Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Cleveland

13 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Cleveland – 2023

Cleveland is a famous city in Ohio located in the northeastern part of the US and shares this vicinity with the southern shore of Lake Erie. This important maritime area shares its border with Canada and therefore is quite a major tourist spot.

The place is known for its cosmopolitan culture and is also incredibly popular among the residents of the US for celebrating holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

As the place exhibits a sophisticated and modern industrial essence, it also has its fair share of good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Cleveland that people can visit to celebrate their festival with full glee.

Therefore get ready to get the most fabulous Thanksgiving dinner by looking at our list of the best Thanksgiving restaurants.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Cleveland This Year

1. Scratch


The Scratch  restaurant is known for its impeccable breakfast  and lunch options  and has a food  carving post that delivers exquisite Thanksgiving delicacies. 

The diner serves various Thanksgiving specialties like roasted turkey, prime rib, and honey ham as its main courses. Also, it has a separate brunch menu that includes mouthwatering dishes French toast, peace, pancakes, beverages and a lot more.

At last, you can lay off with their scrumptious holiday pies that come in the form of pecan bourbon chocolate tarts, along with a donut bar as a tasty delicacy in the end.

Also, their drinks, like orange juice  and other autumnal cocktails, are worth a try.

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2. Sugarcreek


The Sugarcreek restaurant is nestled in the downtown area of the urban city at Detroit Road and is known for serving a lovely Thanksgiving menu.

The diner serves delectable Thanksgiving-inspired dishes, which begin with appetizers like roasted butternut squash salad, the main entrées with lamb and pork roulade, roasted bell and Evans with free side dishes like brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes with bacon, cornbread, and a lot more.

Furthermore, their lovable pastries like pumpkin tarts and treats like chocolate mousse with Apple crostata and fruit cakes are incredible options too.

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3. Mahle’s Restaurant and Lounge

Mahle’s Restaurant and Lounge

The Mable’s restaurant is tucked away at the well-known Detroit road and therefore has a costlier menu but serves terrific Thanksgiving seafood options.

The bistro is known for serving both seasonal and conventional Thanksgiving flavors with diverse salads and seafood carving stations that feature meals  like oven-roasted turkey, pork loin, and Cajun fried turkey with honey and maple that feel fantastic.

Also, their side  side dishes like rice pilaf with dried apricots, cherries, garlic mashed potatoes, Argula roasted squash, and other varied desserts are terrific too.

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4. Aurora Inn

Aurora Inn

The Aurora Inn restaurant is known for hosting several brunch buffets that come in banquet form with their delicious mimosas and bloody Mary drinks.

The menu here is incredibly fresh and extensive, with starter options like cheese, fruits, and pastries, appetizers like roasted butternut squash bisque soup, and leek and potato soup with several delicious salads like mixed greens and fennel celery salad.

Also, the carving station displays flavorsome meals like traditional turkey gravy, fried turkey, and tasty honey-glazed damn that feel incredibly satisfying.

Another remarkable aspect about this restaurant is that it has a separate kid station that features tantalizing dishes like mac & cheese, chicken tenders, and corn dogs which are the favorites of almost every kid.

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5. Southern Cafe

Southern Cafe

The Southern Cafe is extraordinarily spacious and therefore is an excellent choice for families to dine at, as it serves fantastic breakfast and brunch options.

It’s household oriented and thus entitles people to partake in their brunch option that comes with familiar dishes.

Among its several dainties are its soups, salads, and rolls, along with mains entrees like roasted turkey with gravy, roasted top round beef, and baked glazed ham that are pleasing to the taste buds.

The complimentary dishes here are outstanding, too, as they come with free stuffings of mashed potatoes, green beans, and glazed sweet potatoes, along with desserts like pumpkin pies or ice cream and sherbet.

In an overall sense, it’s one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me that you can visit with your family for an amazing feast.

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6. LockKeepers


If you really adore Thanksgiving and are wondering where to eat an actual traditional Thanksgiving-inspired meal, then the LockKeepers can be your ultimate destination to visit, as the menu options here feature numerous conventional dishes.

Among its top dishes is the roasted turkey that comes with stuffing, candied yams, gravy, and mashed potatoes, along with side dishes like cranberry sauce and brussels sprouts.

The dessert options here are drool-worthy, too, especially it’s pumpkin cheesecake which can relish one’s taste buds in the best manner.

The restaurant also has a good takeout policy with dinner delivery options that you can take home.

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7. The Fairview Tavern

The Fairview Tavern

The Fairview Tavern  restaurant despite being a conventional Thanksgiving diner is also a famous seafood joint that fuses aromatic dishes with seasonal quality.

The restaurant is known for its classy dishes and refined atmosphere that includes several loving features with a limited Thanksgiving dinner menu that is splendid.

It delivers a huge variety  of dishes for Thanksgiving, like cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and stuffing with a primary meal  of roasted turkey.

It is one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving that you can honestly give a try if you desire to celebrate Thanksgiving in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

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Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Cleveland

8. Pier W

Pier W

The Pier W restaurant is a superb place to dine if anyone wants to experience a breathtaking banquet while facing the waterfront and enjoying the skylines of Cleveland at night.

Because it’s an upscale restaurant, the menu here has a limited selection of Thanksgiving favorites and excels incredibly well in seafood varieties that are its highlight.

The restaurant offers people a three-course meal with delicacies like filet mignon, salmon, shrimp, and surf and turf that come loaded with flavors.

The main entrées feature lovely dishes like slow-roasted prime rib of beef and Amish Turkey, along with mouthwatering pies like pecan or pumpkin pie.

This eatery is the finest in every aspect not to mention how it serves dishes even at the last minute.

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9. Pickwick & Frolic

Pickwick & Frolic

As the title itself gives away, the Pickwick & Frolic restaurant leaves people in a frolicking state with its outstanding food choices and memorable experiences, as it’s also a comedy club.

The restaurant serves superb buffet option that includes several greens and fresh fruits as its starter options, including main dishes like maple Demi, glazed ham, sautéed mussels, and pork lion that comes filled with lots of stuffings of mashed potatoes, candied yams, Mac and cheese with bacon and brussels sprouts.

Also, the assortments of pies here, like cherry, pumpkin, sweet potato, and apple, along with desserts like chocolate moves, cheesecake, and cookies, make for a toothsome treat in the end.

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10. Stancato’s Italian Restaurant

Stancato's Italian Restaurant

The Stancato’s Italian Restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and serves thanksgiving dishes in buffet form by hosting an event.

The buffet includes several mouthwatering dishes like Italian marinated chicken, meatballs, and honey-glazed ham that make for tasty main course choices.

Also, the side options here are gracious with delicacies like mushroom ravioli, mac & cheese, sweet potatoes, and eggplant cutlets that go exceptionally well, but there’s pumpkin sage and your choice for desserts like cheesecake and pumpkin roll.

In an overall sense, it’s a charming restaurant open on Thanksgiving that deserves to be visited and praised.

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11. Harry’s Steakhouse & Banquet Centre

Harry’s Steakhouse & Banquet Centre

The Harry’s Steakhouse and Banquet Centre restaurant is a famous for its grilled food varieties and has it’s popularity spread across lots of global cities and is known for offering magnified portions at a reasonable price  that defies expectations.

The steakhouse serves several unique varieties in salad and seafood gumbo form with main entrees in the full-meal dinner like roasted turkey breast seasoned with sausage and herb stuffing, steaks, along with homemade gravy and cranberry relish that is incredibly enjoyable.

The side dishes here are sensational, too, with potato casserole, creamed spinach, and mashed potatoes and treat options like vanilla ice cream and cheesecake.

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12. Shula’s 2

Shula's 2

The Shula’s 2 Restaurant is nestled inside the prominent DoubleTree hotel and manages to host its most anticipated thanksgiving buffet that displays almost any Thanksgiving dish that you can think of.

The restaurant begins, of course, with meals like fruit and cheese displays, butternut squash soup, and salads and then continues but its carving stations of roasted turkey, maple glazed ham, and side dishes like mustard sauce and gravy with cranberry relish.

Simple options like an omelet and plates of pasta like mahi-mahi, pan-seared chicken breast, biscuits, pancakes, and gravy are attractive options too.

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13. Noosa Bistro

Noosa Bistro

The Noosa Bistro restaurant is situated in the diamond centre  of Cleveland and is a distinguished eatery that demands an early reservation due  to it’s impressive service and strict dining.

The restaurant serves special seafood and steaks with varieties like  like local greens, roasted pumpkin soup, shrimp, and beet salad, then begins again with main dishes like tenderloin, risotto or salmon, turkey, and brisket with lots of other tasty dishes.

Its complementary dishes are also light on the tastebuds as they are created with high quality and contain tasty ingredients and inside meals of cornbread, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots, and green beans.

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Final Thoughts

As Cleveland is surrounded by waters, the seafood variety here is the most impressive, and therefore celebrating Thanksgiving here becomes pretty experimental as seafood becomes the main focus.

Even still, the place manages to provide people with unique Thanksgiving-inspired seafood dishes along with numerous tasty desserts that always have a palatable flavor.

Therefore, if you want to experience such a rush of euphoria, then it’s vital that you should know some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Cleveland that serve delicious Thanksgiving inspired dinner options.

So take a look at our list and make up your thoughts on what suits you best. Bon appétit!

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