Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner North Lake Tahoe – 2024

North Lake Tahoe is inhabited by lakefront communities and displays a rich wilderness with endless forest covers and beautiful mountains that spellbind anyone. It’s a beautiful escape from the crowded cities in the US or anywhere else.

Not only is this place surrounded by natural beauty, but also has countless restaurants and cafés that pride themselves of serving regional cuisine most exquisitely.

Therefore if you plan to come here during Thanksgiving, you should go through our list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe, which are known for serving the most delicious variety of Thanksgiving-inspired dinner meals.

Let’s take a look at them.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe

1. Gar Woods Grill & Pier

Gar Woods Grill & Pier

The Gar Woods Grill & Pier restaurant delivers people exotic Californian cuisine with tasty fruity rum cocktails inside a beautiful interior that is perfect for romantic dates are celebrating festivities like Thanksgiving with family.

It also shares a serene view of the Lakeside, which has made it a spectacular location to dine at, especially for watching sunsets.

The food here is excellent and comes in plentiful portions, and the leftovers are available for takeout.

The menu range from simple appetizers to main entrées and drinks.

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2. Jake’s On The Lake

Jake's On The Lake

Jake’s On The Lake is one of the oldest diners serving new American cuisine with California and Hawaii flavors in North Lake Tahoe and offers decadent cuisine options.

This restaurant is a favorite of many as its Thanksgiving favorites like chicken sandwiches, pita bread, noodle bowl, beef, pork, and seafood make the feast memorable.

Not to mention its beautiful location at Lake Boulevard and its modern ambiance that feels cozy and worth staying at.

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3. Jimmy’s at The Landing Resort & Spa

Jimmy's at The Landing Resort & Spa

The Jimmy’s at The Landing Resort & Spa restaurant offers people tasty Californian cuisine inside a chic and upscale atmosphere that also has a fire pit, an open patio, and a sidebar serving colorful drinks.

It’s nestled inside the landing Tahoe resort and spa and therefore has a lavish feel to it.

The restaurant also offers people a convenient dinner delivery service for impeccable dishes like gnocchi, salmon, risotto, and Manila ice cream, with extensive cocktail and wine offerings.

So if you are stuck with the question of where to eat a fancy Thanksgiving dinner with tasty food and an upscale atmosphere, then you can always visit this restaurant.

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4. Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant

Spindleshanks Tahoe Restaurant

The Spindelshanks Tahoe Restaurant offers people mouthwatering traditional American dishes with a classy countryside atmosphere and a huge open patio.

Its location is truly fabulous as it’s located near a golf course and offers takeout services, and is known for its fresh and high-quality dishes.

It introduces people to the authentic flavors of tapas cooked with organic vegetables and healthy oils, which is perfect for anyone who is looking for a healthier alternative to Thanksgiving Staples.

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5. Soule Domain

Soule Domain

The Soule Domain is a new American restaurant that serves delectable Californian cuisine that features sustainable and local ingredients along with an impressive wine list that comes in refreshing flavors.

The restaurant includes several delicious meal courses and appetizers like salads, soups, and main entrées with prime ribs, mac & cheese, and exquisite wine choices, which has made it one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe.

It has a modern setting and is built in a cabin-like layout which takes people back to the era of the 1930s and feels reminiscent of one feast here.

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6. Lone Eagle Grill

Lone Eagle Grill

If you are in the mood for grilled or roasted food during Thanksgiving, then the Lone Eagle Grill restaurant will provide you with the most impeccable American dining cuisine adventure with multiple marvelous varieties and eye-catching lakeside views.

The restaurant has a fabulous ambiance and offers Thanksgiving buffet options that include a wide variety of pies, roasted turkey, and other dishes, which has made it one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me in North Lake Tahoe.

Also, its fantastic location near the lake view has given rise to its popularity as a fine dining restaurant.

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7. Big Water Grille

Big Water Grille

The Big Water Grille restaurant is nestled at the foothills of the mountains and delivers people breathtaking views of lake Tahoe with specialized American cuisine and an outdoor setting that one can enjoy while sipping on their flavorful drinks.

The most remarkable aspect of this restaurant is its rapid service and delicious cuisine options that are soothing to the soul and to the taste buds.

It’s an impressive place to go to if you wish to immerse yourself in dazzling views of the mountains with tasty, aromatic dishes.

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Final Thoughts

North Lake Tahoe is the ideal city for nature lovers as the multiple ski resorts here, as well as the gorgeous Alpine views of the city, have made it one of the most desired places to be visited.

It goes by no doubt that celebrating Thanksgiving here with tasty Californian cuisine would feel almost like an unreal experience.

Therefore if you wish to seek a memorable experience, then before heading to the city, take a look at our list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in North Lake Tahoe, which has been celebrated for several years for offering delicious Thanksgiving-inspired dinner varieties.

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