The Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in Greenwich

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Greenwich – 2023

Greenwich is a small town in the southwest side of Fairfield County in Connecticut, United States and is one of the best towns with lots of places to eat.

The town has a vintage feel and is a great place to celebrate festivities and serenity in tranquillity.

Because of its smaller population, Greenwich remains a great place to escape from all the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Life and enjoy something more peaceful.

As Thanksgiving is celebrated in full zest here, it’s always wiser to look at some of the best Thanksgiving restaurants in Greenwich that you can explore.

Let’s check some of those restaurants below.

The Best Thanksgiving Restaurants in Greenwich This Year

1. Canteen Food Hall & Bar (by O2)

Canteen Food Hall & Bar (by O2)

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Canteen Food Hall & Bar (by O2) restaurant provides a good range of delicious Spanish food and also serves generous portions.

As an affordable choice, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a buffet Thanksgiving meal at cheap rates. 

The tapas here are just mouth-melting with other Spanish delights like paella, which is an authentic Spanish dish, Mexican platters, burritos and even Thai and Chinese cuisine. 

Pizzas are also available here, with other basic street food options with a variety of soft drinks.

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2. Bill’s Greenwich Restaurant

Bill's Greenwich Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Bill’s Greenwich restaurant is a modern European food chain and a top restaurant serving delicious morning breakfast, afternoon teas and yummy lunch and dinner options. 

It’s one of the top-rated restaurants out there in Greenwich and is one of the popular and trendy choices to visit for Thanksgiving. 

It’s a perfect place to enjoy a fine dining experience with filling breakfast, lunch and dinner options that feature traditional pancakes, hot chocolate, etc. 

So, it’s even open at the last minute, which makes it perfect to visit at night after a tiring day on Thanksgiving.

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3. Greenwich Tavern

Greenwich Tavern

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Greenwich Tavern restaurant is a charming restaurant situated in the incredible Greenwich Park, which is also a super accommodating diner and a safe space for LGBTQ+ people. 

It’s one of the most famous restaurants for Thanksgiving in Greenwich, especially among youngsters who want to experience the film set of the movie Beautiful Thing. 

As a modern European diner with a country-like house feel and an exceptional British menu, it’s one of the best restaurants for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. 

Options like fish & chips, thick filets, fries, chicken and waffles are made to perfection here.

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4. Café Rouge – Greenwich

Café Rouge - Greenwich

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Café Rouge in Greenwich is a local French bistro that features classics and has a retro-like space with a beautiful Parisian setting.

It’s one of the finest restaurants near me, with options ranging from mussels to croque-monsieurs. 

Grabbing a seat here is a tedious task as it’s often crowded with large groups of people who all crave the decadent French delicacies that this diner lovingly provides. 

Their French onion soup is an appetizing choice, followed by tasty sandwiches and desserts like a yummy apple tart.

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5. The Prince of Greenwich Pub

The Prince of Greenwich Pub

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Prince of Greenwich Pub restaurant is an atmospheric place with a super accommodating staff and marvellous cuisine that will make you fall in love with it.

It’s a romantic date spot and is also one of the best family restaurants for Thanksgiving, as it’s kid-friendly and provides a great view. 

It has a 5-star rating and is known for serving authentic Italian cuisine with live band performances, which elevates the excitement of dining here. 

Options like delicious marinara pizza a great choices as the dough is crispy, and the toppings are fresh with a perfect spice ratio.

Also, options like creamy and smooth ricotta cake make for a dreamy dessert option that is super tasty.

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6. Champagne+Fromage


Why it’s a must visit? 

The Champagne+Fromage restaurant is a quirky and chic restaurant that serves a range of fancy champagne with delectable charcuterie and French cheese options. 

It also offers incredible takeout and delivery options and is a perfect place to grab a mouth-melting lunch, even with the help of professional recommendations.

Enjoying their excellent bottle of champagne, with fresh bread, will make the feast more tastier and yummy. 

Personal recommendations include Baguette, Meat and Cheese platter.

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7. The Hill

The Hill

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Hill restaurant is a trendy Mediterranean restaurant with airy rooms and a beautiful patio garden that is gorgeously decorated with spellbinding Ecuadorian art. 

The diner features a large selection of dishes that are equally flavorful and efficiently cooked to perfection. 

It’s one of the nicest places to enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine inside a vintage decor space that any old soul would adore.

Their Ceviche De Pescado Peruano dish has made this place one of the must-eat places in Greenwich.

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8. The Old Brewery

The Old Brewery

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Old Brewery is a charming gastropub that serves excellent British cuisine with local craft beers inside its gorgeous dining rooms with a lovely outdoor terrace. 

The place has brewery equipment, which makes it a great beer spot and a place to exchange drinks by having a good day of dining. 

This beautiful place is located inside the well-known Maritime Museum and serves tasty lunch inside its cosy space facing the river.

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9. Big Easy Restaurant – Canary Wharf

Big Easy Restaurant - Canary Wharf

Why it’s a must visit?

The Big Easy restaurant serves one of the best turkeys for Thanksgiving in Greenwich, a nicely tailored Thanksgiving menu that has a three-course dinner. 

It’s a nice place with a splendid view and a fun vibe, which makes it perfect for coming with a group of groups, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving. 

As they have happy hour options, it becomes a pretty convenient diner to visit for dining at affordable rates without burning a hole in your wallet.

Options like cornbread, BBQ pulled pork, Lobster Mac and cheese make for superb fast-food options that are tasty and worth checking out.

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10. The Lowback

The Lowback

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Lowback restaurant is an iconic dining establishment that is highly famous for its steaks and has several across London. 

The overall atmosphere of the diner is spending and has pavilion boats as decor pieces that make one feel as if they are in another world.

The rich woodwork with plush furnishings makes it a creative diner with tasty cocktails and seafood choices that have won the hearts of people. 

Options like cauliflower cheese and salt beef nuggets are also fabulous options if you’re looking for something experimental.

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11. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille

Why it’s a must-visit? 

The Capital Grille restaurant is a perfect venue to celebrate occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and even festivals like Thanksgiving, as it makes every gathering special.

The restaurant is known for serving delectable, expertly prepared steaks that are dry-aged for 18 to 24 days and are personally cut by the chef.

The restaurant also has an impressive line list that features more than 350 selections of wine with regular house bottles and other fabulous recommendations.

The luxury atmosphere of the restaurant, with a comfortable, elegant and charming African mahogany panelling with beautiful chandeliers in a warm space, makes it a perfect relaxing dining spot.

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Final Thoughts

Greenwich might be a small town in Connecticut, but it still has several memorable places to eat that are worth visiting.

The entire town is full of enthusiastic and lively people who adore going out and celebrating Thanksgiving with full enjoyment.

Besides all this, one has to accept that although Greenwich has tons of incredible places to eat, it’s still pretty specific when it comes to Thanksgiving.

That’s why if you’re planning to celebrate Thanksgiving here, you should know about some of Greenwich’s best Thanksgiving restaurants.

And that’s where we step in to help you explore these options, as they are some of the best recommendations out there.

Happy Thanksgiving and bon appétit!

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