Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Wichita

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Wichita – 2024

It is the ideal location for an epic gastronomic trip with your friends as you discover its numerous excellent restaurants.

Have a great thanksgiving evening exploring busy eateries, exciting pizza places, quirky BBQ spots, posh steakhouses, and much more.

Other locations to visit include wineries, cafés, fast-food franchises, deli stores, confectioneries, barbecues, and so forth.

Try world cuisines, superb fish specialties, hand-crafted spaghetti meals, and numerous others to delight your taste receptors this turkey day.

Look over our selection of the finest restaurants in Wichita for your thanksgiving dinner.

Best restaurants in Wichita for Thanksgiving this year

1. Sabor Latin Bar and Grill

Sabor Latin Bar and Grill

Sabor Latin Bar & Grille is a modern eatery that serves South American-inspired dishes.

Are you looking for the highest-rated eateries in Kansas to taste substantial South American meals?

Then Sabor Latin Bar & Grille is the answer to your question.

Try delicacies like stacked burgers, tasty tacos, diet-friendly options, and a lot more.

It also serves beer and wine on streams, such as creative drinks, exquisite wine, and local beer.

The Sabor Shrimp Carbonara is an excellent choice for trying a specialty meal.

It’s a risotto from Spain with veggies, prawns, clams, and crab.

Do you eat vegan dishes?

We suggest trying out the Cornmeal Veggie Pyramid if you do.

It has diced peppers, greens, cheese, scallops, fiery black bean salsa, serrano ham, and a sprinkle of jalapeno crème.

2. Redrock Canyon Grill

Redrock Canyon Grill

The Redrock Canyon Grill, situated in the Blythe Fair Shopping Plaza, is a well-known restaurant.

This superb establishment is a foodie’s dream, with an incredible cuisine that caters to just about every dietary and appetite.

It serves a variety of beef meals, superb starters, well-presented meals, and a cocktail bar with a selection of boozy cocktails.

Northern Salmon selection will satisfy your fish-loving taste.

It’s grilled salmon over healthy oats with a delicious rémoulade as well as a pear and maize dressing.

If you are lactose intolerant, the Wood-roasted Rotisserie Chicken needs to be tried.

Boiled red beets, chopped spices, and delicious caramelized vegetables are among the ingredients.

3. Texas Roadhouse (West Kellogg)

Texas Roadhouse (West Kellogg)

The Texas Roadhouse, which opened in November 2004, is a well-known restaurant brand located across the street from Westwood Town Center.

The Texas Roadhouse, among the greatest Wichita restaurant, serves a number of the tastiest meats in the region.

This spectacular restaurant serves hand-cut quality sirloin, outstanding appetizers, kid-friendly dishes, and poultry specialties.

Get the Farmhouse Lettuce to start your dinner on a better note.

Crisp spinach, peppers, house-made crostini, cheese, bacon, and your pick of vinaigrette are included.

Enjoy the Fall-Off-The-Bone prime dish, a prize-winning specialty.

These slow-cooked marinated briskets are presented with a handcrafted trademark bbq sauce and sides.

4. Bite Me BBQ

Bite Me BBQ

Bite Me BBQ is a family-run pork restaurant located in the Old Town Building Rescue antique shop.

Bite Me BBQ may fulfill your turkey desires with your family members, spouse, or pals.

It features grilled panini, a la carte selections, Mexican cuisine dinners, combination platters, and a lot more.

For dinner, try a traditional bbq dish like the Chopped Prime rib.

It is a marinated, slow-smoked succulent beef that has been slow-cooked for over 18 hours and is presented in 2 sections.

Attempt the Whole Ham Meat Crunchwrap supreme for a Mexican-style dinner.

It comes with barbecued sliced brisket, cabbage, chile Verde, and jalapeño sauce, with nachos, guacamole, and ricotta on the side.

5. Kobe Steak House of Japan

Kobe Steak House of Japan

The Kobe Japanese Restaurant is a beautiful eating facility also recognized as the Kobe Chateau of Japan.

Finish the day off with a great supper in one of Wichita’s top dining spots, the Kobe Steakhouse of Japan.

It has a contemporary atmosphere, holiday specials that change, creative drinks, and authentic Japanese-inspired cuisine.

Get the Kobe Choice for the ideal balance of red and white beef.

This dish has a delicious, delicate fillet steak with a luscious side salad.

The Chef’s Pleasure is yet another essential pick.

It consists of a delicious, boneless chicken wing paired with teppanyaki prawns, which are skinned and juicy crawfish.

6. Cafe Bel Ami

Cafe Bel Ami

Cafe Bel Ami is a luxury dine-in French cafe in the urban neighborhood that debuted in 1998.

Dine at Cafe Bel Ami on a dinner evening with your significant other this thanksgiving.

This terrific restaurant features a cozy environment, excellent service, attractively prepared food, and a large cocktail menu.

It has an appealing interior design with eye-catching artwork and decorative details.

For seafood enthusiasts, Mélange is a perfect idea.

Shrimps, shallots, asparagus, grains, prawns, mackerel, leeks, and crab gravy make up this dish.

After your dinner, indulge in a sumptuous treat, such as the Crème Tart.

Angostura Bitters liquor, crostini, and strawberry sauce are included.

7. Newport Grill

Newport Grill

The Newport Grill is a high-end eatery in the Blythe Fields Shopping Plaza.

Splurge on great cuisine in Wichita by visiting the Newport Cafe.

They feature fantastic dining options attractively prepared cuisine, specific diet alternatives, and an enormous wine list.

It has a seafood-focused cuisine, an aquatic-themed atmosphere, and a terrace for a wonderful lakeside eating experience.

Start your meal by selecting the Calamari as an entrée.

Jalapeno mayonnaise, mango jam, and radish scallions are included.

Consider a coastal dinner, such as Hawaiian Teriyaki Salmon.

Millet, De boeuf Noisette, fried Brussel sprouts, and lemon Cream Sauce are all included.

8. Ziggys Pizza East

Ziggys Pizza East

Ziggy’s Pizza East is an established pizzeria in The Collaborative, a commercial district, that opened in 2018.

When seeking a relaxed dining experience for your thanksgiving eve, choose Ziggy’s Pizza East.

It is the best spot to satiate your pizza desires by eating specialty turkey day pies or personalizing a pizza to your own preferences.

They offer both inside and outside eating places, as well as a cocktail bar and fresh greens.

Get the Classic Ziggy, a local favorite.

It comes with a tomato sauce foundation and is covered with Italian meatballs, shallots, black olives, prosciutto, chili peppers, and onions.

If you want a white meat-based quiche, go for the Kickin’ Chicken.

Peppers, spicy dressing, and grilled chicken are among the popular toppings.

9. Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant

Abuelo’s Mexican Kitchen is a well-known cafeteria located near the Greenbelt Marketplace Plaza retail center.

Make a lifetime of memories at this colorful bistro, among the top choices for your dinner this thanksgiving.

It provides customizable dinners, banquet or a la carte food selections, budget-friendly deals, and exclusive bar service.

Its first-rate catering services may handle up to 125 guests and a crew of skilled specialists.

Order the Pechuga With Calabaza, a house specialty.

It’s made with mild sautéed all-natural chicken breast, jalapenos, courgette, zucchini, Mexican quinoa, and charro soybeans.

Also, get the Chile Verde Quesadilla to try a hand-held classic.

10. Whiskey Dicks

Whiskey Dicks

Whiskey Dicks is a well-known sports theme bar and eatery situated close to the McCormick Institute Foundation.

Gather your buddies at Whiskey Dicks, among the city’s trendiest restaurants.

This fantastic eatery boasts 14k HD screens and an exterior protected terrace.

For fun activities, it also features a billiard table and three shooting courts.

It offers a diverse selection of delectable foods, sharing platters, delicious hamburgers, over 450 combinations of drinks, and so much more.

The Cheese Enchiladas are an excellent choice for a family meal.

These are cheddar, ham, parmesan, jalapenos, and your selection of steak-filled french fries.

To try a family specialty, order the Smothered Tortilla.

11. River City Brewery

River City Brewery

The River City Brewery is a brewpub and winery that started in the early 199s.

Dine at the Stillwater Brewery with your family members for the greatest thanksgiving dinner in Wichita.

It’s the ideal spot for a few drinks along with delicious cuisines like chicken wings, pies, nachos, tacos, and much more.

It offers flat panel HDTVs, an alfresco eating terrace, live entertainment on some nights, and a conference area for hire for special parties.

For your appetizer, We recommend the River City Fried seafood & Chips.

Its beverage is golden-fried white fish with bread sticks, house-made barbecue sauce, and coleslaw.

Order the Kansan for your pizza cravings.

It has a variety of toppings.


If you want a specific cuisine meal or the traditional turkey dinner, we got it all. 

This thanksgiving quench your food cravings with your loved ones.

We have picked out the best thanksgiving restaurants for dinner in Wichita to make sure you don’t miss out on the best they have to offer.

Whether you feel like ordering a pizza or celebrating in a luxury lounge with alcohol, we got it covered. 

Happy holiday, Cheers!

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