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17 Best Restaurants & Places in Chatham | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Chatham is a seaside city located on the south-eastern side of Massachusetts. It is known for its beautiful beach sites with a signature lighthouse that has been operating since the 19th century and therefore remains a major attraction here.

Besides that, it’s a stunning location to celebrate vacations and holidays because of the seaside beauty that surrounds it. Not only is the place full of botanical magnificence, but it also has a lauded cuisine that is well-appreciated by people all across Massachusetts.

Therefore, even though if one is coming here to unwind, tasting the food here should definitely be on the top of one’s list, and for that, it would be wiser to know about some good places to eat.

That’s why this article will help you discover the best restaurants in Chatham so that you are able to enjoy your holiday a bit more than you imagined. Let’s take a look below.

The Best Restaurants in Chatham This Year

1. Del Mar Bar & Bistro

Why it’s a must visit?

The Del Mar Bar and Bistro restaurant is a home-run diner that keeps getting better and better by the use of the highest quality ingredients and making the most scrumptious and creative dishes.

The restaurant has an outdoor seating area along with the main hall, in which the garden area might seem a pretty good choice for those who want to enjoy nature and dine in the sun.

Also, the overall atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty rustic and is suitable for those who are not looking for something extraordinarily fancy but for good hospitality and rich food variety.

Chef’s Choice

Their grilled swordfish, which contains peewee potatoes, strawberries, raw baby kale salad, toasted pine nuts, and crumbled feta with jalapeño vinaigrette, is a pretty good choice but might not be suitable for the picky eaters but still is a great option. 

Also, their tasted parmesan polenta that comes seasoned with homemade bolognese dressing and fresh basil is a fascinating choice to go far as it comes in huge portions.

The duck here is also an entirely another-level dish as it comes with a glaze and has a crispy and delicious flavor with a slice of tender meat.

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2. Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mac’s Chatham Fish & Lobster restaurant offers people both an indoor and outdoor dining experience and serves the most delectable seafood to the Cape residents, and has a history of operating for more than 35 years as it was established in 1981.

The restaurant shares the passion of a shared community by gathering its sustainable and fresh food items from its local fisherman and farmers and is extremely quick in its service.

Also, the restaurant has an overall majestic setting with lovely picnic tables situated outside in the open area surrounded by gardens, and it is ideal for those who like experimenting with different stuff.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant got refurbished into a completely stylish diner with a menu that features seasonal coastal cuisine and an accommodating menu that takes into consideration gluten-free food along with a fabulous selection of drinks.

The restaurant has a menu that features several impressive market fresh fish specializing in seasonal coastal cuisine with a raw bar and tasty fried food.

Also, it has an excellent selection of drinks like wines and beers with rotating beers on tap, which is perfect for sampling with your meal.

Some of our personal recommendations here are fish and chips, fried oyster Cobb salad, and their chicken crunch bowl, which is a favorite of many, along with gluten-free options like calamari and a lot more.

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3. Branches Grill and Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

The Branches Grill and Cafe was founded in 2015 and features exotic cuisine, which is spearheaded by chef Ian who is of Jamaican descent and shows his genius in showcasing the exuberant quality of his regional cuisine by infusing it with global flavors in a passionate way.

The restaurant’s main specialization lies in covering Caribbean plus American cuisine in lunch, breakfast, and dinner, made with authentic spices and flavors.

The diner practically blows anyone away with its exotic food choices that come well seasoned with lots of complementary dishes and has exceptional service and can probably be called a hidden gem in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Chef’s Choice

One must try their tasty curried goat meat that comes with rice, as it arrives with a lovely flavor and has a special touch to it.

Another excellent appetizer option is their grilled eggplant which might be suitable for starting a meal on a light note, as it has a very delicate flavor. 

Their sangria is an outstanding pairing along with the jerk chicken and jerk pork, which are both exceptional dishes and have a tender feel to them and come well seasoned with lots of flavorsome rice, veggies, and fried plantains.

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4. Impudent Oyster

Why it’s a must visit?

The impudent oyster restaurant is a captivating seafood diner that provides people with casual food choices in a well-presented fashion, along with delectable dishes that are given here at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is so impressive in its service and delectable menu options that people keep coming here, again and again, to not only enjoy its fruitful dishes but also immerse themselves in an old school-like atmosphere which as it is nestled inside the church with stained glasses and a vibrant ambiance.

The restaurant has a very charming atmosphere with pleasing surrounding that makes one get a classic dining experience and therefore is one of the top-rated restaurants in Chatham, MA. 

Chef’s Choice

The menu is filled with eclectic options and therefore has such a wide variety to it that it includes unconventional dishes with lots of exciting choices.

The restaurant remains on a winning streak because of its dishes like lobster rolls and mussels, which come efficiently cooked and have a mouthwatering flavor.

In the same way, their cocktails are also a significant hit here, along with their other specialty offerings like fried calamari, fried peppers with artichoke hearts, and lots of green veggies, which makes for a perfectly balanced meal.

Also, their cod which comes with a salad, has a delicate flavor but comes bursting with lots of spices and is perfect for a memorable summer night with some extra blue cheese and a bite of the yummy surf and turf and filet.

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5. Chatham Pier Fish Market

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chatham Pier Fish Market restaurant is a place where one can find anything that they imagine and definitely deserves a 5-star rating because of its vibrant menu along with the freshest seafood choices that one won’t be able to find another one with such an acceptable quality.

It’s more of a seafood store than an actual restaurant where one can even take raw fish home, but it remains largely popular for its decadent dishes that might be a bit on the pricey side because the food is fresh and portions are generous.

Honestly, the restaurant is worth a try at least once, as it might be a bit expensive, but it lives up to its worth as the food here is exceptionally good, and it is located on the water, which is perfect for anyone who is crazy about relaxing by the shoreline and indulging in the tastiest seafood choices.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has so many interesting dishes that it might become difficult to choose, but some of our personal recommendations would go for their fried seafood, like their fried clam roll and trim lobster bisque, which comes in a crispy texture and arrives with a complementary tartar sauce dish which is an ideal choice along with other healthy items like seared sea bass with spinach and a lot more.

Their lobster roll is another spectacular choice, along with their fried scallops which are even better in flavor and is definitely not a letdown.

But if you are looking for something light and tasty, then their clam chowder and fish and chips are superb option and is the reason why it’s one of the top restaurants in Chatham.

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6. Public Cafe

Public Cafe is known for serving sustainable food choices made from the freshest ingredients

Why it’s a must visit?

The public café is known for serving sustainable food choices made from the freshest ingredients in beverages and other breakfast goodies that are also pretty accommodating to people with special diets.

The diner has a very spacious atmosphere and some outdoor tables, too, with exquisite breakfast offerings and a somewhat reasonably paced service.

But the one thing which sets this restaurant apart from others is that it is extremely accommodating to people with all kinds of diets, like for gluten or nut allergies, along with having a special children’s menu.

Chef’s Choice

Their avocado turkey sandwich, along with a cup of coffee makes for a special breakfast treat to start the morning in an energized way. 

Even though the food might be a little bit expensive, it is fabulous in taste with dishes like pork Momo, vegetarian curry, and Iced tea, which make for perfect casual food choices.

One of the best things that one can try here is their pastrami sandwich which contains high-quality pastrami along with tasty caramelized onions and bacon, which have a crispy flavor that one will definitely regret eating.

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7. Chatham Fish & Chips

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chatham Fish and Chips restaurant, as one can figure from the name of the restaurant, specializes in fish and chips and is one of the great restaurants that provide people with delectable seafood options in the freshest variety.

The one thing which is the best part about this restaurant is that all of its dishes are reasonably priced here and come in decent portions, and have a hearty feeling to them.

Also, it’s one of the best family restaurants in Chatham and is also kid-friendly as it serves several dishes catering to the appetites of kids.

It’s located inside a strip mall and is perfect for grabbing a quick bite as it usually remains crowded, and it’s ideal for hopping quickly.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant, one might have probably figured out, has been voted the best in serving the tastiest fish and chips in town that have a flavorsome taste.

The fried food here is actual perfection with dishes like onion rings which have a crunchy taste along with broiled fish suits, sandwiches, tacos, lobster rolls, and a lot more.

Other than their fish and chips, their clam chowder is a great dish to go for as it will surely disappoint you in how amazing it is in its flavors.

Don’t forget to also give their chicken fingers and salad a try if you want to have a balanced protein meal with some veggies.

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8. The Wild Goose Tavern

Why it’s a must visit?

The Wild Goose Tavern restaurant is one of the many famous restaurants in Chatham that have got an incredible reputation for its marvelous food choices and its fancy ambiance, which is perfect for having romantic dates and indulging in gourmet variety.

The menu here comes loaded with sumptuous dishes that have a quintessential taste and is hard to choose from because the variety is so colorful and impressive.

It’s basically a fine restaurant if one wants to have a fabulous dining experience with tasty and vegetarian-friendly dishes in an aesthetic setting.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant takes pride in serving refreshing drinks like watermelon martini along with dishes like vegetable flatbread as an appetizer option, which comes with heirloom tomatoes, spinach, grilled veggies, and mozzarella along with the delicate marinara dressing and some fascinating drizzled balsamic reduction.

As for the main entrée option, their linguine that comes in wine sauce and clams along with their pasta makes for an exquisite choice that one can go for, as they have a certain unique feel to them.

But the real winner here is their Brussels sprouts as an appetizer option which comes with crunchy sprouts and a sweet chili sauce that feels tantalizing on the taste buds and goes exceptionally well with their ginger beer.

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9. Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine with lovely exotic details to its dishes serving in either appetizer or small plate form to main entrées covering the finest Japanese dishes.

It’s a local seafood and sushi restaurant that also has a modern separate bar that serves the finest liquor options and is established in 2014 by the owner of the Chatham fish market.

The restaurant makes sure that one not only gets two immerse themselves in its many gracious and delicious dishes but also tries to make sure that one gets a visually visceral experience while looking at its gorgeous presentation details.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is both a treat to the eyes and to the taste buds with artsy and decadent dishes like yellowtail, which is served in a carpaccio style with delicate scallions and other sushi varieties.

Other than that, their shishito peppers are also a charming option to go for along with their soft tofu, which is not only a gourmet dish but also a flavorsome one at that.

The restaurant probably serves the best sushi in town, with more than 14 varieties, and comes with incredible presentation details and should definitely be tried with their sake which is an exceptional Japanese liquor that blends perfectly well with any meal.

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10. Cuvee at Chatham Inn

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cuvee restaurant at Chatham Inn is an American dining establishment and a specialized wine bar that is known for its exuberant wine varieties and small gourmet plate dishes inside its elegant and casually sophisticated ambiance serving people outstanding three and four-course meal options.

The restaurant features an incredible chef’s tasting menu which takes inspiration from local ingredients enriched with global flavors.

It was founded in 2015 and since then has continued to grow its base to large parts of Massachusetts.

It’s basically a dream destination for any wine lover who wants to explore the vast wine cellar placed in precision with enjoyable main course meal options. 

Chef’s Choice

Their scallops are considered to be one of the most decadent dishes here, especially when they are paired with their red or white wine that elevates the entire flavor of the meal.

Also, their other signature varieties like Hamachi and any dish in their tasting menu of chef olive taste pretty amazing.

In the same way, their pumpkin roll, carrot cake, red hen, fluke, and lobster are spectacular choices, too, especially when they are paired with their exquisite wines.

Not to mention how out of the world their Spanish octopus is, and remains the major highlight of the menu along with their exceptional hiramasa dish and tuna, which are possibly one of the best dishes here, and should definitely be sampled with their espresso martini and salty sailor.

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11. Chatham Filling Station

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chatham Filling Station restaurant is a specialized American diner that focuses its culinary creations on serving the most rejuvenating brunch and breakfast varieties inside its 60s-inspired retro atmosphere and remains the most soulful food destination in the heart of downtown Chatham.

This restaurant is a spectacular place for making fruitful memories as it has an enjoyable atmosphere serving classic American food varieties along with a hospitable nature that has swayed the hearts of people.

The restaurant serves incredible brunch varieties all day and has a vintage atmosphere to it which is why it’s considered to be among the many cool places to eat in the city with gorgeous mural details on its walls and a friendly staff who makes people feel at home.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant serves the tastiest wraps and bowls as an energizing breakfast option in the form of French toast, which is made with cinnamon bread and gets served alongside fresh and delicious blueberries.

Their eggs Benedict are a perfect breakfast dish that is homemade and is served with a smile that makes people enamored.

Also, their other special breakfast varieties like pancakes, toast and eggs, popovers, and cherrywood smoked bacon are outstanding choices too for anyone who wants to have the loveliest breakfast.

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12. Moms & Pops Burgers

Why it’s a must visit?

The Moms and Pops Burgers restaurant was founded in 2016 and follow its goal of passionately serving people the highest quality of food made from the freshest ingredients with love and expertise that have a homey feeling to them.

This restaurant is one of the must eat places in Chatham that is adored by the residents, who praise it for its accommodating menu options that pay attention to restrictive diets plus allergies with the most hospitable service.

Also, the restaurant treats people with warmness, and the staff here is very polite in its service and courteous when it comes to taking care of your every need.

Chef’s Choice

Their Filipino pork burger comes bursting with flavors and contains a bit of a spicy flavor which comes well seasoned with papaya slaw, ground pork, and chili garlic mayo which are all homemade.

Other than that, their boaty fishwich is another superb option to go for a one wants something in the fish variety, but it is a pretty decent option. 

Their mom and pop fries are the most exciting meal here as they come with generously seasoned cheesy sauce, grilled onion, and lots of other dressings, which feel incredible in every bite.

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13. Pates Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Plates restaurant is an iconic diner that serves people the most refined variety of freshly cooked dishes infused with global flavors and original New England spices, which not only provides people with tasty food choices but also helps them make lifelong memories.

It was initially established in 1957 and continues to grow its base and has become one of the most highly reputed diners that are also perfect for celebrating big events like engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and a lot more.

It helps make people unforgettable memories because of its newly renovated space that features several fancy decorations and a privileged setting that stays true to its grand traditional culture.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant serves the most unbeatable baked haddock and cioppino as they come in reasonably tasty flavors and are served in sizzling hot fashion.

Its appetizer section also features pretty flavorful dishes like its edge salad and calamari, which are somewhat a bit spicy but tolerable.

Besides all that, their Chilean sea bass with their tasty blueberry pico de Gallo and their slow-cooked short rib special with their amazing chopped romaine salad are astonishingly decadent in flavor and definitely can’t be replicated anywhere else especially if it is paired with their special crab cocktail.

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14. Viera on Main

Why it’s a must visit?

The Viera on Main restaurant is located in the soul of Chatham’s Main Street area and has been operating since 1991 and is locally owned while showcasing a colorful and exciting menu with welcoming hospitality.

The restaurant has a friendly neighborhood setting where it is frequently visited by both the local people and foreigners who love relishing their wide exquisite varieties with lovely flavors and great drinks.

Because this restaurant is so successful in its culinary essence, it has kept expanding its space to new locations and also features a full-service raw bar serving the most specialized cocktails, which also carries the tradition of the owner’s recipes.

Chef’s Choice

Try ordering a small portion of their tasty bucatini which always manages to leave a permanent impression on the visitor’s face because of its bursting flavors, along with its flat iron steak, with a sampling of their wedge salad which completes people’s meal in a fascinating manner.

Other than that, their oysters are a pretty good option, along with their Frito Misto, which is a mixed fried seafood dish that is great if one wants to try multiple seafood dishes in one order, along with an offering of their surf and turf which is also an equally decadent dish.

Surprise yourself by trying their tasty and light Caesar salad which is a pretty good starter option that contains a homemade dressing along with high-quality Parmesan and other impressive seafood varieties like calamari and shrimp, which comes with delightful pepper spices and spicy aïoli and complete one’s feast in a fulfilling manner.

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15. Hangar B Eatery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hangar B Eatery restaurant is a captivating diner that specializes in brunch and breakfast specialties and is located near an airport which is perfect for having a quick bite when one is famished after being jetlagged.

The restaurant serves rejuvenating options that are perfect to start your day with on an energized note and has comfortable seating, which is ideal after a hectic day of traveling. 

The view from this place is breathless and makes one enjoy their meal a lot more by facing the stunning views of watching planes fly by and enjoying the breeze of the wind.

Chef’s Choice

The morning meal options here are great, ranging from there protein-packed scrambled eggs to crispy bacon and orange juice that make for a great way to begin your day.

Another highly recommended dish here is there a huevos ranchero with mimosa, which has a green gooey texture and feels fantastic in every bite.

Other than that, their eggs Benedict, home fries, arugula omelet, and mushroom are other superb choices that can be tried if one wants to try something experimental along with their coffee beans that are to be roasted by oneself and therefore offer people a pretty fun experience.

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16. Chatham Village Cafe & Bakery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chatham Village Cafe and Bakery is a diner that provides people with an exciting experience with its local bakery vibe that offers people the most scrumptious selections crafted with expertise in the form of many toothsome treats that contain the wholesomeness that it’s based on.

By no doubt, one is able to have the most pleasant experience dining here as they gnaw their teeth in their many gorgeous culinary creations with lots of classic ingredients and techniques as it was first started in 1975.

The restaurant has been celebrating over 30 years of success in creating the most decadent variety of toothsome delicacies that keeps gathering its loyal patrons who adore this place with no complaints.

Chef’s Choice

Even though it’s a local bakery, all of its dishes have an exceptional quality to them that is quite distinct from any other café or bakery as it features the most mouthwatering and flavorsome desserts, which are available for both breakfast and lunch in the form of delectable cakes, slices of bread and pastries.

Their specialty sandwiches with their coffee which is made from the finest coffee beans, help you start your day in a revitalized manner with high energy levels all throughout all day.

One says hello to the sweetness by trying their delectable fresh donuts, which come in either cream or jelly form, along with bagels and blueberry muffins. 

Don’t forget to also try their sandwiches which are made in a traditional manner, and pair them with their personally brewed coffee, especially their Americano, which makes the lunch feel unique and memorable.

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17. Red Nun Bar & Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Red Nun Bar and Grill restaurant is a sophisticated sports bar that has a clean atmosphere with exceptional service and serves American comfort food.

This place is a good option if one wants to try indulging in casual options, which are basically American fare, and to entertain themselves while watching the big TVs streaming sports channels.

It has become an adored location among the local people of Chatham, who praise it for its reasonable prices and its massive variety in sticking to several American favorite dishes in the fast food category.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant serves people the tastiest Texas burger with a complimentary dish of hand-cut fries, which are a dynamic combo to go for.

Also, their fire and ice burger is a phenomenal meal one can go for if they want something to fill their stomach to the brim as it comes with ghost pepper cheese, ranch, and avocado as its main items and can be a bit spicier for those who are intolerant towards spicy food. 

In a nutshell, the burger variety here is innumerable, and therefore one can also go for other alternatives like their fried oysters and scallops along with their liquor options which would make for excellent pairing choices.

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Famous Food to Try in the City 

  • Fried Scallops – Fried scallops are an incredibly hyped dish in Chatham that is a specialized meal in the seafood category and is offered by lots of diners in the city who make sure that they provide it in the crispiest way while also sticking to regional flavors and amplifying them by infusing global spices to them and offering them in the most delectable sense.
  • Surf and Turf – When one wants to enjoy all kinds of seafood in one order, then there is no better option to go for their surf and turf, which allows people to choose their favorite dishes to be given in a combo fashion like lobsters, scallops, oysters and a lot more in a single meal. The reason why this dish should at least be tried once in the city is probably that breathtaking waters surround the entire town of Chatham, and because of that, the meals here have the freshest flavor to them as they are caught by the local fisherman and are not frozen for a long time.
  • Burgers – The burger variety in Chatham is fascinating. It covers not only white meat but also extends to red meat options and seafood and provides it with a generous layering of sauces, with various seasoning of cheese and tender meat that the people of the city immensely love. The burgers here are also famous, possibly because they taste divine when they are paired with beers or any other liquor option and therefore are a perfect casual bite to try if one wants to savor local flavors.

Final Thoughts 

Chatham is an overall breathless city that manages to imprint its magnificence in the mind of visitors who want to casually visit this place to escape from the occasional burdens of life and have a good time celebrating vacations and holidays here.

Seeing all the diners above, one can quickly make sense of how exuberant its cuisine culture is, offering people the widest variety of dishes infused with both regional and global flavors, and that’s why one should definitely explore the many exciting places to eat here.

Through our list of the best restaurants in Chatham, one will probably be able to have a lesser time dealing with confused thoughts in deciding which place to go and will likely have a much easier time looking for an ideal food destination. We hope it helps you narrow your choices and decide what to go for.

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