Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Breckenridge

11 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Breckenridge – 2024

Breckenridge is a small Colorado town located at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Travelers frequently visit it because of its multiple ski resorts, outdoor Alpine activities, and rich cultural past.

The city has national museums that have caught the eye of numerous adventure seekers and scholars, who visit this place to experience its vibrant culture and make memorable memories.

Therefore celebrating Thanksgiving here would be a great decision as the city brims with excellent restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Breckenridge and, therefore, can offer you the most unforgettable dinner of your life. Let’s look at some of them.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving in Breckenridge This Year

1. Aurum


The Aurum restaurant is known for its unique farm-to-table setting that displays a menu with dishes made from the highest quality ingredients that can match your palate in a compelling way.

All of its dishes are made from local ingredients that give them their delicate touch and include several steakhouse favorites with delicacies like juicy venison tenderloin and duck breast, which are an ultimate Thanksgiving choice.

The restaurant also has comfort desserts like German chocolate cake seasoned with coconut gelato and chocolate chip cookies that are incredibly delectable in flavor.

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2. Twist


The Twist restaurant serves people classic dishes with a contemporary spin with its quintessential dishes that are generously dipped in rich sauces like Meyer lemon butter that gets anyone drooling and licking their fingers because of its exquisite taste.

The eatery is known for serving the most drool-worthy cuisine in Breckenridge with decadent dishes like oven-roasted tomato pesto, which is famously known as ruby trout, fingerling potatoes, vegan varieties like bulgogi Tempeh which comes with black garlic and tasty bok choy that have a heavenly taste.

Also, the dessert options here are exceptional, with varieties like blueberry lavender semifreddo and candied pecan streusel as lovely fall dishes.

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3. Ember


The Ember restaurant is a fabulous Latin restaurant that serves people an upscale dining experience with its elegant atmosphere and masterful take on traditional savory dishes with sides free of charge.

Among its many exotic dishes, some of them which take the crown here are their empanada, scallops, and lobster, which are gourmet seafood dishes that come with extra side dips and sauce.

Also, every single dish here is created with ultimate passion, and therefore the taste here is rich and delicate, especially if one tries their delicious Matcha coconut chocolate cake, which feels nostalgic and unreal.

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4. Legends


Unlike other cheap steakhouses that serve compromised steaks, the Legends restaurant is genuinely legendary in serving tasty steak varieties with flavors of Italian cuisine that feel outlandish.

Every dish here is notable, especially their lasagna noodles that are made with Bolognese, which is a meat-based sauce, and spinach along with their lasagna Verde Della Nonna which is an incredibly appetizing dish.

They also have a superb variety of seafood dishes like their stew which is famously known as cioppino, that pairs exceptionally well with their exquisite wines.

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5. Hearthstone Restaurant

Hearthstone Restaurant

The Hearthstone restaurant delivers people a distinct fusion of upscale with comfort with its laid-back ambiance and soulful food that is known for melting in your mouth in seconds.

The entire dinner gets prepared in an elegant manner with sophisticated dishes like prime rib, Colorado lamb, black cod, and blackberry elk that carry the original flavors of Colorado.

Also, the wines here come in extensive selections that are made with the highest quality ingredients and come fully flavored with imported flavors.

It’s a light and refreshing restaurant that offers one an opulent way to celebrate Thanksgiving, which has made it one of the best restaurants open Thanksgiving that needs no introduction.

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6. Blue River Bistro

Blue River Bistro

The Blue River Bistro is famous among the residents of Breckenridge as the place has a happy hour event and holds brunches on Sundays and dinners late at night with specials on holidays like Thanksgiving too. 

It has become a massive hit among the local people who love to indulge in its gourmet plates of pasta, sandwiches, burgers, and juicy salads that come in palpable flavors.

Also, the martinis here, along with a sampling of appetizer, makes the entire Thanksgiving feast a lot more fabulous as the hand-cut steaks and the fresh seafood leaves an unforgettable impression.

It’s one of the best Thanksgiving restaurants near me that should be visited without a second thought.

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7. Briar Rose Chophouse & Saloon

Briar Rose Chophouse & Saloon

The Briar Rose Chophouse and Saloon restaurant are all in one as it not only provides people a relaxing getaway from busy lives with tasty comfort food but also offer several additional features that feel calming. 

The restaurant is known for its rich aged beef that is gathered from Harris Ranch, as well as its juicy dishes like Colorado lamb, Kurobuta pork, and other free-range chicken varieties that add a lot of flavor to the tastebuds.

It also has a remarkable history of operating for more than 45 years, and that explains why its wine, which is almost 125 years old, is so exceptional in flavor and features more than a hundred flavors.

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8. The Canteen Taphouse and Tavern

The Canteen Taphouse and Tavern

The Canteen Taphouse and Tavern restaurant serves dishes that are cooked to perfection and has a compelling menu that includes several familiar choices that contain rich flavors.

The restaurant also delivers exceptional customer service and pays attention to your every need.

The variety here is worth indulging in with their chunky blue cheese, crispy bacon bits, and pickled red onions that make for an incredible appetizing dish at an affordable rate.

Also, the pies here are incredible and come with a free seasoning of maple syrup or any other toothsome seasoning that feels truly light and tasty.

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9. 2 Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides

2 Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides

The 2 Below Zero Dinner Sleigh Rides restaurant is as quirky as its name and is known for serving incredible summer food choices and has an arcade area that one can visit after finishing their meal.

The place delivers people an open-air dining experience with decadent dishes like Wagon BBQ and refreshing cocktails that not only appeases the tastebuds of adults but kids as well.

They also stream comedy channels for kids, like Wild West shows that make the entire Thanksgiving dinner a lot more exciting and joyful.

Not to mention the fact that it’s a welcoming, family-oriented restaurant that has made its name as one of the best restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Breckenridge.

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10. Modis Breck

Modis Breck

The Modis Breck restaurant is an upscale diner that is known for its eclectic menu and spirited atmosphere as it’s located in the soul of the downtown historical District of Breckenridge, where the main focus lingers on excellent crafts like cocktails, art, food, life, and music.

It was established in 2007 and since then has carried its reputation as one of the best diners serving Thanksgiving dinners that is also open for takeout and gives dinner delivery services even at the last minute of Thanksgiving hour.

Its appetizer options here are quite a rave, especially its ribeye and strip loin, along with its fabulous drinks that elevates anyone’s mood.

Also, the pairing of those wonderful dishes with a breathtaking balcony view makes the entire dinner feel majestic and out of the world.

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11. Relish


As the name implies, the restaurant really relishes the taste buds of many with its gorgeous northeastern cuisine, which expert chefs create.

The menu here is groundbreaking, with great varieties like lamb Bolognese, buffalo, and oven butternut squash ravioli that contain rich flavors.

Also, it’s worth finishing your meal with a delicious rustic traditional strawberry rhubarb with a scoop of their tasty lemon gelato.

Final Thoughts

After a tiring day of exploring the fabulous city of Breckenridge with its spellbinding Alpine views and exciting ski outdoor activities, one is bound to feel tired, as well as crave a decadent feast, especially on days like Thanksgiving where preparing food can be a bit of a hassle.

So if you find yourself in that position, then you should know some good restaurants open on Thanksgiving in Breckenridge that have promising value and can elevate your Thanksgiving dinner experience by lots of levels through their marvelous banquets.

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