Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Saskatoon

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Saskatoon – 2023

Saskatoon is located south of the Saskatchewan river in Canada and is known for its careful exhibition of indigenous culture and heritage sites. The entire city is surrounded by water and inhabits rich wildlife with prairie grasslands and forested areas.

It’s a beautiful destination for a peaceful escape from conventional city life and to make unforgettable memories during festivities. Therefore coming here during Thanksgiving would bring a kind of joyful experience that is hard to find.

For that, you should prepare yourself to get an insight about some decent restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Saskatoon that have a good reputation for serving tasty Thanksgiving-inspired dinner meals.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Saskatoon This Year

1. Little Grouse on the Prairie

Little Grouse on the Prairie

The Little Grouse on the Prairie restaurant is a contemporary Italian diner located in the downtown District of Saskatoon and provides people with a welcoming atmosphere with convenient takeout services and refreshing drinks.

The restaurant has a casual plus elegant atmosphere. It provides efficiently prepared dishes in a classy way with the most exquisite wine pairings and desserts like pumpkin pannacotta and main dishes like shrimp vongole and tortellini.

Almost every wine pairing here tastes exceptional and is served in a professional way with the best mixes.

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2. Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

The Sticks and Stones restaurant is known for its fabulous fusion of varied Asian cuisine ranging from Japanese to Korean and is situated in downtown Saskatoon providing stellar cocktails and fantastic Asian cuisine.

The restaurant is known for providing tasty late-night snacks that are even available at the last minute of Thanksgiving and gets appreciated for its casual environment and fancy dishes.

Its cocktails are a must try here as they blend exceptionally well with their dishes like Korean chicken, steamed buns, Bibimbap, and kimchi fried rice which is a perfect Asian feast for anyone who wants experimental cuisine during Thanksgiving.

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3. Hearth Restaurant

Hearth Restaurant

The Hearth Restaurant is a casual neighborhood diner that is known chiefly for its exceptional food options and lovely drink options.

The restaurant offers people outdoor dining seating and is also super accommodating towards its visitors by including gluten-free options and serving varied drink choices.

It’s also elegantly designed and offers people unique modern Canadian food, which has made it one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me.

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4. Ayden Kitchen & Bar

Ayden Kitchen & Bar

The Ayden Kitchen & Bar restaurant is fit for a foodie as its cuisine is made under the keen eye of the award-winning chef name Dale Mackay and Benet Hunt, who introduces people to exceptional Canadian comfort food cuisine with outstanding cocktails inspired by the recipes of the mixologist name Christopher Cho.

The restaurant is very hospitable in its value by including gluten-free options and flavorful dishes like steak, chicken wings, and wines that make the entire Thanksgiving feast one of the very best.

By no doubt, it’s one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving that has managed to show its professionalism when it comes to delivering impressive service, mouthwatering cuisine, and perfect mixes of cocktails and drinks.

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5. Chop Steakhouse & Bar

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

The Chop Steakhouse & Bar restaurant is a family-oriented diner that is ideal for sharing and partaking with your friends or family, especially in steak varieties and quality meals that are handcrafted.

Its juicy steaks, roasted prime rib, plant-based dishes, seafood options, and handcrafted dishes are the loveliest here and are known to be the best in the entire city.

Even though it’s a steakhouse, the seafood variety here is fantastic and is also available for dinner delivery so that people can enjoy aromatic dishes at home.

So if you ever question where to eat smoked food in Saskatoon for Thanksgiving, then the chop steakhouse can be your best destination.

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6. Primal


The Primal restaurant is known for its exceptional quality in offering Italian cuisine with handmade plates of pasta that contain the regional flavor of Saskatchewan to its dishes with whole grains and quality meats.

The restaurant features a farm-to-table setting and is a contemporary Canadian plus Italian restaurant that serves exquisite dishes like plates of pasta, pizzas, bone marrow, and pies and cheesecakes as its mouthwatering main entrees and dessert options that have got a lot of love from previous visitors.

Also, the hospitality here is impressive, with a friendly staff and lovely presentation details that manage the swoon of any visitor.

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7. Odla


The Odla restaurant is located on the famous Broadway Avenue and features classic Swedish food that provides people with dishes made from the freshest organic ingredients with seasonal spices that use ethical measures to create its meals.

The restaurant always manages to provide people with a delicious dining experience specializing in Thanksgiving meal courses with impressive varieties like chips and dips, smoked trout, lamb meatballs, market salad, and chickpea and carrot fritters.

Everything here is perfect as the dishes are not only tasty but healthy as well.

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Final Thoughts

As a significant ingenious city specializing in seafood and enveloping the beauty of waterfront bays and rivers, Saskatoon makes for an ultimate destination to celebrate festivities be it for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

By tasting remarkable cuisine here of delectable varied Italian, Canadian, and seafood options, one gets to encounter a completely different cuisine exposure that tastes familiar yet exotic.

Therefore, it becomes crucial that one should have knowledge about some fine restaurants open on Thanksgiving that have a superior image for delivering fantastic Thanksgiving-inspired dinner options so that you can celebrate the holiday in the most fulfilling way.

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