The Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in St. Louis

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner St. Louis – 2023

St. Louis is a major metropolis that is situated along the lines of the Mississippi River.

It’s also home to iconic landmarks like the Gateway Arch, which was first built during the infamous 1960s.

Since St. Louis remains a place full of incredible attractions, its deemed a great destination enriched with the vibe of the 19th century and is perfect for festivities. 

The city has incredible places to eat, like barbecue joints, music clubs, and excellent restaurants, that are great for visiting during your travel here. 

As the yearly tradition of Thanksgiving approaches, we made an effort to curate this list of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in St. Louis that you can visit. 

Let’s take a look at them. 

The Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in St. Louis This Year

1. Union 30

Union 30

Why it’s a must visit?

The Union 30 restaurant is a chic and retro restaurant that remains one of the most popular spots to visit during Thanksgiving. 

The restaurant is situated inside the fancy Hotel Saint Louis, specializing in comfort food with a spin, including cocktails. 

The reason why this restaurant is pretty unique is probably due to its impressive delivery and takeout service so that people can enjoy a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner in the comfort of their houses. 

The entire menu of the diner is impressive, with options like the famous Barr French onion soup, Chilean seabass, and duck confit flatbread, which are pretty famous here.

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2. The Preston

The Preston

Why it’s a must visit?

The Preston is an innovative New American diner that is also open on Thanksgiving, serving exquisite craft cocktails and wines with tasty small-plate options.  

The restaurant has a 5-star and is a luxury restaurant that has a refined space with a hotel-like setting.

It’s ultimately one of the top-rated restaurants in St. Louis that exceed expectations with its excellent servers, tasty brunch options, and fast service. 

The restaurant serves one of the tastiest breakfast varieties, like omelets, that are fluffy and fresh, with a choice between beverages and cocktails.

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3. The Choice Restaurant

The Choice Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Choice restaurant serves soulful food choices right in the heart of St. Louis with wholesome varieties inside a gorgeous decor. 

It’s a hidden gem that is perfect to visit if one is questioning where to eat a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner that is also family-friendly and affordable. 

The diner is a great place to host a ton of events like Thanksgiving, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., with unique renditions. 

The serves here give you personalized attention inside the cozy space with delectable meat and meatless side items, turkey, meatloaf, and mashed potatoes that are well seasoned and tender.

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4. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Why it’s a must visit?

Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant is one of the famous restaurants for Thanksgiving in St. Louis, which is also an upmarket steakhouse chain serving sizzling meaty delicacies. 

It’s one of the best restaurants near me for Thanksgiving that provides butter-topped beef inside its charming setting. 

This restaurant is excellent for festivities and is a favorite of local people who visit this place frequently, with remarkable food options like cheesecake, crispy Caesar salad, and loaded mashed potatoes. 

The best light menu options here are their creamed spinach, Caesar salad, and steakhouse salad.

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5. Pietro’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Pietro’s restaurant is a family-owned diner that has been operating for several years, providing a marvelous Italian menu, 

It’s one of the best family restaurants for Thanksgiving that features a mouthwatering menu inside its old-school space. 

As a long-time running restaurant, this diner has become one of the most famous restaurants in St. Louis, especially for coming in large and enjoying a decadent Thanksgiving feast. 

The drinks, as well as the appetizers here, are indeed out of the world with delights like zucchini, mozzarella triangles, garlic cheese bread, chicken Pietro, pasta, toasted ravioli, spinach balls, and a lot more.

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6. Cinder House and Bar

Cinder House and Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cinder House and Bar restaurant is a master in providing filling south-Americas inspired cuisine, including cocktails that are just fabulous. 

The restaurant has a gorgeous contemporary space and is one of the cool places to eat when it comes to unique festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to the occasion, the restaurant serves tasty pies and turkey that fit in according to seasonal demands. 

It’s one of the nicest restaurants serving fantastic food near me, with entrees like ribs, fish, chicken, and scallops infused with Brazilian flavors.

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7. Grace Meat + Three

Grace Meat + Three

Why it’s a must visit?

The Grace Meat + Three restaurant is a promising diner, open on Thanksgiving, providing a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with wholesome options. 

The menu here is filled with protein-packed dishes and sides, including modern meat with nightly special dishes.

It’s one of those restaurants which are even open at the last minute to enjoy fruitful Thanksgiving specialties with everything you can imagine. 

Some highly recommended options here include Mac and cheese, 1/2 chicken, cabbage, greens, catfish, and gumbo.

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8. SqWires Restaurant & Market

SqWires Restaurant & Market

Why it’s a must visit?

The SqWires Restaurant & Market restaurant is a lush and gorgeously designed factory-like restaurant that is inspired by the Victorian era serving classic American cuisine made with healthy locally sourced items.

The restaurants heavily draw from the classic American cuisine that prevailed during the Victorian era with decadent choices like peach bread pudding, which is the best in all of St. Louis. 

It’s a trendy romantic spot for dates and reunions where one can dine with a fine dining experience by exchanging a few alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Options like bread pudding, smoked brisket hash, and spinach in calamari are phenomenal choices here that exceptionally cater to your fancies.

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9. Chris’ Pancake & Dining

Chris' Pancake & Dining

Why it’s a must visit?

Chris’ Pancake & Dining restaurant is an all-day breakfast restaurant on Southwestern Avenue in St.Louis that serves comfort varieties like fried chicken, burgers, and steaks. 

It’s a great place to stop by for trying a yummy Thanksgiving buffet with a very attentive staff and a bustling vibe that makes every moment unforgettable, 

This restaurant is a perfect place to bond over a few drinks, sandwiches, and fries.

The place is known for serving the juiciest meat in town, with options like grilled chicken with bacon, avocado, and tomato that are just delectable. 

Their fries are also piping hot and crispy, which makes them finger-licking good.

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10. Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

Why it’s a must visit?

The Eleven Eleven Mississippi restaurant is a celebrated eatery specializing in Californian cuisine that has a vast flavorful wine cellar inside its charming refurbished factory-like space. 

This classy restaurant is a good option for those who prefer luxury fine dining with an emphasis on small plates and wines that are culinary treats.

It’s an enjoyable experience dining here with fabulous treats like salad, bread, steaks, and a lot more. 

Our recommendations include their chickpea and kale soup as starters, wild boar ravioli as a main course, and creme custard Napoleon, which is an insanely sweet dessert.

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11. Russell’s on Macklind

Russell's on Macklind

Why it’s a must visit?

The Russell’s on Macklind is a cool and relaxed diner with a breathtaking patio and porch, famous and renowned for its servings of American mains and small plates made from locally sourced items. 

It’s a lovely restaurant with a humble space that also offers dinner delivery options with refreshing breakfast delights that would make your day. 

The farm-to-table experience here is truly fascinating and complements well with its cute interior and lively atmosphere. 

The place is popular for its grilled French toast with tasty condiments as sides that go nicely with their coffee. 

Their biscuits and gravy are another fantastic dish as they are flavorsome and make one drool with excitement.

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Final Thoughts

St. Louis is a charming place that has captured the hearts of people with its many incredible places to eat, offering yummy delights. 

As the place is always bustling with positive energy, celebrating festivities takes fun to the next level.

The same can be said for the culinary scene here, which is blooming with vibrant restaurants situated in every corner. 

Therefore, it seems rather wise that festivities like Thanksgiving here get celebrated to full zest.

To help you achieve that excitement level and culinary exploration, we created this list of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in St. Louis that will defiantly leave you spellbound.

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