Best Restaurants & Places in Scottsdale

25 Best Restaurants & Places in Scottsdale, AZ | 2023 (Top Eats!)

The place Scottsdale is known for the delicious cuisine it serves to its people, who pride themselves on their outstanding ranch surrounded neighbourhoods and amazing chefs. The area is blooming with the reputation of providing some of the most immersive eatery experiences in all of the US. It, therefore, makes it a centre of curiosity for food lovers.

So to satiate your inner desire for scrumptious food and burning questions about where to eat in Scottsdale, we have curated a list of some of the best place to eat and scottsdale restaurants to try for a fantastic dining experience.

The best restaurants in Scottsdale az

1. Fnb


Why it’s a must visit?

The place was established in 2009 and is mainly known for its original American dishes and local wine.

The restaurant is very casual, making everyone at ease when visiting it.

The place also captions a very renowned chef whose seasoned dishes make everyone drool.

Also, the plethora of wine collections here is quite vintage, adding to its local flavour.

Chef’s Choice

The rolls here, especially the non-veg ones like Peruvian chicken, are excellent here, with a sour and spicy taste. 

The sauces here are an additional perk as they enhance the dish’s taste to a much greater level.

The pairing here comes off great with their grilled squash and half chicken which states heavenly beyond measure.

The wines here should also not be missed as they are made with local ingredients.

Location and contact

2. Fat Ox

Fat Ox

Why it’s a must?

The best thing about this place is its talented chef Matt Carter who takes a novel turn on various Italian dishes.

All the food in scottsdale he targets with his innovative lens are classics

Therefore Italian fanatics should definitely try this place as it could be their best option

Along with its delicious food, the area also has a great interior that would lift your spirits

Chef’s Choice

The Italian dishes should not be missed from the orders that you make

The meatballs here are unique, and it serves as a starter before trying the heavy meals

Another great option to choose is their creamy polenta, which tastes truly amazing

Complement your menu choices with their locally made Rosso create di Galla pasta.

Location and contact

3. Sumaya


Why it’s a must visit?

As it’s Designed in a modern sense, this place is excellent for people who look forward to a unique experience.

The place is quite renowned for infusing the Mexican flavour into Asian dishes, making the entire meal much more delicious to devour

Therefore if you are looking for an excellent chic café, this place can be your best bet. It’s also one of the most cool places to eat put there.

Chef’s Choice

The most highly recommended dish here is their red dragon, which tastes fantastic.

The dish combines various infused ingredients from multiple places to eat with servings of chipotle aioli and sushi rolls, making it absolutely mouth-watering for anyone who lays their eyes on them.

Another good choice to add on is their avocado fried rice and other forms of rice dishes like ginger fried rice for a delightful dinner.

Location and contact

4. Toca Madera

Toca Madera

Why it’s a must visit?

Curated in keeping Mexican recipes, this place is dapper for its exceptional tastes in authentic Mexican cuisines.

This place has gotten a lot of laud for not only its tasty food but also its ambience.

The place is designed in quite a sophisticated manner by keeping its furniture classy and stylish.

Chef’s Choice

Queso fundido is a dish that the people must give a try

It’s fantastic in texture and has quite a tempting aroma to it

Pair the above dish along with their cheesy goodness and thickly chopped mushrooms, and you’re good to go

Location and contact

5. Andreoli Italian Grocer

Andreoli Italian Grocer

Why it’s a must visit?

The most notable thing about this place is its careful emphasis on homemade dishes.

The place definitely deserves mention in the list of restaurants near me in Scottsdale for its outstanding dishes and brilliant atmosphere.

The chef here is also among the many reasons why this place is quite trendy, as it’s spearheaded by Giovanni Scorzo, who makes the most terrific kinds of pasta and delis.

It’s a great place to have your breakfast and it also has a 5 star rating.

Chef’s Choice

The desserts here are pretty impressive, especially their pistachio cake, which is creamy in texture and melts in your mouth like ice cubes.

It’s one of their signature desserts in the place and surely deserves mention here.

But if you’re in the mood for a spicy and yummy meal, then you can’t go wrong with their tangy artichoke truffle pizza.

Location and contact

6. Maple & Ash

Maple & Ash

Why it’s a must visit?

Even though it opened recently, this place earned the title of being one of the finest providers of steaks in town.

The food-fired dishes have gained quite popularity along with its long list of various cocktails.

It is a haven for Scott food lovers whose tastebuds will be fully satisfied here.

Chef’s Choice

The fire-roasted seafood here flares with seasonings and is packed with raw surf ingredients.

It has enormous serving sizes too and is sufficient for a group of about six people.

It’s a great place to indulge yourself with delicious food of good quality.

Location and contact

7. Citizen Public House

Citizen Public House

Why it’s a must visit?

Inaugurated in 2011, this affluent pub on the sidelines of Scottsdale comes along with its creative no, American cuisine.

it’s a great place for celebrating birthdays and special occasions like anniversaries

Also, it’s one of the best restaurants out there in the city.

Chef’s Choice

Grilled food enthusiasts will totally admire the restaurant’s small ribs dishes.

It’s simmered to quintessence and is showered with delightful cherry dressing and vinegar seasoning.

It’s a haven for those who are great fans of non-veg dishes.

Location and contact

8. Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar

Toro Latin Restaurant & Rum Bar

Why it’s a must-visit?

Placed in one of the most popular areas, this restaurant headlines the innovations of Chef Richard Sandoval, who is known to be the creator of new Mexican cookery.

To get the most fancy lunch in the city, move to this restaurant as it’s the best place to eat there.

From barbecued meat to ceviche and various forms of sushi, this elegant eatery provides mouth-watering foods with Peruvian and Chinese infusions.

Also, it extends incredible glorious visions and rum-made drinks.

Chef’s Choice

The scallops and pork belly are good pairings that will fulfil your appetites.

The scallops here are generously fulsome, whereas the pork is soft and seasoned with balanced sauces

it’s a great place to enjoy your day filled with delicious cuisines.

Location and contact

9. Postino


Why it’s a must visit?

Boarded in a 90s facility, this Italian diner amasses applause for its courteous staff and friendly setting.

Postino is among the most distinguished cafeterias to try in the city, particularly if you’re a fan of Italian cuisine.

Well-known for its relaxed atmosphere, savoury food, and fascinating costs, this diner is a massive hit among residents and foreigners alike.

Chef’s Choice

The ham mozzarella cheese panini is a stuffing and delicious option with a crunchy and soft dough.

One may also like to relinquish in their brussels sprout salad seasoned with fabulous cheese spread.

Every meal here is sure to give you an unforgettable experience that you would always like to go back to as it’s incredibly delicious to devour.

Location and contact

10. Cafe Monarch

Cafe Monarch

Why it’s a must visit?

Carefully situated in the city’s oldest community, this personal area is an outstanding option for a passionate and excellent eatery experience in the city.

Cafe Monarch is one of the city’s most excellent feast spots for romantic partners.

This deli will give you passionate dining in an adventure with its delicious multi-class banquets, excellent wines, and lawn balcony.

Chef’s Choice

Their cauliflower soup is one of their best starters and a sensual and simple meal with a whiff of truffles.

Furthermore, the Mishima Wagyu filet mignon fair limited is extraordinarily rosy and soft with a melting texture.

The meals here are sure to make you drool as soon as you lay your eyes on them, for they are incredibly delicious in taste and outlook too.

Location and contact

11. Franco’s Italian Caffe

Franco's Italian Caffe

Why it’s a must visit?

Established straight into the soul of the city’s sidelines, this restaurant fascinates its visitors with its authentic Florentine Italian cookery.

Romantic partners will enjoy the charming and rich elegance of this lounge in the city.

Obviously, this eatery delivers savoury Florentine Italian masterpieces, including spaghetti salsa, and dishes like bistecca Fiorentina.

Chef’s Choice

One won’t be able to get over the power of the chicken parmigiana and veal chops with seasoned mustard mushrooms.

Both of them are incredibly delicious, and the spice—flares in your tastebuds.

One should definitely visit this place as its previous servings have never disappointed many visitors.

Location and contact

12. Mowry & Cotton

Mowry & Cotton

Why it’s a must visit?

This dapper vintage place mesmerizes visitors with its drinks and tasty contemporary food.

With a rich and soothing ambience, this bistro is clearly a fascinating spot to dine in after your sightseeing journey in the city.

Much reasonably, this restaurant will satisfy your craving with its unique annual cuisines and special mocktails.

Chef’s Choice

The yummy steak is soft, phenomenal, and has a generously tasty flavour.

You probably also wish to experiment with the top pork steak meat, which has garnishing seasonings that come out at every morsel.

For frantic non-veg lovers, this restaurant for them is like stepping into paradise as it fulfils their appetite to a measurable extent.

Location and contact

13. Hush Public House

Hush Public House

Why it’s a must visit?

Operated by entrepreneurs like Charles Barber and Dome Ruggiero, who are pretty renowned, this affluent eatery captions a great variety of menus.

Though the size may be small, describe the other diners near you.

Yet, it’s still among the top rated Scottsdale az restaurants, grateful to its luxurious ambience and fragile dishes overflowing with aromas.

Chef’s Choice

The menu here alters constantly, but no matter what, always attempt to put your bet on the Italian beef.

It’s an excellent braised oxtail that’s luscious, delicious, creamy, and luxurious.

So no matter what, try always to order the beef as it has always held a top position over other dishes on this restaurant’s menu.

Location and contact

14. Chula Seafood

Chula Seafood

Why it’s a must visit?

This place is known for the town’s seafood spectacle with its raw and sophisticated seafood cuisine.

Seafood enthusiasts will have a rumble at this modest and relaxed bistro.

Household monitored, this simple scottsdale arizona restaurants focuses on generating value through locally fetched ingredients.

Chef’s Choice

Many of the vast noteworthy meals here comprise confit tuna sandwiches and Hawaiian-style poke cuisine.

The additional vast savory tuna pot is fantastic and lovable.

It has above five ounces of raw fish standing on top of avocado pieces, roasted with green peppers and rice.

One can similarly try their sashimi dish, which captions an astonishing assortment of raw seafood dishes.

Location and contact

15. Virtu Honest Craft

Virtu Honest Craft

Why it’s a must visit?

The place has stood among the city’s finest eateries ever since its commencement in 2013.

Virtu has a lovely harmony of flavours, aromas, and views.

This perfected bistro is convinced to please your tastebuds through its plain productions of Mediterranean cuisine and worldwide zest.

Likewise, it has an intagrammable yard porch and a modern aura.

Chef’s Choice

Never forget to order their barbecued octopus, a softly made starter given along with butter, lemon chickpea, Calabrese Chile, arugulas, and fennels.

So if you come by the restaurant for luncheon, go for the delicious neat crepes and cast iron frittata.

It’s a perfect place for you to have your brunch and lunch at the same time with the most delicious array of dishes available to you at this restaurant.

Location and contact

16. AZ88


Why it’s a must visit?

An awe-inspiring porch, a glossy pub that’s adorned with glamorous party decorations, and the nicest martinis in the city are the fitting description of this restaurant.

The AZ88 is a restaurant where one joins a public club that is positioned off in the soul of its art Neighbourhood.

Over the years, this restaurant has become one of the city’s best places to visit.

Chef’s Choice

Everything here is fantastic, from their competently created cocktails and recently fetched meat burgers.

With its continuously beautified ambience and delicious food, this place is definitely going to give you a good time.

The best bet here for you is ordering the meat burgers that are juicy and incredible at the same time.

Location and contact

17. Talavera


Why it’s a must visit?

As one would anticipate in a great hotel location, the place provides excellent cuisine, a renowned wine collection, and totally stunning scenery.

Soaring chef de cuisine Samantha Sanz is holding the crown of the diner.

He lunges inside the classic Spanish and Europe dishes like gambas al ajillo paella, jamón ibérico and dry-aged steaks.

Chef’s Choice

The meat seasonings are offset by a pleasant appointment of veggies on small platters, comprising carrots and snarl peas given with mint.

The menu cites many flavours from local ranches, comprising raw tomatoes, natively fetched olive oil and Arizona farm plump meat.

The incredible sunset scenery of the city attracts several delis to relish their dinner in scottsdale az in the café’s remarkable balcony views.

Location and contact

18. Sel


Why it’s a must visit?

Sel is a tiny good feasting spot positioned against the city’s painting museums and stores on Main Street.

Chef Branden Levine has come on televisions like Food Network cuisine events and extended a considerable course price menu of four modern American cookeries.

The lounge is neat and classy, and the options constantly change.

Chef’s Choice

But nothing matters around the options of the menu

As the dining options here are great, ranging from delicious versions of toasted roasted Romanesco soup, they are quite a famous restaurant across the entire city.

Along with the kabocha squash pansies and filet mignon, which are affluent seafood meals are great options too. The eatery similarly has excellent drinks and dessert choices.

Location and contact

19. Afternoon Tea at The Phoenician

Afternoon Tea at The Phoenician

Why it’s a must visit?

The Phoenician restaurant has obtained tons of commendations for its outstanding eating outlets.

It includes the OpenTable Diner’s Choice Award for being one of the Top Restaurants in America in 2013.

The restaurant caption delivers a flavour of convention, which is the standard US noon beverage.

Chef’s Choice

This outstanding restaurant provides the beverage in the beautiful creamy coloured and light hallway.

Along with such a great ambience, it is served with distinctive finger sandwiches, scones with preservatives, and tidbit-sized desserts, all of which look too lovely to consume.

And, most importantly, one of the nicest beverages on the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, is provided in subtle dinnerware mugs.

Location and contact

20. Arcadia Farms Café

Arcadia Farms Café

Why it’s a must visit?

The log-inbuilt countryside interior cabin of this Arcadia Farms Cafe immediately establishes the setting for a great dining experience.

All of its meals are substantial and deliciously made, recharged with the goodness of homemade ingredients.

It’s a fine place and provides visitors with a surreal experience.

Chef’s Choice

Flavoring fortes is its priority, and its seasoned delights find their way into the restaurant’s celebrated omelet and gourmand sandwich.

You might wish to try one of their renowned sweet dishes too.

They named it ‘baby cakes,’ which comprise delicious coconut creamy taste and mouth-watering red velvet cake.

Location and contact

21. Olive & Ivy

Olive & Ivy

Why it’s a must visit?

Relish an all fresco feast on this restaurant’s cheering porch.

Each of their banquets is imbued with the aura of the Mediterranean classics.

There are also a lot of on-location marketplaces where you can choose desserts like recently baked croissants and muffins.

Chef’s Choice

Our suggested meals entail their parmesan ravioli and grilled prawn risotto which are the classics here to appeal to your tastebuds

chicken scaloppini and the rib eye are fantastic choices that melt in your mouth quickly

And make sure that you must celebrate this with a glass of red wine, as the cafe has earned the Wine Spectator award for its stellar wine quality

It’s also the one of the must eat places in the city.

Location and contact

22. Shin Bay

Shin Bay

Why it’s a must visit?

The foyer against the large rigid gates of this cafe is the initial point to a sanctuary of relaxation and peace.

The comfy feasting area is a peaceful cloak for its visitors, whereas the meal’s runny and soft texture brings to heed one’s surreal journeys.

The staff here is impressive ready to assist you with every problem.

Chef’s Choice

The renowned Chef Shinji Kurita employs classic Japanese recipes

He with his team deliver exceptional meal choices with an articulation of rawness and taste.

Informed staff members are glad to suggest options as they comprise the six multi-layers course of  Chef’s Tasting and the soft, new sashimi.

Location and contact

23. The Mission

The Mission

In this restaurant, the chefs emphasize new Latin cooking, powerfully articulating the barbecue techniques.

The eating area is contemporary with whiffs of genuineness, comprising a salt stone panel and a great assortment decoration of candles.

The outside veranda is a great spot to be on a calm summer twilight.

Chef’s Choice

Peruvian and Mexican impact the spice seasoned infused food of this restaurant, carving The Mission as the most excellent location to encounter the well-known ‘southwest’ dishes.

The culinarian’s purpose appears to take typical meals like tacos and again make them with unique ingredients, for instance, by putting in butternut squash.

Another great pairing here comes with their margarita, which is quite a delight in brandishing only natural materials like tequila with nectar rather than sugar and neat lemons.

Location and contact

24. Roaring Fork

Roaring Fork

Why it’s a must visit?

The place has a very cabin-like feel, making it highly comfy and giving it a relatively relaxed atmosphere to enjoy one’s dining night.

Along with this, the service here is speedy and helpful, which has made people visit it frequently for its stellar service.

The aesthetic vibes and warm atmosphere make this one of the great restaurants to celebrate occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Chef’s Choice

Nothing can beat the steaks here as they are very juicy and crunchy with every bite you take.

The desert here also deserves mention as it gives your tastebuds a burst of flavors.

Another good meal here is the mussels and chorizo, which are great additions to your choices.

Location and contact

25. Café 64 Scottsdale

Café 64 Scottsdale

Why it’s a must visit?

One of the best things about this place is that it not only serves delicious food near me but also has an ambience that exceeds one’s expectation. 

The place is known to be one of the best pizza servers in all of the States.

The staff here is terrific, and the delivery is quick, which is an excellent perk for visitors who are in a hurry.

Chef’s Choice

The bistro bacon is something that one should definitely try as it is overflowing with unique seasonings and outstanding taste.

Another great choice is having pizza, as this place specializes in serving it.

The pizza is stuffed with bursting cheese that melts in your mouth as soon as he puts it and therefore deserves mention in our recommendations.

Location and contact

Final Thoughts

As Scottsdale focuses on American-centered cuisine, it has a unique disposition in providing some of the most renowned dishes that are pretty basic in other cities, like pizzas, steaks, and bistro portions of bacon.

Nevertheless, we hope that this list was able to help you arrive at a satisfactory conclusion on the place to eat in the city and has helped you look at some of the best scottsdale restaurants. So stay happy and keep eating.

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