The Best Restaurants in Marin

15 Best Restaurants & Places in Marin – 2023 (Top Eats!)

Life in Marin is all about food with world-class chefs and delectable meals that are served fresh with locally grown ingredients.

It’s a perfect place for epicurean adventurers who like visiting various towns and trying diverse meals made from distinct recipes. 

With so many likely places to eat situated in every corner of Marin, dining here feels like a special occasion while also discovering various exceptional cuisine varieties.

The city has several favorite restaurants and eateries that solve every food problem that you have if you are living in the north bay. 

That’s why if you’re looking for a good socializing event with your friends, then take a look at some of the best restaurants in Marin that you can visit.

The Best Restaurants in Marin This Year

1. Picco


Why it’s a must visit?

The Picco restaurant is a prominent diner that is a personal favorite of many people in Marin.

It’s one of the nicest restaurants near me that was opened in 2005 and has attracted people from all over the bay area.

It’s one of the top-rated restaurants in Marin that has a bustling vibe and serves delicious food options.

It’s also popular and is one of the most famous restaurants in Marin that remains highly crowded, and the business always seems to continue.

Chef’s choice

The brain behind this restaurant is the owner and founder Bruce Hill, who also has various other restaurant branches in different cities serving wonderful selections of dishes.

The restaurant serves ‘for the table’ items that are all made using locally sourced ingredients.

Some of the most exceptional dishes here are their freshly prepared risotto, oysters, and ahi tartare.

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2. Sol Food

Sol Food

Why it’s a must visit?

The Sol Food restaurant is also one of the most famous restaurants in Marin that brings in customers from all over the city and is also highly welcoming toward tourists.  

This restaurant has been featured on several television shows because of which it is one of the cool places to eat in Marinnd and is majorly popular among US citizens.

This restaurant has a very humble history of getting started as a farmer’s market and then turning into one of the hottest restaurants with a double-seater building in San Rafael.

Chefs choice

This restaurant has been featured in several TV shows, highlighting different cuisine options from all around the United States.

Its location in the Mill Valley has also made it incredibly popular for its different food varieties like biscuits and chicken.

Make sure to try their signature Picco sauce that makes the already tasty dishes tastier.

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3. Buckeye Lake Marin

Buckeye Lake Marin

Why it’s a must visit?

The Buckeye Lake Marin restaurant is a cozy diner that is known as Buckeye Roadhouse and was first started in 1989.

This restaurant has a fascinating history of turning a hunting lodge into a refurbished German restaurant by emphasizing Californian cuisine.

It’s an American restaurant with a timeless feel and serves delectable Californian-inspired food near me within an old-school setting.

It has a gorgeous stone fireplace with a lovely wood paneled wall that maintains its beautiful warm aesthetic, and it is also one of the best family restaurants in Marin.

The restaurant is a perfect place for vintage lovers to visit when they are wondering where to eat delectable cuisine within a charming setting.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant is known for its signature Buckhouse oyster bingo, which is highly loved.

Other flavors and varieties include marinated flat iron steak and mouth-watering smoked chicken wings.

The restaurant has been operating for more than a decade and has a trusted professional that provides the best recommendations upon request.

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4. Barrel House Tavern

Barrel House Tavern

Why it’s a must visit?

The Barrel House Tavern restaurant is a beautiful restaurant situated on the edge of the bay in Marin, neighboring San Francisco and Sausalito.

It’s one of the top restaurants because of its gorgeous scenic views, and the food is just incredible.

This restaurant has a historical significance to it as well for being one of the foremost ferry terminals in service from San Francisco. 

This gorgeous water from a diner takes pride in delivering a breathless atmosphere with tasty food items.

Chef’s choice

This waterfront diner takes a lot of pride in serving well-seasoned and locally sourced dishes with a rotating menu inside a stimulating setting.

It serves freshly prepared risotto and cod as some of its favorites, as well as other exceptional seafood varieties like clam chowder.

Its ferry location also makes it a fun place to dine and therefore makes it one of the great restaurants in Marin.

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5. Mercia Marin Farmshop

Mercia Marin Farmshop

Why it’s a must visit?

Another great restaurant is the Mercia Marin Farmshop diner, which is known for its healthy and fresh food quality in using locally grown ingredients.

It’s a 5-star restaurant that honors artisans and farmers for creating spectacular and sustainable food varieties.

The restaurant provides the tastiest meal in all of Marin County Mart in Marinnd is basically a farm shop like its name, serving fresh farm varieties.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides a broad menu for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

It provides every kind of meal you can imagine ranging from various drinks to cheese and desserts. 

The pizzas here are also decadent and have a really thin dough that feels delicious, with seasoning and a topping of jidori chicken and avocado hummus as the most popular picks. 

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6. Sushi Ran

Sushi Ran

Why it’s a must visit?

Speculating about where to eat sushi in Marin? Then the Sushi Ran restaurant will alleviate your cravings as it’s one of the must-eat places for sushi in Marin. 

The restaurant continues to impress its customers by taking the top position for more than three decades in providing the freshest and tastiest sushi in Marin. 

The restaurant practices various innovative skills in creating delectable sushi varieties, and the chefs here are not at all afraid of their creative approaches.

Chef’s choice

The sushi here is entirely made from wholesome ingredients like the freshest fish items and seasonings.

Because of such freshness and quality, it provides a healthy fine dining experience without any risk.

Overall, it’s quite a remarkable restaurant for anyone looking for sushi in Marin.

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7. Poggio Trattoria

Poggio Trattoria

Why it’s a must visit?

The Poggio Trattoria restaurant is situated in the center of Sausalito in Marin County and is known for its delectable Italian cuisine made from local ingredients.

It’s a prominent Italian diner that was started by Proprietor Larry Mindel, who owns over 13 Italian restaurants in different areas and has won several culinary awards.

The owner is one of the first American and non-Italian awardees who was granted this honor for producing decadent Italian cuisine.

Chef’s choice

This restaurant provides a fine dining quality experience in a fancy atmosphere that is perfect for romantic dates.

The menu here is diverse, with several delectable Italian selections like pasta, homemade burrata, wood oven pizzas, non-veg options, and a lot more.

Also, the service here is excellent and always delivers, as the servers here are very attentive and willing to help you with your every need.

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8. Insalata’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Insalata’s restaurant is a hidden local gem neighboring San Anselmo in Marin that is highly praised for its exceptional Mediterranean cuisine. 

This restaurant is spearheaded by the owner Heidi Krahling who started it in 1996 and has been consistently delivering excellent performances in Mediterranean cuisine since then.

This restaurant crafts the most incredible dishes in its open-styled kitchen that has a unique feel to its already spectacular atmosphere.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant has several delicious exotic delicacies like grilled ahi tuna with Moroccan spice chickpeas, fattoush salad, and Moroccan lamb meatballs. 

The entire goal of the restaurant revolves around the growing and coming together of the community as the whole team puts their everything into creating decadent food selections.

It’s a perfect restaurant that delivers passionate service with some of the most incredible varieties in the city.

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9. The Spinnaker

The Spinnaker

Why it’s a must visit?

The Spinnaker restaurant is one of the top culinary destinations in Marin that provides splendid views of California and is situated in Cavallo Point.

It’s a breathtaking restaurant that beautifully embraces the beauty of Marin’s culture and is nestled inside a historic building. 

This restaurant has a balcony that provides breathless views of the bay and is also perfect for cold nights as they have various blankets and heaters available.

The service here is one of the best of any other restaurant and provides one of a kind experience because of their helpful, friendly, and attentive nature.

Chef’s choice

Before trying anything, the restaurant provides a tasting menu that helps you decide the best fine wine pairings that you can choose.

The diverse menu selections include items like oysters, fresh fish, tamales, and a lot more.

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10. Evelyn’s Restaurant

Evelyn's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Evelyn’s restaurant is a lovely diner that provides comfort food options at cheap rates and is ideal for coming in large groups. 

The chefs here are professional and knowledgeable about what they cook, with some of the best staff that are extremely friendly towards you.

It is a pleasant experience dining at this restaurant as it is a pretty accessible diner located inside a strip mall with a simple interior.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant serves incredible fast food and staple varieties like ribeye and mashed potatoes with fries.

Other incredible options include their Philly steak and cheese, which makes for a unique choice.

Not to mention how incredible their American food options are, including pasta and fried ice creams that are homemade and deserving of a lot of praise.

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11. Salt Wood Kitchen and Oysterette

Salt Wood Kitchen and Oysterette

Why it’s a must visit?

The Salt Wood Kitchen and Oysterette restaurant is an elegant local diner serving coastal Californian cuisine with several main, seafood, and full bar service options.

It has a spacious and airy atmosphere, perfect for those who want to dine in a comfy manner without intervention.

Anyone who likes a minimalist atmosphere with tasty food will like this restaurant.

Every time people visit this restaurant, it just keeps getting better and is also a top choice for many people when it comes to dining for special occasions.

Chef’s choice

The menu highlights here include their oysters and drinks that are super delicious and come with a lot of volumes.

They provide delicious lighter options, too, like quinoa and beet salad as well as the recent watermelon salad.

They also serve other delicious options like coconut grits, barbecue ribs, and shrimp, as well as simple comfort options like burgers.

It’s also super accommodating towards allergies as well and making sure that food is prepared in accordance with that.

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12. Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Noodle Bar restaurant is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant that serves excellent traditional dishes as well as noodle soup, smoothies, and teas.  

This restaurant is a perfect place for exotic food lovers who like to have a fine dining experience by trying various traditional Vietnamese dishes.

They also provide takeout options and serve the best food combinations in generous portions with lots of meats.

Chef’s choice

People love its pho which is made in a traditional version of a Vietnamese dish, containing a flavorful broth with hints of ingredients that stand out.

They also have other small bite selections like egg rolls that feel crispy and make for a good light option.

Other honorable mentions include their pork chop dish that comes with a fantastic glaze as well as their Vietnamese iced coffee that feels like Boba or watered-down milk.

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13. Siam Marin Thai Cuisine

Siam Marin Thai Cuisine

Why it’s a must visit?

Another exotic restaurant on our list is the Siam MarinThai Cuisine restaurant, which provides Thai comfort food options, including stir fries and curries served in a homey and casual setting.

This restaurant has a nautical space with artsy walls and is a family-owned restaurant that provides a very simple menu with excellent dishes. 

It’s a hidden gem and a perfect place to alleviate all your cravings with its many superb selections.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides a fascinating Tom Kha Soup that contains a rich coconut flavor in it with a bit of sweetness and chili to spice it up.

They also have green curry, which feels absolutely delicious and has a creamy flavor.

It’s important to note that this restaurant might serve a less authentic variety of Thai cuisine in Marin, but it still is a decent option for other restaurants.

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14. New Korea Restaurant

New Korea Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The New Korea restaurant is it trendy dining establishment situated in Marin that prepares traditional Korean main courses as well as banchan in a casual space.

It’s one of the top-rated Asian restaurants in Marin, CA, that introduces people to excellent Asian flavors.

This restaurant has been operating for more than nine years since 2013 and consistently delivers excellent taste at reasonable prices.

Because of its affordability and quality dishes, it has become a local favorite and a long-time neighborhood-adored restaurant.

Chef’s choice

The restaurant provides authentic Korean options made with original recipes serving the tastiest bibimbap, Kim bap, and other items.

Their beef and pork selections in Bulgogi are the best and perfect for anyone who is a carnivore.

They also have tons of other options like sizzling platters, spicy bowls, and kimchi jjigae made carefully made with the freshest ingredients and flavors.

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15. The General Historic Bar

The General Historic Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The General Historic Bar restaurant is an ideal place for music and food lovers in Marin, California.

It was first started as a site dinner and became a great place to bond over music with its large music venue, where lots of rookie group members had access to perform. 

The restaurant occasionally holds various community events like holiday dinners, picnics,  and trivia nights, which makes it a great bonding place to have fun and enjoy. 

Chef’s choice

It’s one of the cool places to eat in Marin as it has big music Hall which has a lounge area, a large bar, and an exquisite dining room.

With its exciting outdoor and indoor dining setting along the docks and canals, this restaurant feels like a great place to enjoy both brunch and dinner. 

The menu features a lot of diverse varieties, including pizzas, pasta, burgers, and fish.

It also has a bar so that people can savor their various delicious cocktails.

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Final Thoughts

Marin is a gorgeous bay location that continues to attract gastronomists from all over the world who are looking for culinary exploration.

It is a fascinating place that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds, be it its historical landmarks or various places to eat.

No one can say that Marin does not have decent places to eat, as the place is brimming with an abundance of so many incredible dining options. 

Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are coming here to travel or explore or are just a simple resident; it’s always worth taking a look at our list of some of the best restaurants in Marin.

Have fun and bon appétit!

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