Best Restaurants & Places in Vietnam

17 Best Restaurants & Places in Vietnam | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Renowned for its diverse and flavorful zest, Vietnam is unquestionably one of the most upscale food locations recognized globally, particularly its most important metropolis, Hanoi.

Be it its exciting boulevard food panorama to unique, affluent dining areas, the cuisine servings of this region will undoubtedly fascinate food fanatics more than ever. But being in a foreign state might make you oblivious to finding where to eat.

So to help you locate some great place to eat, below, we have provided a list of some of the best Vietnam restaurants so that you can have the fairest meal of a lifetime.

The Best Vietnam Restaurants

1. Lac Thien, Lac Thanh and Lac Thuan

Lac Thien, Lac Thanh and Lac Thuan

Why it’s a must visit?

Inaugurated in the year 1965, Lac Thien, Lac Thanh, and Lac Thuan restaurant is probably the capital’s most famous eatery.

It provides original, reasonably priced yet excellent quality Hue unique dishes.

This diner proves that great quality dishes don’t always have to be costly.

Along with that, the virtue of the ambiance and the courteous staff make the dining in the background a lot finer.

Chef’s Choice

We powerfully suggest that you give the Bún Thịt Nướng, a barbecue pork spring rolls, a try.

Get it along with some other complementary dishes so that you can extend your selected quantity of seasonings, meat, and veggies in one meal.

The next meal that you should eat at this eatery is the famous Pho, a rice noodle meal provided in a delicious soup bowl with various veggies and non-veg options.

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2. Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Why it’s a must visit?

The morning glory has been one of the finest restaurants in Vietnam since its opening in 2006.

And it has since attained a lot of reputation for its individual serving, be it medicinal food, street food, or the original Vietnamese dishes.

The place is one of the finest locations to have your lunch as it serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Chef’s Choice

Begin your Vietnamese dining in familiarity and grab their Roast Duck Salad Rolls and the tasty White Rose Dumplings.

Also, if you wish to eat some of the nation’s famous dishes, then the Banh Mi Beef Steaks makes it one of must eat places in Vietnam.

And try to experiment with their Rice Paper Roll served with Shrimps and bacon as they are incredible options.

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3. Nineteen11


Why it’s a must visit?

Nineteen 11 restaurants have gained a lot of credibility for their fantastic quality of the food, which is also not quite heavy on your pocket/ as it so is one of the most OK food of authentic Vietnamese cuisine and is incredibly inexpensive, making it a perfect choice for budget food fanatics.

It is an excellent place for food, and if you wish to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine, then this place should be on the prime of your list.

It serves not only delicious food but also has stellar service and a great ambiance to dine, making it one of the many great restaurants to try in the city.

Chef’s Choice

We exceedingly suggest their exquisite Bún Thịt Nướng, a barbecued bacon spring roll, given in a surreal fashion giving you the liberty to can add your selected proportion of seasoning, non-veg, and veggies.

The next meal you have to try at this lunchroom is the famous Pho, a rice noodle meal in a hot soup bowl with veggies and meat.

Even though the above choices are significant, we recommend trying out every single one of their dish on the menu because all of them certainly don’t disappoint.

4. Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo

Why it’s a must visit?

The name gives away a lot of information to visitors curious about what this restaurant serves.

The place, as the name suggests, specializes in providing popular Vietnamese starring pancakes, which go by the same name as the restaurant – Banh xeo.

The popularity of this place comes from its celebrated Chef and vlogger Anthony Bourdain who makes innovative Vietnamese dishes here.

Chef’s Choice

Obviously, trying out their pancakes is a must as the whole restaurant specializes in that dish only.

Also, there are other options like pork and shrimp centered meals which are also great options to choose from if you are not a great fan of desserts.

Their delicate dishes like Pork Prawn Wrapped in Rice Paper and the Squid Fritter are top rated and incredibly delicious to devour.

5. Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong

Why it’s a must-visit?

The place garners a lot of appreciation from the local and foreign people are like mostly crediting to its fantastic array of authentic Vietnamese dishes that melt in your mouth like butter.

The place was opened in 1871 and hence has a great legacy of providing one of the most OK food in the capital.

Therefore, if you are taking a trip to Vietnam, then this place should not be missed from the list of your top restaurants to try in the city.

Chef’s Choice

Every option at this place is impressive as they have all authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Their rice noodles are something to die for as they are pretty unique in flavor.

Besides that, you can also guide the chef to add a selected amount of seasoning, vegetables, and other options per your preferences.

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6. Green Tangerine

Green Tangerine

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is quite fancy as its name and has a fantastic menu of dishes.

The place infuses the French aromas and Vietnamese cuisine as it is located in a French resort, credited to its unique taste in dishes.

Not only is the cuisine incredible, but it also has a very atmospheric view from its restaurant, giving people the perfect vibe that they desire.

Chef’s Choice

Begin your feast with the rejuvenating Phu Quoc Island’s Salad, which comprises shrimp variations, raw carrots and onions, fresh cucumbers, spicy green and red peppers, and pineapples; rice dipped in coconut milk and lemons.

The food near me is also healthy, making it a perfect alternative choice for health-conscious eaters.

As for the main meals, we suggest that you grab a bite of their savory dish of Sliced Duck Filet, simmered in red wine and grape seasoning, and give it along with their countryside potatoes and thyme.

7. Shri Restaurant & Lounge

Shri Restaurant & Lounge

Why it’s a must visit?

Proudly Established in the year of 2010, this place has a unique flavor in its dishes as it mainly focuses on grilled meals and its handmade cocktails, which have a lot of rejuvenating energy to them.

This place is among one of the cool places to eat for having a night out with your friends or close partner as it contains a youthful vibe with a romantic ambiance.

As the play place specializes in drinks, it also has a magical view from its rooftop, which is excellent when paired with stellar views and delicious cocktails.     

Chef’s Choice

If you cherish non-veg and seafood meals, then you’ll undoubtedly relish their Canadian Lobster and USDA Tenderloin, an ocean and turf feast delivered at this famous restaurant.

Also, have fun with your delightful meals with a bottle of wine and handmade drinks, facing remarkable skyline views.

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8. Skewers Restaurant

Skewers Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is celebrated for its unique deliverance of infinite dishes with a Mediterranean taste.

It’s also the nicest place to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days for an excellent feasting experience with your friends, partners, and colleagues.

Its delicious food also encapsulates a very romantic ambiance that makes it a great place for intimate couples to dine at this place.

Chef’s Choice

Get a handful of their Mediterranean banquet and grab their lovely meal named the Rosemary Braised Lamb Shank.

This meal is served with a complimentary dish of sauteed spinach and grated potatoes.

Along with that, you must also try their Baked Moroccan Spiced Sea Bass, delivered with some basils, onions which are raw and fresh, and mushrooms risotto if you like seafood options.

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9. Cuc Gach Quan

Cuc Gach Quan

Why it’s a must visit?

This place was established in the year of 2009 and from then has continued its legacy of providing one of the most authentic dishes in Vietnam along with a delicious taste of them. 

If you are searching for a good place to eat in Vietnam, we highly recommend this place.

The place infuses the aura of the French along with Vietnamese dishes that will touch your heart literally.

Chef’s Choice

The place features many top-rated dishes that will satisfy your tastebuds in the most frivolous way possible.

The many dishes here are all authentic in taste and have the most natural ingredients of the Vietnamese spices themselves.

It would be best if you got a taste of some of the diner’s fancy dishes, including their Stir-Fried Pumpkin Flowers and their Tamarind Soft Shell Crabs.

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10. The Refinery Bar and Restaurant

The Refinery Bar and Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

This Saigon restaurants has gained a lot of reputation all over Vietnam where its exquisite cuisine and French taste make it unique in the sense of how these meals are delivered.

It is considered one of the best restaurants in Saigon and a favorite among foreigners and locals alike.

The place has an exquisite vibe to it, and their refinery bar should also be visited as it offers people, especially couples, a great place to have a deep conversation and a very private ambiance.

Chef’s Choice

Begin your feast with a pitcher of their special French Onion Soup with the Croûtons and Swiss Cheese and a vibrant meal of the Roast Pumpkin Soup with running Cream.

We also suggest their foreign fetched Free-Range Duck Confit, with grounded potatoes and rosemary apples, and the Sea Bass Steak en Papillote, Leek, and Aubergine Fondue provided along with a citrus dressing if you like having seafood.

As it has a very remarkable wine collection at its Refinery Bar and restaurants Vietnam, we highly suggest you pair your wonderful feast with a glass of wine.

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11. Nha Hang Ngon

Nha Hang Ngon

Why it’s a must visit?

Placed in Vietnam’s central metropolis, Nha Hang Ngon is a trendy eatery providing some of the most excellent meal options in the city, be it for breakfast or for dinner.

This place is great to have your lunch at as it opens pretty early in opposition to other restaurants near me and offers visitors a lot of time to explore the city.

It’s also located in one of the most vogue areas in the city and therefore offers travelers a lot to gain from its beautiful surroundings.

Chef’s Choice

As a starter to satisfy your cravings, we recommend that you get their Bot Loc, Banh Beo, Nem Nuong,

The meal contains fresh steamed rice cakes, barbecued bacon meatballs, and special Vietnamese dumplings.

Other dishes that we suggest are their Banh Xeo, a classic Vietnamese hotcake.

Location and contact

12. Quan An Ngon Restaurant

Quan An Ngon Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Greatly Inaugurated in the year 2005, this place has one of the most acceptable ranges of Vietnamese food that is surreal in taste.

It spans over 100 dishes from across three countries as its get-go.

Along with its delicious dishes, the place also offers a magical ambiance that sways away its visitors through its beauty.

Chef’s Choice

Their Sour Crab Hot Pot with Beef Thigh is something to die for as it’s incredible in taste.

It came along with crabs and fried tofus immersed in a delicious soup and provided with banana blossoms, corns, diced water spinach, rice crackers, spring onions, and soupy noodles.

After your main course, start with delicious chilled desserts by grabbing their Bean and Jelly sweet and Coconut Milk and Ice cubes.

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13. Duong Restaurant

Duong Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is phenomenal for its great food presentations and stellar service.

This upscale restaurant also features excellent service and is not heavy on your wallet.

The ambiance is very modern, with a Vietnamese style that gives off classic vibes.

Chef’s Choice

Their cuisine is primarily a blend of Europe and Vietnamese, giving off a unique taste to its visitors.

Also, their street food options are excellent, with a perfect blend of spices and aroma.

Their BBQ pork and tiger prawns are great in taste and deserve mention in the list.

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14. Anan Saigon

Anan Saigon

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is among the 65th most fabulous restaurant to ever exist in Vietnam. It’s also a 5-star restaurant.

It has a fantastic range of food, from fine seafood options to cocktails.

The service is quite stellar, mostly crediting to fast service and professionalism.

Chef’s Choice

Their pork chops are a great choice to try as they are scrumptious behind the measure.

Other than that, their non-veg options and their drinks will take you to heaven with their unique dishes.

The perfect blend of French and Vietnamese spices will adorn your tastebuds in the best way.

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15. Secret Garden Restaurant

Secret Garden Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Secret Garden Restaurant leaves everyone in awe of its gorgeous interior design adorned with a colorful paper lantern and an open setting for a stunning feast.

The reasonable price, stellar views, and unique dishes make it a great place to have a banquet.

The botanical atmosphere adds up to the entire adventure of a good feasting experience in the city.

Chef’s Choice

One can’t leave this restaurant without trying their exquisite authentic lemongrass tofu for a joyful feast.

Other than that, their garlic fried along with the toppings of corns is an excellent addition to your meal.

Their mushroom dishes should also be given a try as they are exotic and delicious.

Location and contact

16. Den Long Restaurant

Den Long Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

One of the most notable aspects about this restaurant is its colorful ambiance that adds to your entire dining experience of having a great feast.

The place also serves its guest’s handwritten notes that’ll lift your spirits to the highest level.

The presentations of the food are also going to leave you in awe as it’s beautiful beyond sense.

Chef’s Choice

Their seabass seasoned with mango sauce is their highlighted dish and has won the hearts of thousands.

As for the drinks, their peach ones are a great choice to try as they rejuvenate your energy at significant levels.

Their desserts are also impressive, dipped in mango and coconut flavor, which have a very creamy and running texture.

Location and contact

17. The Posh Duck Restaurant

The Posh Duck Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is enduringly rich in ambiance and has a very professional setting for having meet ups and reunions.

Though the place is located in a very remote area, the visit is definitely worth it as it matches the ambiance you except this place.

The popularity of this diner stretches so far that it’s always crowded with people from all areas and hence attracts a lot of appreciation from its past visitors.

Chef’s Choice

Their non-veg options are tremendous and certainly deserve a try as they are juicy and crunchy in the most balanced way.

The menu keeps changing and adding a new variety of dishes to spice up your feasting experience.

As your ending meal, make sure that you try their range of desserts, especially their fruit versions so that you can end your feast in the most credible manner.

Location and contact

Final Thoughts

Above, we listed some of the best places to eat in Vietnam with some of the most frequented and renowned Vietnam restaurants, and we hope you were able to locate yourself within and answer the queries you possessed in the beginning regarding which one to choose. So we wish you a good trip and a Bon appetite for your favorite place to eat!


Is Vietnamese food spicy?

Yes, all asian dishes tend to be spicy. So strengthen your spice levels to enjoy their dishes.

What is the most famous food in Vietnam?

Their Pho Cha can and Banh xeo are your best bet here.

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