Best Restaurants in Salvador

17 Best Restaurants & Places in Salvador, Brazil | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Salvador is known for its sinfully delicious cuisine that is celebrated for its traditional recipes and freshly fetched goodies.

It’s an exotic vacation destination that introduces people to unique seafood varieties as its surrounded by stunning waterfront locations and remains a cosmopolitan metropolis that follows the traditional Brazilian methods of serving dishes in a sizzling form.

The city has so many extravagant restaurants that it might come off as a bit confusing when finding some decent places to eat, as these diners range from Italian to Japanese, along with regional Bahian varieties as well.

Therefore to help you explore every form of cuisine here, we created this list of the best restaurants in Salvador to help with your search. So let’s take a look at some of them below.

The Best Restaurants in Salvador This Year

1. Donana


Why it’s a must visit?

The Donana restaurant is an authentic Brazilian diner and remains one of the best family restaurants in Salvador; that was established in 1988 and became one of the most reputed diners in the city.

The restaurant enjoys a serene location at Campinas de Brotas, which is one of the highest points in Salvador and is known for its breathtaking beauty that provides people with exquisite skyline views of the city.

The cuisine range here is fantastic, and it remains a beautiful spot to enjoy authentic Brazilian cuisine.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant introduces people to lots of local Brazilian dishes within its vintage setting and, thereby, is a spectacular place for travelers to stop by.

Before starting with the main course, go for their oxtail soup, or their sarapatel, which is a Brazilian pork beef stew, or their succulent shrimp dumplings as starter options.

As for the main entrée, it would be wise to order their salmon, which comes soaked in passion fruit sauce, or their filet drowned in bisque sauce.

Also, trying the shrimp that comes slathered with tapioca will bring a smile to your face because of its flavorsome taste.

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2. Mistura


Why it’s a must visit?

The Mistura restaurant covers every regional cuisine that you can imagine, but its main specialization focuses on seafood as it is run by one of the most renowned chefs and entrepreneurs named Paolo Alfonsi, who is Italian and runs the business with the Brazilian resident named Andrea Ribeiro who is both husband and wife and thereby introduce people to global cuisine.

The restaurant has quite a captivating history of getting started modestly and then getting turned into one of the best seafood restaurants in Salvador, which provides people with exquisite fusion varieties.

The restaurant has a vintage and modern atmosphere and a lovely aroma that makes people drool as soon as they come into this place.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s main specialization focuses on regional Bahian and Mediterranean cuisine, which has made it one of the top restaurants in the city.

Before starting with the main course, begin with their red octopus Siri share that comes with coconut and Sicilian lemon.

As an alternative, one can also go for the fried calamari, which makes for an impressive appetizer option.

Following that, try their mouthwatering filet of Whiting that comes with Moroccan couscous, shrimp, and lobster.

In the end, finish your feast by going for their decadent dessert titled chocolate terrine, which comes with crunchy almonds, apricots, or pannacotta that come alongside syrup, orange berries, and fresh cream.

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3. Beach Stop Restaurant and Bar

Beach Stop Restaurant and Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Beach Stop Restaurant and Bar is known for its relaxed and casual atmosphere that keeps up with its animated image of providing people with the coziest dining experience as it’s located near the beach and is surrounded by golden sands and green palm trees that offer stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

This restaurant has quite a fancy air to it and therefore remains one of the excellent restaurants for having a romantic date with your significant other.

It’s quite a trendy restaurant among teenagers and youngsters who like losing themselves in its bright nightlife and regular live music performances that also comes with lots of liquor options.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s main specialization focuses on seafood and steak varieties which is perfect if one wants to dine in an elegant way.

One of the many filling dishes that you can try here is their shrimp lasagna, shrimp risotto, or sirloin steaks which come in hefty portions.

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4. Soho Restaurante

Soho Restaurante

Why it’s a must visit?

The Soho Restaurante is one of the most successful food chains among Brazilian restaurants that deliver people exotic cuisine that covers Japanese, Fortaleza, and Brasilia. 

This restaurant was initially established in 1998 and was run by some Bhaian entrepreneurs named Karine and Jen Quieroz, who moved the entire base in 2003 and, from then on, became one of the top-rated restaurants in the city.

The outdoor seating of the restaurant, with spectacular views of Baia de Todos os Santos, makes the entire dining experience a lot more pleasant.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is prominently known for its expertise in creating mouthwatering Japanese cuisine that quickly became a hit among the local people.

The menu features several exotic dishes like ceviche, sushi, sashimi, and teppanyaki as some of its highly praised dishes.

Many dishes here are also made with local fusions, like their polvo com batatas which is a famous octopus dish that arrives with potatoes.

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5. Al Mare

Al Mare

Why it’s a must visit?

The Al Mare restaurant is a famous Brazilian and Mediterranean diner that is situated inside the Salvador shopping complex, which is a contemporary mall that was opened in 2011 and successfully achieved its goal of providing high-end food quality by introducing people to several masterful modern seafood cuisine varieties.

The restaurant is spearheaded by the executive chef Fabrico Lemos who is a graduate of a prominent culinary institute and is a genius when it comes to creating exquisite Mediterranean dishes because of his 13 years of professionalism in this field.

The entire restaurant has a spacious atmosphere that takes inspiration from the architect named Sidney Quintela, who presents people with spellbinding designs surrounded by seas and coastlines.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s exclusive specialization rotates around Mediterranean-style seafood dishes that come in several lavish varieties.

The specialties here range from king crab that comes freshly fetched from Patagonia and, thereby, is a pretty sumptuous dish to try.

Also, their grilled octopus that comes with squid ink risotto is a pretty good gourmet dish that should be tried.

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6. Casa de Tereza

Casa de Tereza

Why it’s a must visit?

The Casa de Tereza restaurant is known for its wholesome hospitality in being pretty accommodating to people with special diets because of its gluten-free varieties and tasty Brazilian cuisine.

This beautiful restaurant resides inside a historical colonial building in Rio Vermelho and has a loyal following of the beach community that is situated in the southern part of the city.

The entire decor of the restaurant has charming details with vintage designs that can be seen through its white-washed wooden stairs, exposed brick walls, and old furniture, along with a beautiful gallery.

The gallery showcases several regional artists like Waldo Robatto and Eder Muniz.

Also, the restaurant follows a sustainable approach using only organic items in its dishes and also using the freshest fish catch of the sea from its local fisherman so that the food maintains its high quality.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things that you can try here is their bobo de camarao, which is a creamy shrimp stew and has a divine taste to it.

Besides that, their mulata assanhada is also a toothsome dessert that contains multiple sweet flavors of chocolate tuille, tapioca syrup, and ice cream.

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7. Boi Preto

Boi Preto

Why it’s a must visit?

The Boi Preto is another exotic restaurant that is also super accommodating towards special diets with its gluten-free variety and its spectacular churrasco-inspired barbecue choices that have made it one of the must eat places in Salvador.

The restaurant has been operating for more than 20 years and is situated on the panoramic Avenida Otavio Mangabeira, which is a scenic location that is surrounded by oceans and beaches.

Also, the staff here are perfectionists when it comes to providing people are a fine dining experience through its huge saloon-style hallways that feel quite pleasant for dining in.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant introduces people to several mouthwatering delicacies with varieties like Cordeiro lamb or their camarao empanada, which is a breaded shrimp, and even simple dishes like mushroom risotto and nhoquie Frito which is basically a fried gnocchi with a fancy exotic name.

Also, their piconha nobre is a fantastic dish as it is a prime sirloin cut, and their bite ancho, which tastes similar to a ribeye steak, is also a delicious choice and remains every carnivore’s dream dish.

Don’t forget to try their buffet options that showcase several international dishes like seafood, olives, cheese, and other sweet varieties in the form of desserts like mini gateaux and fruit salads.

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8. Alfredo di Roma

Alfredo di Roma

Why it’s a must visit?

The Alfredo di Roma restaurant is situated in Hotel Atlantic Towers and is a famous Italian restaurant that was initially established in 1993 and quickly became one of the most prominent dining establishments in Salvador; that has won several awards for its stylish atmosphere and excellent pasta dishes made with the finest ingredients.

All of the ingredients here are selected for their excellent quality, which is why their dishes taste like heaven and have received such grand reviews.

The entire restaurant is surrounded by polished wooden floors, neutral-colored walls, and a sense of elegance that ensures one encounters a fabulous epicurean adventure.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant uses traditional Italian techniques to create dishes along with old generational recipes that have made it a remarkable dining establishment for relishing authentic Italian flavors.

The menu includes several tasty options like fettuccine that arrives with tomatoes and shrimp, along with steaks that come adorned with gorgonzola ravioli and black pepper.

But if you want to try more regional varieties like their South American-styled cuisine, then their Peruvian Gnocchi with shrimp, asparagus, and butter, all dipped in tomato sauce, will be a safe choice.

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9. Paraiso Tropical

Paraiso Tropical

Why it’s a must visit?

The Paraiso Tropical restaurant serves exquisite Bahian and South American cuisine inside a charming atmosphere with a vintage setting sharing a posh location at Cabula.

The one reason why this restaurant is one of the many easygoing places to eat in the city is due to its convenient and affluent location and its sustainable approach to creating quality dishes.

The restaurant is a healthier alternative to other Brazilian diners in Salvador as it caters to special diets and has lots of vegetarian, South American, Brazilian, and seafood varieties. 

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has its own organic vegetable garden, which altogether makes it stand out from other diners who use various preservatives in their foods, and because of this, this restaurant is a fantastic choice to go for, especially if you are looking for healthier alternatives.

The restaurant covers various specialties, like its Arroz de nabucete, which is a famous rice dish that is made with broccoli, green coconuts, clams, and mango.

Another alternative to that is their talharim com Frutos which are special noodles that contains seafood like octopus, shrimp, and lobster.

As for vegetarians, their moqueca vegetarian will be an excellent option to go for as it’s a vegetable stew that contains lovely condiments, green coconuts, and fruits.

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10. Restaurante da Preta

Restaurante da Preta

Why it’s a must visit?

The Restaurante da Preta has a unique island-like theme to it and is a hidden gem situated and All Saints Bay, which is surrounded by breathtaking island waters and thereby is one of the restaurants in Salvador.

The restaurant is one of the best restaurants near me due to its excellent horizon views and sandy beaches with Crystal clear waters that makes it a perfect destination to dine at.

Also, the entire space is decorated with colorful umbrellas, various crafts, and decor pieces that make one have a lovely experience dining here.

One can even explore the entire beach space surrounding this restaurant as they wait for their food to come.

Chef’s Choice

One of our all-time favorites is the shrimp octopus moqueca which is a gourmet dish and needs to be tried.

As for the desserts, their honey of sugarcane juice and their tasty green coconut ice cream with tapioca make for a toothsome treat.

Also, if you want to finish your meal with a refreshing feat, then get their pineapple tea which contains ginger, cloves, honey, and cinnamon as its main healthy ingredients.

The restaurant is so impeccable in its service and hospitality that it makes one lose track of time as they spend time indulging in their many exquisite dishes here.

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11. Blue Terrace

Blue Terrace

Why it’s a must visit?

The Blue Terrace restaurant stunningly faces the Buracao beach situated in Rio Vermelho and is an upscale diner that delivers people breathtaking views of lush gardens with coconut trees and beachfront along with a cozy interior with premium sofas and tables that makes it a perfect place to unwind while listening to the rustling sound of the sea and the breeze.

The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and follows a fascinating concept of being an extension of the beach with its upscale bar and diner that allows people to explore the entire beach-like space.

One definitely gets to enjoy the time they spend here because of its lovely location, which is fantastic for taking snapshots and posting them across various social platforms to brag.

Chef’s Choice

Try their refreshing beverage titled gin with hibiscus, which has an ultimate rejuvenating taste.

Other than that, make use of the location by ordering their specialized seafood octopus dish that comes with cashew and is a fabulous combination. 

No matter what time you prefer to dine here, you are bound to have a pleasant dining experience here, be it in the mornings or at midnight.

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12. Origem Restaurant

Origem Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Origem Restaurant has every delicacy you imagine, be it coconut milk, sweets, seafood or palm oils, and a lot more, as the place delivers people the most authentic quality of Bahian cuisine, which drives inspiration from original generational recipes.

The restaurant fills the table of people with colorful dishes that pay homage to Bahia’s heritage and stays true to its cultural value by following keen guidelines laid out by the chef named Lisiane Arouca, who is known for their originality in creating authentic Brazilian dishes.

The restaurant also follows a seasonal menu with organic ingredients and uses modern techniques to create its dishes which is why it has become such a hit among the local people.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has a separate ‘tasting menu,’ which allows people to go through several seasonal dishes in one go that is known for its freshness and bursting flavors.

Because of its seasonal menu and use of fresh ingredients, the dishes here are made in the most refined quality and have a light but flavorsome taste.

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13. Solange Biscoitos

Solange Biscoitos

Why it’s a must visit?

The Solange Biscoitos restaurant is also known as a café, and it’s one of the many famous places that people often visit to dine at due to its many hearty dishes that feels homey and nostalgic.

The entire decor of the restaurant is designed to look like home, and the menu comes with several tasty options along with impeccable service that makes sure that one is having a relaxing time while making good conversations.

Also, the entire restaurant is based on the owner’s grandmother’s recipes, and therefore its food options have such a hearty feeling to them that makes one wanna come back to it again and again.

The place is also perfect for celebrations and events because of its second floor and the main hall, which is quite spacious.

Chef’s Choice

The menu here is a culinary masterpiece with several homey choices that mainly list staple food options.

One of the best snack-like dishes you can try here is their biscuits which have maintained their consistent quality over the years and are considered a beloved dish by lots of people. 

Most of the dishes here remain the same as the recipe guides them, and therefore the place has continued to serve people with impressive hospitality and great food.

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14. Mango Restaurant

Mango Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The mango restaurant is a sensational diner that provides people with the most fantastic epicurean adventure through the expertise of the chefs Dante and Katrin Bassi. 

The restaurant functions in partnership with other exceptional chefs and introduces people to outstanding global flavors tailored to suit the pallet of many people so that the restaurant can maintain its image of being welcoming and accommodating, especially towards special diets.

It includes lactose and gluten-free dishes, which is why it has such a massive following among people who stay loyal to this place and keep coming back to it, again and again, to go for healthier alternatives that are made from organic ingredients.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant credits its success to its use of organic ingredients and homemade dishes, even in comfort food varieties like sausages and salami.

Other than that, their creative dishes, like fried chicken feed, are made with paprika and avocado cream that takes a long time to be ready; around 12 hours is a spectacular dish and is cooked to perfection to maintain its excellent flavor.

Also, its simple treats and dishes like ice cream and bread, along with dry ripened meat, remain hugely popular here.

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15. LarriQuerri


Why it’s a must visit?

The LarriQuerri is a modest bistro and is an extension of the Guerra family, which has its menu options written on the board.

The executive chef Rosa here personally uses their genius to create dishes that pair perfectly along with their wines and thereby offer people a gourmet dining experience.

It’s a fantastic place to visit during evenings before having dinner, and it may look like a small place, but its fabulous options and drinks, with friendly service and modern decorations, have rendered it one of the best places to eat in Salvador.

Chef’s Choice

One of the finest dishes you can try here is their tagliarini noodles which come with gorgonzola sauce that contains nuts and raisins and have a thick consistency to them.

Besides that, the dessert variety is also worth a mention here with desserts like their Artisanal coconut ice cream and which is made with wine and contains jurubeba leao do Norte that is made with salt flower and peanut bran. 

As one can expect, the creative drinks and snacks here should definitely be tried as they are offered here in the most divine combinations.

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16. Poro Restaurant

Poro Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Poro restaurant is known for its charming and straightforward interior, serving rich Brazilian food varieties that are served inside a beautiful atmosphere decorated with flowers and colorful umbrellas that contrast and harmonize well with the exquisite dishes mentioned on the menu.

The ambiance of the restaurant is very soothing, and it remains one of the many cool places to eat in the city because of its lively neighborhoods, sharing proximity to the historic center.

The entire space is designed in a charming way and therefore remains perfect for fancy romantic dates with your partner.

Chef’s Choice

For starters, one of the best dishes you can try here is their costelinha bebada, which comes with two strips of pork ribs that come roasted in caipirinha that is further given with side dishes of sautéed green cabbage, sweet potato, and farofa.

Their fresh grilled Sea bass that comes with yam vatapa is also a pretty good option to go for as an appetizer option.

Another one that needs to be tried is their filet which is a simple dish.

Also, their goodies, like the banana dessert that arrives with cinnamon ice cream, make for an attractive option to satisfy the sweet inner tooth.

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17. Chez Bernard

Chez Bernard

Why it’s a must visit?

The Chez Bernard restaurant is one of the oldest French restaurants in Salvador; that was initially founded in 1963 and grew into a wholly refurbished diner that has been praised for its high-end quality and consistent value that can be seen in its excellent French culinary dishes.

The French dishes here are given a modern spin, and the atmosphere is also stunning, with serene views of the All Saints Bay landscape that is visually pleasing.

The classic French variety here is the reason why it’s such beloved by the local people of Salvador, who cherish this restaurant’s long consistent quality over the years.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many gourmet options presented on the menu, their classic steaks with a choice of bordelaise or poivre, or bearnaise, is a perfect dish to go for.

Other than that, their seafood linguine is also an exuberant dish that one can try.

The Moroccan lamb couscous makes for a perfect red meat option, whereas for vegetarians, their mushroom risotto is the way to go.

Don’t forget to give yourself a treat in the end by trying their delectable stuffed French eclairs.

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Famous Food to Try in the City

  • Steaks – Steaks are one of the classic varieties here and remain a Brazilian specialty because of their tender meat that are native to this region to make sure that they are offered in the most flavorsome way with raw sauces so that the steaks can maintain their juicy flavor along with lots of spice that makes them stand out from other dishes.
  • Wines – Another ultimate thing that one should definitely not miss out on trying in Salvador is their wines which are sometimes made exclusively to harmonize with the main dishes so that one can encounter a heavenly epicurean adventure that is hard to experience anywhere else. Because of combining the exotic dishes with the regional wines, the entire culinary experiences feel divine and, therefore, must be tried at least once.
  • Eclairs – Desserts are surprisingly Salvador’s specialty that provides people with exotic treat varieties, including ice cream and eclairs, which remain highly popular here. Eclairs is an exclusive French dish that Salvador offers in an authentic sense with a bread-like dessert in which chocolate is stuffed and soaked in and therefore has a tender flavor that melts in the mouth in seconds.

Final Thoughts

Salvador is an exotic central and southern American city that has continued to enamor people with its exotic culinary essence and its pride in exemplifying the marvelous Bahian cuisine that it offers in the most glorious sense.

The place always enjoys a huge influx of travelers and tourists who are enthralled by its right food choices and want to taste it at least once in their life.

Even though Salvador has its own outstanding dining establishment located in almost every corner of the city, it becomes pretty tricky to choose the best among so many places to eat.

Therefore to help you bring down your options a bit, we created this list of the best restaurants in Salvador to assist you in finding the most refined restaurants that have an impressive reputation for serving authentic Salvador cuisine.

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