Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in Ogunquit

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Ogunquit – 2024

Ogunquit is a famous town in Maine located in the southern coastal area. The city has a beachy atmosphere with sandy coastlines and grassy dunes that lies sandwiched between the Ogunquit river and the Atlantic ocean.

A lot of visitors are swayed by its famous Marginal Way, which is a cliff walk that provides people with stunning coastal views, a lighthouse, and beautiful benches.

The city also has dazzling galleries and museums of art that provide breathtaking waterside sculptures by several famous artists. As one can see the place is full of beauty and marvels and therefore is excellent for celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving.

So if you are coming here to celebrate turkey day, you should go through this list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving for a memorable dinner night. Then let’s begin.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Ogunquit this Year

1. That Place in Ogunquit

That Place in Ogunquit

The That Place in Ogunquit restaurant has a sleek and stylish look to it and bustles with a lively atmosphere that features a bar as well as a lounge in its charming setting.

The restaurant is known for offering a delicious variety of Thanksgiving favorites like creative seafood options, innovative appetizers, and juicy steaks that add a lot of flavor to the feast.

The entire restaurant is beautifully renovated in a contemporary manner with a gorgeously designed bar that serves colorful cocktails with an option for a five-course meal.

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2. The Crooked Pine

The Crooked Pine

The Crooked Pine restaurant is perfect for a fancy dinner tonight with your significant other, as the upscale ambiance adds a lot of sophistication to the feast.

The restaurant delivers dishes with lots of flavors, especially meals like seared salmon and lamb tagine which have a delicate touch to them.

The food here is ridiculously delicious, and the pairings of beers make it a lot more fabulous.

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3. The Trap

The Trap

The Trap restaurant offers spectacular views of the oceanfront deck with balconies and windows that elevates the entire dining experience.

The chef here is highly creative and uses his ingenious craft to create dishes like fried oyster cups, Hawaiian-style poke, muscles, calamari, and tasty yellowfin tuna as decadent seafood selections.

The restaurant embodies the theme of aquatic ocean life by offering selections of seafood varieties in the most impeccable form.

Also, they have multiple gluten-free options for those who have a restrictive diet.

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4. The Front Porch Restaurant

The Front Porch Restaurant

The front porch restaurant is a diner that fuses entertainment with decadent dishes and is one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me in Ogunquit. 

The restaurant makes sure that it delivers an excellent vibe to its guests by featuring professional staff members with amiable bartenders to cater to your desires.

The beer selection here is the finest in all of the state, especially with drinks like Sam Adams Summer Ale which is remarkable in flavor.

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5. The Lobster Shack

The Lobster Shack

The Lobster shack is a restaurant that uses its waterfront location to create the most impeccable varieties of seafood choices that leaves one drooling.

The place embodies a laid-back ambiance with a friendly atmosphere and is spearheaded by the Evans family, who deliver people an authentic Ogunquit cuisine experience.

The restaurant serves several Thanksgiving favorites with takeout service and free side selections of dishes.

Some of its most impressive dishes here are steamers, lobster, chowder, and lobster rolls which feel incredibly delightful on your taste buds.

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6. Patio 03907

Patio 03907

The Patio 03907 restaurant is a perfect place to stop by if you are wondering where to eat a delicious Thanksgiving feast within a fabulous atmosphere.

The restaurant has crossed conventional Thanksgiving feast boundaries by including dishes like a lobster roll, baked seafood casserole, Fisherman’s platter, and whole belly clams that are incredibly flavorful in texture and taste.

Also, the drinks here are divine, with varieties like champagne that add a lot of fancy to the feast and make the entire experience outstanding.

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Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Ogunquit

7. Northern Union

Northern Union

The northern union restaurant is a celebrated diner and wine bar situated in the seaside village that prides itself on its collection of more than 100 wines with tasty seasonal dishes.

This place was established in 2015 and has maintained a consistent quality for over a decade with its spectacular wine bar.

It’s one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving because of its outstanding wine collection, refreshing cocktails, and appetizing food and tapas in a small plate style that feels outlandish.

Also, the ambiance is top-notch here, with intricate decor details that add a lot of beauty to the entire atmosphere.

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8. Brix Brine

Brix Brine

This Brix Brine diner is Ogulquit’s original restaurant that provides people with ultimate alfresco dining with its efficiently prepared seafood dishes using the freshest catch of the sea and colorful cocktails with local beer selections.

The restaurant was established in the year 2016 and is new to the scene of Ogunquit and serves exciting dishes within a posh location.

The restaurant specializes in seafood varieties with light snacks like oysters, Sandrea, and shrimp cocktails that go perfectly well with their mignonette sauce.

It also offers a takeout service with dinner delivery options that are mindful of people’s needs.

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9. The Greenery Cafe

The Greenery Cafe

Anyone who craves homemade meals which are made from scratch would absolutely adore the greenery café, which serves handcrafted early morning meals for breakfast and lunch.

This is one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving, as it serves quality dishes with high-end ingredients that are perfect for families to visit for either brunch or dinner.

The restaurant has an outdoor area that is pet friendly and therefore is very welcoming.

The pies here are fascinating picks, especially their Whoopie pie muffin, which comes with a free stuffing of cream with chocolate that is incredibly toothsome.

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10. Five-O


For a fabulous and refined dining experience, the Five-O restaurant takes a massive leap into providing magical cuisine for Thanksgiving that makes the entire dinner experience grand. 

The restaurant combines classy with exuberance with an impressive service that is rapid and courteous.

This is the place with great food meets great ambiance and is perfect for visiting with your pals or your family.

It also offers dinner delivery services even at the last minute, ups its image by lots of levels.

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11. Nikanos


The Nikanos is an upbeat and upscale restaurant serving Mediterranean and Greek-inspired dishes with handcrafted cocktails, and an exquisite selection of spectacular Greek wines and spirits.

The restaurant is sure to give one a fabulous dining experience with its fig-infused vodka drinks and traditional dips with grilled octopus as fantastic feast options.

One always says that the restaurant serves the freshest dishes and has impeccable Greek cuisine that delivers nostalgic flavors.

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Final Thoughts

The small town of Ogunquit carries a lot of beauty and magnificence to it, which is why it’s often visited as a getaway destination for people to relax and have fun.

So celebrating fun festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas here feel almost unreal as the many colorful restaurants, and classic cuisine variety here will take you straight to heaven.

In that case, we hope that this article has helped you achieve the target of finding some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving with fantastic dinner banquets and therefore has lifted your spirits with lots of joy. Bon appétit!

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