Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Lubbock

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Lubbock – 2024

Not everybody appreciates the usual Thanksgiving meal. There are some who cannot fly back home to be with their family, others who despise cooking, and the occasional non-turkey fan. 

There are numerous alternatives for people who do not partake in the typical Turkey dinner. Many eateries will be accessible for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. 

Here is a list of our top local restaurants in Lubbock that are going to operate on Thanksgiving Day.

Best restaurants in Lubbock for Thanksgiving this year



A long-running franchise offering a large selection of crepes as well as other American morning and bistro food.

On Thanksgiving Eve, IHOP would serve its whole cuisine. Rather than the customary Turkeys and filling, you may have a huge pile of pancakes, a platter of pastries, or their amazing tasting menu. 

IHOP will be swamped as it is one of the finest eating establishments on Turkey day in Lubbock.

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2. Golden Corral

Golden Corral

On Turkey Day this year, the Golden Corral in Lubbock will provide a broad range of dishes. They’ll be welcoming ravenous diners from all around the South Lands and the town of Lubbock. 

You’re in heaven if you desire Turkey. The Golden Corral normally serves a complete Turkey dinner with lots of sweets. Golden Corral, like IHOP, will be bustling.

3. Applebee’s


Comprehensive chain restaurant and bar serving substantial American fare in a relaxed environment.

Applebee’s, which has two positions in Lubbock, would be accessible on Turkey Day this year, providing delicious breakfast and dinner platters.

By going to either venue and arriving early, you may grab your classics or experiment with something new this Holiday. 

Many establishments do not remain open during Festivities, but those that do are quite crowded.

4. Furr’s


Furr always appears to have Thanksgiving meals available all year. 

They, like Golden Corral, will provide a large assortment of Holiday fare in addition to their normal menu offerings. 

You may also look forward to some excellent sweets and a crew ready to assist you at this year’s Turkey Dinner. 

Regardless of what time you arrive, both Furr’s locations will be crowded, so savor the aromas of Thanksgiving as you await with the great folks of Lubbock.

5. Overton Hotel

Overton Hotel

On Turkey Day, the Overton Hotel always looks after the people of Lubbock. 

They provide a large Thanksgiving meal with fine dining, and you may eat until your stomach hurts. 

Make plans to arrive early because booths usually sell rapidly and run out. 

There is ample space but there aren’t enough seats to appreciate the superb meal options offered by the Overton Hotel.

6. Heff’s


Heff’s is a family-owned burger joint that also serves vegetarian and dietary choices.

Drop by and taste “Lubbock’s Best Meal,” as selected by the voters of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in 201, followed by another delectable dessert.

You may also personalize your hamburger by adding your own condiments or substituting any special dietary ingredients you may have.

You may also order one of their hamburger specialties and pair it with a juice snack and a cool beverage if you’re feeling really peckish.

Choose the Heff’s Burger, which comes with juicy meat, cabbage, pepper, mustard, cucumber, and your selection of mayonnaise or sauce.

7. Capital Pizza

Capital Pizza

Capital Pizza is Silicon Terrace’s initial and sole food and beverage dine-in, having debuted in 2012.

This real eating atmosphere is unlike any other, with delicious sandwiches, hamburgers, kinds of pasta, and an exquisite selection of specialty beers.

Capital has really become many people’s neighborhood bar, seldom failing to serve hot, distinctive, and delicious pizzas and pies.

So stop over for some delicious food and beverages, join the crew, and spend the night.

Enjoy a superb pizzeria, burgers, and a comprehensive bar with several specialty beers at this modest, homely gathering.

The Capital Butcher Pizza has specialty bacon, Italian sausage, cheeseburger, salami, chorizo with handmade cheese sauce, and parmesan cheese.


Get out and taste the best your city has to offer. Try some authentic Turkeys and pies, or if you wish just eat in or order take-out food. Whatever it is we just want you to relax this Thanksgiving. Be it in a sophisticated eatery or in the comfort of your couch, we got you covered. 

You don’t need to worry about which best eateries will remain open or what to order (even if you wish to ditch the traditional “turkey day” meal)

Sit back and unwind. Happy Thanksgiving!

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