Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Orange beach

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Orange beach – 2024

Thanksgiving might be hectic, but this year, commit to making Turkey day unique. Forget the holiday stress behind and enjoy Orange Beach Celebrations. Because of the cooler weather and fewer tourists, fall is among the happiest memories of the year to explore Alabama’s shores.

A Thanksgiving on Alabama’s coastlines provides the ideal opportunity to look back on the previous year and express gratitude. Turkey day is almost here, so book your bookings now!

Best restaurants in orange beach for Thanksgiving this year

1. Voyager’s


Voyager’s, situated directly on the Gulf Coast, provides a fantastic chance for attentive good cuisine. 

Their modern seaside food incorporates certain distinct aromas and aromas while staying faithful to the region’s traditions.

Their cuisine, which mostly consists of responsibly sourced shellfish, changes seasonally. 

Try their fried herbed triggerfish over scorched onion and onion mac and cheese served with cherry sauce brown buttery.

The eatery is located at the Estado Seaside Resort and serves supper every day. 

Dining is available from noon to night. Make an effort to acquire a seat as near to the ground, with Gulf-facing panels as possible. 

Furthermore, if the cream cheese fennel sirloin is among the offers on the menu while you come, make absolutely sure you get it.

2. Big Fish

Big Fish

Big Fish gained me as a result of their Asian-influenced cuisine. A flash-fried crayfish head with avocado panko and spicy hot sauce, gigantic smoked haddock fritters with jasmine mayonnaise, skillet ocean mussels with vanilla sticky rice, and golden grilled teriyaki salmon was among the meals we had.

If you don’t want to eat salmon, they also provide premium meats, spaghetti, and vegetables.

Big Fish is also recognized as the greatest sushi place in Orange Beach. 

Their Japanese dinner menu is sushi and symbolic thought, as well as American favorites such as America and Pennsylvania, wraps.

Grab their iconic giant fish sandwich if you want to try something completely different. 

It has white salmon, asparagus, and ginger horseradish. They also provide a steak sandwich stuffed with lobsters.

3. The Gulf

The Gulf

The Gulf is an outdoor-only prefabricated modular eatery. 

The odd construction is just next to Perdido Passage, where vessels enter and exit the Gulf of Mexico’s waters.

Every day, the Gulf’s cuisine is written on blackboards. Perhaps one of their popular products is the frying broodstock hamburger, although we’ve also overheard residents enthuse praise for their handmade tahini.

They also offer some excellent artisan beverages, so come thirsty. Undoubtedly among the greatest eateries in Orange Beach!

4. Doc’s Seafood

Doc’s Seafood

Doc’s Seafood claims to have the “finest crispy prawns in the whole developed society.”

 Although we’re not certain if it’s the greatest, it sure isn’t far off. In complement to the incredible food, anticipate wonderfully pleasant service in a crafted ambiance when you visit this place. 

After a great day spent by the ocean, this is the type of spot you go to for brunch or supper.

We enjoyed the “create your favorite martini syrup” station. This enabled us all to create our own customized condiment, which could be as fiery as we wanted. 

If you still haven’t chosen to go, Doc’s has indeed been named one of the best ten fish dwellings in America. 

You should absolutely schedule your turkey day dinner here.

5. Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina

Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina

Fisher’s offers 2 premises in Orange Coast, so schedule an appointment if you want to eat “up to the room.” 

Their upper food court is possibly the most luxurious of all Orange Coast eateries. 

Their restored hardwood flooring and ancient mahogany chairs with white linen coverings initially wowed us.

The cuisine stayed true to the lavish setting. The cuisine contained some great seafood dishes, as anticipated in Orange Beach, but they also feature several extremely appealing protein dishes, such as hot skillet hog jowl with a prosciutto peach marmalade, grilled mutton accompanied with daikon citrus grain polenta, and a crispy duck wing paired with vile risotto porridge.

6. Luna’s Eat and Drink

Luna’s Eat and Drink

Luna’s is a local football tavern with an amazing microbrew collection. You won’t have any problem finding a drink you’ll absolutely love: they offer 36 fantastic beers to choose from.

Southwestern comfort cuisine mainstays including mac and cheese, seafood grits, marinated chicken main dish, and liquor, hamburgers are on the plate. 

Find out what’s currently on special particular evening changing menu showcases a selection of the finest in delicious fresh seafood.

Luna’s also boasts the best selection of microbrews in Orange Coast!

7. Cosmo’s


Cosmo’s motto, “much beyond conventional,” appropriately characterizes the location. 

This eatery boasts a diverse menu that includes fried chicken, hamburgers, and sometimes even tortellini in addition to the best fresh seafood. We stayed with excellent shellfish and were glad we did.

Lamb chops, crayfish heads, pigeon and andouille bacon stew, wasabi grilled salmon, incorporated elements of rainbow trout, and sometimes even fresh seafood packed and cooked in jackfruit are mostly available.

If shellfish isn’t your style and Orange Shore can’t compel you, try the sirloin, spaghetti, and a remarkably cooked red pepper Greek salad (when you’re searching for a healthier option).

8. Cobalt


Every seat at Cobalt has a breathtaking view of Estado Peak. 

You’ll need to look away from such a backdrop to pick from a tempting cuisine that includes fish and guacamole layered among crunchy dumplings, velvety Golden crabs and prawn salad, Louisiana seafood and grits, and much more.

Fried mussels are also famous. You may have them char-roasted with onion and Parmigiano or raw with just a touch of lemons.

If neither of the aforementioned options appeal to you, Indigo also provides warcraft pizzas, spaghetti, burgers, and a jalapeno crusted steak. 

If you choose the final alternative, pair it with burnt goat cheese and pancetta waffles. We were delighted to discover that Orange Coast brunch was available.

On Weekends from morning to afternoon, this eatery delivers a delicious breakfast. It has earned a place on this compilation of fantastic Orange Coast eateries.

9. GT’s On The Bay

GT’s On The Bay

GT’s serves up a few of the greatest harbour eating in Orange Coast.

They’re famous for its slide of the bone succulent slab of brisket, but they also offer a chicken leg lightly breaded in iced tea, filled with Conecuh chorizo, shallots, and peaches, then teriyaki marinade in a sweet whiskey sauce. 

We’re  excited to have it the next visit we make.

Each Tuesday is roast beef evening—don’t lose out!

Especially if you’ve made other arrangements for supper, swing by GT’s for delicious specialty beer cocktail time. 

Openers to go with a beer include coarsely grated squid, steamed crab, and sometimes even fried onions.


Thanksgiving is an ideal time for spending a week at the seaside. With the gorgeous Alabama Eastern Shore in the foreground, you can appreciate bonding time, thankfulness, and wonderful cuisine. Take strolls along the shore with your family and friends.

Wilderness bicycle route is an absolute essential.  Go on a cruise in the Sea. If you’d rather not cook a big dinner, there are plenty of eateries with Thanksgiving-themed menus operating on the occasion. Happy feasting!

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