Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Louisville

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Louisville – 2024

Louisville is one of the largest cities in Kentucky. It is situated on the famous Ohio River near the Indiana border and is known for its rich cultural past and breathtaking museums that have made this destination eye-catching for travelers.

Louisville’s nightlife is considered one of the best in the US because of its vibrant markets, restaurants, pubs, and cafés that elevate its entire image as an exciting and thrilling city.

Therefore it would feel outlandish to celebrate Thanksgiving here, as the place has the best to offer when it comes to this day.

But for that, you must go through our list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving that can provide you with the most fabulous Thanksgiving-inspired dinner during your stay here.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Louisville This Year

1. Buca di Beppo

Buca di Beppo

The Buca di Beppo restaurant is one of the most well-reputed diners in Louisville and is known for offering an a La carte menu with numerous Italian favorites that are perfect for festivities.

The restaurant will be open on Thanksgiving, treating people to a fantastic traditional Thanksgiving meal that includes dishes like roasted turkey with classic sides like mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

It also offers pre-order or takeout services that one can enjoy at home without any stress or fear of crowds.

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2. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel

The Cracker Barrel is another restaurant that offers people homey meals that are also available for dinner delivery and comes in a wide variety of flavors with customizable meal size.

The entire Thanksgiving feast gets prepared in a handmade fashion in less than two hours and comes full of desserts like pies, mains like turkey breast and sweet potato casserole, and side dishes like tasty yeast rolls.

It allows pick-up services even at the last minute, which has made it one of the most welcoming restaurants in Louisville.

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3. The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market

Be it simply ordering a takeout, shopping for ingredients, or customizing ready-made meals, the Fresh Market restaurant offers it all with its high-quality Thanksgiving-inspired meal choices.

The diner makes sure that you spend more time making memories than in the kitchen with its decadent packages that come in different forms and include delicacies like Yukon gold whipped potatoes, homestyle turkey gravy, cranberry relish with walnuts, and fully cooked prime rib as some of its delicious package options.

So if you find yourself questioning where to eat a homey meal without leaving your house, then the fresh market can always be your savior for Thanksgiving.

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4. Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks

The Omaha Steaks is another excellent pick for Thanksgiving that offers attractive package services with delicious Thanksgiving varieties that contain customizable options.

The menu includes decadent Thanksgiving varieties like homestyle ham and turkey, the whole blasted turkey, spiral sliced ham, and a lot more.

It’s genuinely one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me that you can order from, as the restaurant ships food nationwide.

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5. The Eagle

The Eagle

The Eagle restaurant is an ideal diner to visit with your partner or your family as the service and the atmosphere here it is attentive and relaxing.

Its fried chicken is considered to be one of the best in Louisville, along with other delicious varieties like spicy chicken dip and other free side dishes with a special mention of macaroni and cheese, which has made it it’s simply one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving out there.

Also, the restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere that makes it a fun place to hang out and indulge in delicious food.

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6. Cast Iron Steakhouse

Cast Iron Steakhouse

The Cast Iron Steakhouse diner was opened in 2011 and is one of the best family-owned steakhouses in Louisville that is known for its impressive selection of traditional American dishes that carry the authentic recipes of the Jeffersonville community.

The restaurant prepares the most decadent varieties of specialized dishes like its USDA-certified Angus beef that is hand cut, its chicken dishes, and seafood entrées along with soul-touching pasta meals with various tasty side meals. 

All of its meals taste fantastic as they come loaded with flavors and are fresh in taste.

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7. Goose Creek Diner

Goose Creek Diner

The Goose Creek Diner restaurant focuses on creating traditional American cuisine that carries both comfort food as well as classic food choices that comes in several tasty forms.

It offers food and buffet varieties with a hot table that contains classic American dishes like biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and grits, along with other unique varieties like fried chicken, sliced ham adorned with green beans and mashed potatoes other exquisite items as well. 

It’s an affordable option for those who want a budgeted meal for Thanksgiving and are not looking for anything fancy.

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8. Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse

The Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse restaurant is critically acclaimed across Louisville for its USDA-approved dishes and a spectacular night entertaining aspect with exceptional service that has made it one of the best across the city.

The restaurant is a gem and has a fabulous atmosphere with a red carpet and a grand entrance along with the best tasting steaks you can ever get and with other meal options like macaroni and cheese that is one of the finest and is perfect in every sense.

The entire space envelops people within a fancy atmosphere and offers them the most extravagant getaway with gourmet varieties like Wagyu meatballs, shrimp cocktails, fillet mignon, lobster, and ribeye.

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9. Volare Italian Ristorante

Volare Italian Ristorante

The Volare Italian Ristorante restaurant is an upscale diner delivering people contemporary Italian cuisine with unique southern hospitality that lives up to its name by ascending what’s ordinary.

The restaurant prides itself on displaying a menu full of nostalgic Italian recipes that blend exceptionally well with the contemporary layout of the restaurant and live music.

Its menu is filled with delicious appetizers, premium steaks, and pizzas that are the main highlight here and have received a lot of accolades.

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10. Impellizzeri’s Pizza

Impellizzeri's Pizza

The Impellizzeri’s Pizza restaurant is an award-winning diner that has received a lot of praise for its tasty handmade pizza varieties that are made with handcrafted Italian recipes.

If you ever find yourself wandering around trying to find a particular pizza restaurant, then this place can always be at the top of your list as its margarita and deep dish pizzas, with a breadstick and flavorful sauces, please almost anyone. 

As all of their sauces are handcrafted, they contain a unique flavor which is one of the reasons why it’s so famous across Louisville.

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11. Swizzle Dinner & Drinks

Swizzle Dinner & Drinks

The Swizzle Dinner & Drinks restaurant was opened in 2020 and delighted the senses of its visitors both visually and palpably with its rotating menu that includes sensational food choices that pair exceptionally well with their selected cocktails.

It has become one of the most prominent spots to mingle and have fun over drinks and small snacks while indulging in their tasty prime steaks, ribs, and chops that are executed in finesse and style.

Also, as they hold a modern beverage program, their seasonal cocktails should definitely be tested here as they come loaded with flavors.

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Final Thoughts

As Louisville is a blooming state filled with exciting nightlife and thrill, the city is an incredible place to choose for vacations or holidays as it’s lined with gorgeous cafes and restaurants that offer the most delicious culinary delights.

If you have finally decided to come here, we wish that you have taken a look at our list above of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving and that you were able to select your personal favorites among them that offer decadent Thanksgiving-inspired dinner options.

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