Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Hot Springs

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Hot Springs – 2024

Hot Springs, also known as the Land of the Fumes, is a lovely place that has taken the culinary world by surprise and has emerged as one of the essential towns for culinary connoisseurs.

This attractive town’s diversified cuisine is constantly on the pitch, from tantalizing Southwestern home cooking to elegant Italian meals to the robust tastes of the Southeast, which will satisfy your search for healthy meals and pleasure.

Furthermore, this place will not only satisfy your need for superb cuisine, but its magnificent scenic habitat and spectacular activities will undoubtedly make your vacation to Warm Springs one to remember!

Spare extra place in your tummy and prepare to be pampered at the top eateries in Hot Springs, which are mentioned here.

Best restaurants in Hot Springs for Thanksgiving this year

1. Luna Bella

Luna Bella

Luna Bella, which opened in 2011, delivers intelligently prepared Italian cuisine, local fish, and exquisite meats.

This eatery is among the top celebration places in Hot Springs or for any celebration, offering great food in an informal space that allows you to enjoy your perfect day off with your relatives or loved ones.

Therefore, if you desire to enjoy great gourmet cuisine in Hot Springs, visit this place.

Begin the dinner with a delicious Shrimp and Oyster Martini dressed in a delicious lemon mayonnaise and garnished with guacamole, grape tomatoes, coriander, and onions.

Choose the Chicken Osso Buco for your complete meal, which is smoothly cooked in white wine and garnished with veggies.

Wouldn’t hesitate to match this delicious dinner with a glass of LaCrema Merlot.

The best part of dinner at this establishment is that they provide a free treat for your celebration or feast.

2. The Pancake Shop

The Pancake Shop

Since the 1940s, this eatery has been a fixture in the state’s old town.

The Crepe Bakery is a several-award-winning lunch venue renowned for both residents and visitors exploring the neighborhood.

If you’re seeking out the finest eateries nearby to spend time with some pals across a late or early morning brunch, this thanksgiving The Pancake Shop is a must-visit.

With its traditional breakfast menu and warm smiles, this café will leave you feeling immediately at home.

Savor the traditional buttery Farmhouse Crepes with a Scramble & Bacon delicious meal with bread and marmalade.

And obviously, a warm mug of coffee is required!

And besides, caffeine enhances everything correct? You’ll have a great time here, we assure you.

3. Rocky’s Corner

Rocky’s Corner

Rocky’s Corner, among the town’s oldest Italian restaurants, has already been offering delectable New york-style pizzerias for years and is a big favorite.

If you appreciate delicious pizza, this place will provide you with a glimpse of Italian delicacies.

Every meal exudes genuineness, which will undoubtedly entice customers to return.

Furthermore, the intimate environment is ideal for a relaxing supper.

Try their signature best-selling Chicago pizza also a crowd delicacy, the Big Stretch, a jalapeño, Italian meat, and onion pizza.

If you prefer to eat anything other than pizzas, get a substantial bowl of luscious Spaghetti Bolognese, accompanied by either french toast or perhaps some baked toast.

4. Ohio Club

Ohio Club

The Ohio Club, known for its outstanding hamburgers, has been operating in business since the early 190s.

It is among the oldest remaining eateries and the country’s largest pub.

Dine here at Ohio Club to witness the town’s atmosphere.

This vibrant pub and eatery provide a good time as well as remarkable cuisine, particularly its prize-winning hamburgers, which keep both residents and visitors returning for more.

Lay your eyes on a Big Al Triple Hamburger, which is constructed with two 5 lb hamburger patties on a custom focaccia bread with cucumber, cabbage, tomato, chili gruyere cheese, mozzarella cheese, roasted jalapeño pancetta, and Prescott bourbon liquor relish.

5. Colorado Grill

Colorado Grill

The Colorado Grill, which was established in 200, focuses on genuine Southern dishes such as tortillas, nachos, and enchiladas.

The Colorado Grill is a great place to go if you’re craving some Mexican cuisine than the traditional turkey.

Its delectable and genuine food, as well as the relaxed atmosphere, enable guests to thoroughly immerse themselves in their dinner.

The Pueblo Tray, which includes a slab of pork tortilla with cheddar, a crunchy hamburger tortilla, and a cheddar and shallot quesadilla, is our recommendation.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

6. Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers

Mr. Whiskers, located just under 15 to 20 minutes from the town center area, has already been offering delicious meals baked warm every day since 2008.

Mr. Whiskers is essential if you’re planning to treat your loved ones to a lovely dinner this thanksgiving.

This establishment has a relaxed ambiance, which makes eating home cooking more pleasurable.

A bucket of crab dip with chips, corn dogs, and salad is available.

You might also include a quarter of prime ribs to sample delicious slow-cooked, succulent, and tasty brisket.

7. Via Roma Italian Restaurant

Via Roma Italian Restaurant

The Via Roma Italian Establishment, which opened in 2002, is a classy eatery that serves fine Italian delicacies such as numerous egg noodles, shrimp, and meats.

The Via Roma Italian Eatery is an excellent alternative to Italian cuisine.

This hotel’s sophisticated ambiance, in addition to its delectable cuisine, provides for a fantastic eating experience.

Start with a dish of Bivalves Gourmet Special, which consists of oysters sautéed with ginger in a light wine flavor.

Choose the Vermicelli Mari Carlo for the main meal, which is all crispy spaghetti sautéed with crustaceans, mushroom scallops, garlic, and broccoli, and served in a delicate red wine cream relish.

8. Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Superior Bathhouse Brewery, which opened in 2012, is the first gastropub to be erected in a United States Nature Reserve.

What distinguishes it from ordinary brewers is that it employs all-natural thermal springs waters as its primary component.

They also serve good value meals which everybody enjoys.

Where else will you locate a place that has heritage, artwork, and delicious cuisine than the Superior Bathhouse Brasserie, regarded as one of the finest Hot Springs eateries?

This establishment not only delivers a selection of the greatest meals in Hot Springs, its adds to a historical background that you will love knowing about.

Furthermore, the atmosphere is rather unusual, which enhances the whole flavor profile.

Prior to actually going on to a hearty helping of The Pour Club Cheeseburger, start with a freshly cooked Bavaria Delicate Wrapper topped with thick handmade brew cheddar and sweet butter.

A 12-pound succulent chicken patty and burnt goat cheese are wrapped in a Hawaiian bun, with tomatoes, shallots, and handmade Galactic Corps cucumbers on the order.

It’s no wonder that the Superior Bathhouse Brewer is among the town’s most renowned local eateries, with its remarkable menu of great meals you will love on your thanksgiving day feast.

9. Bubba’s Catfish and Seafood

Bubba’s Catfish and Seafood

Bubba’s Catfish and Seafood, which opened in 1998, is well-known for its fresh fish specialties often including cooked prawns, lobster rolls, tropical prawns, and the notorious carp.

Bubba’s Catfish and Seafood, one of Hot Springs’ top-rated restaurants, is among the greatest locations to dine in on this turkey day.

This place has a relaxed ambiance that is ideal for savoring wonderful home cuisines, such as crab dip, battered chicken nuggets, and giant shrimp tempura. 

Complete the meal with a delicious pitcher of iced tea and the Shrimp Plate, which contains six shrimp tempura, Three slices of tilapia, lobster heads, potatoes, cabbage, and chili cheese fries.


Hot Springs a beach town in the picturesque Arkansas Highlands, is the ideal setting to commemorate Turkey day. The midsummer throngs that came to experience the restorative powers of the surrounding hot springs have far since dispersed. What is really left is a quaint tiny town with a plethora of attractions and activities to visit throughout the long Thanksgiving holiday.

The surrounding woods exhibit their stunning prime autumn foliage during the final couple of weeks of the month, setting the tone for a wonderful holiday in this ancient and beautiful town. If you’re searching for a terrific spot to decompress, enjoy, and offer gratitude for everything you have. This is a listicle of our top picks for you and your family to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

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