Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Glendora

15 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Glendora – 2024

Those who live in Glendora are aware of its beauty and the scenic views it offers to its residents. It’s considered one of the most attractive cities in California with lush parks, cozy cottages, a low crime rate, and so on. 

Now that Thanksgiving is approaching, everyone is getting into the festive mood, and tourists would be flocking to this place to celebrate the holiday.

Glendora is the best place to get the full effect of Turkey Day because of all the Thanksgiving Restaurants Glendora that you can visit and spend quality time with your loved ones. 

Here’s a list of all the places where you can enjoy Thanksgiving meals either during the day or night for a family dinner.

Restaurants Open Thanksgiving in Glendora Near Me

If you’re wondering about “where to eat?” then let me tell you that there are a lot of restaurants that serve a thanksgiving feast, so that people who aren’t interested in cooking or can’t cook can always rely on them to celebrate the holiday, the traditional way. So let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants that offer scrumptious dishes to celebrate the holiday.

1. Flappy Jack’s Pancake House

Flappy Jack’s Pancake House

Why it’s a must-visit? 

Who said that Thanksgiving celebrations could only begin at night? This quaint diner is on Route 66 and is mainly known for their breakfast and lunch. You’d be greeted with a warm and chill atmosphere, and the staff is friendly and quite effective as well. You can begin the festivities by having one of their excellent dishes. 

They also have an outdoor seating area, if you prefer, and can accommodate groups as well. They are open till the afternoon, so visit the place accordingly. 

Chef’s Choice 

Since this diner serves breakfast and lunch, you can expect waffles, pancakes, crepes, burgers, french toast, and a lot more on their menu. Every dish is hot and fresh, so once you take a bite, you’d fall in love with it. 

They also offer delivery and take out services as well, so if you want to feel the holiday spirit but don’t want to get out of bed, they’d serve you the food at your doorstep. Their menu is huge, so that you can choose from a huge list of food items, each one better than the last. 

2. Frisella’s Roastery

Frisella’s Roastery

Why it’s a must-visit?

When it comes to Frisella’s Roastery, you can expect a beautiful restaurant, dimly lit, decorated with fairy lights, and so on, for a charming vibe. You can get a beautiful view of the city and enjoy your food while listening to live music. 

They are open the entire day, so you can visit them any time. They don’t accept reservations, but you won’t have to wait for long to find a table. You’ll soon feel relaxed with the casual ambiance that it offers. 

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant prides itself over their dishes that are cooked at a low temperature using the Red Oak and Mesquite Firewood from Santa Maria. They offer a varied menu, so you can either go for their family pack, which includes a roasted chicken, two side dishes, and six baked rolls that are freshly made. You could also order their scrumptious BBQ Pork. 

Frisella’s offers several meal combos and packs that include several dishes, so those would be perfect for a large group on thanksgiving. 

3. Clearman’s North Wood Inn

Clearman’s North Wood Inn

Why it’s a must-visit? 

You’d be teleported centuries back with this restaurant’s wooden furniture, oil paintings, period lamps, stained glass, and so on. It’d be the perfect vibe for Thanksgiving because the holiday’s all about going back to the roots. 

You can enjoy an intimate dine-in, visit with a large group, or celebrate an occasion with your family here. Its unique ambiance is what draws people in. 

Chef’s Choice

You’ve come to the right place for a thanksgiving feast because you’ll get everything here from juicy steaks to seafood. Their signature cheese bread is the talk of the town, so you can’t afford to miss that. They offer large, fulfilling portions and include vegetarian and vegan options as well; however, there is limited variety. 

You’d leave here completely satisfied and with a full stomach. The perfect combination. 

4. Sage Social Eatery

Sage Social Eatery

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant is spacious and airy, and offers outdoor dining with a view of nature. It’s nestled in a cozy spot, surrounded by trees. You’d get a break from the city noise, and can relax here and enjoy the company of the other person. 

Its casual yet intimate vibe is what makes it special and perfect for anyone and everyone. You can even request a private dining area.

Chef’s Choice

Sage only serves Mediterranean and New American cuisines during breakfast and lunch hours. They’ve plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, along with their popular steak sandwich, Mediterranean chicken kebab, and Pulled Pork Benny. 

For desserts, you can order either their Guava and Cream bread pudding or their Plantain and whipped cream crepes. They have an excellent variety of drinks as well to go with your food. 

5. Limone Mediterranean

Limone Mediterranean

Why it’s a must-visit? 

This place has a fun and chill vibe with covered outdoor seating. If you’re planning on visiting this place on Thanksgiving with a group of friends or family, then you’d fit right in. Since it’s located in a public market, it’d be great if you like the hustle and bustle. Their service and staff are quick and efficient. 

Takeout and delivery options are also available here, so you can order away in the comfort of your home. Visiting hours are from morning to evening. 

Chef’s Choice

This place serves only Mediterranean cuisine but offers a huge variety on their menu. I’d recommend you to go for their chef’s special limone chicken or a salmon wrap, which includes veggies, cucumber, avocado, and tzatziki wrapped in laffa bread. You can order a side dish along with it, such as fries or salad. 

Their drinks menu is also varied with Pomegranate Ice Tea, La Croix, Kombucha, and so on. Vegans and vegetarians can also find plenty of dishes to suit their palate. 

6. Marie Callender’s Restaurant and Bakery

Marie Callender’s Restaurant and Bakery

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant is the go-to place for a lot of people because you’d definitely enjoy the ambiance and the food they serve. The outdoor eating area exudes a casual vibe, and the service of this place is the cherry on top. 

Marie started this journey in the 1940s, and in 1969, she opened a full-fledged restaurant. Since then, this franchise has gone through several changes, but their quality of service and food has always been top-notch. 

Chef’s Choice 

You can expect a whole three course Thanksgiving meal at this place, which could satiate an entire family of yours. You could also go for their “Pair & Share” offer, where you’d be served one appetizer, two entrees, and two pies of your choice. Isn’t that an excellent package? 

Marie Callender’s restaurant is popular for the great variety of pies it offers, and who can resist a pumpkin cream cheese pie during the holiday? You could also go for their pumpkin cheesecake, which’d feel like a blast of flavor in your mouth. 

7. West Coast Cheesesteaks

West Coast Cheesesteaks

Why it’s a must-visit?

This family-owned restaurant is popular for their cheesesteaks and top-rated customer service because they believe in quality over quantity. You can look at the city view as you relish their food while sitting in their outdoor dining area. 

This place would feel like home the moment you enter because of their simple decor and casual vibe.  They are open the whole day, so you can visit them at a time convenient to you. 

Chef’s Choice

The highlight of this diner is their freshly made bread, and their homemade cheese sauces. You can pair these with every item of theirs to enhance its flavor. They use USDA beef, so you can order a steak or chicken along with some veggies and their cheese sauces. 

They offer limited options for vegetarians and vegans, and they don’t serve gluten-free dishes, but their food is a 10/10, no matter what you order. 

8. Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

Coco’s Bakery Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

The view of the Pacific coast from this restaurant is to die for. This place was established in 1948, and has continued to serve people with delicious food and a good time. They offer outdoor seating as well so that you can soak in the view along with your food. 

The decor of this place is beautiful and gives the feel of a cozy and dainty cafe with a spacious seating area. They are open from morning till night but don’t accept reservations. 

Chef’s Choice

Their menu is full of thanksgiving dishes, but only for a limited time. Their fall menu includes a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, or if you’re visiting this place for breakfast, then order their pumpkin stack combo, which includes pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin cream and powdered sugar on top. Along with that, you’d get two eggs and either an applewood smoked bacon or sausage; it’s up to you. 

To end the meal on a sweet note, they serve three varieties of pumpkin pies and a dutch apple cranberry cheese pie. Pick one or pick all. 

9. Peppertree Cafe

Peppertree Cafe

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant was voted the “best family restaurant” for five consecutive years, and you’d understand why once you visit this place. You’d be greeted with warm smiles from the staff, and the decor would make you feel at home. 

Their indoor/outdoor seating is comfortable, and you can view the streets of the city and people going past while having an excellent time. They offer a chance for you to view your food in the making because of their open kitchen area. 

Chef’s Choice

Peppertree cafe is popular for their home-style dishes and their ever-changing menu, with daily specials. They offer large portions at affordable prices, making it a favourite of visitors. Their weekday special breakfast is a must-have with buttermilk pancakes, two pieces of bacon or sausage, as per your choice, and one egg. 

Similarly, they offer weekday lunch and dinner specials as well. You can order their mouth-watering steak along with veggies, salad, rice pilaf, etc. Their desserts are amongst the best, such as the old towne cheesecake, caramel apple delight, or cream pie slice. 

10. Broken Yolk Cafe

Broken Yolk Cafe

Why it’s a must-visit?

BYC is one of the most popular places when it comes to good quality food and service. It’s a trendy and casual restaurant, which is perfect for brunch. You can choose their outdoor seating for a view of the streets, but their indoor seating area is also quite beautiful because of the modern decor and paintings on the wall. 

They are open from morning till afternoon, and offer takeout or delivery service as well. 

Chef’s Choice

Like I said, the best time to visit this place is at brunch because you can order one of their fulfilling sandwiches, or a juicy burger. For breakfast, you can’t miss out on their absolutely delicious french toast topped with creamy mascarpone cheese, sliced bananas, and caramel sauce. 

They also offer healthy food options such as wraps with veggies or other healthy items, but thanksgiving is all about unhealthy, and greasy food. You can pair your food with juices, or iced tea, coffee, and so on. 

Best Thanksgiving Dinner Restaurants This Year

Instead of rushing to any restaurant at the last minute, you should research the place you choose because it would either lead to a spectacular evening, or ruin your entire mood. So here are some of the restaurants where you can go at night, or order dinner delivery from at home.

11. Clubhouse 66

Clubhouse 66

Why it’s a must-visit?

Here’s another restaurant located on Route 66 that offers an expansive dining room, as well as outdoor dining on the beautiful patio surrounded by olive trees. In addition, it’s a sports bar with HD televisions to watch a game while drinking and munching on delicious food. 

It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax on Thanksgiving, especially if you’re celebrating with your friends. Their outstanding service is also a highlight. You can visit here any time of the day, but to get the full feel of the place along with live music, then dinner time is the best time. 

Chef’s Choice 

This restaurant offers American cuisine along with comfort food to its customers. All the dishes have a touch of Californian twist, giving their dishes an enhanced flavor. They also have “Taco Tuesday” and “Wine Wednesday,” so you should definitely visit them one of these days as well. 

To celebrate Thanksgiving, you can order their Short Rib Poutine, New York Aguachile, Spicy Fried Prawns, and so on. They also serve vegetarian dishes. However, make sure you reserve a table beforehand. 

12. Silver Spoon Restaurant

Silver Spoon Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

The moment you enter this restaurant, you’ll get the classic American diner vibe from it because of its decor and ambiance. With leather seats, and wooden furniture, they offer a charming vibe. 

It’s one of the most underrated restaurants in Glendora, but it’s a gem once you do find out about it. You should reserve a table before visiting here because they’d be packed with holiday customers. 

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant offers fresh and large portions of food, so you won’t feel dissatisfied after eating here. Their motive is for you to leave here with a full stomach, and that’s what the holiday’s all about. You can order their pancakes if you’re going for breakfast, or their chicken salad, jack and cheese omelette for brunch. 

However, since it’s Turkey day, you must order their turkey sandwich. They don’t use processed meat for it, so you’ll get the authentic flavor of the dish. 

13. Porto’s Bakery and Cafe

Porto’s Bakery and Cafe

Why it’s a must visit? 

This is a family owned restaurant, which was established in 1960 by Rosa, but after her death in 2019, it’s legacy is being continued by her children and grand-children. Their motto is that “quality is the number one ingredient in everything we do” and they believe in this because their service as well as their food are high quality. 

They are open from morning till night, and offer a classy vibe. They are good for large groups, but they don’t accept reservations. 

Chef’s Choice

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d recommend you to order their Turkey and Candied Bacon Sandwich, or their Turkey and Cheese Croissant Sandwich. You could wash it all down with a pumpkin spice latte (hot or cold). 

For desserts, their fall menu includes Mini Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Spice Danish, Pumpkin Muffin, and so on. There’s a lot that you can order because their menu houses the best of the best. 

14. Kara’s Korner Deli

Kara’s Korner Deli

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant is a quaint and beautiful place, with modern decor, leather sofas, and paintings on the wall, which makes it an inviting atmosphere for customers. The view of the streets from the window is a good time to pass while relishing their food. 

You can visit them any time from morning till evening, or you can also order takeout and delivery if you wish. Also, the best part is that you can easily get a parking space. 

Chef’s Choice

The best item on their menu is the Turkey Breast that they offer, which is juicy and mouth-watering. Apart from that, you could also order their Jake’s Texas Burger or a Top Sirloin Steak and Shrimp. 

They have plenty of dessert options, such as Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding, Homemade Bread Pudding Topped with Rum Sauce, etc. As for the beverages, you can choose from the multiple options from soft drinks to alcohol that they offer. 

15. Chili’s Grill and Bar

Chili’s Grill and Bar

Why it’s a must-visit?

This restaurant is the place you go to when you are in a party mood, which you would be on Thanksgiving. The decor of the place exudes a casual vibe, with dim lighting, television screens near the bar, and so on. 

The drive to this place is beautiful, and it looks like a building made of bricks due to its design, giving it an old-school yet modern vibe. They can entertain large groups of people, and also offer private parking space. 

Chef’s Choice

Chili’s is famous for its large platters of food that are quite fulfilling even for a group. So if you’re celebrating the holiday with your family or friends, then you can go for their Party Platter Triple Dipper. Other than that, you could also order their Classic RibEye topped with Garlic Butter, with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, or their House BBQ Full Order Ribs

One of their highlights is the skillet chocolate chip cookie, which is as delicious as it sounds. They even have a kid’s menu, so that your child doesn’t feel left out. 


Now you’re all set to welcome the holiday with these excellent selections of Thanksgiving Restaurants Glendora to choose from. Start deciding where to eat and book a table right away because you can never trust the holiday rush in these places, especially during dinner time.

Also, don’t forget to order some of the dishes we recommended; otherwise, you’d miss out on the best that those places have to offer. 

Happy Holiday!

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