Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Franklin

Franklin, located just 21 kilometers southeast of Tennessee, is emerging from Music City’s influence with a distinct thriving food and beverage culture.

Franklin, a well-known and developing community with ancient ties and a hearty amount of traditional Southern appeal, is undergoing a food revolution, with prominent cafes sprouting up in nearly every area of downtown.

Unless you live in Benjamin or are searching for a reason to make the half-hour journey south of the city these top restaurants in Franklin are the ideal pretense for your thanksgiving dinner.

Best restaurants in Franklin for Thanksgiving this year

1. 1892 Restaurant

1892 Restaurant

The 1892 Restaurant, designated for the year the home it inhabits was established, respects time-honored traditional cuisine with a customer’s menu that includes roasted brisket, courgette spaghetti paella, and cottage pastries and desserts.

This eating venue in Leiper’s Branch (an exquisite unorganized rural community in Franklin District) blends ancient sensibilities, Southern charm, and chef Nolan Mackay’s exceptional cuisine.

Enjoy traditional practices in a vibrant, welcoming environment.

In 1892 West, the haute cuisine in Franklin is humble, and chefs, mates, and children would be at ease in the contemporary setting.

You will not want to miss out on their coffee pork.

It comes with a stewed corned beef side with grilled mashed potatoes and delicious mocha foam.

2. Barbara’s Home Cookin’

Barbara’s Home Cookin’

Barbara’s Home Cookin’ is a family-run business that has been offering home-cooked dinners since the late 1990s.

This charming small eatery along Old Hillsboro Highway is known for its traditional Southern food.

When visitors come via Barbara’s front entrance, they know they’ve entered one of Franklin’s finest eateries.

From the Southern mainstays to the buns, mango pudding, and fried chicken, they’re all much like what most other people grew up having at Dinner tonight at one of those well-known nearby eateries.

Locals like the aromas of pudding, marinated chicken, and roast potatoes.

3. Franklin Mercantile

Franklin Mercantile

Franklin Mercantile is a kinship-run restaurant that serves feasts, drinks, and pies in an American-chic setting.

This quaint downhome eatery is a favorite amongst Franklin’s residents for lunch and dinner – one plate of velvety grated cheese waffles.

It’s evident throughout everything from their delicious fried potatoes to their “guacamento” panini (guacamole and pulled pork fusion).

Their Caroline wrap is wonderful, with juicy meat, cheese, spinach, onion, cucumbers, and their signature Cabernet vinegar and mayonnaise.

4. 55 South

55 South

55 South is an urban location that serves innovative Southern delicious meals, unique cocktails, and lunch or dinner.

Chef Jason Mclaughlin understands that the greatest method for capturing the souls of the locals is via their appetites.

And his tactics are proven and reliable classic Southern cooking and kind treatment at one of Franklin’s top supper spots.

With its Louisiana prawns and mussels, Orleans po’boys, and locally cooked key limes, 55 South is a tribute to the River ethos.

And it’s also one that keeps attracting folks to the city center.

On their buffet, we definitely advise the “Dirty Bird.”

BBQ chicken, poached egg, Kotler and Keller slaw, and its special recipe delivered on Texas loaf with fries.

5. Cork & Cow

Cork & Cow

Cork & Cow is a sophisticated, brick-lined establishment that serves exquisite restaurant staples as well as inventive beverages and good wines.

Cork & Cow, situated in the heart of central Franklin, is head gourmet chef Jordan McConnell’s thanksgiving restaurant that serves a selection of sirloin as well as comprehensive champagne (almost 200 wines!) and bourbon menus for a lovely dinner or a celebration at one of Franklin’s top dining restaurants.

The perfectly cooked sirloin here is served with a selection of condiments, such as black truffle mustard and gorgonzola wasabi, but the delicate meat here stands out by itself.

Their sheep rib is delicate and smokey, cooked over pecan and oak fire, and properly flavored.

6. Merridee’s Breadbasket

Merridee’s Breadbasket

Merridee’s, a local favorite from the mid-1980s, is recognized for its excellent baked pastries, making it a traditional dinner spot.

Don’t forget to check out the dinner menu, which includes a variety of chilled and hot meals delivered on homemade bread in one of the trendiest eateries around you for a relaxed dinner with a gourmet friend.

The freshly renovated outside patio is also ideal for soaking up the cool autumn air with a steaming beverage of choice and a piece of Merridee’s iconic desserts.

Try one amongst their famous pies, with special promotions.

7. GRAYS on Main

GRAYS on Main

GRAYS is a picturesque restaurant in vintage digs that serves Southern cooking, specialty beverages, and live music on a regular basis.

Among the greatest places to dine in Franklin, nestled in a converted drugstore, serves upscale Southern cooking.

The rustic-chic atmosphere matches the meaty yet elegantly served foods that come directly from the oven.

Traditional fried turkey, fried cheddar cheese crackers, and seafood and waffles are the ideal accompaniments to the heartfelt musical performances offered over the evenings at one of the best casual restaurants in town.

We propose you should absolutely try their grilled pulled pork crackers or their famous hamburger.

8. O’ Be Joyful

O’ Be Joyful

O’Be Joyful is a cozy restaurant featuring a red-brick interior that serves beautiful drinks as well as appetizers, kinds of pasta, and stew.

There are several terrific eateries in Franklin, but nothing seems nearly as familiar as this next find.

The combination of traditional Southern traditions with a charming ambiance only enhances the dining experience at this restaurant, and their home-style food is a crowd delicacy for a variety of reasons.

Enjoy a massive delicious meal and rinse it down with a brew or any beverage from their extensive menu.

They offer over 170 different varieties of scotch to pick from and amazing bar cuisine.

Their jalapeño pork jalapenos are a crowd delicacy, as are their enchiladas.

9. Biscuit Love Franklin

Biscuit Love Franklin

Biscuit Love Franklin is a tiny franchise eatery that specializes in crackers and supper and is located in the beautiful Maize House building.

This Nashville-food-truck-turned-biscuit-third phenomenon’s placement, located in the ancient Maize House right off of City center Franklin’s Broad Street, serves Biscuit Love’s quintessential baked goods with grapefruit creme fraiche, East Vicious snack sausage rolls, and sweetly-spiced routine chorizo — without the long lines of its Gulch army base.

It is among the top diner eateries in Franklin.

Their traditional doughnuts with citrus ricotta are a must-try!

10. Red Pony at McConnell House

Red Pony at McConnell House

Jason McConnell made his impact on the Middle Nashville culinary industry in 2006, after he founded Red Pony Culinary, featuring a selection of seasonally customized cuisine inspired by his Southern origins and experiences.

Although a recent fire forced the eatery to relocate from its Main Street site to the ancient McConnell Mansion just a few streets away, the quality and skillful cooking manner remain unaffected.

For the greatest dinner in Franklin, experience a refined cuisine of modernized Southern traditional foods and a low-lit environment among stunning architecture.

Try a meal from their Prosciutto platter or the succulent braised pork steaks.

11. 1799 Kitchen & Cocktails

1799 Kitchen & Cocktails

1799 has a comprehensive liquor menu that includes handmade concoctions, white wines, and locally brewed beers to please any taste.

1799, called after the year Franklin was established, is a date-night hotspot with lots of whiskey and succulent slices of meat.

It’s among the top restaurants in Franklin for the greatest meals.

The restaurant serves a substantial Southern-influenced cuisine from its location within the Harpeth Resort, with delicacies such as creamed ricotta, whiskey fried pheasant, Australian Kobe steak, and lobster macaroni & cream.

For something like a melt-in-your-mouth sensation, we strongly recommend the Australian Kobe ribeye.


Dine in these beautifully architected restaurants this thanksgiving with your loved ones. Or maybe just order in, whatever you would like this holiday, we got you covered.

Ensure that your turkey and pie cravings are satisfied. 

Enjoy live music with a glass of wine and the perfect dinner on us. Happy Thanksgiving!

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