Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Portland

15 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Portland – 2023

Portland is one of the largest cities in Oregon and sits peacefully on the Willamette and Columbia river and provides stunning Alpine views of snow-capped mountains that are spellbinding.

It’s primarily famous for its Bicycle paths, parks and bridges and for following a sustainable mindset in holding coffee houses and microbreweries. The place is also covered with lots of greenery and lush gardens and is a centre of thriving art, music and theatres.

Therefore, observing Thanksgiving here would be an exciting thing to look forward to, and for that, one should be familiar with some exceptional restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Portland that has been celebrated for several years for offering exquisite Thanksgiving-inspired dinner cuisine.

Let’s take a look at them.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Portland This Year

1. Andina


It’s pretty rare to find a Peruvian diner in Portland when American restaurants occupy every single corner of the city. But the Andina restaurant here introduces people to specialized Peruvian cuisine this Thanksgiving with its many incredible varieties.

The restaurant, through its collaborative effort with traders and local farmers, serves people the freshest Oregon food choices with Peruvian flavours inside its classy setting.

It has been built with several years of love, compassion and professionalism by following the traditional recipes and culture of Peruvian cuisine in creating its delectable dishes.

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2. Prost


The Prost restaurant is a comfy German pub situated in the historical District of Portland where one can get to enjoy an unparalleled variety of wine and Thanksgiving food.

Even though Portland has its fair share of American restaurants, it’s pretty hard to locate an authentic German diner, and of which this restaurant is a daunting choice as it delivers people an immersing German dining experience.

Some of its notable highlights are pretzels, German salads, homemade soups, selected wines and a lot more.

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3. Metropolitan Tavern

Metropolitan Tavern

The Metropolitan Tavern restaurant is an upscale diner situated at the top of the hotel Eastlund, and it’s one of the rarest places where one can enjoy the stunning skyline views of Portland with a fancy atmosphere while treating themselves to modern, tasty food items.

The menu here is divided into main plates, small plates and side dishes, along with specialized varieties like shareable boards, desserts and artisan pizzas that leaves one incredibly satisfied.

The restaurant excels so well in its hospitality that it has earned its royal patrons who keep visiting it again and again and therefore consider it as one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

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4. Magna Kusina

Magna Kusina

The public so well received the Magna Kusina restaurant that it got nominated as one of the best restaurants in Portland in the year 2021.

It’s a Filipino restaurant that manages to embrace its heritage end culture through its generational recipes that can be seen through its marvellous culinary creations with a delicious well-crafted menu.

It consistently gets featured in a lot of magazines and has won several accolades for its mouth-watering cuisine and exceptional service.

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5. Kachka


The Kachka restaurant is an excellent place to stop by if one suddenly craves Russian cuisine during Thanksgiving and is definitely one of the best thanksgiving restaurants near me that carry authentic flavour with it.

All of the dishes here are created by fellow Russian chefs and get prepped with great enthusiasm.

It also infuses French cooking techniques into the dishes so that it feels exotic. By doing so, the restaurant manages to rekindle the love for Russian cuisine in the hearts of many.

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6. Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros

The Dutch Bros restaurant is an enchanting place to visit in one wants to get a refreshing beginning to their day through rejuvenating beverages and trim snack options for brunch and breakfast.

The most notable aspect of this restaurant is its beverage collection which features numerous selections of coffee, energy drinks, lemonades and smoothies.

Also, it has several branches all across the US and keeps growing and expanding its base.

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7. Jake’s Grill

Jake's Grill

The Jake’s Grill restaurant is known for its heartiest varieties in traditional American fare with its lovely collection of wines, seafood and steaks.

The menu here contains huge items like salads, status, lunches, soups, cocktails, sandwiches and a lot more which is more than one can count.

Also, it has happy hour events and other unique items, which has made it one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

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8. Bullard Tavern

Bullard Tavern

The Bullard Tavern restaurant introduces people to a classic fusion of Texas and Mexico which contains the ideal spirit of Thanksgiving inside its upscale and sophisticated decor that feels lavish.

The menu here comes in several exciting forms small plates, lunch plates, branches and free complimentary dinner delivery and takeout options. 

Its convenience is one of the biggest reasons why it provides such a seamless experience to its visitors and is perfect for big gatherings or dining with family.

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9. Pastini


The Pastini restaurant is an Italian food chain that specializes in delivering modern and traditional pasta choices with gluten-free options.

One of the most fabulous aspects of this restaurant goes back to its excellent service and accommodating staff members that take into consideration diet-restrictive choices as well.

Their mixed green salad is an appetizing choice to go for as it comes in a crispy texture and has yummy flavours to it.

So if you are wondering where to eat gluten-free and vegetarian options with delectable Italian cuisine, then the Pastini can always be a good option for you to go to for during Thanksgiving.

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10. Urban Farmer Portland

Urban Farmer Portland

The Urban Farmer Portland restaurant is a modern diner that focuses its menu on steak varieties inside its country-plus chic setting and is located on the eighth floor of the nines hotel.

It’s one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving due to its many flavorful choices with a generous serving and impressive steak varieties.

Also, it’s worth mentioning the fact that it provides a thoroughly attentive service to its guests so that one gets to feast without any hassle.

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11. Charklewis Restaurant

Charklewis Restaurant

The Charklewis restaurant creates locally sourced dishes with the authentic flavour of Pacific NW inside its lively and sophisticated atmosphere, which was refurbished from a warehouse.

It has everything you need to be rapid service, knowledgeable staff, tasty food and a classy atmosphere.

Almost every single dish of it is fabulous, and it’s hard to choose from, but our particular recommendation would go for their half-dozen oysters and their tasty parsnip soup.

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12. Huber’s Cafe

Huber's Cafe

The Huber’s Cafe restaurant is an American diner which features a unique bar and was first established in 1879 and got quickly famous for its decadent Spanish coffee and roasted turkey.

It’s a very intriguing place as it has a rustic ambience and a legendary history for maintaining consistent quality.

Also, no other restaurant can match the roasted turkey that this restaurant offers on Thanksgiving, but if you want a small snack option, then you can try their dual slices of gravy-slathered bread.

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13. Gracie’s


Gracie’s restaurant is designed in a swanky fashion and embodies a classic Hollywood image to it by offering delicious American cuisine with its location inside the deluxe hotel.

It’s a terrific place to visit with your whole family as the dishes here, like their smoked beet salad, Manhattans, and other tasty choices, are made with utmost creativity and come in delicious flavours.

Also, the interval between the dishes is perfectly timed and therefore allows people to dine in peace.

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14. The Slide Inn

The Slide Inn

The Slide Inn restaurant offers people a masterful fusion of American and German dishes that come with international flavours inside its mid-century sophisticated interior.

The most remarkable feature about this place is its offering of restrictive diet options and its tasty treats like scrambled pies and gluten-free plum pancakes, French toast, hash browns and lots of other dishes.

It’s a place that provides people not only with good food but also with a great atmosphere so that one gets an overall fantastic dining experience.

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15. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan restaurant is a casual diner that provides people with familiar American cuisine choices that come in several comfort forms and varieties.

Its simple dishes like burgers, oysters, deep-fried potatoes and other brunch varieties, along with a special mention of paprika sausage and their exquisite beers and cocktails, make for a favourable feast to try.

Also, the place doesn’t need a reservation and is family-friendly with its convenient location in the Montavilla neighbourhood.

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Final Thoughts

Portland is one of those cities which manages to fulfil all of its goals, be it being environmentally conscious or being progressive in the industrial arena as well.

As it is one of the largest cities, it has its fair share of restaurants serving delectable cuisine, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving, when one constantly searches for good restaurants.

So to help you with that, we created this list of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Portland that have been known for their reputation in serving the most fabulous Thanksgiving-inspired dinner options to get you ahead in the game.

We hope this helps you find a good restaurant to eat on Thanksgiving.

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