Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Lancaster

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Lancaster PA – 2024

Are you ready for your turkey day dinner? 

Close friends, family, and pets are just some parts of our puzzles that make life worth living. This Thanksgiving, make sure that they know we’d just be an unsolved puzzle without them. Treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

Take them out, plan a surprise or maybe just a traditional turkey, but make sure they feel appreciated.

We have curated a list to make it a little easier for you.

Best restaurants in Lancaster for Thanksgiving this year

1. Arthur’s Terrace Restaurant

Arthur’s Terrace Restaurant

With its good value cuisine like pizzas and hamburgers delivered in exquisite surroundings, this cafe within the Eden Resort & Suites has established itself on Lancaster’s restaurant scene.

Dine in a beautiful room with Victorian-style surrounds at this eatery.

Trust me when We say that the restaurant’s wooden paneling, couches, and carpets will take your breath away with their fantastic elegance.

This area, bathed in moody lighting, will undoubtedly fascinate your sensory system.

The Stacked Philly Steak sandwich is a delicious entrée.

The excellent white sauce makes the finely diced steak on an Amoroso bun have a beautiful velvety taste.

The meal is definitely a treat with the fresh tastes added by the jalapenos, shallots, and scallops!

2. Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord

Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord

This restaurant is a Lancaster or local heritage, providing wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch cooking in primitive classy surroundings.

This restaurant will leave you wanting more.

Only true Pennsylvania Dutch tastes are served here, for each meal is cooked according to traditions passed over generations.

Enjoy only pure aromas, since each meal is crafted using supplies acquired domestically.

The Baked Pork Beads are quite delectable.

Each handcrafted meatball will delight your taste buds with its extremely rich tastes that will linger in your mouth.

You receive three hamburgers, so anticipate a threefold gourmet delight!

3. Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre

This eatery has been in business for over four decades and serves wonderful American classics like sandwiches and chicken fingers in a dramatic atmosphere.

Arouse all of your sensibilities in this eatery, which is a local and foreign appeal.

Enjoy your meal while watching skilled performers dance on a grand stage.

It’s unquestionably a one-of-a-kind eating adventure.

The Filet Mignon is fantastic.

Every mouthful of the perfectly cooked rib is pure meaty deliciousness.

The roast potatoes and French-style bean sprouts on the top add fresh tastes, resulting in a memorable fine dining experience.

4. Greenfield Restaurant

Greenfield Restaurant

This diner, operated by ex-White House gourmet John Moeller, is among the best in Lancaster, offering superb foreign food as well as a diverse wine list.

This restaurant expertly blends medieval and Romantic themes.

The stunning white fences and architectural elements combined in a single area establish a setting that will gratify your visual senses.

Bring out your DSLR because this is a visual delight!

The Greenfield Hamburger is a masterpiece.

The house combination of sirloin, beef and Ostrich meat on that buttered toasted bun is enough to whet your appetite.

The cheeseburger is a simple joy with its rich and velvety tastes from leafy greens, onion, and cheddar.

5. The Log Cabin

The Log Cabin

This wonderful eating location, which has been in business since the early 1930s, has emerged as one of the top-rated establishments in Lancaster or the surrounding vicinity for its delicious American cooking.

This site will delight your visual senses.

The Antique details in that lodge-like setting, including such lovely pictures and exquisite carpets, create an intense atmosphere that is well worth each photography snap.

The restaurant is extremely gorgeous, with the area bathed in soft illumination.

The Grilled Northern California Fish Brisket is what puts this restaurant on the list among the best in the city for dinner.

The pepper salmon is so succulent that you may predict a taste eruption on your tongue.

6. Miller’s Restaurant and Smorgasbord

Miller’s Restaurant and Smorgasbord

This neighborhood classic, which initially began operating in the late 1930s, today serves excellent American classics as well as champagne and drinks.

The place is simply stunning.

The beautiful carpets and oak furniture would make your eyes melt with ecstasy.

For the ultimate cinematic experience, awe at the focal painting pays respect to the hotel’s rich heritage.

Trust us when We say that Traditional Waffles are an absolute essential.

The silky bread covered with the restaurant’s unique stew will tantalize your taste buds.

The meal is a gourmet piece of beauty, with the chicken bits matching the silky smoothness of the bread.

7. Plough


This homestead eatery is the place to go for a flavor of New American foods presented masterfully in a picturesque setting.

Contemporary and traditional features merge to offer a spectacular visual ambiance.

Imagine a single food court with magnificent timber flooring and stylish lights.

It’s an unforgettable cinematic experience!

You’ll go crazy over the Turkey Dip.

The jalapeno jack parmesan and cranberry preserves provide rich tastes to the wonderful beef on rye toast that is precisely right for your taste receptors.

Add the herbed mayonnaise and greens to the equation for an unforgettable meal.

8. Smokehouse BBQ and Brews at plain & fancy farm

Smokehouse BBQ and Brews at plain & fancy farm

This restaurant within the AmishView Inn & Suites is indeed the location to go for excellent chicken dishes and panini presented in a rural setting.

The diner is a large area filled with classical features that will stimulate your visual senses.

Take photos of the lovely rustic wood floors and stone walls that surround you.

Don’t hesitate to photograph the stunning hardwood ceiling as well.

That Smokey Cheeseburger will tantalize your taste buds in each and every way.

The chargrilled meat and ham on the buttered country bun are a delicious combination of tastes.

The bbq sauce is the icing on the cake that elevates the hamburger to gourmet perfection status.

9. On Orange

On Orange

This restaurant in a lovely brick edifice continues to impress guests with its delectable dinner meals including Swedish waffles and scrambled eggs.

The pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant distinguishes itself.

The wonderful artworks provide a splash of color to the vast expanse, creating a stunning sight.

With the lovely white flint ceilings, the restaurant is a scenic pleasure as a whole.

Try your hand at Swedish crepes.

The frothy natural oat cakes are so smooth on the tongue that they will enchant your palette in every manner.

Add some fresh molasses to the pinnacle for a delicious breakfast to begin your week.

10. Silver Spring Family Restaurant

Silver Spring Family Restaurant

For its superb American cooking presented in a relaxed environment, this kinship-run diner has grown into a beloved location in Lancaster.

In this restaurant, you will have a wonderful food experience.

Savor your dinner while gazing at the massive picture that offers respect to the wilderness.

Eat that great cuisine next to the window panes for a lovely view of the surrounding for an even enhanced peaceful environment.

The Pizza Hamburger will satisfy your cravings.

The excellent spaghetti gravy on top gives the superb meat on the brioche bun its velvety taste.

Your dish is complete when the parmesan is warmed and topped with rosemary.

11. Gibraltar Lancaster

Gibraltar Lancaster

This ocean-themed diner with a laid-back environment serves great shellfish and meats, as well as a broad range of champagne.

The marine aspect of the establishment is unmistakable.

Just look at those wonderful seaside murals and the soft contemporary ceilings and ambient lights.

Enjoy the complete maritime feel here, with sailboat propeller décor strewn about.

Spaghetti noodles with Shrimp will satisfy your taste receptors.

The delicate and luscious aromas of the fish on the spaghetti dusted with parmesan cheese will excite your tongue.

The meal is a gourmet marvel when served with salsa americaine.


Although Lancaster is well-known for its Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, the Red Rose Land, as it is often called, offers a wide range of other delectable cuisines.

You may also enjoy a variety of food options here.

With its high-end restaurants, eateries, taverns, cafés, and clubs, you call it, the city boasts a thriving dining culture.

Lancaster is, undoubtedly, a gastronomic paradise.

Enjoy your turkey and pies on us this year!

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