Restaurants in Biloxi, MS for Thanksgiving

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Biloxi, MS – 2023

A Culinary Voyage: As the leaves turn golden and the crisp autumn air carries the scent of roasted turkey, the picturesque town of Biloxi, Mississippi prepares to welcome Thanksgiving enthusiasts.

Nestled by the Gulf Coast, Biloxi doesn’t just offer scenic beachfront views and a rich historical tapestry; it also boasts a diverse culinary landscape that promises to elevate your Thanksgiving dinner to an unforgettable experience.

From world-renowned global chains to authentic Italian delights, and from Mediterranean grandeur to historical charm, Biloxi’s eateries beckon food lovers to explore a feast like no other.

Dive in as we take you on a gastronomic tour of Biloxi’s must-visit restaurants for a Thanksgiving dinner par excellence.

Best restaurants in Biloxi for Thanksgiving this year

1. Hard Rock Cafe Biloxi

Hard Rock Cafe Biloxi

Why it is a must visit

The Hard Rock Cafe is more than just a dining experience. Internationally recognized, it offers a fusion of food, music, and history.

Birthed in 1971 with the simple idea of crafting the perfect American burger, it has today established itself as a culinary landmark.

On Thanksgiving, expect a menu that brings together classic festive flavors combined with the cafe’s iconic dishes. The ambiance, filled with music memorabilia, adds a touch of nostalgia, making the Thanksgiving meal even more memorable.

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2. Stalla, Biloxi

Stalla, Biloxi

Why it is a must visit:

Venture into the Italian countryside with Stalla. Every corner of this restaurant oozes Italian charm.

Designed to mirror the quaintness of vintage bistros, Stalla promises a dining experience that is both intimate and grand.

Their Thanksgiving menu traditionally includes Italian favorites like lasagna, paired beautifully with seasonal ingredients. The pies they offer for the holiday season are baked to perfection and are a must-try.

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3. Beau Rivage Resort

Beau Rivage Resort

Why it is a must visit

More than just a luxurious stay, Beau Rivage Resort embodies opulence in every meal it serves.

This AAA Four Diamond-rated resort is known for its culinary excellence. The Thanksgiving spread here is nothing short of royal.

With a vast array of dishes that cater to both traditional and contemporary palettes, it’s a feast you don’t want to miss. The resort’s ambiance adds a touch of Mediterranean charm, making the dining experience even more enchanting.

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4. White House Hotel, Biloxi

White House Hotel, Biloxi

Why it is a must visit

A trip to the White House Hotel is like flipping through Biloxi’s history book. Overlooking the serene Biloxi Beach, this place is a blend of historical charm and modern elegance.

Their Thanksgiving menu is traditionally rooted, offering classics with a contemporary twist. The hotel’s architecture and design accentuate the dining experience, promising not just a meal but a journey back in time.

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5. Patio 44

Patio 44

Why it is a must visit

Patio 44 celebrates Southern heritage. Every dish tells a story of the region’s rich history and culture.

Their Thanksgiving menu is a blend of traditional southern dishes made with locally sourced ingredients.

Favorites like seafood gumbo and farm-raised catfish are a testament to their commitment to authenticity.
The warm and cozy ambiance of the restaurant, paired with its handcrafted drinks, sets the tone for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

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6. Lagniappe Restaurant

Lagniappe Restaurant

Why it is a must visit:

Lagniappe, with its unique concept, is a delight for those seeking exclusivity.

Established in 1997, the restaurant only opens for special occasions and personal invitations. The allure of dining here is not just about the food, but also the mystique around it.

Their Thanksgiving menu is a curated blend of exclusivity and traditional flavors, making your dining experience genuinely one of a kind.

If you’re looking for something unique this season, Lagniappe might just be the place.

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7. Salt & Ivy, A Coastal Kitchen

Salt & Ivy, A Coastal Kitchen

Why it is a must visit:

Salt & Ivy seamlessly blends coastal elegance with the warmth of southern hospitality.

Overlooking the gorgeous atrium lobby, this restaurant delivers dishes inspired by the Gulf waters. Their weekend Champagne Brunch, with bottomless mimosas, promises to start your Thanksgiving festivities on the right note. 

Complement your meal with the restaurant’s top-notch services for a hassle-free experience.

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8. Doe’s Eat Place

Doe's Eat Place

Why it is a must visit:

Situated inside the Margaritaville Resort Biloxi, Doe’s Eat Place is a haven of classic southern dining. 

Boasting a James Beard Award, this steakhouse promises a feast for the senses. Their steaks and signature tamales have made them legendary in the region. 

On Thanksgiving, expect a menu that marries southern classics with the festive spirit, creating a meal to remember.

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9. Half Shell Oyster House

Half Shell Oyster House

Why it is a must visit:

Half Shell is where Southern flavors meet the vivacity of New Orleans. 

The ambiance, reminiscent of the French Quarter, sets the stage for a dining experience filled with flair. 

Their Thanksgiving offerings are rich in local seafood, and the specialty sushi rolls are a treat for those wanting to try something different. 

Pair your meal with their curated wine list for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

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10. Morton’s The Steakhouse

Morton's The Steakhouse

Why it is a must visit

Morton’s is not just a restaurant; it’s an institution. Since its inception in Chicago in 1978, Morton’s has set a gold standard for steakhouses globally. 

Their Thanksgiving menu reflects their commitment to quality. Dishes, prepared with precision, include their renowned USDA prime-aged steak and the freshest seafood. 

Dining here is not just about the food; it’s about the legacy, making your Thanksgiving meal truly iconic.

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11. The Palace Buffet

The Palace Buffet

Why it is a must-visit

Dive into an ambient space where dining isn’t just about food, but a heartwarming experience. The Palace Buffet is not just any other place around the city; it’s a culinary theater that promises an enthralling dining encounter.

Forget the ordinary! The Palace Buffet stands out as one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving near me, elevating the very essence of food. Instead of being a mere spectator, be part of the culinary tale. Engage in the creation of your meal with their numerous specialty stations. From the fiery delights of the Flames to the soulful notes of the Comfort and the tangy treasures of the Coastal, there’s a plethora to explore.

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As Thanksgiving approaches, the enchanting city of Biloxi unfurls a culinary repertoire that caters to both traditional and contemporary tastes.

Each restaurant, from the iconic Morton’s The Steakhouse to the others detailed above, weaves its own flavor story, beckoning residents and travelers alike.

Whether you seek the warm embrace of a classic steak, the rich textures of coastal seafood, or the delightful fusion of local ingredients, Biloxi offers a dining panorama that’s as diverse as it’s delectable.

In this city, Thanksgiving isn’t just a holiday; it’s a gastronomic pilgrimage, promising both cherished memories and tantalizing tastes.

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