Restaurants In Pensacola For Thanksgiving Dinner

9 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Pensacola – 2023

Nestled on the western tip of Florida’s Panhandle, Pensacola is not just known for its pristine beaches and rich history, but it also stands out as a haven for Thanksgiving festivities.

When you think about Thanksgiving dinner in Pensacola, images of long tables adorned with delectable dishes, from the classic turkey to unique coastal delights, come to mind.

As the festive season rolls in, locals and visitors alike begin their search for the best Thanksgiving restaurants in Pensacola.

The question of “where to eat” gets special attention during this time, with people eager to find places that offer the warmth of a traditional meal, possibly with a Pensacolian twist.

Whether you’re scouting for restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me, looking for takeout options, or even last-minute dinner delivery services, Pensacola boasts a myriad of choices that cater to all tastes and budgets.

And if turkey isn’t your thing, the city’s diverse culinary scene ensures that everyone has a plate filled with joy.

In Pensacola, Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday; it’s an experience replete with flavors, traditions, and the warmth of the community.

Best restaurants in Pensacola for Thanksgiving this year

1. Jackson’s Steakhouse

Jackson's Steakhouse

Why it is a must-visit:

Unmatched Ambiance with a Historical Touch

Nestled in the heart of Pensacola, Jackson’s Steakhouse is a true culinary gem, boasting an ambiance rich in history and elegance.

The restaurant carries an air of sophistication, reminding guests of the times when dinners were grand and conversations flowed like fine wine.

Food that Celebrates Traditions:

When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner in Pensacola, Jackson’s Steakhouse emerges as one of the top picks. Their claim to fame is their Midwestern grain-fed beef, a juicy and flavorful treat that melts in the mouth.

But it’s not just about the steaks. Their seafood, sourced locally, is a testament to the fresh bounty of Pensacola’s waters. Prepared with care and creativity by Executive Chef Irv Miller, every dish is a celebration.

And if you’re a wine enthusiast, their multiple awards from Wine Spectator ensure that your glass will always be filled with only the best. This Thanksgiving, if you’re wondering where to eat, Jackson’s Steakhouse should be at the top of your list.

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2. Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Five Sisters Blues Cafe

Why it is a must-visit:

An Echo of Pensacola’s Rich Musical Legacy

Five Sisters Blues Cafe isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a slice of Pensacola’s vibrant musical history. Located in the historic downtown, every brick and beam of this cafe resonates with stories of a time when the blues was the rhythm of life.

Feasting amidst Legendary Tunes:

As you hunt for restaurants open on Thanksgiving near you, Five Sisters Blues Cafe promises more than just a meal. It promises an experience.

The rich history of the establishment, having witnessed legends like Louis Armstrong and Aretha Franklin, adds a unique charm to the place.

And as you dive into their sumptuous spread, you’re transported back in time, surrounded by the soulful notes of the blues.

Their menu, which pays homage to Pensacola’s deep-rooted culture, is perfect for those looking for both traditional and innovative Thanksgiving meals.

Whether you’re in for the turkey, pies, or any other festive favorite, the cafe ensures your taste buds are in for a treat. For a Thanksgiving dinner delivery or a cozy dine-in experience, Five Sisters Blues Cafe is the place to be.

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3. Rodizio Grill – Pensacola

Rodizio Grill - Pensacola

Why it is a must-visit:

An Unforgettable Dining Adventure Downtown

Imagine stepping into a place in downtown Pensacola where the aromas of sizzling meats fill the air. Rodizio Grill offers just that!

Situated a stone’s throw away from the Pensacola Bay Center, this restaurant brings the vibrant flavors of churrascaria right to your plate.

Feast Without Limits:

Are you pondering over places to eat in Pensacola for Thanksgiving dinner? Rodizio Grill should be on your radar.

With a staggering 95% gluten-free menu, this restaurant ensures everyone gets to relish their offerings.

From tender rotisserie meats that dance on your palate to freshly crafted gourmet salads and sides, there’s no end to the deliciousness.

The best part? It’s all unlimited! So, if you’re near me and craving a one-of-a-kind dining experience this Thanksgiving, you know where to head.

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4. Restaurant Iron

Restaurant Iron

Why it is a must-visit:

Where Southern Charm Meets Contemporary Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Pensacola, Restaurant IRON stands as a testament to the fusion of Southern traditions with modern culinary techniques. It’s a place where the old-world charm meets new-age flair.

Gourmet Delights with a Southern Soul:

On the hunt for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Pensacola? Look no further. Restaurant IRON promises a feast for the senses. Every dish, crafted with locally sourced ingredients, tells a story.

The open kitchen setting only adds to the charm, allowing you to witness culinary magic in the making.

With a team dedicated to excellence, your Thanksgiving dinner here promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

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5. The District: Seville Steak & Seafood

The District: Seville Steak & Seafood

Why it is a must-visit:

Experience the Heart of Pensacola’s Culinary Scene

The District isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a promise of unparalleled dining amidst the historic backdrop of Downtown Pensacola.

Every corner of this place resonates with a commitment to quality and an unmatched love for the culinary arts.

A Culinary Symphony of Flavors:

Looking for the best Thanksgiving meals around Pensacola? The District might just be your answer. Specializing in Certified Angus Beef®, dry-aged meats, and the freshest seafood the Gulf Coast offers, this steakhouse ensures a gastronomic experience like no other.

Whether you’re in for a steak, seafood, or a delightful mix of both, you’re in for a treat. And if you’re in the mood for some pre or post-dinner fun, their upstairs lounge, boasting live music and special drinks, is the place to be. This Thanksgiving, let The District turn your dinner into cherished memories.

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6. Four Seasons Catering & Eatery

Four Seasons Catering & Eatery

Why it is a must-visit:

Your Local Touch to A Memorable Feast

Situated in the iconic streets of historic downtown Pensacola, Four Seasons Catering & Eatery holds a special place in the heart of the local culinary landscape. It’s not just about food here; it’s about creating lasting memories around it.

Homemade with a Southern Hug:

Seeking the best places to eat in Pensacola for a heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner? “Near me,” you say. Well, Four Seasons promises an authentic homemade touch to every dish.

This isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an embodiment of Pensacola’s love for food. From quick lunches to grand events, every bite speaks of the love and southern care that went into its making.

This Thanksgiving, if you fancy a local experience packed with flavor, charm, and a sense of home, Four Seasons awaits.

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7. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Why it is a must-visit:

Where Californian Vibes Meet Chicago Tastes

A name synonymous with innovation and taste, BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has been setting culinary milestones for over four decades.

Imagine the zesty freshness of California meeting the deep-rooted traditions of Chicago – that’s BJ’s for you!

Crafted to Perfection:

Are you on the lookout for restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Pensacola? “Where to eat?” A question you might have. At BJ’s, you’re promised a dinner delivery of experiences.

Dive into the world-famous Pizookie or relish their signature beers and ciders. With a menu that boasts a mix of salads, kinds of pasta, sandwiches, and their celebrated Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, there’s something for everyone.

And with their handcrafted beers that have won over 160 awards, it’s not just a meal, but a celebration.

So, this Thanksgiving, if you’re seeking the best of both worlds – tradition and innovation – BJ’s is the place to be

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8. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

Why it is a must-visit:

A Taste of Home, Right in Pensacola

Nestled comfortably in Pensacola’s vibrant culinary scene, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen offers a homely ambiance that reminds one of the family gatherings, hearty laughter, and delicious food.

Handcrafted Delights:

Looking for restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me? Search no further. Cheddar stands tall with its scratch-made American comfort food that warms the heart just as much as the tummy.

Craving some authentic homemade Chicken Pot Pie or those irresistible baked-in-house Honey-Butter Croissants? This is the spot!

And if that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, the slow-smoked Baby Back Ribs surely will. What’s more, all of this goodness doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

It’s a place where you get the best of food and feelings, all at an affordable price. This Thanksgiving, if you’re on the lookout for a place that serves love on a plate, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is where you should head.

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9. Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny's BBQ

Why it is a must-visit:

Smoked to Perfection: A Barbecue Lover’s Paradise

When it comes to barbecue in Pensacola, Sonny’s BBQ holds a legendary status. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the art of slow-cooked, finger-licking good barbecue.

Smokey Delicacies:

Wondering where to eat in Pensacola for a Thanksgiving dinner that’s a tad different from the usual? Why not go for some smokey goodness?

Sonny’s BBQ offers a plethora of choices, from succulent brisket and juicy pulled pork to tender barbecue chicken and ribs.

And the best part? Each dish is smoked over oak wood, ensuring an authentic, deep flavor that lingers long after the meal is done.

Conveniently located on 9th Ave, it’s perfect for those last-minute Thanksgiving dinner plans. Whether you dine in, take out, or opt for delivery, a hearty meal from Sonny’s BBQ promises to make your Thanksgiving memorable.

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As the autumn leaves give way to the festive vibes, Pensacola transforms into a culinary paradise, with the scent of Thanksgiving meals wafting through the air.

From local diners offering affordable, hearty meals to upscale restaurants presenting gourmet Thanksgiving dinners, Pensacola has something for everyone.

The city’s unique blend of tradition and innovation shines through in its culinary offerings, ensuring that whether you’re a local or a visitor, your quest for “food near me” during the Thanksgiving season will lead to memorable moments and delightful dishes.

So, when you think of places to eat in Pensacola this festive season, know that the city welcomes you with open arms and a table full of festive delicacies.

In Pensacola, every bite is a celebration, every dish a testament to the city’s rich heritage, and every Thanksgiving a cherished memory in the making.

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