Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Greensboro

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Greensboro – 2023

Greensboro is a city in North Carolina and is the center house for scientific explorations and vulnerable species like sharks and red pandas, along with awe-inspiring museums that display militancy developments and a history of the American revolution.

It’s one of the most memorable and respected places in the USA because of its political history, but also has its fair share of flora and fauna that prevails everywhere. Its botanical aspect is one of the reasons why nature enthusiasts often visit this place. Greensboro could be the ultimate destination for a perfect escape for vacations or holidays like Thanksgiving.

So if you are planning to come here for Thanksgiving, you should definitely be familiar with some nice restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Greensboro which have reputed dinner options that specialize in Thanksgiving.

Let’s take a look at some of them that we have listed below.

The Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Greensboro This Year

1. Green Valley Grill

Green Valley Grill

The Green Valley Grill restaurant is known for serving exquisite varieties of multiple fusions of exotic cuisines like Greek, Modern European, and Mediterranean that blend exceptionally well with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

It’s a fantastic place for brunch during Thanksgiving and offers phenomenal service with delicious food options with its juicy salads, roasted turkey dishes, beef ribs with mashed potatoes, and other flavorsome items.

Also, their desserts, like pies, especially their apple cobbler pie, deserve a lot of praise due to their many delectable flavors.

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2. Print Works Bistro

Print Works Bistro

The Print Works Bistro Restaurant is another diner that offers people fusions of different cuisine varieties ranging from Modern European to French, serving fantastic brunch and breakfast options.

As soon as one takes a step into this restaurant, one gets swayed by its upscale atmosphere and friendly staff that accommodates the wishes of their visitors pretty well.

The culinary symphony is perfection here, with exquisite dishes like shrimp risotto, roasted turkey, and pumpkin pies that make the entire feast drool-worthy.

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3. The Sage Mule

The Sage Mule

The Sage Mule restaurant is one of the most remarkable places to grab Thanksgiving brunch or lunch, as every single dish here is toothsome and heavenly.

The most commendable dishes here are its desserts, like its homemade jam with biscuits, as well as its multiple flavors, lemon, and raspberry, that manages to suit people’s palate. 

With its tasty fries and hamburgers, which also come in gluten-free options, it’s one of the best thanksgiving restaurants near me that you should give a try without a doubt.

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4. O.Henry Hotel

O.Henry Hotel

The O.Henry restaurant is one of the most highly praised locally owned hotels that has continued to deliver gracious hospitality to its guest with its spacious hallway and exceptional service providing decadent European culinary sensibilities with the authentic flavors of Green Valley Grill.

It’s an upscale restaurant that takes pride and its culinary delights with gourmet dishes that carry the flavor of Europe with seasonal varieties.

It also has an outstanding beverage collection with refreshing teas that contain the flavors of hibiscus, mini sandwiches, and lemon, which come with a complimentary side dish of lemon curd that has clotted cream and scones.

This diner is one of the perfect ways to spend the afternoon during Thanksgiving with gluten-free, aromatic smoked salmon dishes along with treats like brownies, macaroons, and cookies that make for incredible dessert options.

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The Best Dinner Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Greensboro

5. Leblon Brazilian Steakhouse

Leblon Brazilian Steakhouse

The Leblon Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant is known for its professionalism in service as well as its upscale atmosphere, which has made it one of the most prominent places that even influential people often give a visit.

As it’s a steakhouse, all of its steak variety is USDA approved and can come in succulent flavors with lots of seasoning.

Its other options, like Alfredo pasta, stroganoff, prime, and ribeye, are fabulous dishes too.

It’s one of the fanciest restaurants in Greensboro, which also offers takeout services if there are any leftovers, and it’s perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving with family.

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6. MJ’s Restaurant & Catering

MJ's Restaurant & Catering

The MJ’s restaurant is mainly known for its impressive catering services that are ideal for celebrating significant events like weddings, birthdays, and holidays like Thanksgiving in an individual style fashion with dinner delivery and takeout services.

All the dishes here are made from scratch with the freshest local ingredients, which use the most high-quality dressing and seasoning to create ethnic or classic Thanksgiving dishes where a free tasting of meals is also available.

It also gets lots of praise for delivering food even at the last minute as it’s a catering service and makes sure that they are offered in the most hygienic way with lots of attention.

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7. The Godmother of Soul Food Restaurant and Catering Service

The Godmother of Soul Food Restaurant and Catering Service

A lot of people who are homesick wish to get a taste of homemade cooking in the comfort of their house, which this grandmother of soul food restaurant impressively delivers with its many hearty food varieties.

It’s one of the finest catering restaurants that offer takeout services with its delicious Thanksgiving varieties like fries, Mac & cheese, fried fish, and lots of other mouthwatering dishes at a reasonable price.

Even though the restaurant offers dinner delivery services, its interior is also vibrant as it looks like a sports bar and feels quite energetic to explore.

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8. Scrambled Southern Diner

Scrambled Southern Diner

The Scrambled Southern Diner is known for offering toothsome dishes that specialize in both brunch and dinner options and is one of the most adorable places when you can give it a visit.

Its entire diner gives off a sunshine ambiance, and its simple menu options specialize in varieties that are familiar, like blue plate specials, sandwiches, pancakes, different forms of eggs Benedict and other comfort meal options.

It’s one of best restaurants open Thanksgiving to visit with your friends if you are coming in a group of at least four, as the variety here for Thanksgiving is perfect with Thanksgiving-inspired dishes like turkey sausages, French toast, and cranberry mimosa, which are divine in flavor.

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9. At Elm St Grill

At Elm St Grill

The At Elm St Grill restaurant is a beloved American diner known for serving gourmet meals inside an upscale and warm atmosphere which gives one an outstanding Thanksgiving dining experience.

The restaurant is mainly known for its friendly service that makes people feel at home with its comfort food selections like steak, burgers, soup, wraps, and salads with unique varieties like shrimp Alfredo, shrimp and grits, fish and chips, and a lot more.

It also has takeout options and provides fusions of both Indian and American food with customizable menu options that contain diverse food choices with more than 120 wines, as well as 65 handcrafted beer options that enhance the overall Thanksgiving feast.

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Final Thoughts

Greensboro is one of the most valued botanical cities among the other US states. The food here is also available in the freshest varieties as the ingredients here are locally fetched and therefore are preservative free.

Despite that, the city also illuminates a historical charm through its landmark galleries and museums that make for a perfect adventurous ride in the city.

Therefore celebrations like Thanksgiving here would feel almost perfect if one knows some reliable restaurants open on Thanksgiving that have a well-known reputation for serving fabulous dinner options.

In that way, we hope this article was able to help you with that and has made you collect your thoughts on which diner to go for.

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