Restaurants in Buffalo NY for Thanksgiving dinner

9 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Buffalo, NY – 2024

Thanksgiving, a day steeped in tradition and gratitude, is celebrated with gusto all over the United States. In Buffalo, NY, it’s no different.

As the autumn leaves begin to fall and the chill in the air grows crisper, Buffalonians eagerly anticipate the festive season. The city, with its rich history and vibrant culinary scene, has become a hub for Thanksgiving restaurants in Buffalo NY.

As residents and visitors alike search for the best restaurants open Thanksgiving near me or ponder where to eat for that perfect Thanksgiving dinner in Buffalo NY, the city offers a plethora of options.

From cozy taverns to elegant dining venues, from pies that remind you of grandma’s kitchen to gourmet takeout meals, Buffalo truly embraces the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re seeking turkey dishes, affordable options, or a last-minute feast, Buffalo’s local eateries are ready to serve with warmth and flavor.

Best restaurants in Buffalo NY for Thanksgiving this year

1. Patina 250

Patina 250

Why it’s a Must Visit

Step into a cozy and warm space that feels just like Thanksgiving should. Patina 250 shines with a soft glow, making you feel right at home.

Whether you’re in the mood to chill with some friends over drinks or have a full-blown feast, there’s a perfect spot waiting for you.

And hey, if you’re thinking of a private Thanksgiving gathering, there’s a special room right next to their impressive wine collection.

Ready for some Thanksgiving magic? Patina 250 has it all – from brunch to lunch to dinner. You can expect a mix of familiar and new, all cooked to perfection. And remember, it’s Thanksgiving Dinner Buffalo-worthy!

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2. Panorama on Seven

Panorama on Seven

Why it’s a Must Visit

Imagine looking out at Buffalo’s breathtaking views from the 7th floor! Panorama on Seven, located in the Buffalo Marriott at LECOM Center, isn’t just another hotel eatery.

With its mix of comfy sofas, lounge seats, and classic tables, it’s the perfect spot for that restaurant’s open Thanksgiving near me search. Feel the city vibes while gazing at Lake Erie and Canalside.

Dive into flavors inspired by Southern Europe but with that unique Buffalo touch. And let’s not forget about those old-school, prohibition-style cocktails that are bound to set the festive mood.

End your meal with a sweet treat whipped up by their skilled pastry chef. Perfect for that Thanksgiving Dinner Buffalo NY hunt!

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3. Toutant


Why it’s a Must Visit

Step into a cozy nook that feels just like the heart of the American South. Toutant’s vibe is all about relaxed comfort. It’s the perfect spot for those searching for restaurants open Thanksgiving near me in Buffalo.

Dive into the best of both worlds – the rich flavors of Southern Louisiana and the freshness of New York’s farming goodness.

Think contemporary country dishes, with every bite reminding you of home, making it a top choice for Thanksgiving Dinner in Buffalo NY.

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4. Oliver’s Restaurant

Oliver's Restaurant

Why it’s a Must Visit

When you walk into Oliver’s, you’re not just entering a restaurant; you’re stepping into an elegant experience. The modern touch combined with a welcoming warmth makes it ideal for those seeking a touch more sophistication this Thanksgiving.

Oliver’s boasts of a menu that’s nothing short of exquisite. Pair that with an award-winning wine list and crafty cocktails, and you’ve got a Thanksgiving Dinner in Buffalo NY to remember!

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5. The Steer Restaurant & Saloon

The Steer Restaurant & Saloon

Why it’s a Must Visit

Think of a classic saloon with a twist. The Steer Restaurant & Saloon has been the heart of Buffalo since 1969.

With a welcoming atmosphere, it’s a great spot for everyone, from the younger crowd to the mature ones, making it a top pick for restaurants open for Thanksgiving near me.

Whether you’re vegan or a meat lover, there’s something delicious waiting for you. Famous for its burgers, wings, and the Friday Fish Fry, it’s a place where all can enjoy a hearty meal. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Dinner in Buffalo NY!

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6. The Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub

The Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub

Why it’s a Must Visit

Imagine walking into a warm, welcoming home where everyone knows your name. The Blackthorn is not just a pub; it’s a gathering spot, a place full of stories and laughter, right in the heart of South Buffalo. It stands as a testament to the soul of the neighborhood.

While it feels all homely and familiar, the food at The Blackthorn is a delightful surprise. Every dish tells a story, and each bite feels like a Thanksgiving dinner in Buffalo NY. It’s the perfect place for those looking for restaurants open Thanksgiving near me.

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7. The Place

The Place

Why it’s a Must Visit

There’s a charm about old taverns, and The Place has it in spades. Having been around for ages, it’s like stepping into a part of Buffalo’s history. But don’t be fooled by its age; the revamped look makes it cozy, much like those worn-in boots you love.

They take the classics and give them a fresh twist. And oh, the drinks! From local brews to international delights, there’s a drink for every palate.

Pair that with their freshly made dishes, and you’ve got a heartwarming Thanksgiving Dinner Buffalo NY experience.

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8. Brothers Restaurant and Bar

Brothers Restaurant and Bar

Why it’s a Must Visit

Stepping into Brothers Restaurant feels like visiting a close family member’s home. It has that comforting, familiar vibe where you can truly relax and just enjoy the moment, making it a top pick for those searching for restaurants open Thanksgiving near me.

Get ready to treat your taste buds with dishes that scream ‘homemade’! From the indulgent peach cobbler cheesecake to the rich fried lobster, it promises a hearty meal that’s perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner in Buffalo NY.

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9. Fat Bob’s Smokehouse

Fat Bob's Smokehouse

Why it’s a Must Visit

The rustic charm of Fat Bob’s Smokehouse brings out the essence of an old-school barbecue joint. It’s not just a place to eat, but an experience, making it the go-to for those looking for restaurants open Thanksgiving near me with a smoky twist.

Love barbecue? Fat Bob’s is your dream come true! With a tradition dating back to 1999, they serve BBQ that’s smoked to perfection.

The homemade sauces add a unique touch, making every dish a masterpiece. Perfect for those seeking a different take on Thanksgiving Dinner in Buffalo NY.

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As the Thanksgiving festivities wind down and the evening sets in, Buffalo leaves an indelible mark on all who partake in its celebratory offerings.

The blend of traditional and modern, the mingling of flavors from various cultures, and the sheer joy of community gatherings make Thanksgiving Dinner in Buffalo NY a memorable event.

As you relish the pies, appreciate the best takeouts, and toast to the moments shared with loved ones, Buffalo stands as a testament to how cities can come alive with tradition and culinary delight during special occasions.

So, the next time you find yourself wondering where to eat or seeking food near me during this festive season, remember that Buffalo has a vast array of places to eat, each with its own unique story to tell. Here’s to the memories created, the meals shared, and the gratitude felt in the heart of Buffalo!

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