Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Milwaukee

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Milwaukee – 2024

Milwaukee is a city in the USA located on the beautiful lake Michigan’s Western Shore. It is renowned for its leading breweries that offer the widest and unheard varieties of beers. As waterfronts surround the city, the place is known for its botanical beauty and simplicity, which many travelers appreciate.

Also, the range of galleries and museums here and its beautiful European village have made it a tourist attraction spot.

Therefore, this Thanksgiving, it’s vital that you spend more time making memories than preparing food, or if you are a traveler, it’s essential that you know some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Milwaukee with fabulous dinner options.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Milwaukee This Year

1. The Iron Horse Hotel

The Iron Horse Hotel

The Iron Horse Hotel restaurant has been refurbished from a 100-year-old warehouse in downtown Milwaukee and is now a decent luxury hotel that also serves the most fabulous cuisine in Milwaukee.

The hotel is located at the soul of the city’s walker’s point neighborhood and is a boutique hotel that also has a cafeteria serving exquisite Thanksgiving varieties.

It’s a perfect destination to celebrate significant events like Thanksgiving with families or friends in the form of a party, as the event organization here is outstanding.

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2. The Packing House

The Packing House

The Packing House restaurant is known for creating sinfully delicious delicacies from scratch by using handcrafted techniques and serving people the most delicious Thanksgiving supper.

It was established in the year 1974 and is run by a second-generation member named Chris, who renovated his small family business restaurant into a full-fledged restaurant.

It’s a beautiful escape from the city life of Milwaukee as the ambiance here is serene and casual, and the cuisine options, like escargot and potato soup, along with beef Wellington and mashed potatoes, make for a delicious feast that has the power to warm your soul.

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3. Eddie Martini’s

Eddie Martini's

The Eddie Martini’s restaurant serves people enjoyable Thanksgiving dinners with lots of professionalism and attentiveness that has won the hearts of people.

The seafood here is unbelievable, with varieties like crab cakes along with Dijon dressing avocado and tomato that makes for a perfect bite, along with several Thanksgiving favorites like roasted turkey and mashed potatoes.

It’s one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me as it’s pretty affordable and doesn’t even need reservations to be booked beforehand.

As for the pies, their pecan bourbon pie is made in an old fashion sense and makes for a perfect dessert meal.

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4. Story Hill BKC

Story Hill BKC

The dash restaurant is a highly reputed restaurant that serves the most exciting and unheard wines that artisanal and regional liquor farmers make.

It’s one of the unique restaurants in Milwaukee that is known for serving using Midwest ingredients and an international technique to create unique brunch dishes, even on events like Thanksgiving.

One of the finest things that you can try here is their watermelon salad which has a refreshing taste, then move along with their meatball and Yukon mashed potatoes that make for the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

Also, the cocktails here are incredible, too, as they come in lots of varieties and go pretty well with their main dishes, like scrambled eggs and roasted marble potatoes.

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5. Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery

Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery

The Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery restaurant is known for its spectacular brunch options with multiple vibrant features like live music, a display of local art, and a chance to dine indoors or outdoors with their exceptional service and laid-back atmosphere.

It’s a small family-owned business but manages to give an ultimate feel with its Mexican specialties that come in delectable flavors.

Some of the most popular picks here for Thanksgiving are salsa, avocado toast, and their tasty roasted vegetable sandwich, which comes in authentic Mexican flavors and go exceptionally well with their beautiful art galleries and piano music.

It’s also LGBTQ friendly and therefore is hugely welcoming for people from every spectrum.

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6. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant Brookfield

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant Brookfield

The Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant Brookfield is a diner that is known for serving the most exquisite wine selections with a pleasing atmosphere that satisfies even the pickiest tastebuds.

If you are wondering where to eat lovely Asian dishes with American flavors, then this restaurant could be a top pick as the dishes here, like pork belly infused with tostada as well as the Parmesan mashed potatoes, make for a delicious choice to go for.

Also, as a Thanksgiving special, their steak is an incredible choice as it comes with asparagus, lots of butter, and potatoes dipped in steak juice that feels exceptionally overpowering.

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7. Carl’s Catering & Banquet Facility

Carl's Catering & Banquet Facility

The Carl’s Catering & Banquet Facility restaurant is known for serving incredible varieties of unique Thanksgiving dishes for takeout and dinner delivery with their attentive staff and exceptional service.

The food here is superb, with delicacies like baked chicken, fried perch, and roasted chicken that come in mammoth portions, which manage to surprise anyone.

Also, the service here is super warm and friendly, and it has a karaoke band which adds to its festive atmosphere that makes the entire dinner feast with a reasonably priced menu worthy.

It’s one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving, as the services here are pretty convenient.

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8. Amelia’s


Amelia’s is a famous Italian restaurant whose menu is filled with familiar choices and also has several fun features like karaoke nights, concealed carry classes, and superb car shows.

The menu here is mouthwatering with the dishes like a croissant, cheese curds, pizzas, and garlic bread, along with complementary French dips, salads, and other fresh serves.

It features an indoor and outdoor dining experience with a neat atmosphere but can be a bit pricey as it’s an airport restaurant.

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9. Jack’s Cafe

Jack's Cafe

Jack’s café is famous for its vintage atmosphere that takes people back to ages and is a little gem situated along Bluemound Road, which is near industrial parks.

The restaurant has impressive food choices with simple dishes like Caesar salad as appetizers, chicken and rice soup as main courses, as well as delicious pies as desserts.

The rustic atmosphere of the restaurant that envelops the essence of the 18th century, along with its exquisite wines and Wisconsin beer, renders this place dreamy and outlandish.

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10. Mader’s


The Mader’s restaurant specializes in German cuisine and serves people exotic dishes that are presented aesthetically in a trendy atmosphere.

Everything about this restaurant is luxurious and extravagant, with valet parking, its posh location in downtown Milwaukee, and exceptional food with gourmet variety.

Among its many raved dishes, some of them are oxtail soup, Portabella spaetzle mac & cheese, applesauce, and pretzels, which remind people of their grandmother’s cooking.

It’s one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving that should definitely be visited because of its fantastic dessert choices like black forest cake and other unique poultry varieties like butter chicken schnitzel.

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11. Louie’s Char Dogs

Louie's Char Dogs

The Louie’s Char Dogs restaurant is known for serving familiar food choices that come with bursting flavors like sandwiches and burgers.

Almost every single dish here comes packed with flavors that are also incredibly satisfying, especially with dishes like the crazy burger, Korean burger, and fries that often come with free dips.

Their chili Mac dog, Chicago dog, and other hot dog varieties are pretty famous here and deserve to be tried, without a doubt.

One can even take leftovers home as a takeout service and even other things at the last minute that will get delivered rapidly to your house.

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Final Thoughts

As Milwaukee is a simple city in the US, finding a decent restaurant here for Thanksgiving might feel a bit tricky, but it is worth taking a look at.

A lot of people are missing out on lots of good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Milwaukee; because of this, we curated this list in hopes that you are able to find a decent restaurant to have a fulfilling Thanksgiving dinner.

Therefore in that respect, we hope this article was able to deliver the goal of helping you and has made things a little easier.

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