Best restaurants for delivery and takeout in London

Where To Order Thanksgiving Takeout in London – 2023

Thanksgiving in London, though miles away from its traditional roots, blossoms with its own unique charm and warmth.

In this historic and bustling city, the essence of Thanksgiving transcends geographical boundaries, bringing together people from all walks of life to celebrate gratitude and togetherness.

London, with its eclectic mix of cultures and cuisines, embraces this American tradition, infusing it with a distinctively global flair. The city’s cobbled streets, majestic parks, and the meandering Thames become backdrops to intimate gatherings and heartfelt reunions.

Expats mingle with locals, sharing stories and traditions, while London’s diverse culinary scene offers everything from classic turkey dinners to international twists on the holiday feast.

Thanksgiving in London becomes more than just a celebration of gratitude; it’s a fusion of traditions, a testament to the city’s spirit of inclusivity and its ability to make everyone, regardless of where they come from, feel at home.

Best restaurants for delivery and takeout in London for Thanksgiving this year

1. Munich Cricket Club Tower Hill

Munich Cricket Club Tower Hill

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Munich Cricket Club Tower Hill is a unique twist to London’s dining scene, offering a Bavarian Bierkeller experience right in the heart of Central London.

Nestled under the historic archways of Tower Hill, this German-themed restaurant brings a slice of Munich to the city, complete with weekly live Oompah bands.

The lively ambiance, coupled with authentic German beers served by the stein, makes it an exciting spot for a non-traditional Thanksgiving celebration.

This Thanksgiving, Munich Cricket Club Tower Hill is ready to serve up a feast with its food delivery and takeout services.

Imagine indulging in classic Bavarian food, perhaps as a fun alternative to the usual turkey delivery. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or a small, intimate dinner, their Thanksgiving catering in my area service promises a unique and festive experience.

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2. Chayote St Katharine Docks

Chayote St Katharine Docks

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Chayote St Katharine Docks is a culinary gem that recently opened under the guidance of acclaimed Chef Thomas Baranski.

Situated in the picturesque St Katharine Docks, Chayote offers an eclectic menu that artfully blends Mexican, Peruvian, and Spanish cuisines.

The restaurant’s commitment to delivering an authentic and high-quality culinary experience makes it a standout for those seeking a diverse and flavorful Thanksgiving meal in London.

This Thanksgiving, Chayote is set to tantalize your taste buds with their Thanksgiving takeout in London. Their diverse menu is a refreshing change from traditional Thanksgiving fare, ideal for those looking for something different.

Whether you’re in the mood for spicy Mexican dishes, flavorful Peruvian specialties, or classic Spanish cuisine, Chayote’s same-day Thanksgiving delivery ensures a memorable and  delicious holiday meal.

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3. Ecco Pizza

Ecco Pizza

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Ecco Pizza in London is a cozy family-run business that delights in making customers happy with their authentic Italian pizzas.

They take immense pride in every aspect of their pizza-making process, from the freshly made dough to the carefully selected toppings prepared right in their shop.

The dedication to quality and customer satisfaction at Ecco Pizza makes it a wonderful choice for a casual yet delicious Thanksgiving meal.

For Thanksgiving, Ecco Pizza offers a delightful pizza delivery on Thanksgiving service. Their pizzas, with a 24-hour ambient fermentation process, are a testament to their commitment to authenticity and flavor.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional pizza or something more unique, Ecco Pizza’s food delivery service ensures a memorable and tasty addition to your holiday celebration.

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4. Zonzo Restaurant

Zonzo Restaurant

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Zonzo Restaurant is an Italian haven in London, known for its extraordinary cuisine, beautiful decor, and affordable prices. Since 1992, Zonzo has been serving quality Italian food that’s deeply rooted in tradition.

The restaurant features a large wood-fired oven, where guests can watch the pizza chef skillfully twirl dough all evening, adding to the dining experience’s charm. This Thanksgiving, Zonzo offers a unique twist to the traditional meal with its Italian specialties.

Their Thanksgiving takeout in London includes an array of Italian dishes, including their famed wood-fired pizzas. Zonzo’s same-day Thanksgiving delivery makes it easy to enjoy a slice of Italy at your Thanksgiving gathering.

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5. Basilico Marylebone

Basilico Marylebone

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Basilico Marylebone is a pizza lover’s paradise, offering over 20 years of expertise in crafting unforgettable pizzas.

Known affectionately as ‘pizza-ologists,’ the team at Basilico uses the finest Italian ingredients to create a wide range of pizzas, including traditional, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Their commitment to creating diverse and delicious pizzas makes them a standout choice for Thanksgiving in London.

For those looking for a relaxed yet flavorful Thanksgiving meal, Basilico Marylebone’s pizza delivery on Thanksgiving is a perfect choice.

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita or a unique vegan creation, their food delivery service brings the best of Italian pizza to your doorstep, ensuring a delightful and hassle-free holiday meal.

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6. Detroit Pizza London

Detroit Pizza London

Why It Is a Must-Visit

Detroit Pizza London brings a slice of the Motor City to London with its authentic Detroit-style pizza.

Known for their unique sourdough crust studded with cheese and baked in original Blue Steel pans, their pizzas offer a taste experience unlike any other in the city. The fresh and innovative toppings elevate each pizza, making them a must-try for pizza enthusiasts.

This Thanksgiving, Detroit Pizza London is ready to transform your holiday meal with their pizza delivery on Thanksgiving service.

Catering to all dietary preferences, they offer delicious options for vegetarians and vegans as well. Their commitment to authentic Detroit-style pizza makes them a standout choice for a festive and unconventional Thanksgiving meal.

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7. Italianslice


Why It Is a Must-Visit

Italianslice sets itself apart as the only pizzeria in London that uses pure filtered water for its pizza dough, resulting in a healthier and easily digestible crust.

They take pride in using the freshest ingredients, homemade tomato sauce, freshly cut mozzarella cheese, and a unique mix of Italian flours. This commitment to quality and health makes their pizzas both delicious and nourishing.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving in London, Italianslice offers a delightful alternative with their free delivery service in the area.

Open until late at night, they are perfect for last-minute or same-day Thanksgiving delivery, ensuring that your holiday meal is both convenient and exceptional.

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8. Basilico


Why It Is a Must-Visit

Basilico Limehouse, with over 20 years of pizza-making expertise, has perfected the art of crafting unforgettable Italian pizzas.

Their team fondly referred to as ‘pizza biologists,’ uses the finest Italian ingredients to create a wide array of pizzas, including traditional, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

This dedication to variety and quality makes Basilico Limehouse a top choice for pizza lovers. This Thanksgiving, enjoy a touch of Italy with Basilico Limehouse’s pizza delivery on Thanksgiving.

Whether you crave a classic Italian pizza or a specialty vegan or gluten-free option, their food delivery service brings the best of Italian culinary tradition right to your doorstep, adding a unique and delicious twist to your Thanksgiving celebration.

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9. Dashuo Chinese Restaurant 大烁

Dashuo Chinese Restaurant 大烁

Why It Is a Must Visit

Dashuo Chinese Restaurant in Somers Town, London, is a haven for those seeking authentic Chinese cuisine. Renowned for serving some of the highest quality Chinese food in North London, Dashuo boasts professional chefs with years of experience in traditional Chinese cooking.

They use traditional cooking methods, akin to those in the finest hotels and restaurants in China, to deliver an authentic taste experience.

For Thanksgiving, Dashuo offers a unique alternative to traditional fare with its food delivery service across London.

Their menu, rich in authentic flavors, is perfect for those seeking to add an exotic twist to their holiday meal. With discounts available for collection and delivery via the All Eat app, Dashuo makes it both convenient and affordable to enjoy a flavorful Thanksgiving feast.

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10. Nando’s Goodge Street

Nando's Goodge Street

Why It Is a Must Visit

Nando’s Goodge Street is the go-to destination for flame-grilled PERi-PERi cravings in London. Conveniently located near Euston and Goodge Street Stations, it’s a perfect spot for a quick and delicious meal.

Whether you’re heading to the Odeon Cinema or just in the area, Nando’s Goodge Street’s vibrant atmosphere and delicious food make it a great choice for a casual Thanksgiving meal.

This Thanksgiving, Nando’s Goodge Street is ready to spice up your holiday with its PERi-PERi flavors. Whether you’re eating in or collecting, they offer a delicious, hassle-free option for your Thanksgiving dinner.

The convenience and delightful flavors make Nando’s a fantastic choice for a laid-back and enjoyable holiday meal.

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11. The Indian Butler

The Indian Butler

Why It Is a Must Visit

The Indian Butler in London is not just a restaurant; it’s a storytelling experience through cuisine. Inspired by the historical bond between Queen Victoria and her Indian butler, this restaurant offers an immersive journey into Indian culture and traditions.

Their menu is a colorful palette of Indian flavors, bringing the vibrancy and richness of Indian cuisine to London.

For a Thanksgiving meal infused with the exotic flavors of India, The Indian Butler offers a compelling choice. Their food delivery service in London is perfect for those wanting to celebrate Thanksgiving with a touch of royal Indian cuisine.

The restaurant’s dedication to authenticity and quality ensures a Thanksgiving meal that’s both unique and memorably delicious.

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As the Thanksgiving celebrations wind down in London, the city seems to glow a little brighter with the joy and warmth shared among its dwellers.

The day leaves behind a tapestry of new memories and strengthened bonds, reflecting the unique way this city embraces and celebrates diversity.

In London, Thanksgiving is not just about the lavish meals but also about the shared experiences, the laughter echoing in dining rooms, and the stories exchanged over slices of pie.

It’s a reminder that even far from its origins, the essence of Thanksgiving – gratitude, community, and kinship – remains universal.

London, in its majestic and multicultural glory, proves once again that it’s not just a place but a feeling – one of belonging, warmth, and shared humanity.

The city, draped in its autumnal beauty, bids farewell to Thanksgiving with a promise of more gatherings, more stories, and more reasons to be thankful in the years to come.

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