Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Salem

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Salem – 2023

Salem is the ideal location for a turkey day culinary experience.

The town on Massachusetts’s northern beaches has all you require for a comprehensive gastronomic feast.

Salem offers everything, from traditional American family cuisine to cuisine with multiple cuisines around the globe and exquisite flavors.

You’ll also like the town’s many eating options, which include anything from posh establishments to little cafés where you can simply chill around.

Certainly, Salem is the destination to be for your thanksgiving day dinner feast.

To assist you in organizing your epic eating excursion, here’s a rundown of the greatest eateries in Salem for a turkey feast.

Best restaurants in Salem for Thanksgiving this year

1. Village Tavern

Village Tavern

This establishment, located right adjacent to the Peabody Chelmsford Institute, is well-known for serving basic American tavern fare in a fun atmosphere.

Residents will inform you that this is among the greatest eating establishments in the city.

As a connoisseur, you would be satisfied not only by the culinary delights, which range from meats to pizzeria.

The atmosphere is also ideal, with foosball tables as well as a Monitor at the restaurant displaying a football match to die-hard followers.

The Rodeo Cheeseburger will make for a terrific lunch.

The veggie burger is so delicate that it dissolves into your tongue with each piece.

The meal is without a question the greatest in Town.

2. Red’s Sandwich Shop

Red’s Sandwich Shop

Red’s Sandwich Shop, situated in the historical British Tea Shop in central Salem, delivers wonderful traditional American meals for your thanksgiving delight.

Don’t pass up the ideal brunch in the city.

Visit this establishment, which is located in a structure that dates back to 1697, for a sample of delicious food spanning from omelettes to waffles and pancakes.

The restaurant provides one of the most relaxed places for residents to dine and mingle.

Including its silky, airy consistency that is ideal for your taste receptors, the Red’s Beef Explosion Egg sandwich entrée will leave you speechless.

The asparagus, shallots, and chilies complement the steak well.

With that delectable velvety sauce featured on the side, it is a divine meal.

3. Turner’s Seafood

Turner’s Seafood

Turner’s seafood is one of numerous Turner’s Fisheries locations that have developed throughout Massachusetts.

It is one of the high-end eateries in downtown Boston, delivering classic Great Britain fare with a focus on shellfish.

This is the destination to go to if you enjoy meat and fish.

Choose from traditional shellfish meals to more inventive platters created by head Chef Anson Wang.

Whatever you select, the restaurant draws its shellfish from nearby seas, ensuring that each meal is presented warm.

The atmosphere is also memorable, with towering metal chandeliers, stone walls, and plank flooring that harken back to the city’s rich past.

Don’t miss out on attending one of the trendiest eateries in the neighborhood.

The Oyster Tart is very delicious.

The citrus aroma permeates into the delicate, white glove, spine, and elbow flesh, imparting a delightful acidic fragrance.

The cracker crumbles are the icing on the cake, creating the meal a gourmet perfection.

4. Flying Saucer Pizza Company

Flying Saucer Pizza Company

This prize-winning pizzeria is among the best places to dine in Salem, serving exquisite Italian steaks in a pleasant and relaxed setting.

If you enjoy pizzas, this is the place to go in Salem.

The steaks are wonderful, crafted with fresh produce to guarantee that the meal is delivered hot.

Anticipate creative twists on contemporary Italian fare that will make you want extra.

With its gigantic pizzeria portions that are about double the size of a large crust, this is among the greatest celebration eateries in the city.

Furthermore, the atmosphere is one that customers will like, with the location’s “nerdvana” concept clarified by Darth Vader and Doc Who mementos.

Enjoy the Pepperoni Mice in Orbit.

The brisket, when grilled to excellence, will undoubtedly fulfill your protein appetite.

The Gallo de salsa marinade adds such a deep richness to the meal that each and every mouthful will feel like paradise to you.

5. The Tavern

The Tavern

This eatery within a 1926 resort is one of the regional specialties, serving great comfort cuisine spanning from hamburgers to sandwiches.

The establishment emanates a relaxed sophistication making it among the finest in the city.

When you walk in, you’ll notice the lovely hardwood ceilings, swooping seats, and focal hearth.

You’ll also notice a tavern wherein you may get a beverage and mingle with the pleasant employees.

Steve’s Shrimp Broth is a popular dish.

The meal, titled after Steve Nathan, the restaurant’s chief cook for above three decades, is a delicious mix of fish tastes in a velvety British blend broth.

It’s a culinary treat!

6. Nathaniel’s


This exquisite eatery within the iconic Hawthorne Mansion provides traditional British fare.

This upmarket place serves exquisite cuisine in the city.

With its massive artwork, lighting, and vintage seats, the restaurant transports you to the Nineteenth century.

With its lighted candlelight and a genuine pianist playing at nightfall, this is unquestionably among the nicest supper spots and will surely make thanksgiving unforgettable.

The Shrimp Scramble is well-known for its delectable taste.

The properly cooked whites on top of the prawns and mussels give the meal a distinct flavor that will please your palette.

Combine that with the essence of the delectable yellow bison burger, and you have a gourmet marvel.

7. Olde Maine Street Pub

Olde Maine Street Pub

Old Maine Street Pub is well-known for its traditional comfort cuisine featuring global cuisines and elements, presented creatively and offered in a friendly setting.

Have the greatest brunch in the city at this restaurant, which provides all of your signature dishes, from tasty hamburgers to fried chicken.

This is among the best Salem eateries, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Simply eat your food while sitting On the sofa to get the whole fine dining.

With its Whiskey BBQ-drawn ham, signature tasso, and nettle vinaigrette, the Improper Cubano is a fantastic meal.

When you combine it with the hot jalapenos, you get a fantastic mix of aromas that you’ll definitely remember.


The holiday season is already approaching, and this season feels especially celebratory given the fact that people can gather securely without the fear of a global epidemic.

But toiling beyond a hot burner might not be everyone’s notion of a good time. If you’re planning a large event or simply deciding to stay home, these are some nearby choices for people who do not wish to handle all of the food.

Regardless of whether you’re touring Salem over Turkey day or searching for supper to carry home, Salem’s traditional cuisine industry provides a range of alternatives for you. With the list, you may find Holiday dinners to purchase and places to book a table for the turkey feast.

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