Restaurants in Pinehurst for Thanksgiving dinner

9 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Pinehurst – 2023

When the amber leaves start to fall and there’s a gentle chill in the air, the town of Pinehurst gears up for a grand celebration – Thanksgiving.

This quaint town, brimming with charm and history, knows just how to roll out the festive red carpet for both locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re typing Thanksgiving restaurants Pinehurst or Thanksgiving Dinner Pinehurst into your search bar, Pinehurst offers a delightful palette of choices.

From restaurants that have stood the test of time to new culinary stars on the block, there’s a spot for everyone.

And if you’re wondering about restaurants open Thanksgiving near me or seeking a list of the best places around for a memorable dinner or even a takeout or delivery option, Pinehurst has got you covered.

With a rich blend of tradition and innovation, this town is the place to be for a heartwarming, belly-filling Thanksgiving celebration.

Best restaurants in Pinehurst for Thanksgiving this year

1. Elliotts On Linden

Elliotts On Linden

Why it is a must visit:

Imagine a place where fresh food is straight from the farmlands on your table. A chill spot with a classy touch. That’s Elliotts for you. Whether you’re in for a cozy date or just hanging out with pals, Elliotts makes it special.

Their yummy menu is a treat! And if you’re hunting for a cool place for a Thanksgiving dinner in Pinehurst, this spot has you covered.

Their lunch from Elliotts Provisions is also super cool. How about making your salad or biting into hot sandwiches and wraps?

Sounds good, right? So, if you’re thinking about where to eat or looking for food near me, remember Elliotts!

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2. Hickory Tavern

Hickory Tavern

Why it is a must visit:

Want to feel right at home, even when you’re out? Hickory Tavern is your local hangout spot. Perfect for any time of the day, be it lunch, late nights, or those last-minute plans.

If you’re searching for restaurants open Thanksgiving near me, Hickory should be on your list. Craving some lip-smacking goodness?

This is where to eat! Not only do they offer some of the best meals around, but they’re also big on fun times. Imagine watching your favorite games with a cold beer in hand.

And if you’re thinking of a dinner delivery or takeout, they’ve got you. Maybe even throw in some pies for the spirit of Thanksgiving.

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3. Pinehurst Brewing Company

Pinehurst Brewing Company

Why it is a must visit:

Nestled in an old steam plant building, this is where history meets yummy food and crafty brews. Got a pet?

They can chill outside with you. And hey, if you’re into running, join the Bluecrew Run Club every Wednesday at 6 p.m.!

Eric Mitchell crafts some amazing beer here. But that’s not all. Think smoky BBQ, crunchy salads, juicy burgers, and delicious pizza from a brick oven.

If restaurants open Thanksgiving near me is what you’re typing into your phone, type in Pinehurst Brewing Company instead.

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4. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Why it is a must visit:

Ever dreamt of a Texas-style BBQ? Dickey’s brings that dream to life. A place that’s been grilling since 1941 surely knows its stuff.

Every night, they smoke their signature meats to perfection. The menu? Packed with authentic BBQ delights.

They believe in serving the best, and their sides are family secrets passed down for generations. Hungry for dinner delivery, takeout, or meals?

Dickey’s got your back. Make sure you visit or order online to find out why they’ve been a BBQ champ for so long.

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5. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Why it is a must visit:

Ever felt that warm hug from a place? That’s Cracker Barrel for you. Friendly faces, homely vibes, and a shopping spot to explore – all under one roof.

Imagine breakfast all day long with fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Or maybe you’re in the mood for fried chicken or chicken n’ dumplings?

It’s Southern cooking at its best. If places to eat in Pinehurst or food near me is on your search bar, think Cracker Barrel. And don’t forget, they’ve got takeout and dinner delivery too!

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6. The Roast Office

The Roast Office

Why it is a must visit:

Step back in time in this old-world charm coffee shop. Located right in the heart of Pinehurst, it once was the main Post Office.

Every time you sip your coffee, imagine folks of yesteryears picking up their letters and parcels right where you sit!

They serve up heart-warming cups of coffee and tea, always with a big smile. Hungry for a little something? Grab a quick breakfast or lunch.

And for the bookworms, they’ve got used hardback books for sale. Every book you buy helps the local library, so not only do you get a portion of food near me spot, but you also do some good!

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7. Pine Scone Cafe Pinehurst

Pine Scone Cafe Pinehurst

Why it is a must visit:

Hidden like a gem, this cafe is cozily tucked between Elliott’s on Linden and Cabinetry of Pinehurst.

If rustic and cozy were a cafe, Pine Scone would be it. Close enough for a lovely walk, it’s become a fave for many visitors.

Need a restaurant open Thanksgiving near me option for your morning pick-me-up? This is the spot! Dive into their range of handcrafted drinks from the espresso bar.

And the scones? Oh boy! Freshly baked and award-winning. Pop by to get SCONED in the Pines and start your Thanksgiving with a sweet touch.

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8. Beefeaters


Why it is a must visit:

Located in Southern Pines, stepping into Beefeaters feels like entering a lovely, candle-lit dream. A family-owned spot, it has the charm of local love mixed with some classic steakhouse vibes.

If steak is your thing, this is your place. Not just any steak, but the Best Steak – and that’s not just us saying it.

They’ve bagged the title every year since 1999, and even the North Carolina Cattlemen’s Association agrees!

Not to forget, their seafood and that massive salad bar. If you’re wondering where to eat, especially for a Thanksgiving dinner that’s a bit different, think Beefeaters.

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9. The Sly Fox Pub

The Sly Fox Pub

Why it is a must visit:

Ever wanted to feel like you’re in England without the long flight? The Sly Fox Pub offers just that. A genuine English ambiance that transports you straight to the cozy pubs across the pond. Plus, their outdoor patio is a slice of serenity.

Simple, honest, and oh-so-delicious. The Sly Fox offers classic pub grub but with a fresh twist. And the drinks? A selection so varied, you’ll feel spoiled for choice.

From local brews to international ones, there’s something to complement every dish. If food near me or places to eat in Southern Pines is on your mind, then The Sly Fox Pub should be on your list!

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As the Thanksgiving season wraps up in Pinehurst, one thing becomes crystal clear – this town is more than just a destination; it’s an experience.

With its vibrant mix of eateries, each offering a unique take on the classic Thanksgiving feast, Pinehurst truly becomes a haven for food lovers.

From affordable and cheap options to last-minute plans, there’s a plate for every taste and budget. Whether you’re a local, a regular visitor, or someone discovering Pinehurst for the first time during this festive period, the essence of Thanksgiving here is unmistakable.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering where to eat, food near me, or places to eat in Pinehurst during the holiday season, remember the delightful memories and flavors that Pinehurst has to offer.

After all, Thanksgiving here isn’t just a meal; it’s a tradition, a community, and above all, a feeling of gratitude and togetherness.

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