Best Restaurants in Garden City

17 Best Restaurants & Places in Garden City | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Garden City is a glorious state in New York and is famous for its outstanding culinary delicacies that focus on contemporary cooking techniques.

The city has its fair share of restaurants that range from modest diners to ones serving gourmet food and therefore is a vibrant place when it comes to culinary exploration.

Anyone who wants to get the actual NY experience when it comes to food and different places to eat should definitely visit Garden City, as one will find almost every form of cuisine here.

To make things a little bit easier, we made this list of the best restaurants in Garden City, which have been known for maintaining a consistent image over the years in culinary value.

The Best Restaurants in Garden City This Year

1. Revel Restaurant & Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Revel Restaurant & Bar is one of the top-rated diners in Garden City that is praised for its globally styled dishes and tasty handcrafted cocktails that pay attention to a sustainable approach in creating its dishes.

The restaurant is mindful of using the freshest offerings by gathering its ingredients from local farmers and using natural prime cuts of meat so that they maintain their fresh and rejuvenating value.

Also, the restaurant has won several accolades, one of which is the five-star diamond award, and it remains one of the best places to eat in Garden City that is also perfect for hosting big events like birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most gourmet dishes that you can try here is their prime aged black Angus beef, which is made in the finest quality by using hand-cut meat; the meat is gathered from family-owned ranches in America, which explains why they have such an organic value to them.

Other than that, their salads, pasta, and other main entrees are also offered in the most precious manner with lots of tasty appetizers, which have also won the hearts of the people.

The restaurant also calls for several happy hour specials like their tasty house wines, liquor, domestic bottles, and trim bite options.

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2. Plancha Tapas and Wine Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Plancha Tapas and Wine Bar restaurant is known for its exquisite comfort food varieties that are offered in delicious forms here that take into consideration several quick bite options.

The restaurant has rustic decor, and it’s one of the cool places to eat in the city because of its trendy atmosphere and gracious hospitality.

It’s basically a perfect restaurant for anyone who simply wants to have a good dining experience while feasting on extensive menu options. 

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant’s main focus here is on tapas dishes, but its charcuterie boards are one of its specialties here.

Their octopus and break pudding are delicious choices, too, as they come in thick soupy textures and have a luxurious taste to them.

Besides the main dishes, the restaurant also has the finest beverage collections with lots of cocktails and wines with a special mention of red sangria.

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3. Smok-Haus

Why it’s a must visit?

The Smok-Haus restaurant is a laid-back diner that serves authentic American barbecue dishes that are slowly cooked on low heat and are delivered in the freshest and healthiest way containing global flavors.

The restaurant showcases several wholesome plus comfort food dishes that infuse the creativity of its chefs into its regional street food quality.

It was started in 2018 and continues to excel in its craft of offering the most delicious variety of traditional American BBQ that also takes into consideration unique diet options like having gluten and nut-free choices alongside a full separate bar and a private dining room. 

Chef’s Choice

As one can figure from the title, the traditional barbecue chicken is the most phenomenal option here as it comes in a smoky form and has a particularly enticing nature to it.

Also, its wings and ribs are a pretty good choice here, especially the pork ribs, brisket, and coleslaw, along with cornbread which is the most standoffish option here.

The tacos variety is fascinating here, ranging from falafel, brisket, and crispy cod that are efficiently cooked and come well-seasoned with great presentation details and is definitely a high-end option.

Having a glass of margarita with these dishes will further make the entire feast immensely fulfilling in every sense and should definitely be sampled together.

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4. Copperhill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Copperhill restaurant is a contemporary modern American kitchen and tap room diner that carries a sophisticated air to it inside its laid-back and stylish surroundings.

The restaurant is nestled inside the 124 years old Victorian farmhouse and is spearheaded by chef Gregory Kearns who refurbished the entire space into a chic space with intricate details and a lively atmosphere.

The place is incredible for hosting major events like birthdays, anniversaries, and forms of parties as it has a spacious ambiance along with enjoyable snack options with colorful craft cocktails.

Chef’s Choice

The best things that you can try here are their focaccia bread which has a fluffy texture, along with their sparkling wine, which feels tantalizing in every bite.

It’s basically a 5-star restaurant because of its delicious non-veg and seafood choices like grilled octopus, sea scallops, and hangers steaks, along with braised short ribs, which are a marvelous non-veg specialty.

Also, the restaurant has a separate menu displaying seasonal specialty drinks that pair exceptionally with any dish mentioned on the menu and has a divine taste.

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5. Waterzooi Belgian Bistro & Oyster Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

The Waterzooi Belgian Bistro and Oyster Bar restaurant specializes in Belgian food choices with lovely French food options that come in a great variety with a refined taste.

The place is worth every penny because of its fresh food choices that are offered here in hefty portions, and it manages to exceed the expectations of the people with its accommodating atmosphere.

Also, the service here is outstanding with a friendly staff who are highly knowledgeable about Belgian food choices here and recommend one of the best samplings.

Chef’s Choice

The mussels here are the nicest dish you can try, as they come in 12 different varieties with a special touch of street food that feels amazing.

Other than that, their braised scallops that come with spinach and rice are also a pretty good choice to go for, especially as appetizer options.

Another flavorful dish you can give a try here is their figs which come in a gooey texture and feel outstanding.

Make sure to give yourself a treat at the end of the feast by going for their chocolate cake which comes with a delicious whipped cream on top of it that tastes lovely.

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6. Small Batch

Why it’s a must visit?

The Small Batch restaurant specializes in exquisite brunch choices and is an American diner that focuses on providing people with fulfilling meals at a reasonable price.

The restaurant has a seasonal menu that changes constantly and therefore allows people to experiment with different food sources.

It’s also one of the best family restaurants, which offers people delightful dishes that one can relish for hours inside its cozy space, well fitted for autumnal months.

Chef’s Choice

The menu here is very vast and includes several delectable dishes like steaks which come in the tenderest meat and are easy to cut as they are efficiently cooked.

The bagel with lox is a beloved dish of the local people in Garden City, as it comes with sweet seasonings and has a robust taste.

Other than that, their grits and shrimps are a flavorsome seafood dish that one can try that comes in huge portions that one can even take home as leftovers.

Also, the entire open kitchen concept offers people a pleasant dining experience that they can have fun watching while eating.

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7. Nomiya

Why it’s a must visit?

The Nomiya restaurant is among the must eat places in Garden City that are known for its authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern spin to its dishes that specializes in exquisite sashimi and sushi choices that are made by using organic ingredients.

The restaurant is situated in Roosevelt field and has a pleasant atmosphere with a calm and modern vibe that makes it a great place to unwind and relax.

Also, its exotic cuisine choices are the reason why it’s such a hit among the people of Garden City who praise its many healthy plus delicious Japanese dishes along with its serene atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things you can try here is their omakase, along with yellowtail rolls and ocean rolls that pair exceptionally with their yellowtail jalapeño appetizer.

Also, the abundant drink selections that are offered here in the form of sake and Soju plus Kirin on tap are sophisticated drinks that one can go for to add a bit of flavor to the meal.

Make sure that you don’t forget that it’s a famous sushi joint all over Garden City, and therefore sashimi and sushi should definitely be tried without any second thoughts.

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8. Primehouse

Why it’s a must visit?

The Primehouse restaurant is one of the best family restaurants in Garden City that is perfect for celebrating birthdays and has tasty food options with customizable ingredients.

It’s a beautiful dining establishment that has won its loyal patrons who visit it frequently for its delicious menu options that are offered in multiple varieties.

It has a weekly menu that contains several tasty varieties of dishes and has an overall good vibe to it that makes it an excellent place to satisfy your cravings.

Chef’s Choice

Their steaks and mushroom ravioli are pretty good options that one can go for us; they are offered in quality forms and go exceptionally well with each other.

Another fabulous combo that you can try here is their Rosco shrimp tempura and burrata, along with spinach ravioli and skirt steak, which can make for main courses along with a tasty dish of complimentary fries.

Also, their cocktails and wines are pretty good here, too, as they come in several colorful varieties and mixtures.

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9. Mesita Garden City

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mesita Garden City restaurant is one of the many famous restaurants in Garden City that remains primarily populated with people all the time of the week because of its tasty food choices that are offered at a reasonable price here.

The restaurant has an excellent style with stylish details and chic decor that is perfect if one wants to dine in a fancy manner.

The only drawback about this restaurant is that it remains crowded all the time, and sometimes the prices might seem a little bit higher than the other as the food here is high-end and specializes in exotic Mexican cuisine.

Chef’s Choice

Having brunch at this restaurant can be the best way to go about it by trying their tres leches and churro waffles, as they come in flavorsome forms and are a perfect breakfast dish.

Another mouthwatering dish here is their classic margarita which comes with the finest seasoning one can ever find and is pretty good in taste.

Also, their chicken varieties, like chicken tacos and quesadillas, are outstanding dishes that will leave you licking your fingers for hours.

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10. Osteria Morini Long Island

Why it’s a must visit?

The Osteria Morini Long Island restaurant is a laid-back Italian diner that is situated inside the Roosevelt field mall and offers people the most delectable variety of Italian delicacies.

The decor of the restaurant is very aesthetic and has exquisite details inside it, which is perfect for having romantic dates with your partner as it it has bright lighting effects and a charming image.

It’s one of the numerous great restaurants for experiencing an accentuated sense of dining experience through its many delectable dishes.

Chef’s Choice

One can choose between their broad selections of olives, meat, bread, and cheese as side dishes, along with other main course options.

Their burrata has a very fluffy texture and comes with tasty Parmesan cheese that is cut into smaller slices so that one is able to relish its smoothness. 

Another fascinating dish is their pasta which comes with lots of tasty seasoning of mushrooms and other veggies and has a truffle-like taste that is perfect for even the pickiest eaters.

As for the dessert, their nocciola makes for a wonderful way to end your feast in a tasty manner.

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11. Calogero’s

Why it’s a must visit?

The Calogero’s is a family-owned dining establishment that has managed to accomplish its goal of providing the finest customer service with decadent Italian delicacies.

The restaurant managers provide people with an ultimate dining experience that uses generational cooking to create dishes and appreciate the authenticity of Italian culture through its many delicious spices and techniques.

The restaurant embodies elegance in every corner with its private dining rooms, which are perfect for holding private parties, and has an exquisite menu that will blow anyone away with its delicious options.

It was established in 2002 and had over 12 years of experience in delivering people the most impeccable Italian cuisine in Garden City with its generational cooking recipes.

Chef’s Choice

Almost every dish mentioned on the menu here is decadent on measures like their fried calamari, branzino, and seafood fra Diavolo.

All of the dishes here have a wholesome flavor to them, like their lobster ravioli, chicken Francese and veal Florentine which are all main entrees and come in fulfilling varieties.

In their toothsome dessert variety, their chocolate cake takes the crown for its mouthwatering flavor.

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12. Brass Swan

Why it’s a must visit?

The Brass Swan restaurant is another fascinating neighborhood diner that has quickly become one of the favorite dining destinations for the people of Garden City with its fabulous drinks and delicious main courses.

Almost everything here tastes as if it has come straight from paradise, and the interior also accentuates the loveliness of this restaurant with its gorgeous details.

It might look a bit modest from the outside, but as soon as you take a bite out of their delicious dishes, you will find yourself lost in how delicate those dishes are on your taste buds.

Chef’s Choice

Their truffle ravioli and short ribs are the most aromatic meaty dish that comes in enticing flavors and definitely deserve to be tried, 

Also, if you want to go for something a bit lighter, then you can always try their Cesar salad as an appetizer along with their tuna tartare to get a balanced protein feast.

Also, their charbroiled oysters are a purist dish that would give you the most original seafood taste you might have ever come across as it comes with a gooey texture and has a mouthwatering taste to it.

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13. Biscuits & Barbecue

Biscuits & Barbecue is a fascinating local gem that is known for its delicious southern food choices

Why it’s a must visit?

The Biscuits & Barbecue restaurant is a fascinating local gem that is known for its delicious southern food choices that come in incredibly juicy and tender forms and are a gorgeous treat to the taste buds.

The place brims with a sense of liveliness and offers people the most enjoyable food varieties that are indeed not disappointing.

This diner is perfect for grabbing quick snacks for brunch or lunch and is also great for making connections with other visitors as the place has a very cheerful atmosphere.

Not a single dish here is undercooked and definitely deserves a 5-star rating as the place provides people with not only delicious food choices created to perfection but also an accommodating atmosphere with helpful staff.

Chef’s Choice

For the starter options, it would be great to go for their mac & cheese as a beginner meal as it has received lots of happy reviews from previous customers who have praised it for its cheesy and rich texture that also comes in hefty portions that can be shared between two people at once.

Another tasty dish is their jambalaya omelet which comes in decadent forms and contains home fries as a side dish with biscuits that are genuinely a delight to eat.

Also, their eggs Benedict is a pretty good breakfast choice, too, as they come with a cheesy sauce that adds a bit of jazz to it.

Their po boy has always remained a huge hit here, along with the tasty banana foster French toast, which comes with crispy caramelized bread edges along with custard in the center of it.

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14. Novita

Why it’s a must visit?

The Novita restaurant is a specialized wine bar and a Morden Italian kitchen and dining establishment that is situated in the heart of Garden City and offers people one of a kind of ultimate Long Island dining experience by showcasing more than a hundred global wine options that are served in artsy presentation details.

The restaurant is known for offering people unique wine varieties that are perfect for both lunch and dinner, along with weekend brunch and late-night meals.

It also has a convenient location that has made it pretty accessible to people from all areas to enjoy a casual bite here.

Chef’s Choice

It’s better if one sticks with light meals here as the drinks here are the major highlight, but still, we would recommend that you go for the Mediterranean salad, which comes with tasty smoky grilled chicken pieces as a mean entree option.

The Italian delicacies here are the finest as they come with decadent sauces in the form of radiatore bolognese that has a fulfilling taste and along with their tasty tiramisu and chicken Milanese Panini that feels gracious on the palate.

Don’t forget to check out the drinks option, which is the finest here and goes incredibly well with their La carte menu.

The one divine combination here that you can go for is their shrimp, along with vodka and french fry cocktail that make for a fantastic feast.

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15. King Bar by David Burke

Why it’s a must visit?

The King Bar by David Burke restaurant is known for making exciting changes to its menu seasonally and delivers people-spirited food choices inside its gorgeous atmosphere and a shareable menu that is perfect for a great hang out with friends.

The place is great for reunions and hangouts, especially for youngsters, as the diner has a peaceful atmosphere and an energetic crowd which makes it pretty deserving of a top rating among other eateries.

Also, one can book a private room here as it is located inside the Garden City Hotel and therefore have a sense of lavishness to it.

The restaurant carries a sense of class to it, which is excellent for anyone who is looking for a fancy way to observe dinner with a pampering treatment.

Chef’s Choice

Stick with their favorites, which are David Burke surf and turf dumplings which are pretty delicious meals.

Also, their sandwiches are insane in quality, especially their cheese and mini ham sandwiches that should be ordered with their meatball flatbread that has an ultra-thin crust pizza and their French baguettes along with the freshest Ricotta dishes.

In the brunch section, it would be better to go for their eggs benedict, which comes in the most flavorful fashion here and are a perfect protein-packed meal.

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16. Vincent’s Clam Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

Vincent’s Clam Bar restaurant has had several accolades as the best Italian restaurant in Long Island for straight eight years for its decadent variety since the year of establishment in 1894.

It’s situated in NY’s Little Italy which introduces people to the rich culinary culture of New York with its delicious delicacies that remain true to their original taste since its opening.

The place has an immersing ambiance, and the food is excellent, which is why it is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat Italian cuisine with no complaints.

This restaurant remains a showstopper destination for anyone who wants to encounter an actual Italian dining experience with no setbacks.

Chef’s Choice

The range here is fantastic, with dishes like eggplant rollatini, fried calamari, artisan pizza, chicken franchese, and seafood salad.

The seafood variety here is outstanding, with dishes like mussels, clams, and scungilli, which are made with an Italian touch.

As for the gourmet variety, their lobster bisque and grilled shrimp with a glass of vodka make for a marvelous extravagant feast that is truly unforgettable.

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17. Kaji Sushi & Lounge

Why it’s a must visit?

The Kaji Sushi & Lounge restaurant shows its expertise in delivering and offering the most rejuvenating variety of Japanese favorites with exotic spices and ingredients.

The best thing about this place is that it has pretty reasonable rates for its delicious dishes that come in plentiful forms and remains a spectacular pick for anyone who wants to try Japanese cuisine at an affordable price.

It also has a convenient joint spot in Garden City that is perfect for anyone who is looking for a quick bite without having to search a lot.

Basically, it’s a fantastic place for anyone who is crazy about Japanese food but also wants to eat it at a budgeted value.

Chef’s Choice

Go for their tasty lunch bento box that includes several highlighted dishes like white rice, California roll, shumai, salad, and soups that are perfect as a nutritious feast.

In the non-veg section, their beef teriyaki has a soft and juicy flavor, and their sushi varieties here are impeccable, too, which makes for a pretty filling lunch option. 

Among the shareable options, their Naruto roll, J&K rule, crazy tuna roll, avocado, and salmon roll are also perfect choices to go for as one keeps coming back to it for its delicious taste.

Don’t forget to give their Kaji sushi combo a try, which comes packed with lots of tasty veggies that are simmered and presented in the freshest manner.

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Famous Food to Try in Garden City 

  • Wines – Garden City has its share of the finest restaurants that serve people unique wine options in the city; they have also won several accolades for their fine quality and vast wine selections that come in white, red, sangria, champagne, and other forms that have made it a significant hit for their quality to get exceptionally sampled with the main meals. 
  • Sushi – A lot of authentic Japanese restaurants prevail in Garden City, NY, probably because of lots of immigrants who take pride in their culture and showcase people the most delicious and authentic variety of Japanese cuisine through various sushi rolls and other specialized dishes. Therefore if you ever visit Garden City, it would go without saying that you should definitely try visiting authentic Japanese restaurants here to try the finest sushi.
  • Ravioli – Ravioli is an original Italian dish, which is offered in the most authentic form in Garden City, probably because of the use of generational Italian recipes that date back to almost a hundred years and therefore have such a fine quality to them. These tasty Italian delicacies are given in high-end form by using the highest quality of rice and cream while also employing traditional Italian techniques to create the consistent texture of these dishes.

Final Thoughts 

Garden city is a captivating food destination in New York that has shown its expertise in covering global flavors through its many spectacular restaurants and dining establishments that have achieved a lot of praise internationally.

The city beams with a sense of liveliness in its core and remains a great place to celebrate holidays and other vacations because of its overall magnificence that continues to enamor not only tourists but culinary enthusiasts as well.

So no matter what the purpose is for visiting this place, its culinary exploration always needs a guide to know about some decent places to eat.

Therefore to help you accomplish the goal of finding remarkable restaurants, we created this list of the best restaurants in Garden City to help you shorten your search and help you discover a great restaurant that caters to your wishes.

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