Restaurants in Gettysburg PA for Thanksgiving dinner

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, isn’t just a tapestry of rich history; it’s a melting pot of culinary wonders that draw both locals and visitors alike, especially during the festive Thanksgiving season.

As the amber hues of autumn blanket the town, a delightful gastronomic journey awaits those who seek both traditional and contemporary takes on the much-loved Thanksgiving meal.

Whether you’re a lover of the classic roasted turkey or you’re eager to experiment with flavors from different corners of the world, Gettysburg promises a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

In this article, we take a flavorful expedition through the town, discovering eateries that hold the promise of creating unforgettable holiday memories.

Best restaurants in Gettysburg PA for Thanksgiving this year

1. Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday

Why it is a must visit:

If you’re on a hunt for a cozy atmosphere near you this Thanksgiving, Ruby Tuesday pops up right at the top of the list of places to eat in Gettysburg PA.

You’ll feel right at home, with a warm and inviting ambiance that gives a feel-good vibe, perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving dinner at Ruby Tuesday is a treat! While they’re best known for their expertly crafted burgers, they serve so much more.

Can you imagine diving into a premium steak or mouthwatering seafood for your Thanksgiving meal? Or if you’re not into meat, their Endless Garden Bar is a paradise for salad lovers.

With over 50 ingredients, you can craft as many salad combos as your heart desires. Looking for something affordable and yummy? Their slow-cooked ribs might just be the best you’ve ever tasted.\

And if you’re thinking of last-minute takeout, or maybe dinner delivery to enjoy at home, Ruby Tuesday has got you covered. Pies? Yes, they’ve got that too.

Whether it’s a free evening or you’re making a last-minute dash for a meal, it’s a place that promises an exceptional casual dining experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

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2. Dobbin House Tavern

Dobbin House Tavern

Why it is a must visit:

Imagine stepping back in time while you dine! At Dobbin House Tavern, a local gem, you’ll feel the charm of 1776. It’s not just any place, but a piece of American history right in Gettysburg.

This isn’t just about food; it’s an experience! From casual bites at the Springhouse Tavern to the fancy flavors of the Alexander Dobbin dining rooms, your Thanksgiving dinner will be unforgettable.

And if you fancy a stay, they’ve got cozy rooms at Gettystown Inn. Don’t forget to check out their Country Curiosity store for unique gifts. This place isn’t just where to eat; it’s where to make memories!

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3. Farnsworth House Inn

Farnsworth House Inn

Why it is a must visit:

Get a taste of the Civil War era at Farnsworth House Inn! With the history-soaked ambiance and servers dressed in period clothing, this is more than just a meal.

Special events, group dining, and historical (even ghostly!) tours make Farnsworth House a perfect spot for Thanksgiving. The Victorian charm and intriguing past make every bite special. It’s not just a dinner; it’s a journey through time.

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4. Mason Dixon Distillery

Mason Dixon Distillery

Why it is a must visit:

For those seeking a modern twist to their Thanksgiving, Mason Dixon Distillery is a fresh spot in Gettysburg. Authenticity is their game, with everything made from scratch.

Imagine sipping on handcrafted cocktails made from top-shelf liquor, paired with an ever-changing menu of dishes, all homemade.

For those on a quest for the best, this distillery offers a vibrant atmosphere and mouthwatering food and drinks. Your Thanksgiving will be memorable and buzzing with good vibes!

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5. Inn at Herr Ridge

Inn at Herr Ridge

Why it is a must visit:

Stepping into the Inn at Herr Ridge is like being enveloped in luxury. With its perfect blend of elegance and casual comfort, it’s the place for those seeking a top-notch dining experience.

When you think of farm fresh, think of Inn at Herr Ridge. The pride they take in serving food straight from the farm to your plate is evident in every bite.

Add to that their award-winning wine cellar that boasts over 600 types of wines. This Thanksgiving, wine and dine in style, with flavors that’ll make your taste buds dance in joy.

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6. The Hoof, Fin & Fowl

The Hoof, Fin & Fowl

Why it is a must visit:

For a touch of sophistication in a laid-back setting, The Hoof, Fin & Fowl promises a unique dining experience. With an emphasis on locally sourced goodness, it’s a treat for the senses.

Their menu is a testament to their commitment to fresh, local ingredients. Whether you’re into sustainably sourced seafood or game meats, they’ve got you covered.

And with their special focus on beef and poultry, you’re in for a real treat. Planning a group dinner for Thanksgiving? Remember, they add an 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more.

Come, relish the diverse offerings, and take in the ambiance of a place where casual meets refined.

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7. Friendly’s


Why it is a must visit:

Friendly’s isn’t just a name, it’s an experience. The homely atmosphere is perfect for those seeking a casual, yet delightful dining experience in Gettysburg.

Who said Thanksgiving was just about turkeys? At Friendly’s, you can indulge in signature ice cream and treats that’ll make your sweet tooth thank you. But that’s not all!

Their American classics like burgers, salads, and melts will ensure you leave with a full belly and a content heart. It’s the ideal spot for those looking to add a sweet twist to their Thanksgiving feast.

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8. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Why it is a must visit:

With its rich history spanning over decades, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery offers more than just food; it offers tradition and a testament to consistency.

Starting as a humble pancake house, Perkins has grown, but their commitment to excellence remains unshaken. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a delicious dinner, Perkins ensures 100% satisfaction.

Their “Kindness Served Daily” philosophy shines through in every dish, making it a top pick for a warm and fulfilling Thanksgiving meal. And don’t forget to grab a baked treat on your way out!

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9. Blessing Restaurant Gettysburg

Blessing Restaurant Gettysburg

Why it is a must visit:

Seeking a twist to the traditional Thanksgiving flavors? Blessing Restaurant Gettysburg offers an incredible fusion of Mexican and Salvadorean delights right in the heart of Gettysburg.

Imagine diving into Birria tacos or savoring the unique taste of Pupusas during your Thanksgiving feast. With a variety of dishes from fajitas mix to empanadas, tacos, and enchiladas, this place promises a flavor fiesta.

Don’t forget to try their special Blessing mix! And if you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, their homemade beverages like horchata and tamarindo are bound to quench your thirst.

For those wanting to stray away from the conventional turkey and pies, this place offers a delectable alternative to make your Thanksgiving memorable.

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10. Gettysburg Eddie’s

Gettysburg Eddie's

Why it is a must visit:

If you’re searching for a place that feels both homely and versatile, Gettysburg Eddie’s is your go-to. With a warm vibe, it easily tops the list of places to eat in Gettysburg PA.

From the sound of a juicy burger sizzling to the aroma of freshly made soups, Gettysburg Eddie’s promises a delightful plate for every palate.

Whether you’re looking for a light salad or a fulfilling sandwich, they’ve got it all. Their dinner menu ensures your Thanksgiving will be filled with flavors that are both comforting and tantalizing.

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11. Inn 94

Inn 94

Why it is a must visit:

When you think of tradition, warmth, and unparalleled taste, Inn 94 springs to mind. A family treasure since 1980, the restaurant beams with familial love and decades of expertise.

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Fresh seafood, especially their signature crab cakes, will make your heart sing. And if you’re in the mood for a perfect cut of steak, look no further.

Every bite speaks of the freshness and dedication with which the food is prepared. Since it’s such a popular spot, remember to make a reservation to ensure you get a table this Thanksgiving.

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As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday in Gettysburg; it’s a heartwarming symphony of flavors, memories, and shared moments.

Each restaurant, with its unique charm and culinary prowess, beckons with the promise of warmth, love, and of course, delectable food.

The town’s diverse gastronomic landscape serves as a testament to its vibrant community, always ready to welcome and embrace everyone into its festive fold.

As you gather around the table this year, be it for a traditional feast or an experimental dish, remember the essence of Thanksgiving: gratitude, love, and the magic that arises when we come together to celebrate.

Here’s wishing you a Thanksgiving in Gettysburg that’s as rich in flavors as it is in memories!

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