Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Toronto

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Toronto – 2023

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and remains a major metropolitan center known for its soaring skyscrapers and classic CN Tower, which made headlines for being the most iconic buildings ever.

The place also has lush green beauty with its beautiful high park and trails and precious botanical life. The city has one of the most captivating skyline views with its tall buildings and vibrant lighting.

Therefore celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving might feel divine for anyone who wants to rejoice in its beauty and tasty cuisine.

Hence if you are coming here for that purpose, you should know some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Toronto to celebrate the entire dinner night with lots of excitement and thrill. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Toronto this Year

1. TOCA by The Ritz Carlton

TOCA by The Ritz Carlton

The TOCA restaurant offers people quintessential Thanksgiving dishes that are inspired by the autumn season and therefore have a seasonal La carte value to them.

The restaurant provides a people buffet option, which includes a wide variety of selected Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, carving stations, trimming, and raw seafood.

The restaurant here follows the idea of a three-course meal, and it’s recommended that one should book a reservation here beforehand.

As for those who are interested in its takeout and dinner delivery service, some of the traditional choices that they can oder are salads, soups, stuffing, turkey, trimmings, desserts, and other complementary dishes.

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2. Alobar


The Alobar Yorkville restaurant has one of the fascinating Thanksgiving menu options that are prepared with pure sophistication.

Some classic choices here are burrata with balsamic glazed squash and wild rice, tiger prawns with garlic butter, and USDA prime strip loin that comes with an extra dish of grilled broccoli.

Also, the dessert variety here is impeccable, with treats like Basque cheesecake seasoned with cherry compote.

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3. Veloute


The Veloute restaurant is a stylish and chic diner that uses locally fetched ingredients to create its mouthwatering dishes.

The restaurant is designed in a voguish way and keeps in mind its immersive decor for a good feel.

From the restaurant’s menu, one can enjoy a free range of traditional Thanksgiving dishes like pumpkin soup, turkey, Yukon Gold potatoes, brussels sprouts, roasted garlic, cranberry stuffing, and tasty sauces.

One can order a take out service here even at the last minute and respectively enjoy their unique dishes like smoked Australian boneless leg of lamb, beef tenderloin, which is USDA-approved and prime ribs.

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4. Oretta King West

Oretta King West

The Oretta King West restaurant is a family-oriented restaurant that can cover a group of more than seven people at once.

This place is known for serving exquisite Italian cuisine in a fabulous manner with beautiful presentation details.

One can always go for their regular La carte brunch, which usually takes place on Saturday and Sunday, if you want something different for Thanksgiving.

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The KOST restaurant is a place where one can immerse themselves in the spectacular view of the 44th rooftop building that provides stunning skyline views of Toronto.

At this place, one not only gets to enjoy the scenic atmosphere here but also indulge in colorful drinks and tasty Thanksgiving dinner.

The price here remains fixed with classic dishes like turkey and ham, appetizers like squash soup, and mouth-melting desserts like pumpkin pies.

It’s one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving that you can try visiting this year if you want to dine in extravagance.

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6. Lena


Lena is a gorgeous Argentina restaurant that shares its vicinity with the famous Yonge and Queen establishment.

This Thanksgiving restaurants near me serves an exceptional variety of heat and eats Thanksgiving meals that take its inspiration from south American cuisine.

Also, the prices here are fixed per person, and it’s somewhat affordable for people who are coming here in a group.

Some mouthwatering dishes here are sourdough focaccia, pork sausage, chorizo stuffing, fall squash gratin, and sautéed French beans.

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Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Toronto

7. Old Mill Toronto

Old Mill Toronto

The Old Mill Toronto restaurant is nestled inside a magnificent heritage establishment that stretches back to the era of the 19th century and was previously a famous tea garden that was completely refurbished into a restaurant serving flavorsome delicacies.

It’s also an event space because of its vast hallway setting and offers people the option to dine indoors only, and specializes in autumn varieties with several brunch, beverage, and dinner options.

So if you are wondering where to eat experimental food within a royal setting, then you can always visit the old mill Toronto restaurant for a fabulous escape.

The restaurant offers a delicious four-course meal with a fixed price that contains your preferred choice for the main course and dessert.

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8. Reign


The Reign restaurant is a sumptuous diner nestled inside the splendid Fairmont Royal York Hotel and gives people the option to dine in the fanciest manner with special treats.

The restaurant provides people a spin on Canadian plus French cuisine infused with the spirit of the Thanksgiving feast that feels incredibly divine and unreal.

One can enjoy a three-course meal here at Thanksgiving at a fixed price with free complementary dishes that starts with an appetizer, continues with the main entrée, and finishes with a delectable dessert at the end.

Some of our top picks here are butternut squash and apple purée, roasted turkey along with USDA-certified prime rib or cauliflower steak, and chocolate bacon as a treat.

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9. Cafe Boulud

Cafe Boulud

The Cafe Boulud restaurant is run by a French brasserie named Michelin star named chef Daniel Boulud and shares its stunning location inside the prominent four seasons hotel.

The restaurant offers a seasonal menu that includes several modern plus traditional dishes inside a three-course setting.

One can begin with oysters as a starter option, then continue with mains like sea scallops, and end with desserts like maple whiskey and chocolate pie.

Also, make sure that you share those delicious desserts with their beverages, like coffee or tea.

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10. R&D


The R&D restaurant is run by the owner Eric Chong and is one of the foremost winners of the master chefs Canada competition.

The diner used the genius of Eric Chong to create delectable dishes within an upscale ambiance and was even offered a top designation in the Toronto Michelin guide for being the best diner with impressive hospitality features.

The restaurant is known for serving specialized Canadian plus Chinese cuisine in an experimental way by including exotic dishes like him kimbap tostadas, onion spring rolls, and Macau curry falafel.

Also, it’s pretty friendly towards non-turkey fans as its duck dishes have been named the ‘best duck in the city’ as it comes fully roasted in garlic hoisin, leeks, steamed bow, and cucumber.

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11. Toronto Botanical Garden

Toronto Botanical Garden

The Toronto botanical garden restaurant delivers people an extensive range of 17 award-winning botanical gardens spreading over four acres of ground, all made in an altruistic sense.

At this restaurant, you will discover an aesthetic indoor and outdoor dining experience along with several educational programs that offers garden tours, field trips, and a breathtaking getaway from life.

It has an exceptional setting, ideal for special events like weddings, corporate meetings, or birthdays.

This restaurant offers people food in buffet form that includes a wide variety of food and is the ultimate place to host a Thanksgiving party for your friends and family.

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Final Thoughts

Toronto, as an Ontario city, captures the vibrant culture of Canada along with its exquisite cuisine in the most favorable sense.

The place has its own celebratory beauty that feels festive and spirited at the same time. Planning a gastronomist trip here would be an incredible experience that can’t be fathomed unless you actually give it a try.

So if you are coming here to celebrate November’s most anticipated holiday – Thanksgiving, then you should go through this list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving for dinner. In that way, you will be able to enjoy your holiday with full zest.

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