Best Restaurants & Places in Italy

37 Best Restaurants & Places in Italy | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Italian restaurants are known worldwide for their savory dishes that leave an aftertaste behind, which probably explains why their cuisines are loved across various countries that love foreign dishes more than their native ones.

But as you are in a lucky sphere of thought in being able to relish your tastebuds in Italy itself, then there’s no better alternative than to try the original dishes and places to eat in the prominent restaurants of Italy only.

So let’s look at some of the places to eat in Italy by taking a glimpse at some fantastic restaurants in Italy; you can try to get an exquisite real-time taste of the dishes for yourself.

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The Best Restaurants in Italy

1. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Why it’s a must-visit?

Stretching its history back to the 80s, this restaurant, as the name suggests, specializes in serving pizzas, especially the Neapolitan ones, with a thematic authentic Italian flavoring.

The film – Eat Pray Love seems to have contributed to its boom by how it gained the favor of thousands of pizza fanatics who go by the name of it.

 It’s a trendy restaurant making it a hub spot for many tourists.

Chef’s Choice

The serving here is perfect because of the aroma of fresh tomatoes with their margarita specialty.

As  the crust is made with thin dough that makes every bite pleasurable

Its taste, along with the thick creamy cheese flavor, will overpower your senses beyond measure.

Location and contact

2. OsteriaFrancescana


Why it’s a must-visit?

Enjoying its prominence since 1995, this restaurant celebrates its delicious cuisines to charm its good eaters with an unforgettable experience.

It has an impeccable ambiance and outstanding service that goes beyond the mediocre atmosphere of various restaurants in Italy.

It’s a three-star restaurant and has been voted one of the finest in all states for its rich service and luxurious food. It’s one of the top restaurants out there.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant boasts of leaving no choice for gourmands who, no matter how picky they are, will have difficulty choosing a dish of their liking.

The carefully constructed menu presents words like five ages of parmigiana and lasagna with drinks like Lambrusco wine that’ll leave you drooling forever.

The drinks are sure enough to give you a taste of a lifetime and therefore should not be missed. It’s one of the top restaurants out there.

Location and contact

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3. Roma Sparta in Rome

Roma Sparta in Rome

Why it’s a must-visit?

Tucked away in the fruitful ambiance of the gloriously laid down interior makes the Roma sparita a delicious devour for foodies who love to try out tons of mouth-watering dishes to their heart’s content.

 Its countryside location makes it an ideal place for one to enjoy their time through.

The location is a cherry on top of its tasty dishes as it accentuates the pleasurable experience more.

Chef’s choice

All cuisine here is incredible, especially the ricotta one, as it’s smooth in feeling and dissolves on the mouth like candy.

 Additionally, many options like spaghetti and pasta topped with spaces are also an excellent choice to go for as they give one the experience of a complete Italian diner.

Coupled with its great atmospheric vibe, this dining is sure exceptional in its deliverance of service and food.

Location and contact

4. La Pergola

La Pergola

Why it’s a must-visit?

Luxuriously designed by heeding a Rome atmosphere, this restaurant oozes a majestic ambiance that’ll blind anyone with its beauty and the delicious diners it serves to satiate the raging hunger of the people it serves.

 Its prominence stretches so far that its mere name can make people in awe of the inspiring beauty it possesses.

 It has sublime views of the city through its rooftop setting, which adds to its remarkable experience.

Chef’s Choice

Their Sous vide lamb is a must-have for its delicate taste that gets served with the seasonings of goat cheese and broccoli that gets devoured as soon as it hits your tastebuds.

 To make the entire experience more unforgettable, try to order complimentary drinks like Tuscan red wine to enjoy the best dinner of your life.

It is one of the finest places in Italy to eat as it features many authentic dishes.

Location and contact

5. Le Calendar

Le Calendar

Why it’s a must-visit?

Social media fanatics and aesthetic-driven people will adore this hotel as its ambiance excels in all areas of sophisticated beauty entwined with a glorious set of dishes to melt in your mouth as smoothly as ever.

It was established in 2003, which is quite contemporary, considering other restaurants still fall behind this diner’s excellence.

Its high reviews make it one of the best restaurants in Italy.

Chef’s Choice

The fascinating thing about this diner is its impeccable list of wine spectrum drinks that’ll enchant a foodie to the core.

The non-veg catering of the restaurant is the best, with attractive options of beef, lamb, bone marrow, and many other classic options.

The taste is promising and will make you crave it again as soon as you exit the restaurant.

6. Caffè Gambrinus

Caffè Gambrinus

Why it’s a must-visit?

Since the 80s, this restaurant has had a definitive history of being one of the finest providers of tasty expresso along with various caffeine options to start your day.

It’s trendy among tourists and workers who want to freshen up after a tough day in Italy.

This place is undoubtedly on top of the list as it’s one of the very best restaurants in Italy.

Chef’s Choice

The Neapolitan pizza here is terrific for its unique toppings of mozzarella cheese and a thin crust of dough, making it extremely tasty for anyone who takes a single bit from it.

Along with its pizza, the coffee there, especially expresso, is a highlight and deserves a try. 

The food is scrumptious and therefore calls for a lot of appreciation.

Location and contact

7. Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Why it’s a must-visit?

An awardee in 2019 for its delicious delicacy, this restaurant knows no bounds when it comes to popular culinary options to choose from, among many others.

This restaurant has a fifty-year-old history of providing its customers a fine dining experience and has a reputed standing in Milan.

 As it has a modern design, it carries a lot of appreciation for infusing fine diner with a contemporary finish.

Chef’s Choice

Even the pickiest eaters find it hard to choose among the many delicious options the restaurant serves.

 It appeals to the tastebuds of anyone who decides to try it and therefore is a terrific choice, especially with dishes like beef oxtail, whose unique taste is the highlight of the diner.

Its historic design is sure to make the food feel out of the world of its heavenly taste

Location and contact

8. La Sponda

La Sponda

Why it’s a must-visit?

Infused with a magical ambiance adorned with hundreds of candles on its roofs, this diner projects an external reality that fits in with the romantic idea of a fine dinner for couples.

The entire restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful fragrance that makes the experience much more fulfilling as its Mediterranean grandeur inspires it.

Its surrounding atmosphere is one of its many highlights that are pretty hard to ignore

Chef’s Choice

Seafood is the hallmark area of catering for this restaurant, and it can turn even the best of people into gluttons for its melting taste and delicate spices.

 The seafood risotto is unmatchable, along with other seafood options like clams, lobster, and shrimps.

This place is a must if you’re a fan of sea food and love Europe dishes.

Location and contact

9. Sibilla Ristorante

Sibilla Ristorante

Why it’s a must-visit?

The restaurant celebrates its prominence through its daunting location

The area is adorned with hosts of celebrities who often are the spotlight of this restaurant

Another glorious thing about it is its serene aura that originates due to its nearness to Rome’s ancient temple.

Chef’s Choice

The place serves lustrous food that one can’t get enough of, no matter the reason.

Their silvered sea bream is something to die for as it delights one’s tastebuds in the most effective way possible.

Another great menu options are its desserts like the most famous lemon cream profiteroles. It’s one of the most famous restaurants out there.

Location and contact

10. Enoteca Pinchiorri

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Why it’s a must-visit?

Literary and Shakespeare fanatics are sure to be spell-bounded by this restaurant’s ambiance as it entails a renaissance feel that is extremely hard to let go of.

 Its location is in Florence and is awarded a three-star rating for its mouth-watering dishes and stellar service.

Because of its academia vibe, it’s quite popular in the literary circle

It’s offers the nicest experience ever

Chef’s Choice

The story behind its exquisite unique dishes is nerve-wreaking.

The diner is often the hub-spot for experimenting with various combinations to create novel cuisines that will make you drool for its exceptional formula.

Wine enthusiasts won’t be able to hold their excitement as it has more than three thousand options to try.

Its five-star rating already establishes it as a server of fine cuisine like veal loin with popcorns and meat, which will only surprise, not disappoint.

Location and contact

11. Fiola at Doplolavoro

Fiola at Doplolavoro

Why it’s a must-visit?

This Venetian resultant is astoundingly luxurious for its serving on-boat service to spice up one’s diner experience.

 Its interior is inspired by the 90s, which has the golden charm of the never-ending classics.

The menu is also derived from the old charmed dishes to add a regional effect.

Chef’s Choice

The foie gras allaveneziana is a dish that this diner should not miss.

The taste melts in the mouth like cotton candy with an enticing aroma and a creamy running texture to lighten up your day.

The food will lift your spirits like no other, for it carries an enduring taste to look forward to.

12. Santo Palato

Santo Palato

Why it’s a must-visit?

Extravagant in design but humble in its servings’ makes the SantoPalato restaurant a dream for many as it entails what ones wish to see in a diner.

This restaurant is not just open to elites or rich people but also furnishes its service to the locals and foreigners.

The beautifully colored interior with servers of great servitude makes the restaurant a gem for those wishing to seek a new experience.

The restaurant has a chalkboard menu which makes it quite a hippie among the visitors, and contains everyday dishes like omelets and meat.

Chef’s Choice

The yolky carbonara is the best luncheon dish to savor as it’s exceedingly delicious on your tastebuds.

The rich and creamy texture makes room for flavor in your palate for future cravings.

One bite and you won’t be able to stop gobbling the entire dish down.

Location and contact

13. Da Vittorio

Da Vittorio

Why it’s a must-visit?

Catering to the needs of seafood lovers, this restaurant is a hidden gem mostly known for its heavenly dishes and an enticing ambiance to spellbound visitors.

The entire dinner is designed uniquely by being built inside a villa giving mansion vibes.

 It depicts a perfect merge between the past meeting the present in the most aesthetic way possible.

Chef’s Choice

Marked with pleasure on every bite, the tournedos Rossini is the perfect blend of original Italian infused with aromas of a thousand lands.

The dish is exceptionally impeccable to devour as its seasoned with the best combination of sauces and spices along with the foie grass, which high-tens its taste experience.

Its dishes are known worldwide, which explains why this place is hard to get reservations at.

Location and contact

14. Don Alphanso 1890

Don Alphanso 1890

Why it’s a must-visit?

A highlight of the most charming countryside of Italy named Sant’ Agate’ this restaurant boasts authentic cuisine that makes every Italian bow in awe.

The diner enjoys its prominence worldwide even though being located in the countryside for its use of organic ingredients.

It was started by an old Italian couple who quickly earned a reputation worldwide for their stellar dining options and innovation.

The place is excellent for travelers who can also see this place as a tourist spot.

Chef’s Choice

Their black-footed pig tastes heavenly beyond words; the savory fresh bite, neither hard nor soft, makes the dish a must-try for anyone who decides to leap there;

if you want to explore other options, then their crab soup and pasta are not the wrong choices.

Non-veg enthusiasts should surely try this place.

Location and contact

15. Club Del Doge Restaurant

Club Del Doge Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

A provider of authentic Venetian dishes, this restaurant built by the renowned chef Danel Turco makes it one of the most pleasing diners one can seek in the country.

The ambiance is breathtaking, with great waterfront views from the diner itself.

As a famous chef owns it, its delicacy is something not to be missed

Chef’s Choice

The beef tartare here is the most deliciously woven with a topping of runny sauces and is a mouth-melting dish here.

Along with such a wholesome dish are many other spectra of options to choose from, like their famous spaghetti and fress bass to relish your diner experience.

People always flock here when they have a beef craving.

Location and contact

16. Dal Pescatore

Dal Pescatore

Why it’s a must-visit?

An authentic Italian experience comes at Dal Pescatore restaurant, proud of its hundred years of guests serving history of original recipes being passed down from one generation to another.

Though the description might put one in an old mindset, the apparent result is the contrary, as the infrastructure is contemporary in the truest sense.

Its legacy of a hundred years marked it as one of the most renowned restaurants to ever exist in Italy.

Chef’s Choice

The famous Italian dish Tortelli di Zucca takes the top of the menu for its exquisite taste, leaving every guest wanting more at every bite.

The flavor is heavenly, and the texture is smooth, giving it a runny experience.

Their aubergine tomato terrine is also a good option, among many others.

Location and contact

17. Il Desco

Il Desco

Why it’s a must-visit?

Started by one of the most well-respected chefs in Italy named Elio Rizzo, this restaurant adds the authentic traditional flavors of Italian cuisine to its innovative dishes to give its guests the most satisfactory eating experience ever!

The restaurant gorgeously designed layout makes it a fascinating place to hold special events for various occasions.

Its innovative dishes explain its popularity among Italians.

Chef’s choice

The best way to start your day here is by devouring an appetizer, famously their shrimp, for a rich experience.

The next in line is their fantastic steak, which goes beyond words in describing its taste and has a melting texture, leaving everyone craving more.

The starters are a definite try as they often build up your appetite for more.

Location and contact

18. Il Palagio

Il Palagio

Why it’s a must-visit?

A safe house for authentic Tuscan dishes, this residing restaurant in Four Season Hotel is an absolute gem for its mouth-watering dishes and an array of fantastic menu options.

The ambiance is superb, with a very modern design as its get-go which many visitors appreciate.

Tuscan lovers should definitely try it.

Chef’s Choice

The chateaubriand here is incredibly striking with the original umami taste of foie gras and mouth-melting bone marrow.

It gives the gourmands a euphoric experience with every bite they take.

 It is a must-have option as its authentic recipe, and enticing aroma makes it hard to resist.

Location and contact

19. Mfc Restaurant

Mfc Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

Located in one of the most exotic places to eat in Italy, MFC enjoys its colorful presence surrounded by giants like Apple and Pixar as its neighbors.

This adds to this diner’s overall enchanting experience for any visitor who arrives at this restaurant. The many colors and its beautiful ambiance makes anyone turns their heads when they catch the eye of this fine restaurant.

The many giants surrounding it make it a HubSpot for various try-out dishes

Chef’s Choice

As it’s a technologically innovative restaurant experimenting with various ingredients

It t features some of its star dishes like soft dissolving lamb, along with seafood like monkfish topped with light cheese and a chocolate dessert as the final delicacy.

The experimentation with various ingredients makes it a pretty innovative place to eat in Italy.

20. Pinsitaly Trevi

Pinsitaly Trevi

People refer to this place as the king of pizza servers as its pizzas are among the best in all states.

It relishes in its ability to provide vast menu options when it comes to various forms of pizza.

Be it from the most basic to the most cheese burst ones, this restaurant has it all.

Chef’s Choice

The margarita pizza here is a classic

Other ones like pizzas with extra cheese bursts are a fantastic option to consider

The most starring effect of this diner is its thin base and use of healthy dough that is not only tasty but also yummy.

Location and contact

21. Bono BottegaNostrana – San Pietro

Bono BottegaNostrana – San Pietro

Why it’s a must-visit?

An Italian restaurant selling cliched dishes with an original Italian taste makes this restaurant come into the spotlight.

One gets to experience the ordinary with the authentic at its very core. It sells usual stuff, but its uniqueness goes in the delicate flavor.

It offers its guests an enriching experience in tying the many unique dishes.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant’s most excellent menu options come from its options of pizzas and wines for a rich palate experience.

It provides tons of flavors ranging from spics, sweet, savory, etc

They are all made with fresh ingredients offering the most classic service.

Location and contact

22. Marea Seafood and Beverage

Marea Seafood and Beverage

Why it’s a must-visit?

Fans of seafood should run to this hotel as it offers some of the most impeccable seafood options.

These seafood dishes should be combined with several cocktails for a more enriching experience.

This restaurant is one of the best out there as its delivery of flavored dishes is beyond amazing and is unique in an absolute sense.

Chef’s Choice

Their mini burger buns take the crown along with sea scallops, fresh bacon, and truffle shaving to brighten up your dishes.

You also have the liberty to experiment with the dishes with various sauces that you can choose to add as per your liking.

Guests love this place as it gives them the means to experiment with different ingredients by themselves.

Location and contact

23. La Stanzione Del Pescatore

La Stanzione Del Pescatore

Why it’s a must-visit?

A very guest-friendly place visited by locals and foreigners alike is famous for its incredible fish sandwich that charms the people with its delight added upon the fact on how approachable this place is among the many rich luxurious hotels.

As it has a very modest setting, its not too heavy on one’s pocket

The entire place is built upon a truck foundation that makes it a popular spot for people from every corner of the world.

Chef’s Choice

As we said above, their fish sandwich is something to die for, along with their freshly crisp grilled meaty and juicy sandwich surrounded by buns on its sides.

This street food is astoundingly glorious in its taste and is a highly recommended one at that.

So if you ever crave street food, this place is a must-visit

Location and contact

24. Il Pellicano

Il Pellicano

This five-star restaurant is extensively known for its stellar service, which explains its high demand in every corner of Italy.

As it’s located inside a hotel, it enjoys its position in providing door-to-door delivery to its concerned guests for various impeccable dishes it offers.

 Along with its fantastic food options, it also has impressive sublime views that makes the entire visit something to look forward to.

Chef’s Choice

The most intelligent choice you can make here is ordering a red shrimp for a captivating experience as it has a very lobster-alike flavor at a much lesser rate than the actual dish.

For other dishes, the foie gras here is highly creamy in texture which feels quite amazing to devour.

Its unique flavor is the reason for its success.

Location and contact

25. Locanda dell’IsolaComacina

Locanda dell'IsolaComacina

Why it’s a must-visit?

This diner is established in a serene location of Lake Como.

This highly charming restaurant has its delightful charm for making food last more than ninety minutes, along with its rich six-course meal to devour with complete pleasure.

It also has been unchanged for the last fifty years, making it a famous spot of storytelling and offering visitors a refuge from the present rush realities of the world.

Chef’s Choice

The variety here at this restaurant is impressive, with several chicken cuisines available in multi-course versions.

Its savory non-veg dishes also have incredible freshly made drinks and homemade ice-creams made from scratch at the diner.

Everything there, the food, and the ambiance offer a surreal experience to its guests, making it a must-visit places  to eat in Italy.

26. Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo

Why it’s a must-visit

Inspired by the aesthetics of Japan, this restaurant, mostly known for its exquisite wine collections, comes off as highly enchanting to the eye for its chic design that leaves everyone in awe.

It was established in 2005 and had rich options, along with many quirky gimmicks.

One should order the drinks as it lifts the whole dining experience. It’s a 5 star café.

Chef’s Choice

They have the most amazing salads here, which are not only healthy but also have an unearthly taste.

Tender servings of fussona garibaldi often accompany it.

The cuisine is beyond amazing and calls for a lot of attention in its serving of quirky yet luscious dishes.

Location and contact

27. Ratana


Why it’s a must-visit?

Inaugurated in 2009, this fantastic restaurant, built upon the secret recipes of Chef Cesare Battisti, has brilliant menu options that can be representative of Italian cuisine.

The location sits inside a historic building that adds to its magnificence in its overall ambiance and also has fantastic surrounded outside areas adorned with greenery for a catching visit at this diner.

The food coupled with its alluring ambiance indeed befits it as one of the best places to eat in Italy

Chef’s Choice

The ossobuco and risotto sit at the top of the menu’s specialty, along with juicy and saucy veal shanks that take the top crown.

The dishes here are superb, with a very tender taste to magnify your eatery experience.

One often develops a graving for this diner’s dishes as they imprint their flavor on a person’s heart and mind. It’s one of the must eat places in Italy.

Location and contact

28. Reale Restaurant

Reale Restaurant

Why it’s a must-visit?

Coming from a promising Chef Romito, this restaurant offers a magical experience to its visitors for its sharp focus on bringing out the authentic flavors of ingredients to its very core.

The location is striking as its located inside a monastery, making the atmosphere quite serene, especially for those who like to dine in peaceful places for deep convos.

It’s highly recommended for those who want to have deeply personal conversations.

Chef’s Choice

Their lamb rib is extremely popular.

The lamb’s soft bone marrow  melts in the mouth with zero effort

It also has an extraordinary taste with a perfect combination of sweet and savors and a variety of chocolate truffles.

Location and contact

29. Crestone It

Crestone It

Why it’s a must-visit?

Its relaxed look might make dicey about its service, but it is a highly wrong opinion as the restaurant has one of the best snack options to choose from to dribble your way through the place.

Though it’s nowhere near as fancy as other diners, it sure has its charm in the amazing sandwiches it offers.

Taking one bit will bind you in a chain of the constant loop of eating cause they are so delicious and are light on cash.

Chef’s Choice

Their sausages are superb, especially the crostini one, as it’s juicy with freshly added spices and herbs seasoned on buns and pieces of bread.

This diner offers a healthy, delicious combination of foods that will make you drool with every bite.

They are incredibly delicious to devour and will leave you wanting more.

Location and contact

30. La Voglia di Genova – A Coae de  Zena

La Voglia di Genova – A Coae de  Zena

Why it’s a must-visit?

This place captions one of the most casual spots for people looking forward to good dishes with a simple, comfortable ambiance.

It serves classics ranging from pizza to spaghetti, making your day much more delightful.

As it has classic dishes, it stars various authentic dishes and wines.

Chef’s Choice

Ligurian rabbit is your best bet here as it’s exceptionally remarkable in its flavor coupled with a fruity taste which is also not calorie-dense for your body.

It is healthy plus tasty.

The seasoning of orange sauce is a cherry on the top as it makes the whole eatery experience a lot more fulfilling than usual.

Location and contact

31. The Gallery Pizzart Food and Drink

The Gallery Pizzart Food and Drink

Why it’s a must-visit?

Adored by kids, this place serves one of the best pizzas in Italy with a pleasurable feat in how delicious they are to devour.

They also have splendid wine options to choose from

It also has one of the most welcoming ambiances making it a perfect place to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, etc.

Chef’s Choice

Your palates will get satisfied with the marinara pizza they offer, which has a surprisingly sleek crush and has unique seasonings of pepper, oregano, and chilies.

If you are craving pizza, then this place is for you.

 Its infused sweet and savory taste makes it a popular pick among others.

Location and contact

32. BigaGenio e Farina

BigaGenio e Farina

Built-in a street-style fashion with a casual vibe, this place of food near me is adored by many for its pocket-friendly pizza options to choose from among the many.

 The place is frequented by foreigners and local people alike because the options it offers are delicious.

The welcoming ambiance marks it an excellent diner for its popularity.

Chef’s Choice

Nothing can beat their margarita pizza which is amazingly spread out with cheese that melts in your mother.

Though it’s a basic dish, it sure has its specialty

The Sicilian mozzarella pizza is also a decent option considering how creamy and thick it is, making it the perfect pizza ever!

Location and contact

33. Focus Bracie Italiane

Focus Bracie Italiane

Why it’s a must-visit?

Italians adore this diner for its mouth-watering dishes

Its located in of the most post areas in Italy and is one of the top rated diners in Italy

It also features tons of authentic age-old Italian dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. So of you are in a limbo of where to eat, then this place is your best option.

Chef’s Choice

The place has one of the best lamb chops all over Italy

Its soft juicy meat is something to die for as it melts in the mouth quickly

It mainly specializes in non-veg options and has a great variety

Among its non-veg option, its steak is also a fantastic choice to consider

Exotic Food Restaurants In Italy

It’s not always fun to eat native food when you have tons of other dishes to explore that are not your native cuisine. So to expand your palate for different flavors, let’s look at the restaurants that highlight foreign words.

Location and contact

34. Hachi Ristorante

Hachi Ristorante

Why it’s a must-visit?

This diner is as fancy as its name is, with exquisite Japanese-inspired cuisine.

The menu lists a fantastic array of Japanese dishes, especially sushi, which can lift the spirits you go through every bite.

So if you ever crave Japanese food in Italy, there’s no place better than this. It’s one of the cool places to eat in Italy.

Chef’s Choice

The sushi here is excellent, with fantastic fish aroma, rolls, and salmon truffle oil.

Adding it with authentic rice to relish your tastebuds to your fancy is a great trait you can exercise.

It’s not too heavy on your wallet; overall, it’s a great restaurants deal to engage.

Location and contact

35. Indian Palace

Indian Palace

Why it’s a must-visit?

Explore the ambiance of Indian spices with their pungent aroma through this restaurant’s array of dishes that’ll give you a unique lens into the cuisine of Indians and their tremendous dishes.

The spectrum of flavors and seasonings is enticing enough to make people jump at the food it provides and, therefore, should not be missed for whatever reason.

So if you crave spicy food and eat then, this cafe is your best bet.

Chef’s Choice

The chicken masala dish here takes the crown as the best dish available.

It is spicy, unique, and yummy, making you devour it to your heart’s content.

The many pieces of chicken make the whole experience quite exotic as every bite becomes more pleasurable.

Location and contact

36. Ricette Ristorante

Ristorante Paris

Why it’s a must-visit?

This diner is a great place for romantics.

A sense of etheral manifestation drives it through its sublime ambiance.

The menu is French, which has many cuisines to lift one’s spirit with its delicious delicacy.

Chef’s Choice

The crepe Suzette and coq au vin here are amazing. This restaurants near me is great overall.

Both these dishes taste heavenly as they are rich in texture and melt in the mouth, almost like cotton candy which explains their popularity among the Italians.

Another wonderful thing about it is its outstanding wine collection that beats every other restaurant in its rivalry.

Location and contact

37. Sakya The House of Sake

Sakya The House of Sake

Why it’s a must-visit?

This dines authentic Japanese cuisine.

The ambiance is built in a contemporary sense giving its guests a view of the traditional infused with the modern.

Its stellar service with professional stars makes it one of the very best in all of Italy.

Chef’s Choice

As the name suggests, the sake or the alcohol here is outstanding

It also has impressive sushi that, coupled with sake, comes off as great

The chef here uses high-quality rice that makes everyone drool when it’s cooked and presented

Location and contact

Famous foods in Italy

Pizza – Italian pizza is a get-go option for tourists who wanna get a bite out of the most native dish there.

Suggested Restaurant – L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, BigaGenio e Farina, The Gallery Pizzart Food and Drink

Spaghetti –Long noodles with a creamy gravy served with a seasoning of oregano and chilies make it a must-try dish in Italy.

Suggested Restaurants – La Voglia di Genova – A Coae de  Zena

Lasagna –Coatings of cheese bites with a lustrous, devouring taste make it a perfect dining in Italian option for those who often get cheese cravings.

Suggested Restaurants – Reale Restaurant, Locanda dell’IsolaComacina, OsteriaFrancescana

Foie Gras – This one is an authentic Italian taste flavored dish which heavily relies on its running texture that gives a melting taste in the mouth.

Suggested Restaurants – Fiola at Doplolavoro, Il Palagio

Final Thoughts

We hope you were able to find yourselves some of the best places to eat with a thorough guide on our unique recommendations.

All the restaurants we listed above are one of the best restaurants in Italy and therefore have been complied by keeping a lot of parameters in mind. We hope through this you can make clear judgments on the places to eat in Italy.

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