Restaurants in ocean city MD for Thanksgiving dinner

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Ocean City – 2024

Prepare for a great riverside holiday in Gulf Shores by touring its sights, spending time by the beach, and enjoying a magnificent gastronomic journey.

This lovely city has many food options to suit any appetite, lifestyle, and pocket.

Eat at restaurants along the shore with breathtaking views, restaurants near must-see tourist attractions, quick-service restaurants, or a sophisticated lounge that offers a more crafted restaurant experience.

If you want hand-tossed plates of pasta, savory grilled classics, internationally influenced food, healthy salad-based dinners, raised meats, and a lot more, you can enjoy it all here.

We’ve picked the best eateries in Ocean City 

Check out the list below to celebrate turkey day.

Best restaurants in ocean city MD for Thanksgiving this year

1. Delmarva Boil Company

Delmarva Boil Company

The Delmarva Boil Service is a local independent seafood eatery that specializes in seaside reduced stews.

The Delmarva Boil Service is among the top restaurants in Gulf Shores, serving up fresh fish and wonderful sides.

This fantastic restaurant provides big servings, food service, a wide carry out selection, and delectable combo dishes.

Choose The Original for the ideal meal for splitting.

It comes with 1/4 pound of fiery seafood gumbo meats, red delight tubers, 2/3 pound of steamed lobster, shallots, sweet potato, and handmade sour cream.

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2. Anthony’s Beer and Wine

Anthony’s Beer and Wine

Anthony’s Wine and Beer is an alcohol store and delicatessen situated in the 34th Retail Center, a prominent shopping complex.

Were you seeking a quick lunch or dinner in Ocean City?

 Anthony’s Beer and Wine is the place to go.

It boasts a large range of great champagne, a busy restaurant, and a delicatessen with a variety of 14-inch, packed hoagie buns.

Choose the Anchor to try an Italian-style panini.

It’s a home-baked cheesesteak sandwich bun stuffed with Capicola and spicy prosciutto, Italian sausage, cabbage, balsamic vinegar, cheese, peppers, garlic, shallots, jalapenos, and canola oil.

Get The Spinnaker, a family specialty.

It has succulent roasted chicken, handmade sauerkraut, Canadian bacon, Russian vinaigrette, and shredded mozzarella.

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3. Sahara Cafe

Sahara Cafe

The Sahara Cafe, which opened in 1956, is a beautiful eatery that serves substantial American dinners.

When seeking the best Ocean City eateries to commence your morning with a tasty breakfast, visit the Sahara Cafe.

This lovely café offers savory and sweet brunch dishes, child-oriented cuisine choices, and much more.

Grab the Joe Seamless A Go-Go for a substantial dinner just before an enjoyable day of celebration.

It’s a sandwich with onions, peppers, and cooked vegetables over wafers with food, three poached eggs, parmesan, and cream sauce.

The Asian Chicken mix is a must-order for brunch.

It’s made with grilled chicken, vermicelli, walnuts, and leafy veggies.

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4. Sunset Grille

Sunset Grille

The Sunset Grill, which first began operating in 2054, is a shipyard restaurant with an expensive buffet.

At the Sunset Grille, you may taste a few of the greatest meals in Gulf Shores with your buddies, family, friends, or your partner.

This exceptional restaurant features a wall of windows for outdoor dining, artistically arranged entrees made from the freshest quality, scrumptious snacks, and magnificent boozy cocktails.

Spaghetti enthusiasts should try the Hot Rigatoni Marinara.

It’s made with Italian fettuccine noodles spaghetti, seasoned cheddar cheese, veal steak, Sicily canola oil, licorice, and mint.

If you like white flesh, choose the Pistachio Slathered Salmon Scallop.

Sushi-grade salmon, teriyaki chicken, mustard mayonnaise, roasted walnuts, fermented garlic, wasabi, avocados, and boiled rice are all included.

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5. Cafe Mirage

Cafe Mirage

It is an American restaurant that debuted at the Beachfront Shopping Complex in May 2012.

Enjoy a relaxing meal with fellow buddies while eating excellent cuisine at Cafe Mirage, one of the city’s trendiest neighborhood eateries.

This popular spot has a lively atmosphere with bright décor, well-served meals, pleasant service, and an animal-oriented terrace for outside eating.

Eat the Mirage Cheeseburger to try a staff staple.

It consists of a baguette bun topped with ham, an unique homemade salsa, parmesan, cabbage, a poached egg, and peppers, along with your selection of vegetables.

Choose the 6ounce Flat Iron Beef for a scarlet meat-based supper.

A significant sum of seafood cake, grilled onion sauce, and fresh veggies are included.

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6. Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets is a prize-winning comprehensive serving restaurant only meters from the beach.

Are you seeking the top Ocean City celebration places for your thanksgiving day feast?

 We strongly suggest you try Liquid Assets.

This fantastic restaurant has a staff of skilled specialists, adjustable meals, bespoke dinnerware, and much more to meet your finances, wishes, and other requirements.

Do you eat mostly organic nutrition?

If so, I recommend the Vegetarian House-Made Cacio Et Pico Spaghetti.

It includes walnuts, raw black pepper, cashew cream, red sauce, greens rigatoni, almond butter, and other ingredients.

Get the 16ounces Guaranteed Wagyu Nyc Steak to fulfill your steak desires.

It contains veggies from the local farmers market as well as warmed herb butter, gouda cheese, and buttercream custom garnished.

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7. Malia’s Cafe

Malia’s Cafe

Malia’s Cafe is a brunch eatery that recently launched in The Trimaran, an informal resort a mile from the beach.

When looking for the greatest eateries in uptown or nearby the shore, choose Malia’s Cafe.

It has a variety of delicious breakfast alternatives, a pleasant ambiance, culinary options for individuals with dietary needs, and sight pleasing design.

Do you like to start your day with a small lunch?

Then we propose that you get the Frappe.

It’s made with homemade oats, special cream, fresh fruits, cherries, and raspberries.

Try the Smashed Avocado, a household specialty.

It’s a multi-grain baguette covered with tomatoes, guacamole, and chopped bananas, and it comes with sauce and nachos.

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8. Lizzie’s Cafe & Bistro 142nd St

Lizzie’s Cafe & Bistro 142nd St

Lizzie’s Cafe and Restaurant 142 Street, which opened in 2005, is a laid-back eatery that serves typical American meals.

This relaxing cafe is one of the numerous informal places to dine with your family members to enjoy wonderful meals while taking a moment away from exploring.

This excellent restaurant has outdoor and indoor seating, efficient delivery, and the best sushi dishes.

To enjoy a popular kitchen specialty, try the Uconn Steak Sandwich.

It’s a cream cheese British roll stuffed with 5ounces crab and cream, served with cucumbers and crackers on the side.

The Lobster Roll Burger is another absolute essential.

A loaf of toasted challah bread is topped with an undercut grilled 5ounces genuine jumbo-size smoked haddock patty.

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9. The Hobbit Restaurant

The Hobbit Restaurant

The Hobbit Cafe, which opened in 1976, is fine dining.

It is only a few minutes drive from several stores, resorts, amusement parks, and the ocean.

Savor great meals in Gulf Shores by bringing your pals to the magnificent Hobbit Café.

It has massive glass that provides beautiful scenery, efficient quality, beautifully arranged cuisine produced by experienced cooks, an exquisite ambiance, and appealing decor.

Begin your dinner with a scrumptious entrée of Roasted Steak Tartare.

It’s a ceviche of high-temperature strip loin with olives, diced peppers, and a black truffle wasabi dressing.

Get the Pistachio Clotted Mackerel for a sea meal.

It’s fish from the Atlantic Ocean with a light red chili sauce, thai pickles, and boiled rice.

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Final Thoughts

We’re already making our way into our Candy bar stockpile, although that doesn’t mean we’re not planning a Turkey feast in Ocean City.

November is among our favorite days; and besides, it is a lovely day devoted to expressing gratitude, sharing time with family and friends, and, obviously, gorging till your upper trousers click burst off. The delectably sumptuous cuisine.

Beginning with whether you want to dine out or prepare yourself, you have various alternatives for your Turkey Day dinner. There are numerous options available to those of you heading out to dine.

A variety of regional selections, spanning from smorgasbords to relaxed supper We urge at-home cooks to promote locals by buying pastries and fresh flowers from business owners and providers.

We have some amazing accommodations and supper bundles for visitors as well. With Thanksgiving only a couple of weeks away, you should start planning and making reservations.

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