with the ingredients containing raw fish, which is harvested organically.

Their surf and turf poke is also quite impressive as it is adorned with brilliant sauces which are spicy, creamy, and runny.

It indeed is something that should be missed.

Location and contact

10. McGuire’s Irish Pub and Brewery

McGuire's Irish Pub and Brewery

Why it’s a must-visit?

Opened during the 90s, this has the best NYC feel in all of state v

The atmosphere there is amiable whose staff members are sure to surprise you with their daunting service

They have fantastic music and seem like an excellent place to socialize

Youngsters  might make more fun out of this place than the others

Chef’s Choice

Steaks are your best bet there as they are juicy and saucy

It has the number ranking in all of Destin

There are a variety of options in steak that you can choose according to your perceived preference.

Location and contact

11. Fish Out of Water

Fish Out of Water

Why it’s a must-visit?

Expert in southern flavors, this restaurant has a vibe to brighten your day.

The platter options here are outstanding, making you drool by looking at them.

Another fascinating aspect about it is its family-oriented catering, welcoming everyone.

Chef’s Choice

The best highlight of their menu is the burger they serve, buttered buns and garlic aioli with sour pickles.

The opens here range from veg to non-veg.

Among the non-veg options, their beef is excellent and melts in the mouth in the most delicious way possible.

Location and contact

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12. Beach Walk Café

Beach Walk Café

Though a café, it doesn’t back off in its deliverance of subtle delicate dishes

The food here is an original American-inspired cuisine with much European and Asian influence.

Its locale near the coast makes it one of the great restaurants to blend nature with a fine dining experience.

If you want to explore the place to the core, you also submerge your toes in the water while biting down on their dishes.

Chef’s Choice

Their barbeque shrimp is tasty beyond measure, and the grits are also worth mentioning.

Their unique blend of seafood and sausage will take you straight to heaven.

The smoked aroma of it is also something one should experience.

Location and contact

13. Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House

Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House

Why it’s a must-visit?

To get the most out of your beach experience, a visit to this restaurant will lighten up your spirits beyond anything.

The ingredients gathered locally are authentic caption flavor at its very core.

Their entire business is based on southern lands, which is unique.

Chef’s Choice

The most stellar dish is the oysters which are scrumptious in every essence.

Their caramelized Vidalia onion makes one keeps craving more

Another particular highlight of theirs is the bacon they serve, which cant measure up to other dishes.

Location and contact

14. Marina Café

Marina Café

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant oozes exquisite ambiance with an ethereal vision of the coastal waters.

The blue waters are sure enough to swoon anyone who lays their eyes on them.

The restaurant has maintained its streak of winning awards by delivering excellent performance through its servings and hospitality.

Chef’s Choice

Their delightfully grilled swordfish dish is made with subtlety in its essence.

The above dish gets adorned with lyonnaise potatoes, which explains its lustrous Taste beyond beliefs.

Pairing it with a glass of wine will make the whole dining experience worthwhile.

Location and contact

15. 790 on the Gulf Restaurant

790 on the Gulf Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

This magnificent restaurant calls for a lot of appreciation from its visitors, who adore huge windows and serene views.

It’s a light-themed restaurant with a vintage feel to it which makes it very popular

It all looks very peachy and sophisticated in design which adds to it’s fancy.

Chef’s Choice

The andouille Gumbo is an absolute delight here.

Also, the duck meal should not be missed as it is their highlight there

The smocked flower, along with a soft bone marrow structure, sustain it as a genuinely impeccable restaurant.

Location and contact

16. The Black Porch

The Black Porch

Why it’s a must-visit

The black porch restaurant is truly a fantastic diner for its spectrum of options available to the public.

It has an incredible family-oriented catering that feels exceptionally welcoming.

The entire place is adorned with beach vibes which are surreal and peaceful at the same time.

Chef’s Choice

The food here is terrific, with fine chicken cuisine and incredible drinks

The non-veg options make it extremely enjoyable to devour

The fantastic location also serves its purpose, which explains why people flock to it.

Location and contact

17. Beach Walk Café

Beach Walk Café

Why it’s a must-visit?

Developed by the renowned chef Tim Creehan, this restaurant exceeds expectations concerning food.

It is an amalgamation of both American and European-centered cuisine

It is one of the most celebrated cafes out there which excels in Europe dishes  

Chef’s Choice

The roasted lamb here is beyond amazing, credited to its heavenly Taste

The crawfish will leave you drooling with every bite you take

It also holds its popularity owing to eminent personalities who have spoken highly of this café, especially its cream pies, which are perfect for Sunday brunch.

Location and contact

18. Dewey Destin’s Harborside

Dewey Destin's Harborside

Why it’s a must-visit?

Founded during the 80s, this one should be visited for its special luncheons.

It also has quite a legacy in its historical sense

The harbor near its location gives it its name, which adds to the while coast side experience

Chef’s Choice

The drinks here are pretty impressive, ranging from cocktails to many wines.

The fish here is a fantastic option as it dissolves in the mouth with every bite.

It is pretty hard to list a single dish as it indeed has a lot of outstanding seafood options.

Location and contact

19. Seagar’s


Why it’s a must-visit?

This fantastic restaurant is an absolute beauty in every sense

The furnishings are made in wood form with polished structures and sleek  furniture

It is almost luxurious in every sense, its atmospheric aura or its classic infrasturue

Chef’s Choice

As luxurious as its interior, so are its dishes, especially its steak

The steak here is juicy and has a very melting sensation on one’s palate

It also has cigars which provide quite a unique experience to curious tourists

The wine here is also something that should not be missed as the Taste is almost heavenly.

Location and contact

20. Bud and Alley’s

Bud and Alley's

Why it’s a must-visit?

Though located a little bit far from the signature city, the place is something you should visit upon your travel near Destin.

The entire ingredients used in their dishes are organic, ranging from seafood to cheese of every kind.

The open rooftop area is great for enjoying drinks and deep conversations.

Chef’s Choice

The seafood stew here is quite remarkable in how crunchy and juicy it is in Taste.

Other than that, their grilled duck is sure to leave you craving for months on no end.

The light meals and drinks are a good appetizer option if you want to try some flavourful snacks.

Location and contact

21. The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole

Why it’s a must-visit?

For brunch, this place is perfect as it specializes in serving breakfast options that range from simple bread to desserts.

As the name specifies, the most starring option of this place is its donuts which are lauded by both the locals and foreigners alike.

It has outstanding reviews which have remained consistent over the years.

Chef’s Choice

The donuts here are incredible, and many people flock to take a bit out of them.

Its array of varieties establishes it as one of the most prominent donut providers in all of Destin.

Be it chocolate fuzz to strawberry and blueberry, this café has it all.

Location and contact

22. Harry T’s Lighthouse

Harry T's Lighthouse

Why it’s a must-visit?

As the entire city of Destin boasts of its coastlines and waters, so does this restaurant, whose peculiar name also suffices for its delightful dishes.

The décor here is spellbinding in how unique it is, probably the first thing that catches people’s attention.

But raving food reviews establishes it as a superb restaurant with the best servings.

Chef’s Choice

The risotto here will make you drool endlessly as its creamy texture will take you to paradise.

Other than that, their shrimps are an excellent option to lift your spirits

They also have basic American junk food like burgers which are not entirely junk in a sense.

Location and contact

23. Callhan’s Resturaunt and Deli

Callhan's Resturaunt and Deli

Why it’s a must-visit?

This place has one of the most casual settings and is meant simply to serve basic food options.

Despite its modest layout, the dishes it serves make it up for it

The cook your catch option allows you to bring your own captured fish and get it made by the chef

Chef’s Choice

Despite the available custom option, it also has some fantastic custom dishes.

The steak here is an absolute delight as its incredibly delicious to devour

Also, the option of customization exists for steak, too, so you can be your chef. It’s of the cool places to eat in Destin.

Location and contact

24. Louisiana Lagniappe

Louisiana Lagniappe

Why it’s a must-visit?

With a history of thirty years, this place captions incredible gulf meals, which are mostly seafood centered.

The place is adorned with breathtaking waterfront views that add to the dining experience.

The welcoming atmosphere makes it a great place for date nights and family-oriented occasions. It’s a 5 star diner.

Chef’s Choice

 The barbeque jumbo shrimp here is fantastic and has an unforgettable taste.

The salads and the mash potatoes here are also amazing

The most impressive thing about this place is its focus on health, as it has separate menus for gluten-sensitive people.

Location and contact

25. Mimmo’s Ristorante Italino

Mimmo's Ristorante Italino

Why it’s a must-visit?

This place is a landmark spot among locals and tourists as it offers some of the best authentic Italian cuisines.

The ambiance is classy and dapper, with a focus on contemporary

The place is also open to celebrating various special occasions like date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, etc

Chef’s Choice

For starters, you must order their signature garlic rolls, accompanied by a creamy, buttery sauce and various veggies seasoning.

The non-veg options are plentiful here, too, ranging from lamp chops varieties of pizzas and pasta adorned with veggies like tomatoes, mushrooms, sauces, and cheese. 

Choosing one meal from many delicious options is hard, but this place should not be missed as some of the best chefs spearhead it.

Location and contact

Famous Foods in Destin

Shrimps – if you ever step into the territory of Destin, don’t forget to have their shrimp, as they sell the best ones.

Oysters – the oysters here are pretty fabulous as they are freshly fished from the sealines of Destin itself, which prides itself on its deliverance of fine seafood.

Donuts – the donuts here are excellent as some eminent restaurants specially cover them we listed above, ranging from all flavors there exist in the market

Grilled Fish – Any fish-centered dish is fantastic here as it’s completely organic without any tampering from external forces, making it a must-try option in this city.

Final Thoughts

Above, we listed some of the best places to eat in Destin with some of the most frequented and renowned Destin restaurants, and we hope you were able to locate yourself within and answer the queries you possessed in the beginning regarding which one to choose.

So we wish you a good trip and Bon appetite!

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