Best Restaurants & Places in Richmond

38 Best Restaurants & Places in Richmond, VA | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Richmond, honestly, is a little metropolis in comparison to big cities like Chicago, D.C., or New York. However, shockingly, it is pervaded with pleasing eating out hangouts and reasonably priced diners that placate every craving. Whether you are yearning for creative dishes or traditional Western food, you will discover a good place to satisfy your raging taste buds in this city.

So, to help you uncover more suitable place to eat in the city we have listed below some of the best restaurants in Richmond VA restaurants to ease your search.

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Best Restaurants in Richmond

1. Lehja Restaurant

 Lehja Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lehja Restaurant shares its convenient location in the short pump area and delivers one of the most mouthwatering Indian dishes with spicy flavors to please your palate.

It’s one of the good places to visit in Richmond if you are craving some spicy Indian cuisine which also has won a streak of awards when it comes to delivering flavourful cuisine.

The restaurant not only catches this worth due to its mouthwatering cuisine but also has a very sophisticated ambiance to sway its visitors through its beauty.

Chef’s Choice

It would be a shame to visit any Indian restaurant and not try their chicken tikka masala, which this restaurant specializes in with a balanced flavor of spices and sweetness.

The chicken tikka masala here has a melting taste with its soft meat which is juicy and spicy at the same time, adding a lot of flavo0r to one’s feast.

Other than that, their wine collection here is also outstanding as it has won several accolades for its wide range and refreshing mixes.

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2. Brenner Pass

 Brenner Pass

Why it’s a must visit?

The Brenner Pass restaurant was recently opened in the year of 2016 and is run by a renowned chef who specializes in delivering the cuisine of Europe’s Alpine Region and also boasts itself of having a stylish and sophisticated ambiance.

The restaurant has a very pleasing atmosphere and also features lovely dishes which are native to Europe’s Alpine regions with incredible beef options and tart sweets.

Another reason why this restaurant has gained prominence among people is due to its hospitable service which is rapid and comfortable at the same time.

Chef’s Choice

The one thing that should not be Missed trying here is their famous mushroom risotto, which has overflowing delicious flavors.

The mushroom risotto has a super soft texture along with tons of creams in it with also the season of maitake mushrooms as well.

In the end, we would recommend that you finish your meal with their delightful treat, which is Marjolaine, which arrives with gold flakes and chocolate ganache.

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3. Zzq Texas Craft Barbeque

 Zzq Texas Craft Barbeque

Why it’s a must visit?

The ZZQ Texas Craft Barbeque restaurant was opened in the year 2014 and is known for its unique blend of dishes combining the taste of Central Texas with Virginia to give people the taste of various lands in America.

It’s considered to be one of the top rated restaurants in the city due to its unique service and excellent meat options, which are succulent and have a smoked flavor in them, making it astoundingly marvelous in taste.

Despite only serving the best barbeque options in the city, the restaurant also excels in delivering some of the most delicate desserts in town with its innumerable range of treats and sweets.

Chef’s Choice

Some of the best meat dishes here are their massive beef ribs, marbled brisket, and pulled pork which is famous for their juicy and soft taste.

When it comes to pork specialties, their pulled pork sandwich deserves mention in the list.

The pulled pork sandwich gets served with a soft bun and has succulent, smooth, and damp pieces of pork adorned with spicy and umami savors.

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4. Stella’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Stella’s restaurant is a big hit among historian enthusiasts who like to lose themselves in the minimalist setting while also feasting on traditional greek and Mediterranean dishes to get a unique experience.

The diner was named one of the great restaurants to eat at in the city due to its unfamiliar ambiance and menu with exciting alien flavors.

Almost all of the greek and Mediterranean specialties here deserve a try as they offer a phenomenal experience to enjoy.

Chef’s Choice

When it comes to greek specialties, we would recommend that you order their black kale salad and garlicky tzatziki, which can act as a great choice.

Another dish that deserves high praise is their Spanakopita which has a flavorsome taste.

The Spanakopita Is known for its wholesome taste with a buttery flavor and its stuffing with thick spinach filling and crispy pastry.

The dish also arrives with complimentary salty feta, which adds a refreshing touch to your entire dinner.

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5. Longoven


Why it’s a must visit?

The Longoven restaurant is one of the oldest local restaurants Richmond AV in the city and is known for its modern setting with a pleasing atmosphere to give people a subtle dining experience.

The restaurant has become beloved by many local people due to its innovative American dishes, which are delivered according to seasonal demands and therefore are ever-changing.

It also has a garden patio which gives people an intimate atmosphere that is great for dinner dates and has a romantic theme to it.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most elegant dishes here is their foie gras which is presented in a very aesthetic manner and has a delicate taste to it.

The foie gras Is famous for its creamy taste, which is stuffed with melting butter and has a luxurious taste.

Other than that, all of their fancy dishes here are a must try as they give people a thrilling and extravagant adventure.

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6. The Mantu | Modern Afghan Cuisine

 The Mantu | Modern Afghan Cuisine

Why it’s a must visit?

This Mantu restaurant has recently become a massive trend among food enthusiasts who want to taste the exotic flavors of the Middle East from the hands of a genius chef named Chef Hamidullah Noori, who specializes in delivering outstanding Afghan people cuisine.

It’s a 5-star restaurant and is known for its exotic flavors and remarkable array of dishes.

The dishes here are mouthwatering and luscious, with options like several tantalizing appetizers and generous dinner portions to satisfy your cravings.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things you can try here is their delicious beef mantu platter which has a heavenly taste.

The beef mantu Comes in generous portions and contains flavored soft beef meat and spiced up yogurt dressing.

Also, their Tandoori kebab deserves high praise due to its smoky flavor and soft texture.

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7. Cobra Cabana

Cobra Cabana

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cobra Cabana restaurant was recently established in 2018 and is known for its spectacular menu options, which only present captivating vegetarian dishes to win the hearts of its visitors.

The restaurant not only excels in delivering fantastic food Richmond VA options but also has a rustic ambiance with a sidebar which has made it one of the cool places to eat in the city for hangouts.

Aside from featuring an immersing atmosphere, the restaurant also has live streaming of VHS along with various movie tapes of The lost boys to keep its visitors engaged in Entertainment.

Chef’s Choice

If you try their prince of tides you’ll quickly know why this restaurant is among the top rated places to eat in the city.

The prince of tides comes with soft lobster meat with a buttery texture and creamy stuffing along with toasted veggies in the form of a yummy sandwich.

The goodness and the wholesomeness of this restaurant will surely delight you with its colorful drink options that go well along with the main dishes.

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8. Edo’s Squid

Edo's Squid

Why it’s a must visit?

The name of the restaurant itself gives away its specialty in serving not only luscious seafood but also dishes with a twist of Italian flavors with a brick wall interior and its convenient location near the famous Harrison Street.

The Edo’s Squid restaurant is designed in a very aesthetic sense with a relaxed ambiance and courteous staff members, along with a unique location in the most famous street areas in Richmond.

The restaurant has become renowned for its unique take on blending seafood with Italian flavors to give people an exotic sense of food adventure.

Chef’s Choice

Nothing could beat this place’s carbonara, which has one of the most delectable flavors one you could have ever tasted.

The carbonara is a tempting Italian treat with the goodness of parmy, softly creamy, cheesy, and flavorful sweet with generous slices.

Another fabulous option you can try here is their mixed seafood pasta which has a mouth melting taste and builds up your food appreciation essence.

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9. Tbt El Gallo

Tbt El Gallo

Why it’s a must visit?

Every foodie will adore this outstanding Mexican restaurant which serves Street specialties of Mexico in the a subtle form to lift the spirits of its visitors.

This diner is heaven for any food lover who wants to experience the exotic flavors of various Mexican cities in one restaurant.

One also gets to pair their dishes with authentic Mexican treats, which are known for their use of genuine ingredients and special courses.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most thrilling dishes that you can try here is their slam dunk contest which has become quite a trend across various global platforms.

This contemporary dish takes its twist on the classic birria taco, which is a treat with crunchy and appetizing taco bombs filled with melting and soft beef with seasoning specialties.

The above dish gets served with their special soup dip, which acts as a superb appetizing option to fill up your belly.

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10. Restaurant Adarra

Restaurant Adarra

Why it’s a must visit?

The Restaurant Adarra is an upscale Basque inspired diner that surprises its visitors with its marvelous wonder and seasonal menu.

Aside from featuring exotic cuisine and seafood options, the restaurant also has the most calming ambiance, which puts visitors at ease as soon as they step into this diner.

To add a cherry to the top, the restaurant also delivers fascinating drink options ranging from colorful cocktails to draft beers and an extensive wine collection.

Chef’s Choice

If you are a food enthusiast, then we would recommend that you go for their invigorating and captivating Iberico bellata pata Negra which has a heavenly taste.

The Iberico bellata pata Negra gets created with unique ingredients like ham from nutritive Iberian pigs that are fed only acorns to keep its organic nature, making it a sustainable choice.

Due to its high-quality ham, the entire aroma of the dish comes off with a refreshing flavor along with its healthy ingredients to lighten up the mood.

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11. Mama J’s Kitchen

Mama J's Kitchen

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mama J’s Kitchen restaurant specializes in delivering the most delectable Southern cuisine in town and is a family owned restaurant with a relaxed ambiance.

The reason why this restaurant has become a lovely place to visit for local people is due to its nostalgic flavors as the cuisine here is southern and therefore reminds people of the old days that have gone missing.

It’s a great place to have reunions with your family and is a famous family restaurants Richmond VA especially if they are from South America and want to get a reminiscent taste of a lifetime.

Chef’s Choice

If you are coming here for breakfast or lunch, then their pork chops will give you one hell of a tasty ride.

The pork chops here are given with sauce, peppers, and duces onions, and have the most spectacular seasoning of spices along with the juiciest meat you must have ever tasted.

If you are in the mood for trying something fried and crispy, then their catfish filets with a runny taste and tangy tartar gravy could be your best bet here.

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12. Dinamo


Why it’s a must visit?

This Dinamo restaurant gets a lot of applause for its marvelous portions of pasta, pastries, and seafood while also enjoying its famous reputation for being an adorable little restaurant with a cute interior.

Its location near the prominent theatre has made it a pretty popular spot for tourists to visit after enjoying the fabulous show in its neighboring theatre.

Aside from enjoying its favored location, the restaurant is also loved because of its handmade dishes, especially its pasta sauce and delicate Italian cuisine with mouthwatering flavors.

Chef’s Choice

Nothing could beat this place’s tiramisu, which has a luscious taste and is incredibly delicious to devour, and acts as a tremendous satisfying treat to your tastebuds.

The most fascinating thing about their special tiramisu is that it engages a lot of flavor in its treat by mixing espresso and cocoa powder with delectable wine and mascarpone cheese to give people an overall fulfilling effect.

Another adorable thing about this sweet is that it has ladyfinger biscuits on top of it, making it a lot more unique and aesthetic.

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13. Perly’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Perly’s restaurant is known for its rustic ambiance and delectable Jewish cuisine that one can have without leaving their country to get an unfamiliar yet enjoyable taste.

It’s a charming little shop and has various Jewish delicacies that are pretty aesthetic and is a great place to take a snapshot of for your Instagram feed while also pleasing your palate.

The restaurant is famous not only for its unusual ambiance but also delivers people a twist of modern plus traditional to add to its unique atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

Although this restaurant is not open for breakfast, one does get to try their other brunch and lunch options with their dishes like egg-soaked matzos and potato pancakes.

So if you are heading to this restaurant, then make sure that you get a bite of their favorite Reuben sandwich, which certainly lives up to its hype.

This sandwich has every flavor that you can ever imagine, be it sour, sweet, or tangy, with its unique stuffing of Russian gravy, sauerkraut, Swiss soft cheese, and corned beef.

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14. Lillie Pearl

 Lillie Pearl

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lillie Pearl restaurant not only specializes in one form of cuisine but carries the classiness of west Africa with the enticing flavors of Southern cuisine to give people a charming eating experience.

Its location at Grace Street has rendered it quite a neighbour friendly place to go if you are craving some comfort food to indulge in and have fun.

Also, one can eat here to their heart’s content as the prices are pretty reasonable and it sure has the quality to them.    

Chef’s Choice

One of the best dishes you can try here is the pork belly, which has the most luscious taste and melts in your mouth like butter.

The pork belly comes drenched in generously spread bbq gravy and has the juiciest meat with a soft texture to dissolve in your mouth. 

Also, if you are considering ordering the pork belly, then we would suggest that you don’t forget to pair the dish with their flavorsome pickled collard stems along with creamed corn.

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15. L’Opossum


Why it’s a must visit?

The L’Opossum restaurant is every artist’s imagination as it has an exceptionally aesthetic interior along with beautifully presented French dishes with a lot of sophistication to add to its gorgeous atmosphere.

It has a very hip vibe to it which makes it the nicest place to visit if you want to have an exciting and thrilling experience.

Another reason why this restaurant is considered to be so charming is due to its details on blending different cuisines of French and Southern flavors in its dishes, giving people a truly unforgettable feast.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best dishes that you can try here is their crab cakes which come in generous portions and are sure to please your cravings in the most satisfying manner.

The crabs are stuffed with the most tender lobster meat, which dissolves in your mouth with a single bite.

Instead of just having loaded meat in it, it also comes with special dressings and sauce with a generous filling of sauteed spinach.

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16. Helen’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Helen’s Restaurant has continued its legacy since the year of 1935 in delivering the heartiest of dishes in town by being located in the soul of the city.

It is considered to be the second oldest restaurant in Richmond and has gained acclaim for its first brunch services, along with an immersing atmosphere with a colorful sidebar.

Another fascinating ring to this restaurant is its gourmet food near me which comes in either juicy steak form or other sandwich options.

Chef’s Choice

If you are here to try something unique and luscious at the same time, then we would suggest that you go for their flavourful bacon wrapped stuffed chicken.

The bacon wrapped filled chicken has crisp specks of bacon meat, and the chicken in it is juicy, toothsome, and stuffed with pistachio and sausages.

As it is one of the oldest restaurants near me in the city, one can give their other dishes a try to get the most out of this restaurant.

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17. Pho Tay Do

Pho Tay Do

Why it’s a must visit?

The Pho Tay Do restaurant has a hip vibe to it and is run by a renowned family who extends their irresistible Vietnamese food recipes to its visitors to give them an exotic food adventure.

So, if you are ever craving some fascinating Asian food, then heading to this place won’t disappoint you as it has the most flavourful staple Vietnamese dishes in town.

Instead of just providing staple Vietnamese food, the restaurant also gets its welcoming reputation for opening its menu not only to non-veg lovers but also catering to the well-being of vegetarian and vegan people as well.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most exquisite dishes that you can try here is their soft pork spring rolls which come with the most succulent meat and have a crispy taste.

The pork spring rolls come with bbq pork pieces, and these rolls are pretty addictive and delicious, particularly when they get immersed in the flavorsome chili lime gravy.

But if you are a vegetarian or vegan, and would like to try something really light and yummy at the same time, then we would suggest that you go for their spectacular shredded papaya salad.

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18. Cobra Burger

Cobra Burger

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cobra Burger restaurant has earned a lot of accolades all over Richmond due to its several delicious fast-food options, especially juicy burgers, along with its convenient location on Street 27th.

Though one might find their dishes to be quite miniature in nature and size, the food’s after effect is indeed surprising, as it fulfills your appetite with their rich and high-quality flavor along with their complimentary dish of thick fries.

The ambiance of this diner is also quite astonishing as it features upbeat staff members along with heavy metal music playing in its background to keep up its hip image.

Chef’s Choice

One of their best fast-food options that you can try here is their burger, especially their sting ring burger, which has a rich and gratifying taste.

The sting ring burger gets served with handmade fries, and the burger itself is delectable, cheesy, exceedingly creamy, and is sure to lift up your spirits with its overall enticing sense and aroma.

Another great alternative besides their burgers that you can try here is their Dutch dishes, which have creamy cheese, pickles, and diced onions on a flaccid and delicate boiled potato bun.

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19. Full Kee

Full Kee

Why it’s a must visit?

The Full Kee restaurant shares its celebrated location near the famous road of Horsepen and is known for its exciting take on Cantonese food with several lauded dishes.

So, if you are on a trip here, then make sure that you do visit this place as it’s not only a simple Cantonese restaurant but also is one of the oldest institutions offering a banquet service to its visitors with the most courteous delight.

And besides showing off its legacy, it also does not back off in delivering the most authentic cuisine in Richmond with original flavors.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best appetizer options that you can give a try here is their Hong Kong wonton soup which has a highly flavorsome taste and also prepares you to feast on the following dishes.

The Hong Kong wonton soup is an absolute delight because it uses watery broth and handmade wontons to give people a tempting treat.

It’s not only luxurious in how it is created but also comes with various rich ingredients like seared sesame oil, ginger, and shrimp to bring out its overall enticing flavor.

Location and contact

20. Saison


Why it’s a must visit?

The Saison restaurant has become beloved by local people and foreigners alike due to its location in the arts district of Richmond and its blending of two different and unique flavors from southern and Latin in one restaurant.

It’s an ideal place for those who are on the lookout for some exotic dishes to try in the city, and its meals were also presented in a very aesthetic form with sufficient details that catch the eye with its exquisite flavor and drooling aroma.

It’s also a remarkable place to visit with your friends if you want to have a nice hang out with its inventive dishes along with colorful cocktails and beer program, which have given it its overall hipster image.

Chef’s Choice

If you ever visit this restaurant and forget to try their fried chicken, then you are heading for doom as it’s one of their most exquisite dish here.

As the fried chicken is prepared in a southern inspired technique, the dish comes with a crunchy, blond brown layer and a slice of succulent meat, which also contains balanced and yummy salty and spicy tastes.

Other than that, you can also give their cocktail pairings a try to accentuate your dining in Richmond VA experience and have an excellent night feasting on its various samplings.

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21. Lemaire Restaurant

Lemaire Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lemaire Restaurant shares its spectacular location inside the Jefferson Hotel and is known for its exciting new American cuisine with a lot of spices and flavors to cater to your every craving.

The reason why this new western restaurant has gained a lot of appreciation from the people is due to its nourishing Southern food, which only uses the most organic ingredients with a sustainable mindset.

Besides being a reasonably priced restaurant, it also sources its ingredients from its 60-mile radius farmhouse, which grows crops without the use of any preservatives or chemicals.

Chef’s Choice

As it’s a specialized Southern restaurant, you must eat places give their non-veg options a try, especially their beef tenderloin steak, which has a heavenly taste beyond measure.

The beef tenderloin steak is cooked with a lot of patience and is seared with the smoothest creams giving it its buttery texture and mouth melting flavor.

Almost any non-veg dish here deserves a try as Southern cuisine specializes in that form and therefore delivers people the softest and juiciest meat ever.

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22. The Grapevine Greek & Italian Restaurant

The Grapevine Greek & Italian Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Grapevine Greek and Italian Restaurant opened its gates to the public in the year 2001 and has gained prominence due to its range of Greek and Italian dishes.

The Mediterranean dishes here are genuinely captivating and have a taste beyond anyone’s imagination due to their exotic flavoring.

Besides delivering the most exquisite greek and Italian main courses, the restaurant also has a legacy of serving the most delectable dessert in town along with an extensive range of wines which can be either in house or specialty vinos forms.

Chef’s Choice

Even though the restaurant has one of the most spectacular Main courses in the city, we would recommend that besides having their main dish, you also give their Belgian mousse cake a try.

The rich and luscious Belgian mousse cake contains coatings of fudge and creamy chocolate seasoned with dark choco chips.

Other great sweet alternatives which can make for a satisfying treat are their crispy, nutty, and flavorsome baklava cheesecake as delicate desserts.

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23. Lunch Supper

Lunch Supper

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lunch Supper restaurant is known for its adorable interior, which comes off as quite aesthetic with its fresh American eats in the form of various brunch specialties to touch every visitor’s heart.

The restaurant almost has every single thing you can ever imagine and also extends its techniques into various culinary experiences to experiment with multiple forms of dishes and cuisines.

Be it barbecuing its dishes or giving them a smoky flavor to simply using wood fried techniques, this restaurant has it all and also features a neighboring garden that not only grows the freshest vegetables but also has the healthiest of herbs as well.

Also, the restaurant is worth taking snapshots of, as the dishes here are pretty unique and are delivered in the most presentable way ever possible.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things that you can give a try here, which come off great as a sampling treat, is their tomato honey bourbon glaze and pork rind nachos.

Though the restaurant has a lot of lauded choices on its menu, its crab cake Benedict takes the peak position due to its soft and delectable taste.

Every single dish of crab cake Benedict comes in generous portions with the most authentic crab meat to relish your tastebuds.

Besides using the most organic crabmeat, the restaurant also contains special seasoning of exceedingly yummy and melting hollandaise sauce.

Location and contact

24. Millie’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Millie’s restaurant has an old legacy of being the most excellent restaurant in getting opened in the year 1989 and getting refurbished into an entirely new enticing restaurant known for its wholesome brunch deals on various breakfast and lunch specialties.

Any Richmond local person would suggest you make a visit to this 30-year-old restaurant which has gained its prominence as being one of the top restaurants in the city known for its marvelous cuisine.

Even though the restaurant is an authentic diner, it has also extended service by delivering the most exquisite wines in town along with gourmet food to fill up your belly in the most extraordinary sense.

Besides featuring a rich genuine cuisine, the restaurant also has a sidebar serving one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing colorful cocktails in town that go pretty well often with the main course.

Chef’s Choice

Something that has struck a lot of visitors through its enticing aroma and delicious cooking technique is its lump crab and scrambled egg enchilada, which is truly captivating in taste.

The lump crab and scrambled egg enchilada are created from original crab meat, simmered eggs, shrimp, and a tangy sauce, which come off as a great assortment of seasonings to add a lot of spice and flavor to your dish.

Aside from having a genuinely enticing taste, the dishes also live up to their worth by giving people large food portions for them to enjoy by filling their belly to the brim.

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25. Hogshead Cafe

Hogshead Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

If there is any restaurant that has enraptured people with its illusionary taste and scenic setting, then it is undoubtedly this HogsHead Cafe that has caught people’s attention with its attractive southern food options and meat specialties like lamb chops and pork ribs.

This restaurant deserves a top mention in this list as it has delivered a good service with consistent quality over the years.

The restaurant’s use of the most flavourful sauces along with the juiciest meat and generous portions can leave any famished person truly satisfied with its high-quality food options.

The restaurant not only specializes in delivering people authentic Southern food but also provides fast food options like burgers, fries, and even salads along with various draft beers to cover a whole range of cuisine options.

Chef’s Choice

One of the dishes which has lured people with its mouthwatering taste is their special hot dog which, as simple as it sounds, is quite spectacular in taste.

This fulfilling and generously dipped creamy hot dog came with fried hot dog meat swathed around with crispy bacon and doused with a sensual bbq sauce to make it juicy and aromatic.

Other than that, their hamburgers also deserve high praise for their generously stuffed veggies, soft cheese, creams, and sauces which make one drool for hours.

Location and contact

26. Can Can Brasserie

Can Can Brasserie

Why it’s a must visit?

The Can Can Brasserie restaurant is a famous French diner that has become an enormous trend among exotic food lovers who not only get to enjoy the French cuisine here but also get to experience the best of two things through a scenic sunset and comfortable weather.

The huge windows of this restaurant make the interior quite fascinating as the fresh breeze from the open area, along with the bustling music of the street, gives people get an immersive experience of a French adventure.

Another incredible thing about this restaurant is that it holds special events on weekdays; for example, on Sunday, it contains unique brunch options which one can visit to have a tremendous rejuvenating treat.

Chef’s Choice

If you are heading here for a fantastic lunch experience, then we would recommend that you pair the orders with their onion casserole gratinee, the flavorful ingenious salads, and a freshly created quiche.

But if you are not a huge fan of salads and soups, and would like to try simple options like sandwiches, then we would recommend that you go for their Croque Madame or Croque Monsieur sandwiches which are truly remarkable in taste.

As we mentioned above, the restaurant has special events on weekdays, especially on Sundays, with their brunch specialties like French toast, crepes, hotcakes, and some refreshing pitchers of mimosas.

Location and contact

27. Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Why it’s a must visit?

The dish fish and chips are served across nations but are often a duped copy of the original. So if you want to taste the most authentic form of fish and chips, then we would recommend that you visit this penny lane restaurant which has become well celebrated for its authentic and creative dishes.

The restaurant was opened in the year of 1979 by the renowned Liverpudlian, who not only provides people with the most exquisite dishes in Richmond but also extends its warm welcome and comfortable ambiance, which makes one feel as if they are not in the Southern part of the region but somewhere near a pond.

That down to earth service of the staff, along with its friendly owner who welcomes you himself into the restaurant, brings about this restaurant’s uniqueness and charm in having the best hospitable service.

Chef’s Choice

As mentioned above, the fish and chips here are their specialty and therefore are made in the most extraordinary sense.

The fish is crunchy and fresh, whereas the chips are cut thickly and made to quintessence.

But if you are not here for their particular fish and chips, and would like to try something else, then their cottage pie or the bangers and mash could be your best alternative choice.

Location and contact

28. En Su Boca Taqueria & Cantina

En Su Boca Taqueria & Cantina

Why it’s a must visit?

The En Su Boca Taqueria and Cantina restaurant have recently become a hit center for having the most crunchy and yummy tacos in the city while also winning a streak of awards in the category of serving top tacos in Richmond.

Its location on a famous Boulevard nearing a renowned museum has rendered it a great place to dine after exploring the neighborhood with its alluring attractions.

The restaurant also has flexible timings from 11 AM to 2 PM because of which it also invites a lot of crowds and is in high demand and also captions a menu for vegetarian and gluten sensitive people as well.

The restaurant also features a patio set which is excellent if you are here to hang out with your friends and have a great dining feast.

Chef’s Choice

The tacos here are the most fabulous choice as they are made from the freshest of ingredients and are created with authentic Mexican recipes that come in six different protein forms in the range of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

If you want to try some other good Mexican street food options other than their tacos, then you can also give their combo platters like grilled street corn and the bottomless chips a try.

Whereas if you are in the mood for trying a mixed blend of various gravies, sauces, veggies, and other ingredients, then you can also go for their homemade salsas.

Location and contact

29. Latitude Seafood Co.

Latitude Seafood Co.

Why it’s a must visit?

The Latitude Seafood Co. restaurant, as the name suggests, specializes in delivering the most flavorsome seafood options that range from simple tacos to crab cakes and a lot more.

The restaurant also has a convenient location in the street point fashion Mall which offers people a timely space to dine, mainly when it features a weekly changing menu with daily specialties.

The reason why this restaurant has its reputation spread around Richmond like wildfire is due to its happy hours, which not only take place from Monday to Friday but also extend to Saturday and Sunday as well with prices getting halved for major options like appetizers and desserts.

Chef’s Choice

As the restaurant specializes in providing seafood options, one should definitely give their fish tacos and crab cakes a try considering they are good snack options.

Whereas if you want to start slow with something light, then you can go for their major appetizers like raw oysters, calamari, and hellfire shrimp which will prepare your stomach for the incoming heavier meals.

Also, don’t miss out on their fascinating drinks like their shrimp cocktails which give you the most heavenly sense of a seafood drink.

Furthermore, their other prominent, colorful cocktails deserve the hype with various draft beer options to have to make the night a lot more fun and thrilling.

Location and contact

30. Blue Atlas Restaurant

Blue Atlas Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Blue Atlas Restaurant is a terrific place to visit if you want to dine somewhere outside Richmond while also sharing a neighboring region with it and experiencing the most scenic vibe that you could have ever encountered.

The restaurant is located inside a historic school house and delivers almost every option ranging from breakfast to lunch and dinner Richmond VA as well.

One gets to taste the flavor of every land here, ranging from the different menus that it presents in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to the Americas, and the Richmond VA food here comes in shareable platters that you can partake in your group and get distinct food experiences.

This is a great place to visit during the spring season or for a summer vacation as the restaurant not only features an indoor setting but also has an expansive outdoor space with an open patio covered with colorful umbrellas to give you a beachy Miami vibe.

Chef’s Choice

Almost every dish here is a classic and deserves to be tried with shareable platters, which, when our highest recommendation, would go for the western menu, which has its fair share of delectable pancakes to various tart options and pies along with paired beverages to accentuate your breakfast experience.

Other than that, for the main course, you can go for their Middle East cuisine, which has a gratifying taste with various authentic spices and tangy flavors.

The Nigerian food here, with its original recipes derived from Africa, makes for a great alternative option as a Main course along with the Mediterranean treats of dishes like falafel.

Location and contact

31. Joe’s Inn

Joe's Inn

Why it’s a must visit?

The Joe’s Inn restaurant is a great place to visit if you’re a massive enthusiast for Italian food and would like to take a leap into the best food adventures of Richmond as it has been remarked and has won awards in the arena of the most landmark areas in America is to visit for its cuisine and overall vibe.

Although the restaurant, at first glance, might look like a simple pub, its food is gracious and comes in generous portions, which is also not too heavy on your wallet.

But if you are not here for Italian food, then you also get to try their alternatives to various American foods, perfect breakfast options, to give you a flexible and suitable dining in experience.

Chef’s Choice

When it comes to great Italian snacks, which often act as a sample course, then their garlic bread has a genuinely authentic taste that melts in your mouth like cotton candy.

But it would be a foolish thing to miss out on their unique “Spaghetti a la Joe,” which is a massive dish of baked spaghetti coated in gravy and soft provolone cheese, which is enough to suffice two people at once with its generous portions and delectable taste.

Also, its leftovers are great options to consider if you are strict on your budget, along with their other incredible breakfast alternatives too.

Location and contact

32. Beauvine Burger Concept

Beauvine Burger Concept

Why it’s a must visit?

The Beauvine Burger Concept restaurant is run by the same famous people who own the notable branch serving the best tacos in town, whereas this restaurant extended its service by delivering the juiciest burgers in Richmond as well.

The restaurant has dual reasons for its popularity, one whose burgers get made from a combination of Virginia, California, and France flavors, and the other is its location in the Fan district of the area, which makes it a convenient place to visit if you want to grab some casual burger options.

Another fascinating aspect of this restaurant is its customization options, where people get to build their own burgers according to their own preferences of toppings and other ingredients.

Chef’s Choice

One of our favorite burgers here is their “Joe Beef,” which is seasoned with melting Swiss cheese, truffle mushrooms, and steak gravy, whose taste is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Another equally thrilling option that you can try here is their “Lafayette,” which has Brie soft cheese, cabernet diced onions, apricot mustard covering, and a truly remarkable taste.

The one which is also worth mentioning is their “Beauvine,” which is a signature hamburger with Western soft cheese, tangy pickles, green lettuce, diced tomato, onion, and a unique dressing.

For customization options, you get the seasoning of beef, turkey, and plant-based foods as well.

Location and contact

33. Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing

Boathouse at Rockett's Landing

Why it’s a must visit?

As Richmond is known for being surrounded by the most spectacular rivers around it, it would be an excellent idea to consider dining at a Riverside restaurant which this Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing restaurant serves to give you the most breathtaking experience ever.

The restaurant has a beautiful waterfront view from its windows facing the riverside and also shares its location in a jolly area which is frequented by the local people for a refreshing walk and dinner.

One of the best days that you can visit here is on their special Sundays, which are known for their viable brunch options in specialties to give you a breathtaking experience.

Chef’s Choice

Because this restaurant shares its outstanding location near the waterfront, it also uses the freshest ingredients by locally fetching its fish from the river and delivering it in an American fashion in the form of various meals.

And because it is known for its seafood, some of the most highlighted dishes that we would recommend here are its raw fish bar, regional seafood options, hamburgers, and crab cakes.

But if you want to accentuate your dining level to a greater level while also relishing the flamboyant view of the river, then we would recommend that you get a glass of their famous cocktails which will give you a mighty experience.

Location and contact

34. C’est Le Vin

C'est Le Vin

Why it’s a must visit?

If you are an art enthusiast and love French movies which show a Renaissance culture of France, then this C’est Le Vin restaurant which is actually a spacious wine bar, will cater to your every fancy with its aesthetically presented dishes, an art gallery, and captivating wine options.

The restaurant is excellent if you’re looking for an upscale dining experience that not only allows you to dine indoors with their masterful miniature dishes but also gives you the option to Dine outdoors on the patio to enjoy the view as well.

Because the restaurant has a sophisticated ambiance, it also delivers food on small plates, which you can share with your family and friends, and also get to have the best wine recommendations here.

Chef’s Choice

Even though the ambiance is something to be appreciated, the food here is equally remarkable with some delicate dishes like their cheese plates to impressive options like olives.

Another genuinely fantastic dish here that has received a lot of good reviews is their Southern inspired fried chicken which comes with mouthwatering dip sauces to satisfy your every craving.

But if you are a fan of sampling small snacks with great drinks, then we would suggest that you pair your tapas snacks which are small bites, along with their recommended great wine options to elevate your dining night.

Location and contact

35. Bottom’s Up Pizza

Bottom's Up Pizza

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bottom’s Up Pizza restaurant has recently become the most beloved pizzeria in Richmond, which local people love to get a quick bite of when they’re craving some overflowing good cheese fast food options to please their aching belly.

The pizzeria is known for its gourmet pizzas with an extensive menu that provides the freshest and hottest pizzas in Richmond that are served with no delay in their service, giving people the crispiest of bites!

The restaurant despite serving authentic Italian pizzas, also takes into consideration Mexican specialties as well and also is genuinely welcoming by presenting menus with diet restrictions as well for gluten sensitive people, vegetarians, and low-carb diets as well.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most delectable pizzas that you can try here is their particular Goat in the Garden pizza, which is crowned with fresh garlic, soft goat cheese, diced tomatoes, and green spinach and comes with an overflowing taste of flavourful ingredients.

Another Mexican dish that you can delight yourself with is their meat master, which, as the name suggests, comes with generous portions of beef, chicken, or fish meat to awaken the diehard fan of non-veg in you.

Also, one thing to remember about this place is that you get the option to customize your own pizzas just like Subway to your liking by choosing your own favorite dips, various toppings, sauces, and a lot more.

Location and contact

36. Buckhead’s Chop House

 Buckhead's Chop House

Why it’s a must visit?

This Buckhead’s Chop House restaurant had its reputation blowup across the entire city when it was mentioned as the diner’s choice for Richmond digital magazine for serving the most stunning seafood dishes in town with a sophisticated and casual dining experience.

Because the restaurant serves gourmet seafood with high-quality ingredients, it comes off as a bit pricier than other Richmond restaurants but somehow lives up to its worth with its delectable dishes, which are known to leave a great aftertaste.

Its sophisticated atmosphere is excellent for celebrating romantic dinner nights with your partner, and the food here also comes in generous portions and is something to die for with its exquisite taste.

Chef’s Choice

When it comes to gourmet food choices, we would recommend that you go for their calamari steak, which comes with the juiciest meat and has great complimentary dishes as well.

Another absolute delight is their surf and turf which can be a terrific option for you to consider.

Some other equally delicious non-veg options that come with the juiciest of meat are their pork chops and lamb, which have a taste that goes beyond anyone’s contemplation.

Location and contact

37. Fancy Biscuit

Fancy Biscuit

Why it’s a must visit?

The Fancy Biscuit restaurant is as fancy as the name suggests, as the biscuits here are their specialty and a prepared in the most live thrilling manner that allows people to see their delicious cookies being cooked in front of their eyes.

The food menu here presents Southern classics and other comfort food options, which are made with extensive use of specific local ingredients and also employ the freshest coffee beans in town.

This restaurant is so amazing that a lot of prominent people have raved about its service and has also gained its acclamation for being one of the best drive-in restaurants.

Chef’s Choice

The menu of this restaurant is exceptional, and each and every single dish mentioned in it is genuinely fantastic and therefore puts any visitor in a tight position when they have to choose between varied, delicious options.

But despite its outstanding menu, some of the dishes like their Big Poppy which is fried chicken along with handmade pickles, and poppyseed mustard, surely deserve a top mention in the list due to their flavorsome taste.

Another equally great alternative for you to try here is their Big Apple which is another fried chicken with apple slaw, some apple butter barbecue dressing, and bleu soft cheese vinaigrette, which also boasts themselves of having a pure taste.

Also, their B&G biscuits deserve high praise while offering people a choice to make their own cookies with the given ingredients.

Location and contact

38. Shindigz


Why it’s a must visit?

The Shindigz restaurant has gained popularity over the last decade for specializing in serving the most exquisite dessert and delectable sweets in Richmond, known for its flavourful taste.

It’s also run by the owners of fancy biscuits who keep this restaurant as the end resort for having a last finishing treat after having a big meal at the restaurant.

Its location near the Virginia Commonwealth University has rendered it a convenient place to visit to get a sugar rush to keep up the day’s energy.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most standout options that you can try here is their famous restaurants cakes known as the Fresh Fruit Cake and the Salted Caramel Cake, which remain their top choice here.

Another equally delicious alternative that you can order here despite their luscious cakes is their OCPs which are a children’s favorite treat.

Their oatmeal creme pie along with several other varieties of cakes would also make for a satisfying treat to please your palate.

Location and contact

Famous foods to try in the city

Crab cakes – Richmond can be named as one of the sweetest towns in all over America literally because it serves the best treats in town, especially their crab cakes, which instead of just having an overwhelming sweet taste, also have a balanced sour taste to give people a unique experience. The crab fillings that are presented here also comes in generous portions, which every restaurant is happy to offer.

Southern Food – America is known for its western cuisine and Southern food specialty, which Richmond delivers quite masterfully by creating innovative dishes with various twists. This Southern specialty here takes into consideration not only fast-food options like burgers or pizzas but also extends its deliverance to salads as well.

Mexican food – Even though Richmond is an American state, it somehow serves one of the most exotic and authentic versions of North American Mexican food by delivering people the most crispy tacos along with various other street food, Mexican specialties, and a lot more.

Seafood – As Richmond enjoys its location by being surrounded by various dazzling rivers, it also fetches its freshest seafood ingredients with a myriad of fishes from its rivers and therefore gives people the most organic and healthiest seafood dishes in all over America.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above catalog on Richmond VA restaurants has given you a clear understanding of which restaurants to stop by to satisfy your appetites in the best manner feasible.

The question of where to eat and what to order is thoroughly responded to in the article, and we hope you were able to uncover some good place to eat through it. So have a nice feast and bon appetite.

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