Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Detroit

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Detroit – 2024

Detroit is one of the largest cities in Michigan. It is known for its neoclassical architecture and is renowned for its industry mural, as well as the beautiful Diego Rivera that forms its entire image as an auto industry.

It’s so technologically progressive that this city has been known as a ‘motor city’ and has topped the charts for being one of the most advanced modern metropolises in the entire state.

As it’s a Midwestern state, the residents here often don’t have time to celebrate Thanksgiving by cooking their own meals. Therefore for that reason, one goes out to celebrate Thanksgiving.

That’s why one should be familiar with some decent restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Detroit that offer tasty dinner choices. Then let’s take a look at them, to make some unforgettable Thanksgiving memories.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Detroit This Year

1. Mario’s Restaurant

Mario's Restaurant

Mario’s restaurant is one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Detroit that has been known for serving top-notch Thanksgiving varieties that are also available for takeout.

The restaurant has such a vast menu that it can feed almost 6 to 8 people at once and features various Thanksgiving specialties like green beans, candied yams, fully roasted turkey, holiday stuffing, turkey gravy, salads, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, and dessert varieties like pumpkin or pecan pies that come in mouthful flavors.

Also, the restaurant offers a separate gourmet turducken meal that is solely made for a large group of people and requires advance ordering and payment.

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2. Symposia


The Symposia restaurant introduces people to Mediterranean cuisine through its upscale dining establishment in Corktown, which includes several wide varieties of Thanksgiving dishes.

It has a separate regular and special Thanksgiving menu that includes dishes like Spanish octopus, calamari, roasted beet, salads, and various other side options that comes with free dips and a lot more.

The restaurant also has main entrée options like Scottish salmon, beet agnolotti, and prime rib eye as some of its favorite non-veg dishes.

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3. Oak & Reel

Oak & Reel

The Oak & Reel restaurant is a Detroit-based modern Italian diner that was first started by a Michelin-starred chef named Jared Gadbaw, who offers people the most exquisite varieties of Thanksgiving dinner options that leave one wanting more.

The Thanksgiving meal includes exotic dishes like oyster stuffing, slow-roasted turkey, Cippolini onions with mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, pancetta, cranberry sauce, roasted brussels sprouts, and tasty dinner rolls.

Also, the food is available as a dinner delivery option and can be thoroughly reheated at home and eaten as it comes in two sizes that can suffice 6 to 8 people at once.

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4. Stage Deli

Stage Deli

The Stage Deli restaurant was initially started in West Bloomfield and quickly drew as a spectacular Thanksgiving diner that also offers takeout services even at the last minute.

The restaurant includes several tasty Thanksgiving-inspired dishes like roasted fresh Michigan turkey, sweet potato soufflé, onion roll stuffing, reheated dinner rolls, green bean almondine, and a lot more.

Also, it has a gourmet platter that includes several sumptuous dishes like apple and pumpkin cheesecake pies along with a roll veggie tray which has rendered it one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me.

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5. San Morello

San Morello

The San Morella restaurant is most prominently known for its convenient dinner delivery services with an extensive menu that contains an impressive number of Thanksgiving-inspired dishes.

The visitors can expect dishes like antipasti or sheep’s Mile Ricotta and entrée options like Roasted Atlantic cod or turkey, and even desserts like pumpkin spice cheesecake and apple crostata.

It’s recommended that one should book reservations here, and the dinner packages that are offered here come with detailed instructions that are pretty helpful.

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6. Hazel’s


The Hazel’s restaurant is a paradise for seafood lovers as the cuisine here mainly focuses on seafood that is available in the form of traditional Thanksgiving dishes. 

It also offers several takeout services through its classic dishes like cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, and gravy, along with traditional stuffing. 

Also, the seafood options here are impressive, with choices like peel and eat shrimp, whitefish, green beans, and a lot more.

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The Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Detroit

7. Vintage House

Vintage House

The Vintage House restaurant delivers people two big sizes as a main Thanksgiving course meal and has a warm atmosphere that feels casual and comforting.

Some of its exceptional items include Srodek’s smoked polish sausage with a seasoning of sauerkraut, handmaid gravy and meatballs, stuffing, garden salad, Amish whole turkey, and a lot more.

Most of its dishes are unfamiliar and exotic, which is perfect if one wants to celebrate Thanksgiving in an unconventional way.

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8. Cornman Farms

Cornman Farms

The Cornman Farm restaurant has become one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving as it serves exceptional Thanksgiving varieties that are hard to match against.

The restaurant offers tenderloin and turkey as its main course meal and adds free side dishes like mashed potatoes, meadowlark kale salad, glazed honey carrots, stuffing, and bacon balsamic brussels sprouts that complete one’s banquet for the day.

It also has impressive desserts, wine, loaves of bread, and beer options that sample exceptionally well with the main course.

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9. Andiamo


The Andiamo restaurant is mainly known for offering takeout services in two package forms annually that come in hefty portions that suffice almost 6 to 8 people.

Every single package of it includes Thanksgiving staple dishes like cranberry relish, ready-to-eat roasted turkey, artisanal rolls, giblet gravy, seasonal vegetables, and classic side dishes.

Also, one has to choose their location for the deliveries to be done, which therefore makes the entire Thanksgiving process a lot simpler and more accessible.

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10. Rugby Grill

Rugby Grill

The Rugby Grill restaurant is nestled inside a Townsend hotel and is known for offering a fixed four-meal course at a fixed price on turkey day.

Inside, its tasty menu includes decadent dishes like roasted carrots portage, sautéed good gnocchi, roasted pecan and pear salad, pomegranate, and roasted turkey.

Also, desserts like pies and caramel trifles make for incredible finishing options.

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11. Selden Standard

Selden Standard

The Selden Standard restaurant is the ultimate destination for foodies who want to experience the most exquisite Thanksgiving culinary experience in Detroit with ravishing dishes and well-attended staff.

This place is amazingly known for its sumptuous dishes like oysters, pickled vegetables, and lemon Chitarra and refreshing cocktails like pinstripe suits and permanent vacation cocktails.

It’s one of the most spectacular restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Detroit that manages to balance its warm hospitality with quintessential dishes.

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Final Thoughts

Detroit is one of the most majestic cities to celebrate festivities and holidays like Thanksgiving itself, as the place offers numerous spectacular dining spots that always manage to surprise people with their excellent hospitality and scrumptious food choices.

The entire exuberant air and magnificence of the city have made it a major destination where people often come to observe Thanksgiving.

So if you have finally rectified your decision to celebrate turkey day here, then go through our list of some of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Detroit that have consistently delivered tasty dinner options.

We hope it helps and makes things easier for you.

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