Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Key West

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Key West – 2024

Key West is a part of Florida, a famous US Island metropolis that lies some miles away from Cuba. The city is mostly known for its waterfront locations and overall shipment business, which gives one access to overseas highways.

Because of its beautiful seas, the place has become a major vacation destination for diving and exploring aquatic life. Its regional cuisine is mostly known for its specialization in seafood varieties which are one of the best and freshest here.

Therefore, many people come here to celebrate Thanksgiving unconventionally while also enjoying the botanical aura of the place.

So if you are coming here for a celebration during Thanksgiving, then you should know some decent restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Key West that can help you indulge in the most lovable varieties of Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Key West This Year

1. Mary Ellen’s Bar

Mary Ellen's Bar

Mary Ellen’s Bar and restaurant is one of the most beloved restaurants in Key West and is a local favorite that is known for serving excellent Thanksgiving traditional food choices at a ridiculously low price.

Because of the restaurant’s affordable menu, it is pretty accommodating and features live streaming of TV shows and football games that brings huge sports enthusiasts together. 

The menu here is vast and includes varieties like the turkey in a guineas gravy, turkey noodle soup, creamed carrots, green bean casserole, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, traditional stuffing, and tasty pies like pumpkin pie cheesecake that comes adorned with chocolate mousse.

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2. Grand Cafe

Grand Cafe

The Grand café is not just grand but is also inexpensive, which makes it a superb choice for those who like fancy dinners at a low price.

The restaurant is nestled inside a charming old mansion and offers people outdoor as well as indoor seating with beautiful garden views.

The menu here comes with impressive Thanksgiving choices like baked carved turkey breast seasoned with gravy, potato purée, creamed spinach, seasonal herbed stuffing with a side dish of thyme and shallots, and tasty cranberry relish at a fixed price.

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3. Cafe Sole

Cafe Sole

The Cafe Sole restaurant is nestled inside a quaint neighborhood and is known for its serene atmosphere and quintessential dishes that have swayed the hearts of people.

The dishes here come infused with the lovely spirit of Thanksgiving with exceptional Thanksgiving varieties like smoked oyster and apple stuffing, fresh cranberry orange compote, mashed potatoes in country-style gravy, baked apples, green beans and bacon, acorn squash, cream of corn, and an assorted number of roasted root vegetables that makes for a healthy and tasty choice. 

The desserts here are impressive too with treats like warm apple pie and Cointreau with Chantilly cream on top of sweet potatoes.

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4. Firefly


The Firefly restaurant is known for its exceptional take on Southern cuisine by combining it with the flavors of Thanksgiving dishes.

The restaurant is known for its offering of a three-course meal at a fixed price and serves dishes like a relish tray adorned with assorted pickles, Asian pear mostarda, and poblano cheddar cornbread muffins that come seasoned with cultured butter.

Also, all the dishes here are cooked by the masterful chef name Russ who delivers people two versions of variety with either pressure fried or house smoked with sweet gravy dishes that are delectable beyond measure.

Also, the desserts here, like fresh berry cobbler and cheesecake, have made it one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving in Key West.

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5. Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

The Blue Heaven restaurant is known for its tropical location under a floral atmosphere which features an outdoor area situated beneath the almond tree with painted picnic tables that feel aesthetic and soothing.

The restaurant has a fabulous ambiance which features several entertaining features like a playhouse, a huge outdoor courtyard, pools, as well as a dance hall that makes things a bit more interesting for Thanksgiving.

The restaurant offers people both brunch and dinner options with varieties like pancakes, lobster Benedict, omelets, granola, soups, salad sandwiches, tortillas, cheese steaks, veggie plates, pork tenderloin, New York strip steak, tuna, beef tenderloin, and various forms of tasty desserts.

It’s one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me that one can try visiting for a great Thanksgiving dinner night.

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The Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Key West

6. Latitudes


The Latitudes restaurant is known for its serene atmosphere that provides people with stunning views of the famous Gulf of Mexico that gives people a comforting vibe with warm breezes.

The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere with beachfront dining seating and features spectacular cuisine and an impressive wine cellar that includes multiple choices.

The diner serves both brunch and dinner choices which starts with the traditional egg dishes and tropical fruits, then goes on with steaks and local fish dishes as its main course, which pair exceptionally well with their extensive wine choices.

Also, the sunset view here is spellbinding and leaves everyone in awe of how beautiful it looks.

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7. Louie’s Backyard

Louie's Backyard

The Louie’s Backyard restaurant was founded in the year 1983 and is known for its incredible brunch, lunch, and dinner varieties that come with colorful types of cocktails that have established its image as one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

The restaurant is primarily known for its free range of side dishes that it provides with main entrees like smoked turkey with complimentary grilled green apples, shrimp salad sandwich rolls, aged cheddar cheese and dijon mustard, grilled veggie sandwiches with a seasoning a fontina cheese, and Basil pesto along with several other dishes.

The desserts here, like pies and cakes, are also immensely praised here, with varieties like mascarpone ice cream with a topping of fresh berries and kirsch syrup, chocolate brownies, and non-scented chocolate cakes.

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8. The Lobster Shack Key West

The Lobster Shack Key West

The Lobster Shack Key West restaurant is one of the most famous Thanksgiving diners in Key West known for its impressive varieties of unconventional gourmet dishes.

The restaurant includes finding varieties like coconut shrimp, lobster grilled cheese, traditional rolls, BLT rolls, lobster rolls, and the diablo roll. 

It’s also known for serving refreshing cocktails and desserts like cold beers, soda, and fresh lemonade and treats like Kermit’s key lime pie, and a lot more.

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9. Sarabeth’s Key West

Sarabeth's Key West

Sarabeth’s Key West has been celebrating its excellence for the last two decades in delivering people the most exquisite variety of freshly prepared dishes that are fetched locally and specializes in seafood cuisine.

The seafood here gets fetched daily from the local fisherman, and it is one of the best restaurants to taste seafood during Thanksgiving with its lovely dishes like hot snapper, hogfish, conch carpaccio, red bell peppers, Bermuda onions, and a lot more.

Also, the restaurant delivers a trio of desserts that contains dishes like cream Brulée, Key lime pie, which is an award-winning dish, and fresh berries with grand mariner. 

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10. Off the Hook Grill

Off the Hook Grill

The Off the Hook Grill restaurant has a legendary history of transforming from a local business to a full-fledged restaurant that takes pride in its outstanding consistency in food and also exceptional service.

The restaurant is known for offering some of the best takeout and dinner delivery services and is known for its charming seafood as well as vegetarian varieties that even the pickiest of eaters love.

The restaurant also serves dishes that are made with the highest quality, like pizzas, sandwiches, main entrees, stone crabs, vegan dishes, and a lot more.

Its policy of serving dishes, even at the last minute, has made it a pretty convenient spot to visit during festive holidays like Thanksgiving.

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11. Bistro 245

Bistro 245

The Bistro 245 restaurant is situated at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico and is known for its stunning views of the city that allow visitors to enjoy their feast with breathtaking beauty.

The restaurant is known for serving delectable dishes the entire day, ranging from breakfast to dinner, and excels in its friendly hospitality that puts anyone in a good mood.

Some of it’s worth mentioning dishes are lobster egg Benedict, pumpkin pies, and frosty piña colada as its favorite menu options.

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Concluding Statements on the Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in Key West

Seafood and waterfront views are the biggest reasons why Key West is such a popular state in US Florida that keeps seeing its influx of visitors, dying to see the breathtaking views and adventures that it provides.

It’s a fantastic place to celebrate festivities like Thanksgiving as the place will surely give the people the most unforgettable culinary as well as adventurous experience with its great diners that serve the most exceptional variety of seafood dishes.

So if you are intrigued by the city and want to celebrate Thanksgiving here, then it goes without saying that you should know some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Key West to help you on your journey of finding a decent restaurant serving delicious Thanksgiving dinner options.

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