Restaurants in Augusta GA for Thanksgiving dinner

9 Best Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Augusta, GA – 2023

Thanksgiving, a time-honoured tradition celebrated across the United States, has its unique flavour in the southern charm of Augusta, GA.

Nestled by the Savannah River, Augusta’s rich history and cultural tapestry make it an exceptional place to gather with loved ones for the holiday.

With “restaurants open Thanksgiving near me” searches spiking as the holiday approaches, Augusta showcases its culinary prowess, catering to both locals and visitors alike.

From the traditional turkey feasts to innovative dishes that reflect the city’s diverse palate, “Thanksgiving Restaurants Augusta GA” is a testament to the city’s deep-rooted love for food and community.

Whether you’re seeking a lavish “Thanksgiving dinner in Augusta GA” or a last-minute “take out” option, Augusta ensures that everyone has a place at the table.

Best restaurants in Augusta GA for Thanksgiving this year

1. Edgar’s Grille

Edgar's Grille

Why it’s a must-visit

When you step into Edgar’s Grille, you’ll feel the blend of class and coziness. This isn’t just any place; it’s where elegance meets warmth.

It’s perfect for those who want their Thanksgiving dinner in a sophisticated setting, yet with a touch of home.

Edgar’s Grille isn’t just about food; it’s about an experience. Their menus, crafted with care, cater to all – be it lunch, dinner, or a special Sunday brunch.

Every bite you take doesn’t just satisfy your taste buds but serves a greater cause. How? A part of what you pay for your meal helps make someone’s career dream come true through Goodwill and Helms College.

Edgar’s is the spot if you’re looking for “food near me” that feeds both the stomach and soul. Plus, they’re one of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving, so whether you prefer “takeout” or dining in, they’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to book in advance, though drop-ins are welcome too.

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2. California Dreaming

California Dreaming

Why it’s a must-visit

California Dreaming is like a burst of sunshine on a plate. It’s lively, bright, and oh-so-inviting. Since 1997, this spot has been a favourite of many, whether families seeking a hearty meal or couples on a romantic date.

The spacious setup, comfy booths, and bustling kitchen create an atmosphere that’s buzzing with energy.

Talk about food made with love! At California Dreaming, every dish is whipped up from scratch, every single day. They don’t just serve meals; they serve memories.

If you’re hunting for “places to eat in Augusta” with award-winning dishes, their salad is a must-try – voted ‘Best Salad’ for 19 years straight by Augusta Magazine readers!

They cater to both dine-in and “take-out” lovers. And if you’re someone who loves to bask in the sun, their patio dining is perfect.

Or, if you’re more of a “last-minute” planner, their “online ordering with curbside pickup” ensures your Thanksgiving meal is just a click away.

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3. The Chop House

The Chop House

Why it’s a must-visit

When you step into The Chop House, you’ll find a place that feels both special and familiar. Crafted with love and dedication since 1992, its warm vibes invite everyone to settle in and enjoy.

At The Chop House, it’s all about hearty meals that fill not just the stomach but also the heart. They’re not new to the game, with their presence strong and widespread across the Southeast.

The mantra is simple – serve amazing food with the freshest ingredients. If you’re searching for “places to eat in Augusta” that promise both quality and quantity, this is your stop. From the moment you’re seated to your very last bite, expect nothing but the best.

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4. Finch & Fifth

Finch & Fifth

Why it’s a must-visit

Finch & Fifth is not just another restaurant; it’s a feeling. Casual yet quirky, it’s designed to be your local getaway, any day of the week.

Mixing southern classics with a sprinkle of creativity, their menu promises something for everyone. Since its doors opened in 2013, it’s been serving up dishes that are both delightful and different.

Think artisanal cheeses, craft cocktails, and a modern twist to your grandma’s recipes. Looking for a place “around Augusta” that’s both relaxed and refined? Finch & Fifth beckons.

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5. French Market Grille

French Market Grille

Why it’s a must-visit

Step into a Mardi Gras celebration right in Augusta! At French Market Grille, every day feels like a festival. With over 35 years under its belt, the vibes here are as lively as the streets of New Orleans during carnival season.

Think spicy, think savoury, think scrumptious! Their menu is a deep dive into authentic Cajun and Creole tastes.

From the classic Crawfish Etoufée to the crispy Shrimp Po’ Boy, every dish is a testament to their commitment to authentic flavors.

You are looking for “restaurants open Thanksgiving near me” that bring Louisiana right to your plate? You’ve got a winner!

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6. Tbonz Steakhouse of Augusta

Tbonz Steakhouse of Augusta

Why it’s a must-visit

Classic, comfortable, and all about celebrating good times, Tbonz Steakhouse has that unmistakable feel of a traditional American steakhouse. It’s a place where memories are made, one meal at a time.

“Where to eat in Augusta?” is a question that often has one answer – Tbonz Steakhouse. Why? Their hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and especially those mouth-watering “Tommy Fries”!

With the reputation of serving the “Best Steak in Augusta” for three decades, it’s a no-brainer for anyone seeking a meaty treat.

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7. 8595 Restaurant & Bar

8595 Restaurant & Bar

Why it’s a must-visit

Set within the iconic Partridge Inn, 8595 effortlessly blends heritage with a touch of modernity. Every corner speaks of history while the hospitality feels as warm as a southern embrace.

Led by the talented Chef Thomas Jacobs, the kitchen is a symphony of flavors. Local ingredients, seasoned with love and cooked to perfection, create dishes that are both familiar and fantastically unique.

From their famous duck-fat fried chicken to the flavoursome 60-day aged porterhouse steak, every bite is a delicious trip down memory lane, reminiscent of Augusta’s glorious past.

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8. Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

Why it’s a must-visit

Think of a grand feast, where tables are lined with a variety of dishes and the aroma fills the room. That’s Golden Corral for you. An environment where families come together to share stories over unlimited bites.

If you’re thinking, “Where to eat in Augusta that offers tons of options?”, Golden Corral should top the list. With a buffet that boasts over 150 items, there’s something for every palate.

From homey pot roast to crispy fried chicken and even luxurious fried shrimp, your plate will always be full. And for those on the go, their “take out” options ensure you don’t miss out on the feast.

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9. Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Abel Brown Southern Kitchen & Oyster Bar

Why it’s a must-visit

Nestled in Surrey Center, Abel Brown offers a fine mix of elegance with Southern charm. The setting is both chic and welcoming, making it perfect for both special occasions and casual meet-ups.

A celebration of blended cultural roots, their menu is a true nod to the South with a twist. While the oyster bar promises the freshest catches, the kitchen churns out dishes that are as authentic as they are refined.

If you’re scouting for “restaurants open Thanksgiving near me” with a distinct Southern touch, this place won’t disappoint.

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As the leaves turn golden and the air gets crisper, Augusta, GA, readies itself for a heartwarming Thanksgiving celebration.

The city’s restaurants, ranging from traditional diners to upscale eateries, roll out their best menus, beckoning families to partake in memorable feasts.

If you find yourself in Augusta or are lucky enough to call it home, rest assured, the “food near me” searches will lead you to some of the best “places to eat in” town.

The spirit of gratitude is truly palpable around Augusta, making every meal feel like a grand Thanksgiving dinner.

Whether you’re enjoying a slice of pie with loved ones, picking up a “dinner delivery,” or exploring the “local” culinary scene, Augusta GA encapsulates the true essence of Thanksgiving. Celebrate, indulge, and give thanks in the heart of Georgia!

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