Best Restaurants & Places in Columbus

33 Best Restaurants & Places in Columbus, Oh | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Columbus has become one of the most prominent locations in America for its fantastic food scene that has garnered lots of love and adoration globally. The city is incredibly vibrant, with thrilling and colorful markets along with a diverse population from different ethnic cultures and an upscale atmosphere that takes anyone’s breath away with its enticing beauty.

To add a cherry to the top, Columbus also boasts of genius chefs with their mouthwatering recipes as all the ingredients they use are sourced locally and are made in the freshest sense from the rich farmlands that occupy the area and immerses people with its delectable and healthy taste.

So coming to Columbia will surely give you the best ride of your life as you scour through a nice place to eat while also trying to locate the best restaurants Columbus Ohio through this helpful guide. So let’s get started.

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Best Restaurants in Columbia

1. Z Cucina di Spirito

Z Cucina di Spirito

Why it’s a must visit?

The Z Cucina di Spirito restaurant prides itself on delivering an upscale ambiance to its guests along with serving gourmet Italian cuisine with a white table cloth setting that gives people a royal experience as they feast on its many spectacular dishes. 

The restaurant was established in the year of 2005 and was built in a sophisticated manner with a seasonal menu that changes according to farmers’ demands and has also earned its title as “unobtrusively chic” because of its upscale and classic aura

The restaurant is remarkable as it not only fuses the taste of one regional section but also blends the Italian flavors with a modern twist while taking into consideration the several Mediterranean savors that prevail in America 

One gets to taste not only the classic recipes here but also experiment with various unfamiliar flavors that offer people a unique peek into the vibrant culture of three different states while highlighting a laid-back and a comfortable ambiance with a bar like setting. 

It’s considered to be among the top rated restaurants in Columbia when it comes to Italian cuisine as the menu here is colorful with lots of variety.

It also features a seasonal menu along with small plate options, which are shareable and beautifully presented dishes with authentic flavors. 

Chef’s Choice

The one thing that sets this diner apart from others is the fact of how all of its items are made from scratch, be it their own cheese, bread, sausage, desserts, sauces, etc., along with specialized dishes like ravioli tortellini, portions of pasta and a lot more.

Its use of locally curated dishes has given it a stellar reputation of being one of the healthiest diners to choose from among the many that pervades the food near market. 

As we mentioned above, the restaurant highlights a full bar service and also presents people with Italy’s most beloved dishes like Spiced Cider Punch, Spiced Pear Fizz, and Basil Gin Smash, which are the biggest hit here and go really well along with their delicious portions of pasta and makes an excellent pairing. 

2. The Refectory Restaurant

The Refectory Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

One gets the most royal experience at this The Refectory Restaurant, which is famous for its French fare and also oozes elegance with its high ceiling walls along with stained glass windows as its located inside a historic Church that gives it its own magnificence. 

The diner also continued to bestow its fabulous hospitality for over 40 years, and its fascinating French cuisine is created by expert chefs who have made quite a name for themselves across the entire Columbia for their genius takes on several modern plus French dishes. 

It’s a 5 star diner as it gives people royal treatment through its upscale structure and vibrant menu, which is seasonal and also presents people a unique twist to several French dishes with lots of fervor. One is guaranteed to have a pleasant time here due to its elegant atmosphere. 

The fusion of American plus French has made this restaurant an excellent pick for feasting during official meetings or celebrating special occasions of high value as it oozes an elegant charm primarily because of its rich hospitality. 

The entire interior of the diner is breathtaking as it gives people the most romantic candlelight dinner of their lives through its high wooden structures and a soothing ambiance inside an 18th century old cathedral with a majestic and spacious dining room with sophisticated details. 

The ambience of the diner is simply breathtaking with high wooden structures complimenting the 18th century cathedral it inherits. The spatial planning and minute wall detailing makes this diner a hit amongst the public.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most spectacular dishes that you can try here is their mouthwatering Roasted Duck Breast which comes with a slice of tender duck meat that is grilled to the core with perfection and has a pleasant aromatic smokey flavor to it.

But if you are not in the mood for red or white meat and would like to try something from the seafood section, then their Tempura Shrimp a L’orange takes the crown with its mouth-watering taste and exotic flavors. 

Another fascinating aspect about this diner is its impressive wine cellar which contains the richest collection of wines like their reds that also won a lot of accolades around Ohio and is a great sampling option to consider getting the overall French inspired lovely dinner.

3. Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria

Lola & Giuseppe’s Trattoria

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lola and Giuseppe’s Trattoria is a cute little adorable Italian restaurant that serves classic dishes with authentic Italian flavors and provides staple specialties like portions of pasta and seafood as main entrees to give people a peek into the culture of Italy through its culinary expertise. 

It’s considered to be among the many top restaurants Columbus specializing in Italian cuisine as it’s prepared the most delicate pasta dishes with aromatic flavors and mouthwatering tastes. 

This restaurant is also adored by children as the food here perfectly aligns with their taste buds with a balanced flavor of sweetness and savor to relish one’s palate and also offers parents a comfortable experience too with its friendly atmosphere. 

Besides featuring a kid-friendly atmosphere, the restaurant also has a spacious patio which is great if you want to dine outdoors during perfect weather while relishing the tasty seafood dishes that it provides. 

One will also discover the charming chefs who expertly cater to your every craving and leave you wanting more during your next visit.

Despite featuring an outstanding menu with classic Italian options, the restaurant makes sure that the prices are reasonable while also providing people high-quality meals that live up to its hype. 

So if you are looking for a casual place to eat with decadent food choices to grab a quick bite, then visiting this place will be your wisest decision. 

Chef’s Choice

If you visit this place during perfect weather, then trying out their baked lasagna, broth, and shrimp scampi will soothe your palate as they come with bursting balanced flavors.

Whereas if you want to go for the public’s option and their beloved picks like the limoncello, marsala, and chianti will engage all your sense in relishing the exquisite flavors of these superb dishes. 

When it comes to dessert options, nothing could beat their decadent bread pudding, tiramisu, and cannolis, which have the power to leave you drooling for hours due to their impeccable aftertaste. 

Also, it would be a shame to miss out on their sweet beverages like their expresso which is made from the freshest beans, and their aromatic teas with the rejuvenating power of its organic leaves.

4. Mitchell’s Ocean Club

Mitchell’s Ocean Club

Why it’s a must visit?

The Michell’s Ocean Club restaurant is one of America’s great restaurants known for its fancy offerings of American fare dishes, its stylish ambiance, and its good history of getting established in the year 2006. 

It’s located in the heart of downtown Columbia and is known for its exquisite drinks menu and its fascinating dinner options, as well as its proximity to the famous Port Columbus International Airport that has given it its rise in popularity.

It’s open every day of the week and highlights a modern menu that presents people with light meals, too, in the form of snacks like their flavorful cob salads and sushi that make for great starter options. 

Almost every dish here is truly fancy as it features several signature American dishes which are expertly created with great emphasis on details and presentation.

Chef’s Choice

Before heading to the main entrees, we would recommend that you start small with their lovely Ocean Club House Salads like their cob salads or their sushi dishes as appetizers before trying other heavier meals. 

As for your main course, nothing could beat their finest juicy steaks, which come with tender meat and have an aromatic seasoning to them.

We would also highly suggest you give their lobster tails and filet mignon a try as they are rich alternatives to various other main course meals.

After trying all these spectacular dishes, you can go for their decadent desserts, which are all equally delicious in taste, like their tiramisu, along with their signature cocktails like Cucumber Gimlet. 

5. Mozart’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Mozart’s restaurant is as impeccable as its name suggests as it excludes a modern charm through its purposeful wedding venue and beautifully curated brunch options along with a café like setting with delectable desserts like cakes along with refreshing afternoon tea with several light snacks which are ideal as good breakfast choices. 

Since it was established early in the year of 1995, the diner has gained acclaim for its two decade old history of serving consistent Austrian quality food with a Columbian twist along with a sophisticated interior to charm its guests. 

Due to the genius of their owners – Doris and Anand Saha, one got to taste several European flavors in an American setting which also provided them with a thrilling taste of unknown lands.

Chef’s Choice

One must give all of their dessert options a try, especially their captivating Chocolate Truffle Cake, which comes with an overflowing chocolate flavor that dissolves in your mouth like butter.

Also, make sure that you pair your favorite desserts like pies, tarts, and truffles with their rejuvenating beverages, like their expresso, to get a whole pleasant breakfast experience while also appeasing the hidden sweet tooth in you.

But if you are not a big sugar fan, and would like to get something spicy and savory, then you can always go for their light snacks like their cheesy nachos to get you moving.

6. Lindey’s


Why it’s a must visit? 

Lindey’s restaurant has an old school ambiance that gives people a nostalgic reminder of their past through its dreamy setting and its unique surf and turf menu, along with a spacious laid out patio.

The diner has maintained its legacy for over 38 years of providing consistently high quality food options that stretch back to New York’s Upper East Side region and has become one of the nicest places to dine if you are craving authentic American cuisine. 

The restaurant has its signature location in the German village and features a white table cloth setting along with beautiful woodwork furnishing details like their hardwood floors, bentwood chairs, and a soothing atmosphere with a charming setting that also can be seen in their beautifully presented dishes. 

It truly is a hidden gem as its quaint atmosphere has garnered a lot of praise from its previous visitors, who absolutely loved everything about this place. 

Chef’s Choice

If you want to get a taste of rich and luxurious meat options, then there is no match for their flavorful steak, which comes with the tenderest meat you might have never tasted and also has a perfect juicy seasoning to it.

Other than that, their lobster is also an honorable mention here due to its crispy texture with soft meat inside to give people an everlasting taste of a lifetime.

Also, we would recommend that you consider pairing your dish with their drinks which can further accentuate your entire dining adventure. 

7. Martini Modern Italian

Martini Modern Italian

Why it’s a must visit?

The Martini Modern Italian restaurant is another innovative diner to try as it combines the traditional taste of Italian with contemporary flavors that give people multiple meals to relish in an immersive classic setting with beautiful hanging chandeliers. 

It’s among the many must-see places as it fuses traditional with classic through its innovative techniques to create exquisite dishes while also providing people a thrilling luxurious experience. 

The diner’s ballroom inspired interior makes people feel as if they are royalty as it features breathtaking hanging glass chandeliers along with fascinating Italian cooking techniques, with aesthetically presented dishes that feel almost unreal and make people come back to experience the extravagance again and again. 

Its location near some of the most fascinating landmarks also has made it a convenient place to visit, especially for dinners for a fancy night ahead.

Chef’s Choice

The most beloved drink that you must try here is their superb Veal Martini which neither contains the highest quality of liquor nor makes you pass out nor gives you a blend taste as its flavors are balanced carefully through the secret mix techniques of the Italians. 

It would be a further significant step to consider pairing their special martini with their tasty and appetizing sea scallops, whose soft texture and mouthwatering taste will take you straight to heaven.

Almost every dish here is made perfectly with great pairing suggestions, which makes one’s entire dining night a lot more pleasant and fruitful. 

8. The Melting Pot

The Melting Pot

Why it’s a must visit?

The melting pot is a famous food chain across America known for serving great American fare with exquisite flavors along with its unique dishes like fondue, which are given with heated pots of choice as its title gives away, and for its chocolate dips and other menu options that have won the hearts of a lot of local people as well as foreigners. 

One of the unique aspects of this restaurant goes back to its serving of four course meals which gives people a different dining venture and also gets them to try something different every time they order.

The pairings here are another reason why it has garnered so much acclaim, especially with its bread and cheese, which is a heavenly combination that is quite underrated.

Another genuinely spectacular facet of this diner is its restrictive diet menu which pays special attention to gluten allergies, lactose intolerance, and vegan diets, which gives it its overall welcoming image.

It’s a fantastic place to visit with your friends to encounter the most adventurous dinner night of their lifetime due to its many marvelous dishes and remarkable lively ambiance. 

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s name itself gives away its primary purpose of serving bountiful cheese dishes which are creamy and soft in taste and texture.

So when it comes to choosing the best options here. Nothing could beat this place’s strawberry choco dip along with artisan cheese which gives people pleasure in every bite they take.

Other than that, the pairing between cheese and wine is considered to be the most divine as it accentuates the overall flavor of cheese with colorful wines and cocktails, which can be easily fetched at this diner through its side bar which delivers the freshest drinks. 

9. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant

Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant has become a significant hit in Columbia due to its legendary service of many decades of providing german styled food with a historical setting and authentic live oompah music performance that introduces people to the vibrant culture of Germans without leaving one’s country. 

Its outstanding reputation stretches back to the date it was established in the year 1812, which approximately goes back to 125 years of providing lovely German cuisine with authentic, consistent flavors. 

It’s one of the best places to eat in Columbia and is among the most famous restaurants due to its long-run history and is a great place to visit with your friends and family if you want to experience something different and surprising. 

The entire interior of the diner is made in a German styled fashion with immersing cultural details like its red brick walls along with massive wooden furniture, a sidebar with vibrant drinks and music, a painted high ceiling along with reminiscent old vintage photographs that come back to several ages of Germany. 

The place gives anyone a pleasant time who visits it with its live music performances and overall engaging vibe, which has managed to sway a lot of people.

Chef’s Choice 

Some of their most exquisite dishes which has gained a lot of acclaims are their authentic German dishes like curry, bursting sauerkraut-bratwurst balls, tasty schnitzel, and mouthwatering sauerbraten, which has become lit among local people who sometimes visit this place. But if you want to enhance your German dining experience to a lot more levels, then it would be wise to consider sampling the above dishes with their intoxicating beers, which would appeal to your taste buds in the best manner possible.

Also, as simple as it may sound, ending your meal with their decadent dessert will appease all your cravings as their cream puffs are an absolute delight and are sure to give you a sweet aftertaste with unforgettable flavors.

10. The Pearl

The Pearl

Why it’s a must visit?

The Pearl diner excludes the southern American culture with its innovative mouthwatering dishes and a wine cellar which serves people handcrafted tasty drinks along with a long list of colorful beer options.

This impressive restaurant gains its uniqueness for making all of its ingredients from scratch and showcasing traditional fare with aroma infused drinks and a beautiful collection of Lagers and Stouts along with Ales that taste beyond amazing nestled away in a warm, lovely cottage like tavern diner. 

Its charming location, along with its various pub drink options and setting, makes it one of the best places to visit in Columbia to get the taste of the most refreshing cocktails with great sophistication.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most scrumptious things you can order here is their Pear Burger which is incredibly filling and stuffed with a generous amount of veggies and cheese that bursts in your mouth with tasty flavors in every bite. 

Also, make sure that you don’t forget to get their pearl burger with their great crispy fries as they add the overall tavern old America cheeseburger taste to your feast.

It won’t hurt to give their beer a chance as sampling it would make all your aching go away as it is made from scratch and therefore has a strong taste to it, for which only one cup is enough. 

11. The Thurman Café

The Thurman Café

Why it’s a must visit?

The Thurman Café restaurant is again one of the very best family restaurants Columbus in German Village, which is known for its outstanding legacy of serving genuine American fare since the year 1942, which has also made it a tourist attraction that many foreigners love to visit during their trip to Columbia. 

The restaurant is primarily famous for its reminiscent vibe of old age America that makes anyone nostalgic as they enter this 40s place which oozes a vintage and rustic ambiance, and due to its thematic structure, the diner has earned itself its royal patrons who frequently visit this place.

Not only does one get swayed with its nostalgic beauty but also with its hauntingly beautiful loaded cheese burgers which come with generous sides and are topped with flavorsome seasonings that appease all cravings of its guests. 

Chef’s Choice

As we said above, the loaded cheeseburgers here are the biggest highlights, especially their Thurman Burger, which is made with a unique technique that never gets disclosed and is famous for its generous filings and lovely texture.

Another secret recipe dish that you can give a try here is their Original Coney Islands dish, which is prepared with a lot of patience and has an appetizing flavor to it due to its overflowing texture. 

Also, it would be wise to give their beers and cocktails a try as it’s a unique pub that performs truly well in that area and therefore its drinks offer a good taste.

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12. The Guild House

The Guild House

Why it’s a must visit?

The Guild House is another spectacular place to visit in Columbia due to it being locally owned by a family and offering people the exquisite touch of artisan recipes that provides people the best of American fare, which is available for all time, be it breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner. 

The global menu here is one of the reasons why it has such a loyal fanbase as its dishes offer people international flavors and also infuse the regional taste to them, therefore, offering people tons of choices to choose from.

Other than featuring an exciting menu the restaurant also prides itself on exhibiting a rustic ambiance that is beautifully balanced with a contemporary atmosphere to make everyone feel at ease. 

Almost every dish here is made with a lot of judgment and experimentation as they continually keep fusing various international flavors with regional ones to create innovative dishes and also use their artistic techniques to create seasonal masterpieces through their genius chefs. 

The mixologist here also deserves a trophy as they use the most incredible wines fused with different types of juices to make the entire cellar vibrant and full of flavors while at the same time providing people with eclectic blends when it comes to impressive drinking options. 

Chef’s Choice

It’s an unheeded truth that this place serves the loveliest seafood varieties that one can never find in any other diner in Columbia with its superb dishes like Sea brass which uses the freshest catch from the sea and has the yummiest flavors.

Another equally delicious seafood dish you can give a try here is their Tuna Ribbons which have a delightful taste as they fulfill everyone’s cravings with their delicate touch.

The one dish which has only recently become a headline here is their appetizing Prime Rib Cap which comes with the softest meat that is melted to the bone and is truly energizing.

And it goes without saying that their wines should also be given a try here, especially when it comes to pairing dishes, as they enhance the overall taste of the feast. 

13. Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cap City Fine Diner and Bar restaurant has gained prominence so much across America that it has extended its branches to various regions through its excellent take on traditional American fare with lots of variety.

The creative dishes here are one of the reasons why it has garnered so much respect as it serves comfort food in a bustling space full of energetic people. 

The mid-century theme of the diner, along with its comfortable setting, has rendered it a great place to visit with your friends if you want to have an artsy dinner with rich food choices. 

The myriad of chef’s specialties here has taken over the hearts of many local people who like to receive upscale hospitality with delicious meatloaf varieties and a friendly ambiance.

The retro theme of the restaurant, along with its unique menu options and courteous staff, has made it a showstopper location to visit as it provides people with the most exciting dining venture.

Chef’s Choice

The one dish that has exceeded people’s expectations here is their spectacular Romano Crushed Chicken, whose taste is beyond anything one might have ever imagined and is exceptionally delicious to devour. 

The Romano Crusted Chicken comes with a crispy outer layering of roasted spices and lovely seasoning while holding tender meat on the inside, which makes it an overall incredible dish to devour.

Other than that, their other classic American dishes also deserve a try, as they are made in a comfort food sense and carry with them the authentic taste of America’s spices with lots of fervor and flavor. 

14. Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse restaurant is considered to be one of the most highly acclaimed diners in all of Columbia due to its specialization in serving USDA decadent steaks with a juicy texture And hospitable setting.

The restaurant was established in the year of 1988 and hence has continued its history of delivering the juiciest steaks in town with the highest quality of meat while also serving people dishes that are grilled to the core along with various seafood varieties and cocktails in an immersing classic setting.

Another spectacular thing about this diner is that all of its dishes Are made by genius chefs who use the most classic techniques in creating prime steaks along with various seafood dishes that are fetched freshly from the seas.

Other than that, the restaurant is also great when it comes to having business meetings, various conventions, or other significant events to celebrate.

Chef’s Choice

As we said above, the restaurant has a reputation for serving the finest steaks in all of the USA and also providing people with delicious side dishes as well.

Other than that, another notable thing about this restaurant is that its menu is considered to be one of the very best in all of Columbus, with award-winning sections, a vast variety of wine lists, and a hospitable service which makes it a perfect choice to go for if you are looking for a luxurious and decadent dining experience with a romantic setting.

Be it simple dishes like their filet or their mashed potatoes, which are served with onion soup, all of them are equally delicious and leave you wanting more.

Besides featuring simple food choices, the restaurant also highlights some gourmet food choices like their burger, which comes with a lobster Mac as a side dish and will probably surprise you with its superb taste.

15. Polaris Grill

Polaris Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Polaris Grill restaurant shares its location in one of the most famous areas of America, named Polaris Parkway, and provides people with a pleasant dining experience on the northside of Columbus.

The restaurant is excellent for almost any occasion as you can visit it to have a comfortable evening on Sundays or just to try some comfort food; it features a hospitable setting with a luxurious layout and a vast menu that provides people with tons of American food choices.

Even though one might get fooled by its modest infrastructure, the restaurant is absolutely breathtaking from the inside as it features an elegant setting with carpeted floors and a sophisticated design that gives people a very warm welcome.

It not only features a spectacular interior but also pays detailed attention to how its dishes are presented, which seems artsy in every sense.

The restaurant has become one of the many favorite Columbus restaurants not only because of its comfortable ambiance but also due to the generous portions it provides to its guests, along with friendly service and a soothing ambiance that beats any other restaurant that is its rival.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has reached its prominence globally, primarily with its famous 55 salad, which comes with delicious wild mushrooms, bisque, and Aztec chowder that has got a lot of rave reviews from previous visitors and has become one of the most beloved dishes here.

Other than that, their seafood is also not a joke as it comes in a massive variety of platters that are also shareable and offers people an exquisite touch on their taste buds.

Also, their steaks are truly unforgettable as they come with the highest quality of meat and are probably one of the juiciest streaks you will ever have, as they come with excellent seasoning and delicious side dishes as well.

16. Scotty’s Café

Scotty’s Café

Why it’s a must visit?

The Scotty’s Café restaurant is a quirky little American cafe that serves delicious delicacies in the form of brunch, breakfast, and lunch options and also shares its quaint location inside a mall which has made it pretty convenient to visit for light dining.

Inside this adorable Cafe, you get to feast on delicious meal options which are pretty light and soothing to your taste buds.

It is available almost every time of the day, be it for breakfast or lunch or for an afternoon caffeine rush; the restaurant lets you pick any of its dishes that cater to your cravings in the most satisfying manner.

It covers almost every category that one can name be it as a bistro or a restaurant or a simple deli which makes it also welcoming to people from all regions and ages.

Another great thing to note about this restaurant is that one gets to try out their free dessert, which comes when you get at least one of their main courses as your entree option.

Chef’s Choice

As the restaurant specializes in providing outstanding brunch options though it has captivating dinner options as well, our highest recommendation would go for their light specialties like pancakes and simple snacks like nachos to cover your simple cravings.

But if you want to try something which is everyone’s favorite here, then the roasted beef melt is going to give you the most mouthwatering taste of a lifetime and will probably make you drool for hours due to its soft and juicy flavor.

Other than that, one also gets free dessert here, which comes in a lot of varieties like their cheesecake and cotton candy which further elevates your entire dining adventure.

17. Barcelona Restaurant and Bar

Barcelona Restaurant and Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Barcelona Restaurant and Bar is another excellent diner located in the famous German village and is known for its more than a hundred years of history in serving the most incredible Spanish food choices in a spacious patio while also boasting of a sidebar inside a beautifully structured historical building.

The restaurant delivers people the most spectacular fusion of Barcelona with the Metropolitan beauty as well as a golden European inspiration to its dishes that gives people the most exotic and fruitful dining experience.

Other than that, the restaurant also gets its reputation from its organically made ingredients which were created from scratch, be it their soft bread or delicious desserts which offer people the most authentic Spanish specialized dishes with various Main course dishes that have a rich taste and are unique in flavor that you might have never encountered.

Its elegant interior, along with its immersing ambiance, is one of the many reasons why it has become one of the most extravagant places to visit in Columbus to have a pleasant dining night.

Chef’s Choice

As the restaurant presents people with a fusion of traditional plus contemporary, the restaurant delivers people rich exotic dishes in varied categories, be it their simple steaks to seafood specialty like scallops and lobster that gives you an everlasting and unforgettable decadent taste.

Other than that, it would be wise to consider pairing your main dishes with their exclusive wines, beers, or other colorful cocktails, as they add a lot of rejuvenation to your meals and elevate your lovely dining venture.

The petite Spanish plates which are offered here, especially their famous and signature dish, the Barcelona Paella, give people the most exquisite flavor they might have ever tasted.

18. Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Why its a must visit?

The Firebirds Wood Fired Grill restaurant is one of the most famous American food chains that serves the most delicious seafood options along with juicy steak and several colorful cocktails inside a sophisticated resort like interior which oozes true extravagance in every sense.

The restaurant is not only known for its exquisite dishes and exquisite interior but is also famous for its scratch kitchen techniques which make all its ingredients with its own handcrafted designs and uses strong flavor in its dishes along with a spectacular and soothing atmosphere.

The restaurant also presents a signature menu that highlights all the favorite dishes that are often ordered here and therefore gives people a convenient layout to choose from.

Also, the restaurant has a happy hour which serves several drinks specialties along with various other specialized bar snack options that one can join on the patio to have a pleasant meal.

One gets to enjoy various authentic wood-fired techniques and different seafood dishes that come with solid flavors and refreshing drinks, along with an extensive array of wine selections that gives people a hospitable and upscale experience at the most reasonable price.

Chef’s Choice

As mentioned above, the restaurant has a separate signature menu that states all of its famous dishes, and some of its most beloved meals are their age steaks, wonderfully handmade colorful cocktails, some unique seafood options, and exquisite wines to please your palate.

But when it comes to ordering their main entree, we would suggest that you go for their smoked chicken wings, which are remarkable and smoky in flavor and are made with handmade buffalo hot sauce and also get served with a side dish of celery and other complimentary meals as per your preference.

Another equally fabulous dish that you can try here, which is also the chef’s recommendation, is their bleu cheese and seared garlic ranch gravy, which has a taste beyond anyone’s imagination and melts in your mouth like butter with every single bite you take.

Also, we would suggest that you don’t forget to pair their main course with their unique colorful cocktails and refreshing wines to further elevate your dining experience.

19. Maker’s Social

Maker’s Social

Why it’s a must visit?

The Firebirds Wood Fired Grill restaurant is one of the most exciting and cool places to eat in Columbus as it features a Spanish-inspired cuisine along with a vibrant crowd that helps you make connections and form bonds; it was recently established in the year 2020 and hence has earned its lively and hip image.

The restaurant is located in one of the poshest areas of Columbus at Franklinton’s new river and rich development and also features a side pub where local people can interact and also choose from the outstanding array of dishes that are presented here, which were made with handcrafted and wood fried techniques along with leather furnishings and excellent cocktails that go exceptionally well along with their main courses.

One gets to choose more than 30 special food Columbus projects, which take almost 1 or 2.5 hours to get completed, while enjoying their terrific drink menu and other cocktail lists.

One also gets quickly immersed in their adorable menu along with its vintage atmosphere and a beautifully laid out patio for a refreshing day ahead.

Chef’s Choice

The one dish which has received a lot of love and a claim from the local people and foreigners alike is their Monet christen which comes with fired rosemary ham and honey adorned in Dijon Aioli sauce that has a vibrant taste and dissolves in your mouth within seconds.

Also, the restaurant serves one of the best pairing options that you can try with their exquisite wine lists and various other refreshing drinks.

In a nutshell, almost every dish here comes with overflowing and bursting flavors and hence deserves to be tried without a second thought.

20. Gallo’s Kitchen

Gallo’s Kitchen

Why it’s a must visit?

The Gallo’s Kitchen restaurant was founded in the blooming year of 2010 and is run by a genius chef named David Russo, who uses his intellect to create the most exquisite Italian cuisine, which he also fuses with the flavors of New Orleans creole cuisine to give people a peek into the creative cuisine of two blended regions.

The restaurant features a soothing ambiance that makes anyone comfortable as soon as they step in, as it provides people with an exceptional eating experience through its good quality.

The main chef also shares its generational lineage with some of the best chefs in New Orleans as the menu provides some of the most spectacular dishes in the form of the main course, appetizers that feature stuffed sandwiches, warming soup, and refreshing salads that offer people with bursting flavors.

The restaurant is also known for its lively sidebar, which features a vast wine cellar that comes in almost 24 glass pour varieties along with an additional 30 bottles, which are actually captivating to look at.

In an overall sense, the restaurant is mainly known for its handcrafted cocktails and its excellent draft and bottled beers, which have won the hearts of local people and foreigners alike.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best dishes that you can try here is their famous Ohio proud filet mignon that has a grand taste to it as it comes with a creamy texture that pleases anyone’s palate and appeases all their cravings.

Another equally impressive dish that should be given a try here is their gumbo which comes with the most delicate rice and is flavorsome in taste with a remarkable texture.

Other than that, as we mentioned above their draft beers and carefully curated wine lists should also be given a try as they add a lot of loveliness to your entire dinner.

21. South Village Grille

South Village Grille

Why it’s a must visit?

The South Village Grille diner was established in the year 2001 and is run by famous chefs name Richard Turner along with George Butchers, who provide people with fascinating contemporary American fare which uses the most specialized techniques that one might have ever come across.

It’s genuinely one of the best places to eat in Columbus as the restaurant gives people the most adventurous food choices, which come with a good variety of meal options as well as drinks that elevates anyone’s mood.

Its location inside the soul of Columbus, neighboring the German village, also has given it a popular image as it features a contemporary American menu that takes inspiration from European culinary techniques and offers people a colorful food range to relish.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many popular dishes which are prepared here, some of them have become genuinely beloved by many people, especially their simple staple options like pizzas, seafood choices like their fresh oysters, and juicy steaks that take anyone to heaven with their extremely overpowering taste.

Also, one thing to note about this place is that its drink selection is considered to be one of the very best in all of Columbia, and its Wine cellar list is also unmatchable as it blends incredibly well with the modern cuisine that this restaurant offers and is sure to provide you with one of the best lunches you can ever encounter.

The one thing that has struck people about this place is that it not only covers one form of cuisine but also covers almost every range one can ever think of due to its fascinating blend of using American plus European techniques.

22. Indian Oven

Indian Oven

Why it’s a must visit?

The name of the restaurant itself gives away what it specializes in, as it is run by an Indian businessman named Murad Hossain who established this place in the year of 2017 and made sure that it delivers the most authentic and tastiest Indian dishes with lots of fervor.

The restaurant has earned its reputation for serving not only exquisite and authentic Indian dishes using the most high-quality ingredients derived from organic produce and strong spices but also its generous hospitality, which makes anyone at ease.

The restaurant is exceedingly welcoming as it has a specialized vegetarian menu that contains the most exquisite Indian dishes that one can ever lay their hands on.

Its warm hospitality and offsite catering have also made it an ideal spot to visit if you want to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, as it serves every Indian dish that you can imagine at your beck and call.

Chef’s Choice

One can choose to start their feast with simple appetizers like their chicken or lamb shish kebab or their favorite samosas and also some delicious Tandoori shrimp or lamb curry and even delicious roasted lamb shank as outstanding dining choices.

If you want to try something absolutely breathtaking and decadent with a strong spicy taste, their mushroom curry along with their Aloo Gobi and Chana masala are outstanding options to consider as their exotic flavoring and use of imported spices are indeed next level and will surely disappoint you.

Besides featuring a lovely vegetarian menu, the restaurant also excels in covering non-veg varieties as well, especially with its delicious lamb curry, which is made in a halal sense and has a slice of meat that is soft to the bone and dissolves in your mouth with a single bite.

23. Rooh Columbus

Rooh Columbus

Why it’s a must visit?

The beautiful Urdu name of the Rooh Columbus restaurant has made it one of the best places to visit to experience the fascinating Indian cuisine with delicious cocktails as its owner is also of Asian origin and recently established this place in the year 2019.

So if you are confused about which place to visit for lovely Indian cuisine, then this restaurant should take the top position as it truly delivers a good value.

The restaurant not only is known for its marvelous Indian cuisine but also features a contemporary and classy interior that has a historical Indian feel to it as it is adorned by spectacular murals and a gorgeous color palette which comes with a tiled floor and beautiful hanging grand chandeliers to add to its full grandiosity.

Also, its dining area is spacious as it comes with beautifully laid out peach tiles and even soft blue corners, and the dishes are delivered in an aesthetically pleasing manner with decorative plates and intricate detailing design.

One not only gets to relish their spicy seasonal dishes here but also gets to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the place, which exhibits certain Indianness in its ambiance and also establishes it as a sophisticated dining space to experience the Indian culture.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many famous dishes here, their sweet potato chaat is a fascinating pick as it comes with delicious mashed potatoes and is seasoned with spicy and tasty sauces that are incredibly delicious to devour.

But if you want to order something in the category of red meat, then nothing could beat the lamb Keema Hyderabadi dish, which has a genuinely heavenly taste to it as its flesh is exceptionally soft and goes extremely well with the gravy that comes along with it.

If you still feel that you are not satisfied with all the non-veg and vegetarian options that are available here, then you can always choose to resort to their seafood specialties as well as their famous Amritsar shrimp, which is an incredible seafood dish and has an exotic flavoring to it that leaves everyone wanting for more.

24. Nomad


Why it’s a must visit?

The Nomad restaurant is famous not only for its decadent Columbus food choices but due for its specialization in using only locally sourced ingredients which get transformed into global cuisine through wood fired techniques from its early establishment in the year 2016 by the famous businessman named Patrick Daly.

The nomad restaurant delivers people global flavors with a memorable and unfamiliar taste inside a gorgeously designed interior and polished black jet tiles with contemporary lighting effects to add to its overall fascinating vibe.

The restaurant is so much in demand that one needs to book a reservation here months before their actual date as it has the most exquisite dishes here with a sophisticated atmosphere.

One cannot even call this a famous restaurant as it’s genuinely a big understatement as it exceeds expectations with its remarkable service and elegant interior that has swayed away anyone who has ever laid their eyes on it.

Chef’s Choice

When it comes to choosing healthy food options in this diner, their pork chops which come with a side dish of Grilled peaches, are an outstanding choice to consider as they offer people the most luxurious taste with lots of bursting flavors.

Their andouille cheddar grits are also not a joke here, as they come with a delicious creamy texture and have a runny taste that melts in your mouth like a button and leaves an unforgettable aftertaste.

The side dishes that come along with the main entrees are also unmatchable to any other restaurant, as they offer people a wide range to choose from according to their liking.

25. The Avenue Steak Tavern

The Avenue Steak Tavern

Why it’s a must visit?

The Avenue Steak Tavern restaurant is located in the posh area of Grandview and also has its branches in Dublin and Ohio as it’s known for its famous American-inspired steakhouses, which have become a local favorite everywhere.

The restaurant was established in the year of 2016 and has a rustic yet nostalgic ambiance that oozes perfection within its own essence as its steaks are prepared in a genuinely delicate manner and offer people the most pleasant dining in Columbus  adventure they can ever encounter.

Besides delivering decadent food choices with aesthetically pleasing dishes, the restaurant also has an exceptional service that pays attention to your every query and is ready to make you feel special as you dine.

Their attention to detail and customer service has made it hands down one of the best restaurants near me you can ever find in Columbus.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is known for its lovely tavern fare as it takes the regional value of American dishes and adds a touch of international flavor to them to give people the most distinctive flavor.

As we mentioned above, the restaurant has a truly spectacular cooking technique, because of which its steaks have a juicy taste and a smoky aroma as well.

Another dish that deserves a top mention in the list is their oysters Rockefeller, which goes pretty well with a bottle of a cab from Bon Anno as it comes with a decadent vanilla flavor that lingers in your mouth for hours.

26. The Top Steakhouse

The Top Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

When it comes to getting a taste of the early American age, then this The Top Steakhouse restaurant, which was opened in the year 1955, offers people the most nostalgic American-inspired cuisine with a 1950s vibe with a club like atmosphere, which has made it one of the most exciting places to visit if you’re looking for nostalgic memories to make.

The restaurant truly has a 1950s vintage club vibe to it as the entire interior of the dining is dimly lit and has wooden furnishings with leather coverings, a shiny copper bar along with its loyal patrons who frequently visit this place due to its new piano bar along with its reminiscent atmosphere.

This restaurant takes you back in time when America had its own specialized cuisine with delicious steaks and drinks that this restaurant offers with true essence.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has become an icon for serving delicious American fare with Jumbo lobster tails, seafood varieties, charbroiled steaks, and deliciously cooked roasted ribs with famous GinMartinis that contain the genuine taste of old America and have a tremendous and unforgettable feel to them.

Another simple yet outstanding dish that you can give a try here is their tangy strip steak chili which has an overwhelming flavor that tingles anyone’s taste buds.

The tangy strip steak chili comes with a side dish of au gratin potatoes which exceeds everyone’s expectations due to its flavorsome taste and incredible texture.

27. Wolf Ridge’s Brewing

Wolf Ridge's Brewing

Why it’s a must visit?

The Wolf Ridge’s Brewing restaurant is a handcrafted diner that is owned by a prominent family and is known for its excellence in serving handmade beers and comfort food with lots of delicious flavor with an enticing aroma.

The interior of the restaurant is made in a very contemporary and unique sense with Industrial brick walls and is also known as one of the best breweries in all of Columbus.

Almost every dish and drink here is made with lots of love and dedication, which is one of the reasons why the food here is so remarkable and comes with overflowing flavors.

Therefore ordering any dish surely won’t disappoint you as it has a good taste along with a friendly atmosphere with a soothing vibe and an extravagant interior that would help you ease up as soon as you step in.

Chef’s Choice

As we stated above, the restaurant is one of the finest breweries in all of Columbus, and therefore its handcrafted beers and drinks should definitely be given a try. But if you want to try something which is a local favorite herself, and has received a lot of rave reviews in the past, then their Tomahawk Pork chop is a spectacular dish to consider.

The Tomahawk Pork chop comes with the seasoning of luscious mashed potatoes along with cider gastric, parsnip, and crunchy Brussels sprouts with some delicious pieces of bacon and a potato doughnut to give it its overall fruitful taste.

28. Strongwater Food & Spirits

Strongwater Food & Spirits

Why it’s a must visit?

The Strongwater Food & Spirits restaurant is a rustic diner located inside a 100-year old warehouse with its soulful location in Franklinton’s east side and is used for holding various special events to celebrate. 

The business, like the setting of the diner, along with its spacious and multiple room setting, has made it a convenient place to dine as it allows it to serve several people at once for casual dining and event celebrations all at once without any hassle. 

If you are either coming here to hold or attend an event, or if you are here for just some simple dining, the diner delivers you a vast list of extensive vegan choices with a relaxing stay and over 400 food options to choose from, among many other additional facilities. 

Its reputation is not just famous for its excellent cuisine and bar service but also for its historical significance of being in a warehouse that has enamored people through its eye-catching details. 

Chef’s Choice

One of the reasons why this restaurant has become a beloved top pick for so many people is due to its welcoming ambiance that features a menu made for diet restrictive people as well like having a separate menu for gluten allergies or lactose intolerance and also for vegans as well with its milk alternatives like almond milk or soya milk along with several other delicious vegetarian options. 

When it comes to overall deciding which dish to choose, their stuffed miso sweet potato has no match as it’s prepared with lovely ingredients and has a superb taste.

Another genuine tasty pick is their burrata which has a gracious taste to it with incredible spices.

But if you want to try something more filling and heavy then nothing could match the pace of their appetizing smash burger, which is a massive hit here due to its overflowing cheesy flavors. 

29. Novella Osteria

Novella Osteria

Why it’s a must visit?

The Novella Osteria restaurant has become one of the loveliest Italian restaurants in Columbia for its appetizing Italian dishes, which are prepared with aromatic flavors and distinguished techniques. 

Even though Columbus has lots of Italian restaurants, nothing comes close to this one as it has its own personal charm to it with eye catching details and aesthetic furnishings. 

The restaurant takes a lot of pride in curating handcrafted portions of pasta that are prepared from scratch with authentic Italian recipes and an outstanding beverage menu that presents people with the most beautiful wine pairings they can ever imagine. 

The restaurant also goes by the theme of minimalism which explains why it seems so classy and serves gourmet food choices. 

It’s among the must eat places as its generous hospitality, and warm service will delight your soul.

Chef’s Choice

One of the gorgeous dishes that you can give a try here is their lovely novella meatballs which come with flavorsome spices and tender meat that dissolves in your mouth like cotton candy.

Another fascinating pick is their delightful ricotta which uses the most delicate rice and other top ingredients that taste amazing beyond measure. 

Also, it would be a nice idea to consider pairing their exquisite dishes with their elegant wine collection for an overall authentic dining experience. 

30. Harvest Pizzeria

Harvest Pizzeria

Why it’s a must visit?

As the name itself gives away, this diner delivers the most delightful pizzas in town and is a local hub spot for grabbing bites from flavorsome pizzas as it’s a specialized chain sharing its branches in six different locations in America with a range of fabulous cocktails.

The reason why this pizzeria is so famous in Ohio is due to its healthy sustenance, which pays attention to using only organic ingredients while also presenting people with small plate choices as well so they can share their dishes with a group and also get to taste different varieties as well. 

Any pizza lover would go into a frenzy for this diner as its pizzas are the most delicious in all of Ohio and contain a generous amount of ingredients and seasonings as well. 

Chef’s Choice

The most impressive aspect of this diner comes down to its vegan menu, which also uses gluten-free crusts to prepare its pizzas along with various vegan seasonings like using chorizo, fennel sausage, almond pesto gravy along with tasty green veggie.

Its gorgeously flavored fast-food choices like stuffed pizzas and burgers, which are paired with cocktails, are a great highlight of the menu as they are made in a healthy sense using organic ingredients. 

When it comes to choosing the best pizzas here, their almond pesto pizza takes the crown here with its bursting flavors and mouthwatering overflowing cheese. 

31. Basi Italia

Basi Italia

Why it’s a must visit?

The basi Italia restaurant is one of the most exquisite diners providing people with a fresh perspective on the fusion cuisine of Italian and Mediterranean with innovative twists.

The diner is situated in the soulful location of Victorian Village and offers people a cozy vibe with a beautiful patio and also holds weekly wine tasting sessions that have become a magnet for wine and Italian food lovers. 

The restaurant due to its overwhelming demand remains closed on Sundays and Mondays and therefore invites a lot of reservations every day of the week.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant sincerely presents people with the authentic taste of north Italy with its favorites like wood-fired pizzas, chicken and veal dishes along with prime meat and freshly prepared salads.

The dishes go incredibly well along with their wine collections as they are the signature highlight here and hence deserve to be sampled.

As the dishes here are prepared in a locally sourced fashion, it tastes incredible with their handcrafted beers and colorful cocktails. 

32. Latitude 41

Latitude 41

Why it’s a must visit?

The Latitude 41 is a spectacular diner that has an upscale location and serves the loveliest New American Fare with true dedication and daunting service. 

The interior of the restaurant is indeed breathtaking with its wooden laid down floors, a vibrant color pallet, huge windows with a scenic view of the outside, and white clothed tables with a cozy setting.

The aromatic cuisine of the diner, along with the sophisticated ambiance that it oozes, altogether makes it an honorable mention in the list with an excellent value to its image.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most impressive aspects of this place comes down to its use of locally fetched ingredients that offer people a healthy alternative to choose from, along with a seasonal menu. 

The diverse menu of the diner exhibits a delightful charm of Ohio cuisine through its creation of raised meats and poultry along with a wide variety of seafood options which are superb here.

As the diner features a full-fledged sidebar in its vicinity, its drinks options are also worthy of applause here. 

Famous Foods to try in the city

Fast food – Be it Mediterranean or Italian cuisine, Columbus is renowned for its remarkable fusion in curating the best fast food options with a sustainable technique of employing local ingredients to create the most crunchy chips, delectable cheesy nachos, soft cheese pulled pizzas and also succulent burgers that have affirmed it as a spot which just doesn’t concentrate on one special cuisine but also takes into reflection superficial fast food choices too.

Cocktails – The cocktails of Columbus are promoted internationally due to the diverse blends that are infused in the colorful intoxicant giving them a lovely and special consistency that is strong enough to dominate one’s reasons with their rejuvenating flavor.

Seafood – The seafood variety here is impeccable with gorgeously flavored oysters, to crispy shrimps, fried octopus and a lot more. The use of locally infused spices in the dishes gives people a distinctive blend of two cuisines colliding to create an altogether new fusion.

Final Thoughts

We wish that the above article on restaurants Columbus Ohio has provided you with a clear insight into which bistros to stop by to satisfy your cravings in the best method possible.

The burning questions of where to eat are adequately answered in the trajectory, and we expect you were able to discover a decent place to eat through it. So have a pleasant feast and bon appetite.

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