Best Restaurants & Places in Jacksonville

31 Best Restaurants & Places in Jacksonville, FL | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Jacksonville, in Florida, brags more than a hundred square miles of shores, woodlands, historical landmarks, and true botanical magnificence. It’s also a renowned food destination and is considered to be one of the most densely inhabited metropolitan in the Sunshine State.

Whether you have just shifted to Jacksonville or are just intending a stay at this place, you will plausibly want to explore some of the regional diners here. So below, we have curated a list of some of the best Jacksonville fl restaurants that you can explore to find a good place to eat to satisfy your inner foodie demon!

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Best restaurants in Jacksonville

1. Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant is a famous steakhouse known for its Brazilian take on delivering the smokiest and juiciest meat in Jacksonville by providing it in a rodizio fashion.

It’s a great place to visit if you want to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries as the menu here is vast and is filled with bursting Flavours.

It’s also pretty welcoming as it not only gives people the hot bar option where people can regale on the juicy steaks but also has a separate salad bar for vegetarians to enjoy their feast with pure satisfaction.

Chef’s Choice

The menu has distinct options ranging from fire-seared grade beef, lamb, chicken, and hog cuts which are given in a continuous manner to keep your appetite up instead of waiting for the meals to come.

Some of their legendary dish, which was appreciated here, are their steak, lamb, or grilled pineapple. And are sure to delight your tastebuds.

Other than that, you can also try their salads as the restaurant features a separate salad bar which has also got a lot of good reviews for its balanced taste.

2. Restaurant Orsay

Restaurant Orsay

Why it’s a must visit?

The Orsay restaurant is an upscale diner that was earlier opened in the year of 1990 and was previously known as Hôtel d’Orsay.

This restaurant is considered to be among the cool places to eat in Jacksonville for its exquisite French food choices that are delivered in the most delicate sense with authentic flavors.

Many call this restaurant “elegance without pretense” as it not only gives people delectable food choices but also has proven its worth by winning a streak of awards in specialized French cuisine along with hospitable service.

Chef’s Choice

If you want to get the authentic taste of France without leaving your country, then their cassoulet will surely exceed your expectations.

Another equally flavourful dish that you can try here to experience the true authentic taste of France is their bouillabaisse which would make for a great main course meal.

Also, make sure that you finish your meals with their lovely and delectable mushroom tarte flambée to give you a sweet aftertaste.

3. Biscottis


Why is it a must visit?

The Biscottis restaurant serves gourmet food options like sandwiches, salads, small plate dishes, and a lot many rich flavored dishes and also shares its location inside a walled brick building.

The restaurant is surrounded by a neighborhood which is known for its exquisite sweet dishes ranging from delectable desserts to other dessert options that have also given rise to this restaurant’s popularity too.

Just because the restaurant is known for its mouth-watering treats doesn’t mean that it only excels in serving breakfast options, as it also delivers excellent dishes for lunch and dinners as well.

Chef’s Choice

One of their most acclaimed dishes here are the omelets, pancakes, steak, and eggs, which act as incredible lunch or breakfast options and are also rejuvenating in taste.

They also have a daily local special, which gives people an array of different food options that they can eat as a fulfilling meal.

But nothing could beat their highlighted dish, which goes by the name of sensualist croissant bread pudding which is exceptionally delicious to devour.

4. Metro Diner

Metro Diner

Why it’s a must visit?

The Metro Diner restaurant is known for its enthusiastic take on American dishes especially in the realm of lunch and breakfast by also highlighting a friendly atmosphere.

This restaurant is considered to be one of the most unusual and thrilling restaurants Jacksonville fl as it strays away from the conventional path of many other restaurants by serving generous complimentary dishes like fries seasoned on top of salads.

All of the dishes are prepared in a unique fashion by blending different forms of ingredients to make innovative dishes and give people an exotic adventure.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most delicate dishes that you can try here is their French toast which is made by adding a layer of banana-cream cheese serving covered between dual slices of challah.

Besides their fascinating French toast, their meatloaf and the famous Yo Halla on the Square are also incredible options to consider if you are looking forward to a tremendous sweet experience.

Other than that, you can also choose to pair your dishes with their outstanding beverages, which can further elevate your breakfast experience a lot more.

5. Green Papaya Thai Cuisine

Green Papaya Thai Cuisine

Why it’s a must visit?

The Green Papaya Thai Cuisine restaurant is known for serving outstanding Thai food cuisine options and has been operating for years, and has gained a lot of acclaim for its authentic Thai dishes.

The restaurant, besides serving rejuvenating flavors in its dishes and an exotic twist of tastes, also is considered to be one of the top-rated restaurants in the city, primarily for its lively service and delectable cuisine.

Also, its location beside a scenic botanical place already marks it as a must place to visit if you’re looking for peace and goodness.

Chef’s Choice

The one dish that a lot of previous visitors have raved about is their Pad Thai dish which has a mouth melting taste and will give you a wholesome experience.

If you are looking for a great combo platter that will satisfy your tastebuds in the best manner, then their noodles with peanut gravy will surely fulfill your fancies.

Other than that, you can always go for their soups which can warm your stomach and helps you get an appetizing effect.

6. BB’s Restaurant + Bar

BB's Restaurant + Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The BB’s Restaurant + Bar restaurant, as the name suggests, not only specializes in delivering outstanding American food near me but also extends its service to provide the best desserts in Jacksonville as well through its spellbinding beauty.

As surprising as it may sound, their treats and desserts are the best here and will prove to be a haven for you if you have a sweet tooth.

The entire decor of this restaurants near me is very immersing and has a classy vibe to it which makes it an ideal place to visit if you want to have great business parties or dinner dates for a romantic dinner.

Chef’s Choice

Their most beautiful and luscious dish, which has won the hearts of people, is their Delmonico ribeye au Poivre which, through its mouth-watering taste and exquisite flavors, can put you in a trance.

Another dish that has an equally decadent taste is their croissant which comes with overflowing sweetness and gives you the best test of a lifetime.

Their other dessert options also deserve the same appreciation as their simple and popular tarts and pies which are great if you are looking for something light and tasty.

7. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Why it’s a must visit?

The Ruth’s Chris Steak House restaurant has recently become one of the trendiest restaurants in Jacksonville fl due to its sizzling and gorgeously layered beef dishes, which have a juicy texture and also come with an elegant upscale atmosphere.

Due to its location near the main street bridge, the restaurant presents people with a breathtaking view of the city with great skyline exhibits along with gourmet dishes which further add to the entire essence of the place.

It’s considered to be one of the top restaurants in Jacksonville, crediting to its immersing atmosphere and sizzling steak dishes.

Chef’s Choice

Before you try anything else, we would suggest that you first start with their famous Ribeye, which has an ultimate decadent taste and comes with a slice of juicy meat with overflowing aromatic flavors.

Other than that, their calamari steak is another great pick if you are looking for something luxurious and rich in texture, along with a succulent meat formula.

Also, you can choose to pair your dishes with their cocktails which further elevate your dining experience much more than ever before.

8. Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hawkers Asian Street Fare restaurant was established in 2011 and not only provides a unique blend of Asian dishes but also features them along the line of street food, which offers people not only the taste of Asian cuisine but also their casual dining in Jacksonville fl as well.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the nicest Asian restaurant in Jacksonville, then this place should be on the top of your list because it not only sticks to one regional flavor but also offers the taste of various lands in Asia.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is so engrossing that nobody feels like leaving this place with its upbeat music and continuous flow of dishes that keep you hooked for hours on end.

Chef’s Choice 

As Korea is known for its non-veg cuisine, one of the best Korean dishes that you can try here is their Seoul Hot Chicken Baos which has an exceedingly rich taste and melts in your mouth like butter with a balanced amount of crispy and juiciness.

The Seoul Hot Chicken Baos comes in generous portions and includes soft buns stuffed with their flavorsome Korean hot chicken.

One can also give their other Asian dishes a try, like their Kimbap which has an equally flavourful taste.

9. Julington Creek Fish Camp

Julington Creek Fish Camp

Why it’s a must visit?

The Julington Creek Fish Camp restaurant has everything that you can ever imagine ranging from its specialized area in serving seafood along with a southern flavor to its dishes while also facing the breathtaking view of the river through its windows, giving people a peaceful and pleasing dining in experience.

It’s a great place to visit if you are a huge fan of dining outdoors and facing rivers which this restaurant delivers, as it’s located near the famous St John’s River.

Its individual servings of seafood and use of freshest ingredients from the river make it one of the must eat places to visit in Jacksonville if you are looking for a delightful dinner.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has an ever-changing menu mainly because it uses locally sourced fish and therefore has a separate menu for daily specials, which go by the name of Whole Fresh Catch Fried fish.

Another dish that is their favorite here and also acts as a signature dish is their Chef’s Steak which is remarkable if you are a massive fan of red meat.

Their other options, like Broiled Seafood Platter, Spicy Seafood linguine, and more, are also favorable choices to consider if you’re looking for something more fulfilling and satisfying to cater to your every craving.

10. Marker 32

Marker 32

Why it’s a must visit?

The Marker 32 restaurant is a family-owned diner which has been named one of the most popular family restaurants Jacksonville fl

In the city primarily due to its genius chef, who is also called one of America’s top chefs and also has proven its worth by earning a 5-star rating.

The delightful seafood options here have an exceedingly flavorsome taste which is beyond heavenly and also becomes more pleasing due to the restaurant’s deliverance of magnificent view of the city from its balconies and windows.

It not only shows its genius in delivering dishes along with a scenic view of the city but also gives people a luxurious experience by beautifully presenting its dishes in the most elegant manner.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best seafood options that you can try here, which will melt in your mouth quickly, is their M32 Broiled Oysters which act as great appetizing options to feast on for having a delightful start to your dinner Jacksonville fl.

Their Deviled eggs and Fried Oysters are also excellent choices to consider as they are prepared with a lot of efficiencies and have the most exquisite taste you might have ever experienced.

But if you still feel that you have some space left in your stomach, and would like to try more of their fascinating dishes, then you can order their Twice Cooked Thai Baby Back ribs or steamed Mussels, which will surely please your palate.

11. Southern Charm

Southern Charm

Why it’s a must visit?

The Southern Charm restaurant, as the name implies, specializes in delivering country inspired seafood options along with various barbeque platter services and a nostalgic vibe in its interior to give people a reminiscent experience.

The restaurant has everything that one can connect with originality as it serves old generational dishes whose recipes are passed from generation to generation and therefore are authentic in flavors and taste.

It not only gives people the authentic taste of Southern food Jacksonville fl but also furthermore delivers its service in the same way by using plastic dishes and serving sizzling hot meals to its visitors.

The restaurant also has a ring option which alarms the visitors of their incoming meal and therefore becomes a massive commotion in the restaurant.

Other than that, their use of locally sourced ingredients adds another influential touch to their dishes.

Chef’s Choice

Their signature dish, Chef Art which comes with a mountainous plate of lightly fried tail-on white shrimp, will fulfill all your fantasies that you have about a perfect dish that needs no extra seasoning or pairing because it’s an entire wholesome meal.

Other than that, their other barbeque seafood options, like oysters, can also make for a perfect starter meal to give you an appetizing flavor.

Also, their ultimate Southern fried chicken will surely delight your taste buds with its balanced amount of crispy covering along with its juicy meat inside it to give people a lovely feast.

12. Taverna


Why it’s a must visit?

The Taverna restaurant is considered to be one of the most upscale diners in the city due to its extensive deliverance of wine collection along with various specialized dishes from diverse exotic cuisines with Italian and Spanish flavors in its meals.

The restaurant is located in the downtown side of Jacksonville and has earned its loyal patrons who like to dine at this elegant, atmospheric diner.

Due to its luxurious sense of Italian nature in its seasonal seafood dishes, the restaurant comes up as a bit of a fancy place to visit if you want to have a pleasant dining experience along with decadent dishes by your side.

Chef’s Choices

One of the good things about this restaurant is that it not only takes into consideration various fancies of a meat enthusiast but also opens its gates to vegan people as well by serving dishes like chickpeas and roasted veggies to please their palate.

Whereas if you are here to try their non-veg options, especially their seafood, then you must go for their salmon, scallops, and Bistecca, which has a delightful taste with an enticing aroma.

One can also go for their simple options like sandwiches if you find yourself confused between so many options to choose from and therefore can have a good meal as well.

13. 1928 Cuban Bistro

1928 Cuban Bistro

Why it’s a must visit?

The 1928 Cuban Bistro restaurant is a local cafe and diner which was opened in memory of the passing of the owner’s grandfather by getting established in the year of 1928.

Because of its true Cuban nature, the restaurant serves people the most thrilling and exciting flavors that they can taste without leaving their country.

The restaurant takes people to a whole other world of Cuban society in which conversations take place in the most expressive manner, the beverages ooze an aromatic flavor, and the dishes are prepared with love and authenticity to elevate their visitor’s stay.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many dishes that people have tasted here, their Congri bowls served with rice and black beans cooked with picadillo take the crown due to their bursting flavors and lauded flavor.

Another great non-veg option that you can give a try here is their shredded roast pork which comes with succulent meat and has a melting texture.

Their shredded chicken and choice of maduros or yucca fries are also captivating picks to experiment with due to their flavorsome taste.

14. ABBQ


Why it’s a must visit?

The ABBQ restaurant is a local diner that serves barbeque dishes with the most outstanding and smoky flavor while also sharing its proximity near the pond to give it an overall wholesome image.

It’s not only among the many great restaurants to visit with your friends to have the best barbeque night of a lifetime, but it is also a family friendly place as it features a playground in the backyard for your kids to enjoy after they have feasted on their decadent smoky flavored dishes.

The range here is genuinely fascinating, as it features almost every kind of meat you can ever imagine ranging from simple beef to chicken varieties, seafood, and exotic turkey as well.

Chef’s Choice

If you ever visit this place, then make sure that you don’t forget to give their Frito Pie a try which has got a lot of praise for its excellent taste.

It would be great if you pair their Frito Pie with cowboy beans, lime crema, some white cheddar, and pico de Gallo.

Also, if you want to add a lot more favorable to your pie, then you can also put in their pulled pork to make your dish more delicious and tasty.

15. Aqua Grill

Aqua Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Aqua Grill restaurant was earlier established in 1988 but recently got renovated in 2016 into a much more contemporary sense with a lot of detailed furnishings and also earned its hype for its location being situated directly above a beautiful lake and inside a famous shopping Centre.

The restaurant has won lots of accolades for serving diverse ethnic Jacksonville fl food options to its visitors with mouth-watering flavors to give them a pleasant dining experience.

The restaurant, besides having an aesthetic interior and using locally fetched ingredients, also features a spacious setting with private rooms, a climate controlling device in its diner, and a 4K TV to keep its visitors entertained for hours.

Chef’s Choice

One of our most highly suggested dishes here would be their Seafood Americana which comes with a varied number of flavors in its dishes and is an absolute delight to devour.

The dish features the most exquisite non-veg options ranging from shrimp, fish, littleneck clams, and Italian sausages, giving people a genuinely enticing flavor.

Besides having remarkable ingredients and meats as its stuffing, it also contains red wine and balsamic imbued plum tomato seasoning over pappardelle to add to its overall decadent taste.

16. Azure at One Ocean Resort

Azure at One Ocean Resort

Why it’s a must visit?

The Azurea at One Ocean Resort restaurant shares its location inside the famous ocean resort and serves the best American seafood dishes in the wealthiest sense with beautiful decor.

The restaurant has won several accolades for its outstanding performance in hospitality and tasty dishes by featuring meals not only for dinners but also for breakfast and lunches as well.

The restaurant, besides featuring a sophisticated atmosphere, also has a distinct lounge that serves snacks and drinks as quick bites while also facing the scenic view of the lake from its balconies to give people a peaceful dining venture.

It also has a seasonal menu that changes according to weather conditions and farmers’ produce giving people a specific number of dishes to taste.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things that you can try here in the category of seafood is their famous Florida crab cake which has a soft and crunchy taste with a balanced flavor.

The Florida crab cake goes exceptionally well along with their Low Country collard greens, blistered heirloom diced tomato, sweet corn remoulade, and pancetta crisp and acts as a superb appetizing option.

Also, you can experiment with the dishes by pairing them with their drinks which further can give you an elevated dining experience to enjoy while feasting on their overflowing dishes along with the scenic view of the city.

17. Matthew’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Matthew’s restaurant is located in the soul of Jacksonville, which is San Marco, and has been operating for almost more than 25 years and continuing its legacy of delivering the most exquisite dishes in town.

The restaurant is run by a renowned chef named Alex Yim, who not only infuses his French techniques into his Mediterranean dishes but also adds a unique farm to table setup to its dishes giving people a sustainable menu to try without making a fuss about the organic nature of the ingredients.

It’s an excellent option to consider if you’re looking for something with an upscale and sophisticated ambiance along with a fine dining experience through its impressive wine collection that has swayed a lot of people.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most exquisite dishes here that are appreciated by a lot of people is their Japanese A5 wagyu which has an authentic Japanese taste to it along with a Mediterranean twist.

The Japanese A5 wagyu goes excellent, along with other fascinating picks like local grey grouper, tempura tofu, and Ribeye.

As for the main course, their Berkshire pork chops would make up for a great meal to get your belly satisfied in the most pleasant manner.

18. 13 Gypsies

13 Gypsies

Why it’s a must visit?

The 13 Gypsies restaurant is a modern diner that gives a minimalist vibe by featuring tiny sophisticated details along with remarkable Spanish cuisine to relish one’s taste buds.

The restaurant is not only known for its reasonable price and attractive setting but is mainly celebrated for its use of authentic Spanish recipes by using old generational techniques to create its aromatic dishes.

Therefore, if you are craving authentic Spanish food which has good flavors in its dishes, then heading to this restaurant won’t disappoint you as it exceeds expectations.

Chef’s Choice

The menu here is vast, with some outstanding dishes like zanahorias and mushroom escabeche to homemade plates of pasta and beef meatballs which make for an incredible meal to feast on to get the most out of your Spanish food adventure.

If you are a really colossal meat enthusiast and would like to try something in the category of white meat, then their smoked chicken thighs will surely satisfy your palate.

But if you are here for brunch and would love to take a bite out of juicy red meat, then their Spanish mojo would suffice all your cravings with its busting flavors.

19. Black Sheep

Black Sheep

Why it’s a must visit?

The Black Sheep restaurant enjoys its location in one of the most frenzy areas of Jacksonville and is known for its handcrafted food and drinks with an American twist, offering people a myriad of tastes.

One gets to try the authentic American classic dishes here that range from simple toasts to their specialized avocado dishes.

Other than that, one also gets to sit on the rooftop area, which gives people a panoramic view of the city and is mainly visited due to its bar setting, which serves the best drinks to its visitors.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant is best for having breakfast for unknown reasons, but some of our highest recommendations here as great breakfast options would be avocado toast, bbq trout bagel, shrimp, and grits.

Even though it’s an American restaurant specializing in western cuisine, their short Korean ribs surely deserve mention in the list due to their heavenly taste and smooth texture.

Other than that, make sure that you give their cocktails a try by pairing them with their main dishes, which are sure to provide you with a delightful feasting experience.

20. Bowl of Pho

Bowl of Pho

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bowl of Pho restaurant is an atmospheric Vietnamese diner that gives not only exotic cuisine to its visitors but also has beautiful Asian Art hanging on its walls to create an immersing effect for visitors.

A morsel out of every authentic Vietnamese dish gives you pleasure in every bite as the entire cuisine here is made with decadent generational recipes and is delivered in a pleasing aesthetic manner.

Also, the decor of the restaurant is made to match the Vietnamese atmosphere by serving its dishes in wooden caskets to add to its entire atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s name itself gives away the main dish that should be tried here as their specialty, which is Pho, and it has the smoothest taste one could ever experience.

The Pho is made with homemade steaming stew with a slice of seasoned meat according to your choice, which accentuates the entire decadent taste of the dish.

Other than that, you can also give their different soups a try here, which can warm your stomach with their flavourful taste.

21. Ovinte


Why it’s a must visit?

The Ovinte restaurant is an upscale diner that serves its dishes in small plate form and is adorned with a comfortable ambiance that would make you want to linger here for hours.

The restaurant, besides featuring a casual ambiance, also has its decor created in European fashion to give people an aesthetic view as they dine on their favorite dishes.

It’s also a fantastic place to visit with your friends for an enjoyable dining experience at night as it features games like Bocce Ball to keep you hooked for hours and crave every dish that is presented here.

Chef’s Choice

As the interior of the restaurant is made in a European fashion, the dishes here are European too, like their Cheese and Charcuterie, and mouth-watering Tapas like Carciofo, which are crunchy fried artichoke hearts, Bacon Wrapped Dates, and Herb Truffle Fries that give people a fulfilling eating experience.

But when it comes to making healthier choices which are served in a small plate presentation here, then we would suggest that you go for their Braised Lamb Shank and a Filet Mignon along with some flavourful seafood options like the Il Pesce di Ovinte.

In a nutshell, this place is great to have brunch as it provides people with a fulfilling meal to feast on, along with generous portions, even in small plate form, to ease your craving.

22. Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails

Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails

Why it’s a must visit?

The Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails restaurant owned by Chef Tom Gray and Sarah Marie Johnston has given people an excellent exemplary outlook through its genius take on creating staple food options with rapid service.

The restaurant uses a lot of efficiencies to create its dishes by keeping in mind every single ingredient that is used in the meals and making them in the most ingenious from possible.

Their crafting of dishes is so remarkable that this restaurant has earned its loyal patron of visitors who frequently come back here to keep trying all the different meals that are introduced here every season.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most remarkable and most exotic dishes that has gotten a lot of acclaims here is their Seared Octopus, whose unfamiliar flavor is sure to give you a heavenly dining experience.

It also features dishes that kids love, therefore making it a pretty family friendly restaurant by featuring dishes like Sloppy Joe to bring a smile to the face of little kiddos.

But if you want to try something light and enjoyable here that caters to your vegetarian cravings, then their Kale Salad will surely satisfy you beyond your expectations.

Also, with its Southern hospitality, the restaurant makes sure to employ the best mixologist’s diligence by making the best pairings of cocktails with their specific dishes, adding a lot more creativity to the meals.

23. Hobnob


Why it’s a must visit?

The Hobnob restaurant has recently become a hit in Jacksonville’s food scene for its marvelous take on many essential dishes offering people a new culinary experience.

The restaurant has gained a lot of attention primarily due to its convenient location near Brooklyn, which is a crowded city of exciting explorers, and also shares its proximity near a Plaza, which is famous as a culture and creativity Centre.

The restaurant also is visually pleasing with its beautiful dark furnishings and a lively atmosphere, along with its use of locally fetched ingredients that also satisfies your tastebuds.

Due to its artistic interior with beautiful modern Art hanging on its walls, the restaurant has attracted a lot of youngsters who are interested in this area.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant features global cuisine from continents like Asia, the South Pacific, and Europe and introduces local flavors in them, giving people an entirely new culinary adventure to try.

As we said above, the cuisine here is global, which means their hamburgers, sandwiches, and fries are the ultimate choice here due to their flavourful taste and luscious flavor.

Other than that, the restaurant also has a separate drink menu here which is absolutely impeccable in taste and definitely deserves to be paired with their other main dishes.

24. Eleven South Bistro & Bar

Eleven South Bistro & Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Eleven South Bistro & Bar restaurant has become one of the most famous restaurants in Jacksonville, primarily due to its neighboring proximity to the seashore, which gives it its breathtaking view.

Besides having a spectacular neighboring region around it, the restaurant also has become trendy due to its award winning wine collection along with a separate menu that features different pairings of wines and dishes to give people an elevated dining experience.

The restaurant also has an intimate area for having business meetings or celebrating special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, along with a sidebar that serves people the freshest of drinks, and a massive array of wine lists.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant has several recommendations that are their specialties here, ranging from Baseball Cut Top Sirloin to Atlantic Salmon and Black Grouper, which the staff personally attends to you by making sating pairings for your dishes along with their offerings of drinks.

If you want to warm yourself up, then you can visit their warm oven made area, where dishes are prepared from scratch, and have a counter option for drinks too.

Whereas as your finishing meal, we would suggest that you give the delectable desserts to try, be it their Georgia Peach Cobbler or Creme Brulee, and their Salted Caramel Chocolate Torte, which are all equally decadent in the taste and will take you to an entirely new different world.

25. Salt


Why it’s a must visit?

The salt restaurant has become a massive hit among local people and foreigners alike for its decadent taste in creating exquisite dishes from the simplest ingredients through its innovative mindset.

The title of the restaurant, “salt,” is quite unique because it pays homage to the most critical ingredient that is added to almost every dish and, at the same time, pays respect to their surrounding seashore, which this restaurant thoroughly appreciates.

Also, its 30-minute away location from the Jacksonville airport makes it a place where foreigners frequently come to relish their cravings while also enjoying the several exotic flavors that are offered in this diner.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most impeccable facts about this restaurant is not only its mysterious title but also its masterful capturing of cuisine from regions of Hawaii, Yakima Valley, and the Himalayans, which offers people a truly fantastic and unfamiliar food adventure.

Instead of offering conventional wine pairings, the restaurant gives people another striking feature by giving them “salt” pairings adding to its wholesome nature.

But when it comes to choosing one specific decadent dish, then our top recommendation here would be their Beef Tenderloin which is lightly roasted and delivered with a 300-degree Himalayan which comes with an overflowing taste that gives pleasure in every bite.

26. Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

Any oyster enthusiast will go crazy for this restaurant, as it not only is considered to be the heart of Florida but also exhibits a charm by featuring entertaining aspects as well.

The restaurant is extraordinary if you want to hang out with your friends and have an excellent night feasting on delicious oyster dishes, as the restaurant features an outdoor patio along with a night bar which makes the entire atmosphere a lot livelier.

Also, its modern layout and sophisticated setting, although more, make the entire ambiance a lot more vibrant and fun, especially if you want to chill with your friends.

Chef’s Choice

When it comes to making good oyster choices, one of our best recommendations here would be their dozen oyster which comes with 12 samplings, and if you want to taste other oyster dishes too, then Rockefeller is a good choice too.

Besides oysters, their crab and salmon cakes are a terrific option as appetizers and are genuinely breathtaking in taste.

But if you want to try something vegetarian and fresh in taste, then their goat cheese salad will surely suffice your tastebuds.

If you want to try something light but as the main course, then their beef, chicken, or fish fried tacos are terrific and would make a great main course dish.

Whereas if you are here for a much heavier meal, then their Mahi Bowl will fill your belly to the brim with true satisfaction.

27. Congaree and Penn

Congaree and Penn

Why it’s a must visit?

The Congaree and Penn restaurant is a delightful diner that provides people a sustainable food mindset while also exhibiting a thrilling side by featuring a 300+ acre farmland around which people can roam while feasting on their wonderfully curated Southern dishes.

By highlighting a farm to table setting, the restaurant keeps its rustic image of delivering people a picnic like atmosphere that one can enjoy while taking pleasure in their exquisite dishes.

Due to high demand, the restaurant always needs reservations and does not remain open on Monday and Tuesday and also has timing from 11 AM to 4 PM.

Chef’s Choice

The most remarkable and impressive pairing that one can try here is with their succulent steak and alcohol, which gives people a cosmic delight along with an irresistible botanical view.

Almost every meat option here deserves applause for its juicy texture along with a melting taste that dissolves in your mouth with a single bite.

Also, dining under the Grapevine with a fascinating pairing of drinks accentuates one’s dining experience to no extent.

28. Island Wing Company Bar

Island Wing Company Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Island Wing Company Bar and Grill Restaurant is an incredibly chic tropical pub that delivers tons of baked and bbq varieties to try for a flavorsome experience.

They live up to their motive of “keep the taste but ditch the grease” and therefore work out exceptionally well to cater to everyone’s needs.

Their meals are varied in fondness and flavors and add the flavor of regional tastes to their dishes for an exotic breakthrough.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant falls back when it comes to providing tasty fried foods, but it delivers mouth-watering chicken wings also with delicious fish and chicken tacos.

Also, their spicy smoked tuna dip has become the most beloved dish of the locals for its runny taste, along with a spicy filling of fresh seared tuna.

Another fantastic take here comes for its impressive vegetarian dishes and gluten free varieties, which make the diner quite welcoming, with dishes like zesty zucchini, beer whipped mozzarella sticks, and Hawaiian barbeque chicken nachos.

One can also try their classics here with dishes like Mahi Ruben or the Ahi BLT, which won’t leave you disappointed.

29. Hana Moon Japanese Restaurant

Hana Moon Japanese Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hana Moon Japanese Restaurant enjoys its location in one of the trendiest locations in Jacksonville, known for serving unique Asian fusion with an incredible American twist.

They have the best Japanese dishes here, especially their signature ones like sushi and sashimi, which are not only exceedingly flavourful in taste but are also presented in a courteous fashion with sophisticated details.

The restaurant offers people a very casual atmosphere and is only closed on Mondays and does not feature an outdoor dining setting but has reasonable rates, which makes it a pretty special place to visit.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many rolls and sushi varieties here, our top suggestion goes for a sushi boat that has the tastiest flavor.

Another dish that should not be missed is their captivating Hana Moon Roll.

The one dish which has become a local beloved is their moon rice cakes which have bright flavors.

But if you’re not a sushi fanatic, then you can go for their impeccable hibachi grills, whose generous portions will suffice you with complete pleasure.

30. Coop 303

Coop 303

Why it’s a must visit?

The Coop 303 is a breathtaking restaurant offering classy American dishes and featuring a beautiful upstairs and downstairs portion for dining along with stunning rooftop seating.

Its sophisticated and hip atmosphere, along with a menu featuring America’s classic dishes, gives it a trendy vibe. 

The restaurant is exceedingly welcoming as it features a separate menu for kids and features happy hours from 2 AM to 6 PM, and is open on all days of the week with unique brunch specialties on weekends.

Chef’s Choice

Their roasted ahi tuna seasoned and adorned with sriracha gravy, asparagus, and ginger vinaigrette rice noodles make for a friendly and tasty meal.

Other options which have a heavenly flavor are their juicy steak and chicken, which have a soft texture and melting taste.

If you are with your family and your kid is a picky eater, then you always order their famous and yummy fried chicken basket, which has a fantastic flavor and arrives with an appetizing spicy honey dip gravy. 

Famous foods to try in the city

Exotic food – Seemingly, Jacksonville highlights a lot of exotic diners that not only deliver simple cuisines like Italian or Chinese but also augment its flavors to various sensational cuisines as well like Korean, Japanese and Mediterranean dishes with the airiest touch to them along with authentic recipes.

Seafood – The seafood here is among their spotlighted cuisine as the fishes here are captured and fetched locally from the freshest lakes in the city. Hence any dish which is created here from their ingredients is the most soothing and pleasant in flavor and scent.

Crabs Cakes and Oysters – Though both of these belong under the class of seafood, they are a must mention here as their crab cakes and oysters are their most unique dish in Jacksonville that every diner is pleased to provide. The reason why you should give this a go is because of its freshness and organic making it a great hit among locals and foreigners alike.

Southern cuisine – The Southern cuisine here is beyond amazing as the city shares its nearness to plenty of farmlands which are scattered all across the town due to their organic ingredients. It also provides the most original and traditional Southern fare, which delights its visitors with its promising take on diverse classic dishes.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above roster of different Jackson’s restaurants has given you a pearl of wisdom about which spot to explore and where to eat in a city full of spirited diners.

In digging for a good place to eat in the town, we headlined all the parameters of what makes a pleasing restaurant and therefore delivered you with a list of some of the best dining in Jacksonville fl restaurants. So, keep scouring and bon appetite.

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