Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Colorado Springs

15 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Colorado Springs – 2023

It’s time for you to mix things up this Thanksgiving by visiting an excellent restaurant instead of slaving in the kitchen and cooking a feast. No one’s going to judge you for relaxing this holiday and let someone else cook for you. 

Thanksgiving Restaurants Colorado Springs houses several local eateries that you can always revisit, and for tourists, this could be a new spot for them to discover.

No matter which restaurant you choose, you can rest assured that you’re going to have the best time here. You can go to these places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Thanksgiving Restaurants Colorado Springs Near me

So let’s talk about the restaurants open Thanksgiving for the entire day so that you can visit them at your convenience.

These top eateries offer the best package of excellent ambiance, delicious food, and memorable experience; therefore, you must visit these places to spend quality time with your loved ones.

1. Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort

Why it’s a must visit? 

Winter Park Resort is considered the #1 ski resort in North America, and their Sunstop Mountain Lodge offers scenic views of snow covered mountains, winter air, and white snow everywhere. 

The ride up to the lodge is quite beautiful since you’d take the gondola ride up to the zephyr lift, and the panoramic view from there is breathtaking. The lodge in itself would remind you of warm winter days with a cozy interior and wooden decor. 

Chef’s Choice

On Thanksgiving, The Sunstop Mountain is offering a buffet style holiday meal, which includes all the holiday favorites, such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and so on. You can fill up your plate with all the dishes and even go back for more servings. That’s the beauty of a buffet, right? 

Imagine relishing a warm meal after skiing with a hot cup of beverage in your hand. Sounds relaxing, right? You can stay here for the weekend and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal every day.

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2. The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor

Why it’s a must visit?

The Broadmoor is a popular resort in Colorado Springs which offers several dining options that you can choose from. Each of them is better than the other and has a rustic vibe to it because this resort is a historic landmark in itself. 

The wooden accents, drapes, warm lights, and charming atmosphere makes dining here an even more beautiful experience. Visit it anytime from morning till evening, as it’s open the entire day. 

Chef’s Choice

You can expect a complete Thanksgiving feast here with various scrumptious dishes, such as sushi and crabs, and each table would have its own carving stations as well. If you visit this place for breakfast, then their cinnamon rolls and warm croissants are a must have. 

There are several dishes here that would make your holiday fun and memorable because food time is the best time to make memories with the people you love.

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3. Antlers at Vail

Antlers at Vail

Why it’s a must visit?

A mesmerizing restaurant near Vail Ski Resort is the perfect getaway this Thanksgiving, with a gorgeous view of the mountains, snow, and a clear sky. You can enjoy yourself as a family in the homely and comfortable setting of the restaurant and relish the meal while appreciating the beauty of nature. 

The rustic mountainous vibe of the place would win your heart in a second and exudes a warmth that would make you feel nostalgic. 

Chef’s Choice

Your senses are in for a treat once you taste the home-cooked Thanksgiving meal prepared by the chef with all the holiday dishes, such as roasted turkey breast, green beans, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, and so many other side dishes that you’d lose count. 

A classic pumpkin pie topped with vanilla ice cream would end the meal on a sweet note and would leave you more than satisfied and full.

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4. The Cliffhouse

The Cliffhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cliffhouse would transport you to the Victorian era with its splendid decor and setting. The oil paintings, crystal wine glasses, damask tableware, and warm lights from the candles and lamps exude a richness and elegance that is of no match. 

You can bask in the ambiance of this place with the people close to you and celebrate Thanksgiving in the best way possible. Make a reservation before visiting, though. 

Chef’s Choice

You can relish a delectable gourmet feast here with all the Thanksgiving favorites to satiate your hunger and make the festivities even more special. You can eat to your heart’s content because the sumptuous dishes would keep on coming, and you wouldn’t be able to resist eating all of them. 

You can also pair these with a beverage of your choice to enhance the flavors of the dishes, and their desserts are a work of art, leaving you in a dilemma of whether to eat them or just appreciate their beauty.

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5. Mackenzie’s Chophouse

Mackenzie's Chophouse

Why it’s a must visit?

This elegant restaurant offers a casual and relaxed vibe for you to sit back and chill while dining on delectable food and enjoying the company of your friends and family. Their service is top-notch, and the friendly staff is the cherry on top. 

The upscale and contemporary interior of the place would just raise your expectations to a whole other level, and this restaurant would fulfill all those and more. There’d be no room for disappointment here. 

Chef’s Choice

The Thanksgiving feast here goes on from afternoon till evening, and you can order roasted turkey, ham, prime rib, and so on. Apart from these, you’d get other classic side dishes as well, which would be appetizing and savory.

Their wine selection is also quite extensive, and you can take your pick when pairing it with your food. After all, a complete meal is when you have savory, sweet, and something refreshing together.

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6. Joseph’s Fine Dining

Joseph's Fine Dining

Why it’s a must visit?

This fine dining restaurant is how you’d describe elegance and beauty because of the sophisticated setting, large windows letting in the natural light, and the blend of dark and light accents exuding a charming vibe. 

It was established in 2000 and has maintained its uniqueness as time has gone by. The simplistic approach of this place is what warms the heart. 

Chef’s Choice

You would not be disappointed with this restaurant’s extensive menu, which includes a seafood trio platter, chicken piccata, beef bourguignon, and other such scrumptious dishes. They use fresh and sustainable ingredients to prepare the dishes, and you can find classic as well as modern dishes here, so take your pic. 

One thing is for sure; you’ll be on an excellent culinary journey; once you take a bite of their delicious food and pair it with one of the drinks available in their bar, you’re all set to begin the Thanksgiving celebrations.

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7. Viewhouse


Why it’s a must visit?

This restaurant offers three dining areas for you, and each one of them is equally marvelous. The wooden furniture, warm lighting, and rustic vibe of the entire place would instantly make you happy. 

The comfortable seating and spacious dining area is an ideal place for you to start your Thanksgiving feast. Book a table beforehand to avoid waiting for a space. 

Chef’s Choice

The Thanksgiving feast packs available at this restaurant include roasted turkey breast, prime rib, or ham, mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, and so on. For desserts, you can order any one of their pies and pair these dishes with a glass of wine that’ll go well with it. 

You can dine in, or order take out as well. The dishes would remain the same even if you eat in the comfort of your home.

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8. Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Cheyenne Mountain Resort

Why it’s a must visit?

When visiting this resort, there’s the benefit of dining in 3 different restaurants that this resort offers. The view from all three is mesmerizing and would leave you stunned. The panoramic view of the mountains and greenery covered snow would make for breathtaking scenery while relishing delicious food. 

The casual ambiance would make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can visit them any time of the day since they are functioning from morning till evening. 

Chef’s Choice 

One thing that you’d notice in all the dishes is the beautiful local flavor and the cultural touches. So this holiday, you can expect roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and many more traditional dishes. 

There are several beverages and dessert options as well that you can go through and order the refreshing drinks to complement your meal and a sweet dish to satiate your sweet tooth.

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9. Spice Island Grill

Spice Island Grill

Why it’s a must visit? 

This restaurant would be slightly unique and different from the ones you’re used to visiting, but that’s the fun part, right? This Jamaican restaurant provides a minimalist setting and decor with wall paintings, wooden furniture, and a primary color theme that is vibrant and chill. 

You’d feel at home as soon as you take a seat because everything’s simple and comfortable. Its brightness and happy vibes are infectious and would make you get into a festive mood. 

Chef’s Choice

If you’re looking for something non-traditional this holiday and are up for trying unique dishes, then give this restaurant a chance because its Jamaican twist on every dish is a welcomed one. 

So on Thanksgiving, you can order ham, jerk turkey, and pumpkin soup to enjoy the festival. It’d be a different experience altogether that you must try once because eating the same classic dishes every year might get boring for some.

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10. Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern

Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern

Why it’s a must visit? 

One of the primary reasons to visit this restaurant is its charming vibe with dim lighting, wooden accents, and a dark and light color theme that adds the right amount of rustic and elegant ambiance. 

The brick walls and fireplace exudes warmth and comfort that you’d experience once you visit this place. Reservations are a must. 

Chef’s Choice

Get ready for a classic turkey day meal with your loved ones, which includes smoked turkey breast, ham, green beans, stuffing, and other side dishes to go with your main course. As for desserts, a classic pumpkin or pecan pie is the right way to go because they are all time favorites of customers. 

Since the name of the restaurant is based on a drink, you can’t miss out on their cocktails and other liquors that would complement your dishes.

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Best Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants in Colorado Springs

A lot of people believe in enjoying a warm thanksgiving dinner with their friends and family, and we all know that a true party is one that starts at night and goes on till morning.

So those who are inclined towards celebrating the holiday at night should take a look at the restaurants mentioned below suggesting where to eat a holiday dinner. 

11. The Famous Steakhouse

The Famous Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

If you’re looking for a restaurant that has fun nightlife, then this is the place for you. The Famous Steakhouse offers the perfect ambiance to relax and enjoy the music, dim lighting, and casual atmosphere. 

It’s the perfect spot for celebrating Thanksgiving with your friends because the moment you step in here, you’ll get into the party mood, and that is what the Thanksgiving festivities are all about. Their piano bar sets the mood delightfully. 

Chef’s Choice 

This locally owned restaurant offers award winning dishes, such as prime steaks, half roasted chicken, lobster tail, and a lot more. The variety of dishes offered by this place would amaze you, and you’d want to order everything on the menu. 

They also have quite a large selection of spirits and wines that would go well with your food. This restaurant also offers local craft brews that you must try at least once.

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12. The Summit Interquest

The Summit Interquest

Why it’s a must visit?

The Summit is an entertainment spot which also offers a full dining experience through its “The Crossroads Tavern and Grille” restaurant. The lively and fun atmosphere of the place makes it the right choice for celebrations. 

You can even watch sports on the TV placed near the bar to keep you entertained while your food is being served. So you can have fun, play games, and also eat food whenever you want. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

Chef’s Choice

To start the feast, you should go ahead with their mac and cheese or smokehouse burger, then move on to a choice of pizza or order numerous side dishes, like caesar salad, sweet potato fries, and so on, to give you a Thanksgiving vibe. 

They have a separate menu for kids as well. To satiate your craving for desserts, choose between their bistro cakes and brownie since both of them are mouth-watering. You can also order beverages to wash it all down.

Location and contact

13. Romano’s


Why it’s a must visit?

Thanksgiving at this gorgeous restaurant is the ultimate way of celebrating the holiday because the dim lights, dark interiors, and dark wood decor are what you need to get into the festive mood. 

They can accommodate even large groups and offer takeout as well as dinner delivery services, so you can either dine in or order to go; it’s up to you. 

Chef’s Choice

You won’t even have to lift a finger this holiday to relish a savory classic Thanksgiving meal from this restaurant. You must order their steak and potatoes along with brussels sprouts, broccolini, and other delicious side dishes. 

There are so many choices, but whatever you order, it’ll be more than satisfying and fulfilling for you and your family or friends.

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14. The Art

The Art

Why it’s a must visit?

The Art Hotel houses The Fire restaurant, which is everything you hope from a place where you wish to celebrate an occasion. The romantic and intimate setting, with comfortable couches covered with umbrellas and bronze sculptures, exude warmth and richness. You can also sit by the fire to enjoy the nighttime when the air’s slightly cold. 

They also offer a terrace dining option with a beautiful view of the mountains that offers a casual ambiance that acts as a catalyst for good conversations and bonding.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant serves prime rib, lobster bisque, roasted turkey, and a lot more. But the meal isn’t complete without desserts, so you can order their pecan or pumpkin pie for a sumptuous end to the meal. 

These family style dishes wouldn’t make you regret the decision to eat out instead of cooking on your own because the taste of these dishes would be a lot like home.

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15. The Steakhouse at Flying Horse

The Steakhouse at Flying Horse

Why it’s a must visit? 

The Steakhouse is a Tuscan style villa with a contemporary twist and offers the customers breathtaking views of the Front Range. The luxurious setting and ambiance of this place makes it quite popular and a spot where you’d want to be seen by others.

The warm lights, brick walls, marble countertops, and so on add to the richness of this place because the sophisticated vibe of this place would make you want to visit it time and again. 

Chef’s Choice

For Thanksgiving, you can order a complete feast to go, which would serve up to 4 people. It’ll consist of roasted turkey, sweet potatoes, sugar ham, brussels sprouts, and many more dishes that would make this a grand feast. 

You cannot miss out on their pumpkin pecan bread pudding, which is a classic holiday sweet dish. You must pre-order by 21st November to receive the food by Thanksgiving.

Location and contact


Here is a complete list of exceptional Thanksgiving Restaurants Colorado Springs that should be on your list to visit this holiday. You can enjoy a thanksgiving dinner at some of these places as well that are specifically mentioned.

No matter where you go, your holiday will be a wonderful one. This list would save you all the last minute hassle of finding a place to dine in or to order from.

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