Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Nyc

23 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Nyc – 2024

Finally, after two years of slow down, people will now get to observe Thanksgiving to their heart’s content which should be celebrated in a zestful way. New York City is known for its vibrancy and nightlife that keeps busting all day. Because New York is always in such a rush, dining at the soul of this city is undoubtedly a magical feat towards celebrating one of the most beloved festivals.

It’s hard not to find a decent restaurant in this joyous place, as New York always has its share of spectacular family-friendly restaurants perfect for a great Thanksgiving feast in a cozy way. So let’s check out some of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving.

Best Thanksgiving Restaurants Nyc This Year

1. Katz Deli

Katz Deli

Why it’s a must visit?

This restaurant has become one of the favorites of people looking forward to celebrating a festive Thanksgiving night in NYC.

All that you have to do is reserve your seat before commemorating the memorable holiday, as it’s definitely worth it.

As you dine at this restaurant and get to take a look at its engaging atmosphere, you will quickly realize why it has such a huge fan following.

The restaurant also has a special ‘all you can eat’ hour event where one can order as much food as possible in the form of a buffet which is perfect for a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has a specific price set for almost every dish, which makes food a lot more exciting and affordable.

The fixed price contains all your foods, drinks, tips, and taxes without any additional charges.

Also, it’s worth knowing the fact, that this restaurant has a delicious variety of traditional fare, especially for Thanksgiving, that can never be overlooked.

2. The Dutch

The Dutch

Why it’s a must visit?

The Dutch restaurant is, without a doubt, one of the many best restaurants open Thanksgiving in New York City.

The Dutch restaurant has always remained a magnificent place to celebrate events like Thanksgiving that come in the full force of positive energy and cheerfulness.

Almost every dish you taste here is impeccable, especially their desserts, which are one of the biggest highlights of Thanksgiving; therefore, children love this place too as it caters to all their fancies.

Chef’s Choice

The menu of the restaurant is pretty impressive, with reasonable rates of dollars, more than a hundred for each person and less than a hundred for kids who are under the age of 10.

At this place, one gets to enjoy organically roasted turkey, mashed potatoes as a side dish, and some bread stuffing that makes the entire feast a dynamic combo.

Once you have experimented with their main entrees, give their dessert options a try especially their lovely salted caramel chocolate, vanilla ice cream, or their special cake with rice crispies. 

The ice cream here will give you the nicest brain freeze that you can imagine and therefore this place is adored by people who have a sweet tooth.

But if you want to stick to traditional, then their pecan pie will make for a great choice to keep up the lively spirit of Thanksgiving.

3. Rainbow Room

Rainbow Room

Why it’s a must visit?

The rainbow room restaurant is a terrific choice for having the best Thanksgiving dinner in New York City, as the food here is exceedingly delicious.

The restaurant features a fixed price for every dish, which makes the entire feast look like a buffet that people can experiment with as per their liking.

It’s worth knowing that all of the dishes that are prepared here are made in the most hygienic sense by following a sustainable policy of only using heritage ingredients.

Chef’s Choice

One can find true happiness here with their many delicious heritage breeds and free-range grilled turkey dishes with several tasty side dishes.

The side dishes here are some of the very best in all of NYC and come in lots of ranges.

Some of the side dishes here are roasted pear, caramelized brussels sprouts, smooth buttermilk potato purée, orange glazed carrots, and dried cranberries.

4. Quality Meats

Quality Meats

Why it’s a must visit?

Quality meats restaurant is another one on the list of some of our favorite restaurants open during Thanksgiving that deliver people several marvelous delicacies.

This place is a truly superb choice for anyone who is looking forward to having an upscale Thanksgiving dinner.

Not only is the food impressive here, but the service is also excellent, which leaves no one disappointed.

Also, make sure that you book your reservations beforehand, as this place invites a lot of crowds due to its high reputation.

Chef’s Choice

As one can figure from the title of the restaurant itself, the non-veg varieties here are the best with high-quality meats.

And because this place specializes in non-veg cuisine, it makes sense that one should get their highly recommended bone-in steak which is a perfect carnivore option.

So if you have a special place for non-veg food in your heart, then this place will give you the most memorable experience.

5. Cote


Why it’s a must visit?

The Cote restaurant is quite an unusual diner in NYC which provides people an alternative option to experiment with exotic cuisine during Thanksgiving.

This restaurant is a famous Korean steakhouse that serves one of the best turkey delicacies in New York and has also won several Michelin-starred awards for its decadent menu options.

It’s essential that you book a reservation day ahead, as going here without booking any reservation will put you in a tight spot as this place usually remains packed all day.

Chef’s Choice

The turkey here feels astoundingly divine as the meat is straight derived from the butcher’s block, which uses the freshest meat pieces to create its dishes.

Other non-veg favorites are their flatiron and ribeye, which have a rich taste and dissolve in your mouth in seconds.

Almost every turkey-inspired dish here is fantastic and deserves to be tried.

6. Victory Garden Cafe

Victory Garden Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

The victory garden restaurant is another fascinating NYC restaurant that has managed to delight its visitors with its fixed price of only dollar twenty-five for each person and several delicious meals.

This restaurant has gained a positive reputation for its alfresco dining experience that feels genuinely grand.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the cold here as the place remains warm with its electric heaters that are installed in the building.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many gorgeous items displayed on the menu, one of the many favorites here is their turkey which comes loaded with rice and ground veal.

The dish comes stuffed with various spices that feel almost otherworldly.

With its comfortable dining experience and delicious food choices, one is sure to have the best time here.

7. NoMad New York

NoMad New York

Why it’s a must visit?

The NoMad restaurant serves bougie meals at high prices and is one of the high-end restaurants located in New York, which always needs a reservation beforehand.

This place can deliver up to eight people at once with high prices for each person.

But if you prefer something extra, then there is no fixed policy here and you would have to pay additional for that.

Also, one might get intimidated by the prices here, but if you want to experience a one-time royal alfresco dining experience, then this place can be your go-to destination as the entire branch of the restaurant itself is pretty luxurious because its hotel has its own separate suites that are often booked during Thanksgiving season.

Chef’s Choice

Among their several decadent dishes here, their pies are one of the best in all of the state and therefore deserve a special mention in the list.

They also have gourmet dishes like lobster and Turkey here that can be perfect for your Thanksgiving feast.

It’s also worth mentioning that their beverages are a terrific choice to consider as they further rejuvenate your senses with their fresh taste.

8. The Smith Lincoln Square

The Smith Lincoln Square

Why it’s a must visit?

The smith in Lincoln Square restaurant is one of the many charming diners in NYC that serves fabulous cuisine specializing in traditional American brasserie dishes.

It’s an ideal destination for those who are looking forward to a feast located in the heart of New York City that is worth stopping by.

Even though the restaurant might look a bit modest, its service and food are flawless beyond comparison.

Chef’s Choice

The one dish which has to maintain its consistent value is their turkey sandwiches which are spectacular snack bites here.

Other than that their fancy cocktails are worth a mention, too, as they come in several colorful flavors.

One can also try their other main entrées like crab or clams dishes to further elevate their feast.

9. Aquavit


Why it’s a must visit?

The Aquavit restaurant, despite having a rating of two Michelin stars, is one of the most worthy places to give visit in NYC for Thanksgiving.

One cannot exactly call this place reasonably priced as the cost here is median, but for two people, it is a good deal.

Another fascinating aspect about this restaurant is that it offers several takeout services that you can order at the last minute to you have an exciting feast at your house.

It’s important to know that if you want to have dinner at this place, then the reservation should be made almost a week before so that you can get a seat here.

Chef’s Choice

Among their many takeout dishes, the one which always remains in high demand here is their turkey, which is efficiently roasted to perfection.

They also have several delicious side options, like their creamed cabbage and salads, that have exquisite seasoning and flavor.

Also, don’t forget to end your wholesome meal with a bite of their apple crumble to get an excellent finishing touch.

10. Kunjip


Why it’s a must visit?

Kunjip restaurant is a diner that you want to visit if you crave something unique and unfamiliar during Thanksgiving.

This restaurant shares its gorgeous location in Koreatown and is known for serving one of the most refined Korean delicacies, especially in non-which categories that have gained its loyal patrons.

It’s one of the best family restaurants that you can give visit as the atmosphere here is very cheerful and coupled with the food, this place feels almost heavenly.

Chef’s Choice

The best thing that you can try here is their Korean BBQ which people can barbecue with their own hands without any supervisor.

Because you are in control of your barbecue dishes, you can cook all your meat and vegetables by yourself while enjoying thrilling conversations with your friends.

One also gets several remarkable side dishes here with unique traditional dishes like Bibimbap that have no match.

It’s a spectacular place to give visit if you want something unique and unconventional.

11. Lafayette


Why it’s a must visit?

On Thanksgiving, if you get a sudden craving for French cuisine as well as toothsome desserts, then the Lafayette restaurant should be your ultimate destination to visit in NYC this year.

Not only is this restaurant considered to be among the many top-rated Thanksgiving restaurants near me in NYC, but it has the most delicious pies that no other restaurant can match.

Another astonishing thing about this restaurant is that it offers you the option to either dine indoors or outdoors so that you leave with a satisfied smile on your face.

Chef’s Choice

As we mentioned above, the restaurant is known for its decadent pies, which are also quite a steal as they are reasonably priced and therefore make for a great dessert option at the end.

But if you want to try heavier meals, then you can go for their complete Monty package that presents you with a specialized Thanksgiving set menu with various delicacies.

Ask for the French choices, their roasted turkey, aged duck, and onion soup are a perfect French meal that has the power to tantalize your taste buds.

12. Restaurants Daniel

Restaurants Daniel

Why it’s a must visit?

The restaurant Daniel is known for its lively atmosphere and is considered to be one of the top Thanksgiving restaurants near me.

It’s a fantastic place to visit if you are after a big three-course meal with several high and traditional Thanksgiving foods.

As for picky eaters, this place might not suit their palate as the food here has quite a delicate taste which might not impress spicy food lovers.

Chef’s Choice

As we mentioned above, this place offers the most exquisite big three-course meal in the form of appetizer, main entrée, and dessert options at the end.

Also, their decadent food choices like duck and truffle are made with the highest quality of ingredients and therefore have a rich taste of them.

Anyone who has a particular love for luxury food should definitely give restaurants Daniel a visit as it will suit their taste in the best form.

13. The Standard Grill

The Standard Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

Even though the name of the restaurant is the standard grill, the diner is not standard at all but is relatively upscale and remarkable in its performance.

Every dish here is luscious and is presented in a gorgeous manner that appeals not only to people’s taste buds but also to their visual senses as well.

As one can figure out from the title of the restaurant itself, the diner specializes in providing grilled delicacies that are roasted to quintessence.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many grilled dishes here, one of the fanciest ones is their main lobster salad and baked salmon which are a perfect choice for those who love grand meals.

Other fancy dishes like the classic roasted turkey and seasonal meals are all gracious dishes that deserve to be tried.

But if you want something familiar and modest, then you can try their regular La Carte menu, which contains staple food choices that are easy to get.

14. Oceana


Why it’s a must visit?

The Oceana restaurant has been the talk of the town for serving the most exquisite variety of seafood choices that have enamored several locals and foreigners.

One experiences a lavish atmosphere at this place and with all its elegance, people are sure to have a great time here.

The prices are also quite reasonable here which makes it an ideal destination to visit with your family especially if they are on a tight budget.

Another fascinating aspect of this restaurant is its several takeout services that let you take their dishes home sometimes for free when it comes to side dishes so that people can feast at the ease of their homes.

Its plentiful portions are also one of the reasons why it has become such a massive hit among the residents of New Yorkers, as their one platter can suffice up to six people at once.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant follows the policy of a three-course meal that comes with an appetizer first, then the main course, and a dessert treat at the end.

One of the wisest things to do here is to order their lush turkey as your midnight feast option as it has a fulfilling taste.

They have several delicate side dishes as well that comes loaded with healthy ingredients like mashed potatoes which go exceptionally well with their main course.

15. II Fiorista

II Fiorista

Why it’s a must visit?

The II Fiorista Restaurant is a lovely choice for those who look forward to a fun atmosphere, good food, and a contemporary layout.

This restaurant is not just a spirited diner made exclusively for Thanksgiving but also has a sophisticated air to it.

The entire theme of the diner revolves around flowers at this restaurant which feels nostalgic and eye-catching at the same time.

Chef’s Choice

Unlike other restaurants which provide specific food choices, this restaurant makes sure that people get access to familiar snacks so that they don’t spend much time deciding what to choose.

So almost every dish here is made in a familiar fashion in several comfort food forms to appeal to your taste buds.

Also, the drinks here are excellent and pair well with the modern food options that are available here.

Best Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants in NYC

16. Gyu-Kaku


Why it’s a must visit?

If you’re exploring New York and would like to discover a place that is a hidden gem in the city of New York, then the Gyu-Kaku diner is your ultimate destination to give a visit.

This place exudes charm in the most remarkable way with its epic techniques and gorgeous food combinations that are delivered in various classic specialties.

Not to mention the fact that it’s an exotic Japanese restaurant that offers authentic pan-Asian cuisine with a lot of fancies.

It’s important to remember that this restaurant strictly follows the policy of booking reservations beforehand and because of that it’s necessary that you also do the same.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant is not just a simple Japanese restaurant serving Asian cuisine, but it’s a specialized BBQ place that serves the most exquisite combinations.

The platter is here given in handheld form so that people can cook their own food with their own personal level of the grill and choose veggies.

The restaurant serves several fabulous drinks like its particular sake, which is straight imported from Osaka and therefore couples well with the entire immersing atmosphere that it displays.

17. La Grande Boucherie

La Grande Boucherie

Why it’s a must visit?

The La Grande Boucherie restaurant is a gorgeous place to visit if you yearn to surround yourself with a classic interior with global cuisine and aromatic flavors.

A lot of social influencers visit this place as the interior is breathtaking and is perfect for taking snapshots for your Instagram feed.

The entire French atmosphere of this place takes someone straight to Paris as they envelop themselves in its elegant atmosphere.

Its upscale ceilings and dazzling galleries make the place feel almost unreal.

Chef’s Choice

Every dish mentioned on the menu has a decadent flavor as they are specialized French cuisine.

The spaghetti here is divine and comes with a premium taste.

But if you wish to experience wholesome French cuisine, then it goes without saying that you should sample your dishes with their exquisite red or white wine.

18. STK – NYC


Why it’s a must visit?

No list in New York’s history goes without mentioning the STK restaurant, which provides the widest variety of steaks in town.

Its non-veg dishes here are the reason why it has gained such an outstanding reputation all over the city as they come in appetizing flavors.

As the place is one of the most popular restaurants in New York, it’s crucial that one should book a reservation beforehand.

Chef’s Choice

As mentioned above, the restaurant is known for its ultimate steak varieties that come in colorful ranges, and this is one of the reasons why people keep visiting this place again and again.

Among the many steaks available here, it’s their classic steak brand which comes with tender meat and has a juicy flavor that is often ordered here.

It’s worth mentioning that the steaks also arrive with several delicious complementary dishes that further make the entire feast joyous.

19. Casa Del Chef

Casa Del Chef

Why it’s a must visit?

The Casa Del Chef restaurant is a place that one should definitely give a visit if one is wondering where to eat in New York to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This restaurant has a reliable reputation of staying open even on holidays which makes it an ideal destination for celebrating Thanksgiving as the price is here get discounted to you on that day.

The prices of the dish here are meager and come in several fantastic choices.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant features a classic menu that lays down Thanksgiving exceptional choices like roasted turkey, complementary dishes, and delicious desserts for a delicate touch in the end.

But if you are a vegetarian and would like to go for alternatives other than turkey, then you are always free to order their scrumptious Casa Del chef from their separate vegetarian menu.

Also, another thing that is adored by the people of NYC about this restaurant is its ample portions that make anyone feel full after they complete their feast.

20. Pappardella


Why it’s a must visit?

Nobody can fulfill your Italian cravings on Thanksgiving other than this beautiful Pappardella restaurant which the residents of New York greatly admire.

This restaurant is a stunning choice for anyone who desires to get a taste of Italian cuisine with a festive atmosphere.

The place is not only perfect for you to visit with your family but is suitable for a chill hang out with your friends too.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most striking characteristics of this restaurant is its cuisine inspiration from Tuscany, which drives all its recipes and flavors from.

Even the interior here is designed with Tuscany details and makes sure that all of its dishes use its authentic recipes.

Because it uses generational Tuscany recipes to create its dishes, you will find yourself indulging in the taste of handmade portions of pasta, Artisanal pizzas, and various other fabulous Italian staple dishes that have a divine flavor.

21. Olio e Piu

Olio e Piu

Why it’s a must visit?

The Olio e Piu restaurant is another breathtaking Italian restaurant that can add a lot of spirit to your Thanksgiving day.

This restaurant is nestled inside the posh area of the West Village and serves one of the most flavorsome cuisines in New York.

Another reason why we would recommend this place highly is due to its homey atmosphere, which is excellent if you feel homesick or are from home but would like to treat yourself to nostalgic food.

A lot of people say that this place reminds them of their grandma’s cooking and therefore holds a special place in their hearts.

Chef’s Choice

All the dishes here are created in a wholesome manner with a delicate taste so that it suits your taste buds.

There are numerous comfort food choices here, especially with their mouthwatering handmade pasta dishes that have become a staple of many frequented visitors.

With its so many staple dishes, the restaurant is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

22. Bubby’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Bubby’s restaurant is known for serving several classic handcrafted dishes from morning to midnight hours and it’s one of the coziest places to dine during Thanksgiving.

If you are coming in a group of eight or fewer, then it’s recommended that you make a reservation here as huge groups are required to book their seats when they visit this restaurant.

The restaurant also offers dinner delivery services that make things easier for people who want to dine at their house on Thanksgiving.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is known for serving classic and handcrafted dishes that have become a favorite of a lot of people.

From the pickup menu, one box of the platter can serve at least two people which is entirely worth its price.

But the one thing which is genuinely fantastic here is their handmade pies which also have the option to get shipped all over New York and give local pickup services too.

23. Eleven Madison Park

Eleven Madison Park

Why it’s a must visit?

The Eleven Madison Park restaurant is an outstanding four-star Michelin Thanksgiving restaurant that was recently refurbished into a full-fledged diner with several facilitating services.

The entire restaurant follows a vegan policy where all of the dishes are vegetarian and are made from whole veggies and pulses.

Because of its fantastic reputation, the restaurant has started its partnership with rethink food so that it’s able to deliver meals all over New York.

This outreach service has made the restaurant a very convenient place to order from or to eat at, as its efficient service and delicious food have enthralled a lot of New Yorkers.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant gives take out options from November 23-24 across all areas of Manhattan and manages to bring happy smiles to people’s faces with rapid service and decadent food.

The meal platters that they provide comes in generous portions that can feed up to four people, and all of them taste incredibly well.

Some of those meals inside the platters are Brussels sprouts, Kubota squash, white truffle Chestnut risotto as an add-on option, and cranberry chutney with autumn vegetable Britain as side dishes.

This place is a paradise for vegetarian people as the rainbow choices here delight many.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a holiday that should be celebrated with lots of fun and excitement. A decent feast remains a significant component during this festival as the tantalizing atmosphere makes anyone hungry who wants to experience a delicious meal on this special day.

So if you’re new to New York or have been a resident there for years, finding a good Thanksgiving restaurant is vital as a nice feast can uplift your entire day, and therefore it’s of utmost importance that one is able to find good restaurants open Thanksgiving to celebrate the day.

Because of that, we created this list and we hope it has delivered its goal of helping you find your personal favorite restaurant.

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