Restaurants in Atlantic City for Thanksgiving dinner

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving Dinner Atlantic City – 2023

Atlantic City is a seaside resort with amazing sights and an abundance of superb eating options.

All across the town, fantastic restaurants are serving delectable meals, delicacies prepared from the purest fish, culinary from other nations, and much more.

Each location is unique, offering an artistic environment, comprehensive restaurants, exquisite design, an exquisite vibe, a friendly lifestyle, moderate pricing, and a plethora of other amenities.

Since you are presented with numerous fantastic possibilities, I understand that picking on the appropriate location can be difficult and perplexing.

That’s why we’ve carefully chosen the greatest eateries in the Atlantic to assist you with your Thanksgiving dinner.

Best restaurants in Atlantic City for Thanksgiving this year

1. Capriccio


Capriccio is an establishment featuring Italian cuisine at the famed MGM Gaming Resort that first began operating in 1979.

Enjoy great cuisine with your loved ones in Atlantic City by sharing a delicious dinner at this beautiful eatery.

It has an attractive ambiance, spectacular beautiful beaches, superb hospitality, massive fixtures, and tastefully furnished decor.

Try the Mostaccioli, a homemade rice dish, to try something different.

Broccoli, grilled aubergine, creamy burrata, and peppers make up this dish.

The Shrimp Zuppetta is a must-order for shellfish fans.

Spaghetti, has prawns, crabs, crayfish, and calamari cooked in canola oil, anchovies, onion, and scarlet shallot.

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2. EastWind


The EastWind’s full name is Eastwind Chinese Bistro and Soup Dumpling.

It is located on the gaming floor of the Sands Resort Casino.

Do you enjoy Chinese food and want to know where to dine in the City?

When you do, We highly urge you to dine at the EastWind.

It has an extensive menu of Chinese foods, a welcoming ambiance, and a beautiful décor.

To enjoy fantastic Chinese cuisine, choose the Scallop Pan Cooked Vermicelli.

Fried orzo pasta, crabs, prawns, and squid are among the ingredients.

Map Soybean is yet another delectable dish you must try.

It comes with chopped soy and slow cook sauteed cabbage, as well as spicy avocado oil.

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3. White House Sub Shop

White House Sub Shop

The White House Sub Business, first opened in 1945, is an established fast food joint and heritage marker.

Are you looking for informal restaurants where you may have a good and fast meal with your loved ones?

When you are, this well-known restaurant is an excellent choice.

It attracts many tourists from all kinds of backgrounds as well as superstars such as Oprah Winfrey, Frankie Zappa, and President Trump with its large sub burgers that may measure approximately two meters in length.

Choose the White House signature if you’d like to test a popular and well-known choice.

This classic dish is made with melted provolone, Italian sausage, homemade bread, European bacon, and other ingredients.

The Chicken Chicken marsala Torpedo is a delicious dish if you enjoy chicken cuisine.

Sauteed shallots, truffles, a unique marinade, bell peppers, and certain other seasonings are among those used.

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4. Dock’s Oyster House

Dock’s Oyster House

Dock’s Oyster Shack is an antique mall that first began operating in 1898.

Dock’s Seafood Restaurant is among Atlantic City’s greatest supper spots, with an upmarket atmosphere, regular keyboard entertainment, and elegant banquet halls.

It provides secluded locations for small occasions, delectable food, parking facilities, and a fantastic gourmet tasting menu.

Dock’s Fish Stir has been a favorite item on the menu ever since it originally appeared.

It comes with sole, prawns, and a tomato pie, as well as potatoes.

If you enjoy eating shrimp food, get the Canned Crab Saute.

It’s made using a giant chunk of lobster meat, lemons, buttery, herbs, onions, onions, and pepper.

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5. Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

Vic & Anthony’s Restaurant, situated inside the Silver Horseshoe Hotel and Casino, is an expensive restaurant.

When seeking the top-scoring eateries in Atlantic City to eat succulent sirloin, choose this amazing dining institution.

This prize-winning restaurant boasts a refined feel, a small atmosphere, magnificent design, and a vintage attitude.

Begin your pleasurable lunch with the delectable caesar salad.

Cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, pickles, blue cheese, black olives, green onions, scarlet shallots, and a white wine dressing make up this salad.

This eatery has a variety of delicious meats, but if you appreciate shellfish, check out the Branzino.

It’s made with shellfish boiled potatoes, a lemon and herbs cream sauce, a hot skillet entire branzino, and sauté apricots verts.

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6. Chef Vola’s

Chef Vola’s

Chef Vola’s is an Italian establishment that opened in 1922 in a listed building near the seashore.

Choose Chef Vola’s if you’re looking for the top eateries in midtown or along the beachfront.

It has a welcoming atmosphere and an extensive menu of snacks, vegetables, spaghetti, sweets, and beef dinners.

Choose the Veal Meditations, which are covered with baby greens, a Minestrone demi-glaze, and a fungus triumvirate for a delectable and elegant entrée.

Are you seeking the ideal chocolate to round off your spectacular dinner?

Whether you are, We suggest the Mascarpone and Crème Vanilla creme Cake with whipped cream drizzled on top.

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7. Cafe 2825

Cafe 2825

Cafe 2825 is a 1987 Italian establishment located among several landmarks and clothing stores.

Cafe 2825 is an excellent pick for excellent eateries in Atlantic City that would provide real Italian meals.

It boasts a large range of great wine, a lively comprehensive restaurant, a sophisticated atmosphere, lovely furnishings, and natural accents.

Begin your wonderful food experience with the Roasted Shellfish Oreganata, a delectable appetizer.

These roasted clams are seasoned with Parmesan sauce and Italian croutons.

If you enjoy spaghetti, the Grandmother is an excellent pick.

Homemade tomatoes, diced shredded mozzarella, Italian bowtie pasta, shredded Locatelli, as well as the option to add a handmade sausage round out the dish.

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8. Gilchrist Restaurant

Gilchrist Restaurant

The Gilmore Kitchen, situated in the Atlantic City Museum, has been in business since 1956.

If you’re looking for someplace to eat in Atlantic City to begin your morning with a wonderful meal, this eatery is an excellent choice.

It has a tasty menu, a wide terrace for seaside eating, friendly service, and a cozy ambiance.

Buy Combination #4 to begin your day with a filling and tasty lunch.

It comes with three waffles, triple scrambled, bread, handmade chips, and sausage.

You may also order their delicious Chicken Sandwich, which includes a doner kebab, prosciutto, chorizo, or bacon with a cheese and egg sandwich.

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9. Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Cafe

Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Cafe

Kelsey & Kim’s Southern Restaurant, which opened in 2013 on Lexington Boulevard, is a soulful cuisine establishment.

It also ranks among the greatest celebration eateries in Atlantic City, with a specially customized buffet, live entertainment on holidays, a welcoming ambiance, and the capacity for big parties.

How to Eat

If you would like to try a nutritious food, Tuna Lettuce is a great option.

It’s made up of leafy greens, pickles, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and Scarlet shallots, and it’s topped with roasted or charred mackerel.

Get the Prawn Etouffee to try a popular restaurant’s finest.

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10. Angeline by Michael Symon

Angeline by Michael Symon

Angeline by William Lyon is a well-known Italian eatery situated inside the Tropicana Resort Casinos and Riviera.

Angeline by William Lyon, one of Atlantic City’s trendiest eateries, serves a selection of the town’s tastiest meals.

It has an upscale and fashionable atmosphere, delectable food made by a prize-winning gourmet artist, a large range of premium alcohol, and an eye-catching design.

Vegans will like the Corn Silage Ravioli with scallions, brown sugar, and herbs.

Do you have gluten sensitivities?

If so, the Casein Spaghetti Scallop Spaghetti is a good option.

It comes with squid, mussels, prawns, and crustaceans, as well as your option of red or white salsa.

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11. Council Oak Steaks & Seafood

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood

The Hard Rock Resort and Casinos Atlantic City’s Royal Oaks Steaks and Shrimp is a well-regarded eatery.

Are you seeking to find the most upscale spots where you can sample a range of delectable meals?

this place is an excellent option.

It has a modern design, elevated food, an exclusive and upscale environment, an open-fire kitchen, and a strong design.

To sample a wonderful marine entrée, get the Lump Charcoal Seabass.

Chickpeas, red pepper, pancetta, and a balsamic dressing are among the ingredients.

While touring this restaurant, the Cage-Free Whole Chicken is a must-order poultry meal.

It has scallops, winter beans, onions, and a healthy confit flavor.

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Final Thoughts

Never before has a Turkey day feast been so fraught with complications, despite the covid outbreak hovering in the backdrop, it’s simply run for the plan. Would you dine outside or be at home? Would you bake or order in? Would the meal be conventional Holiday fare or something a bit contemporary?

All of these are complex questions. And, while this season has rendered preparing more difficult than before, we went outside to go over everything in terms of what food establishments have to provide, divided up into several genres, in the expectation that it may make the preparing a little simpler. That is certainly a reason to be grateful.

We highly urge you to call every establishment prior to dining to reserve your table because all of them experience high crowd volumes.

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