11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Columbus – 2024

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and shares beautiful trails of forested areas and fountains. It is one of the most important science centres exhibiting a planetarium and other features.

It also has gorgeous galleries and museums with European paintings and stunning gardens and maintains its vintage value by consistently refurbishing all monuments and statues.

It’s also lined with aesthetic cafés and restaurants, which allow people to have lots of fun during special celebrations and festivities.

Therefore, if you are yearning to visit Columbus with its riveting carnivals and vibrant surroundings, then make sure you visit the city this Thanksgiving to encounter a completely different adventure.

Remember to look at our list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Columbus that can offer you the most refreshing varieties of Thanksgiving-focused dinner options.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Columbus This Year

1. Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

The Cap City Fine Diner and Bar is a refined diner that offers people the cosiest atmosphere of delectable food choices inside an artsy and trendy setting that manages to astonish its visitors in a good way.

The restaurant exhibit a delicious menu with upscale touches and several Thanksgiving favourites that also mention regularly changing items.

It’s also an all-American restaurant with dinner delivery options, that would help you stay satisfied with familiar choices.

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2. Lindsey’s


Lindsey’s diner was voted as the best restaurant in Columbus and has been consistently featured in several prominent magazines like the Gourmet magazine, the Washington Post and the New York Times for providing delectable cuisine inside a sophisticated atmosphere.

The restaurant is also one of the oldest in Columbus and was established in 1981 and showed its passion for delivering decadent cuisine by serving more than 3 million people to this date.

Its food is as good as its reputation and is one of the biggest reasons why it has become such a beloved restaurant among the residents of Columbus.

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3. Der Dutchman

Der Dutchman

If you are craving a delicious Thanksgiving-inspired brunch in Columbus, then the Der Dutchman restaurant has your back with its refreshing breakfast and lunch options that are truly drool-worthy.

The restaurant serves people the most delicious dessert varieties in the forms of pies, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, buffet options and a lot more.

Almost everything here tastes like heaven and therefore is a must visit for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

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4. Pat and Gracie’s

Pat and Gracie's

Pat and Gracie’s restaurant embodies traditional American cuisine within its core by presenting several regional dishes and taking pride in displaying them.

There’s not a single dish that doesn’t have a flavorful taste here, especially with meals like breakfast potatoes that come in crispy layering, free dipping sauce, chicken salad, bacon cheeseburgers with fries and along with lots of other dishes which are all well prepared and have a flavorful taste. 

Anyone who visits this restaurant becomes its loyal patron because the delicious food keeps making people come back to it.

It also offers takeout services for anyone who wants to order or take home their dishes to feast in peace.

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5. Third and Hollywood

Third and Hollywood

The Third and Hollywood restaurant, as one can figure from its name, is a specialized American restaurant that delivers palate pleasing flavours of regional cuisine with lots of great varieties.

One should definitely try their skillet biscuits before trying the main course and then continue it with their delicious roasted chicken and salmon dinner and end with their tasty strawberry shortcake, which sums up your scrumptious Thanksgiving feast.

Also, it’s worth ordering their cocktails which come in several flavours and adds a nice touch to the entire dinner.

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6. New Albany Country Club

New Albany Country Club

The New Albany Country Club restaurant makes people rejuvenate, relax and enjoy as they indulge in their delicious meals and is a famous neighbourhood club which was first opened in 1991 and quickly garnered a lot of reputation due to its various amenities. 

It’s a family-oriented club and restaurant and offers people a fabulous setting to dine at and even hold banquets which have made it one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

Not to mention the mural paintings as well as the boutique atmosphere that reminds people of European touches that have made it one spectacular location in Columbus.

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7. Together & Company

Together & Company

The Together & Company is an exceptional catering service diner that manages to surpass all of its visitor’s expectations with its excellent service and sustainable ways of creating delectable cuisine that is truly unforgettable.

Because of this diner, people can easily order takeout or make dinner delivery from their homes and enjoy it to their heart’s content.

It has also garnered a lot of appreciation over several years and continues to grow in providing people with cuisine made with the highest quality.

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8. Madison Soul Food Kitchen

Madison Soul Food Kitchen

One gets pulled towards the enticing ambience of the Madison Soul Food Kitchen restaurant through its chic interior with a classy vibe that has consistently managed to deliver calm hospitality.

The food items change every day and are southern-inspired with varieties like mac & cheese, green beans, yams, ribs, greens and fried chicken with a personal choice of meat and bread.

It has a cafeteria layout, and the service here is very helpful, which has rendered it one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me for anyone who want something simple and classy.

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9. Kitchen Social

Kitchen Social

The Kitchen Social restaurant is something that one always visits when they crave palpable food with an exceptional service that always manages to satisfy its visitors.

The food here, even though it is simple, it’s still tasty, with varieties like biscuits, pork belly appetizers, shrimp tempura bowls and other trim snack options that come in several appetizing forms.

Also, their main course options, like its mushroom pizza and steaks, make for a surprisingly good choice.

Therefore, if you ever wonder where to eat hearty meals, then the kitchen social restaurant can always come to your rescue.

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10. Northstar Cafe

Northstar Cafe

In the mood to try something experimental? Then the north star Café has your back with its ultimate food varieties and a quaint and personal atmosphere that delights taste buds.

The atmosphere here is very accommodating and pleasant, with tasty food options in juice fountains that definitely makes people come back here again and again.

It’s one of those casual shops where one can get tasty snacks even at the last minute for a quick bite.

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11. The Blackwell

The Blackwell

As The Blackwell restaurant is an actual Inn, the service here is awe-inspiring, and it is a great spot to dine if anyone wants to feast in peace with entertaining features.

The restaurant has lots of amenities that might appease its visitors with its valet parking, huge hallways and a separate bar with a friendly staff that manages to make anyone at ease.

Also, their small snack bites are the best here, like their tasty sandwiches, fish and chips, and other small plate dishes, which can be enjoyed inside its fabulous atmosphere.

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Final Thoughts

Columbus is a special place that has its own glory with its beautiful Ferris wheel image and a carnival atmosphere that gives away its nature as a lively city.

Therefore every celebration here is observed with total commitment and enthusiasm and hence calls for a need to celebrate the incoming holiday of Thanksgiving.

If you are a resident here, you should focus more on making memories rather than cooking food, and if you are a traveller, it’s vital that you should be familiar with some fabulous restaurants open on Thanksgiving that also provide fantastic turkey day-inspired dinner options.

We hope it will help you in some way and will make your search a bit easier.

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