Best Restaurants & Places in Fort Worth

21 Best Restaurants & Places in Fort Worth, TX | 2024 (Top Eats!)

Fort Worth is a city brimming with refined Texas hospitality with its vibrant culture and numerous fun activities. It also is a food haven boasting several distinct diners who deliver unfamiliar and experimental cuisine to make anyone feel pampered.

Its aroma-infused dishes have swayed a lot of local people and foreigners, which has further made it one of the most alluring destinations to give a visit. So to resume your food adventure, it is essential that one knows some decent places to eat in the city, which this guide will help you through by sorting a list of some of the best restaurants Fort Worth

Best restaurants in Fort Worth

1. Rise n*3

Rise n*3

Why it’s a must visit?

The rise restaurant is nestled at Monahans Avenue and is appreciated for its sweet, savory, and seasonal soufflés all arranged in a retro fashion with a full-service comfortable ambiance and outstanding French wines.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can grab some adorable snapshots with a chic atmosphere, then this cafe should be your top priority.

This café exhibits a posh French dining in ambiance and is one of the top-rated restaurants in Fort Worth for several decent reasons.

One can also encounter a phenomenal bistro experience here by feasting on its every rich dish, which also comes with flawless service.

Chef’s Choice

To satisfy the inner foodie in you, grab a plate of their delectable escargot it or their special crab souffle for the win.

Also, you can consider ordering their Praline Pecan dessert which is also a marvelous finishing treat.

But if you want something more on the warm side, then sipping on the marshmallow soup will take all your tiredness away.

2. The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille

Why it’s a must visit?

The capital grille is a famous barbecue restaurant known for its upscale steakhouse-inspired layout, which delivers people a unique twist on traditional American dishes, all in a refined and clubby atmosphere.

It’s also an ideal place to celebrate fancy birthday parties as it has a spacious dining hall which is perfect for having the best time of your life.

One always gets a pleasant dining experience here as they get to enjoy its sophisticated atmosphere along with its elegant interior and courteous staff who are exceedingly rapid in the service of serving impeccable food.

Chef’s Choice

If it’s your first time coming to this restaurant, then we would suggest you grab a plate of their yummy seared tenderloins, which are an absolutely perfect dish in every way.

In the same way, their lobster mac & cheese is a fruitful option to give a try because it comes with delicious lobster meat which overflows with its cheesy cream.

But if you’re a crazy meat fanatic, then you should go for their decadent dry-aged strip or even their tasty and stuffed porterhouse steak, which is an astounding choice.

3. Bonnell’s Restaurant

Bonnell's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Bonell’s restaurant is one of the most popular and top restaurants in Fort Worth. It has become trendy because of its rustic and elegant interior and is a diamond among the rough with a Texas-inspired southwestern cuisine and some wild games.

It’s one of the nicest places to have a rejuvenating feast with your significant other, as its intimate dining setting gives it a refreshing feel that one can never locate in any other restaurant in Fort Worth Texas.

Not to mention its many delicious menu options that are offered here at significant prices.

Chef’s Choice

One of the tastiest dishes that you can give a try here is their bison tenderloin which has a divine flavor.

But if you want something exotic and in the category of seafood, then their oysters Texafeller will live up to your expectations.

As a lovely treat, in the end, order their cream Brulee that will indeed appease your inner sweet tooth.

4. Enchilada’s Ole

Enchilada's Ole

Why it’s a must visit?

This Enchilada’s Ole bistro is one of the most beloved eateries in Fort Worth and displays a bright and colorful ambiance with its generous portions of handcrafted Mexican meals which also come with a service of takeout facilities in the form of complete family platters.

So if you’re looking for a laid-back diner in Fort Worth TX that specializes in delicious brunch and breakfast Mexican options, then this restaurant should be your first pick.

One always seems to find this restaurant relaxing as its comfortable seating arrangement with its immersing environment makes the entire local Cantina one of the must places to eat in Fort Worth.

Chef’s Choice

For first-timers, ordering at this restaurant can get a bit confusing so we would suggest that you stick with their favorites like brisket and chicken enchiladas which will happily give you a satisfying gastronomist experience.

Their curry chicken is also a worthy mention in the list.

But if you come to their Mexican specialties, then their keto-friendly plates would surely surprise you with their mouthwatering flavors.

Also, the staff assistance at this restaurant is spectacular as they are experts when it comes to suggesting the newcomers with good food choices that can satisfy their palate.

5. Bob’s Steak & Chop House

Bob's Steak & Chop House

Why it’s a must visit?

This is amazing Bob’s Steak & Chop House restaurant is situated at Omni Fort worth resort and is a local Texas steakhouse food chain that serves people large portions of their wide varieties of seafood, beef, and wine list choices in a forested theme-like ambiance which is graceful and unique at the same time.

Its wooden furnishings with an elegant and intimate setting, have rendered it one of the best places to enjoy romantic dates or anniversaries with your significant other but due to its high demand often needs a reservation to be booked beforehand as the staff makes all the preparation required for your spectacular dinner night.

Its overall sentimental setting with dim lights, and courteous and polite staff with impressive food choices have made it one of the top restaurants near me to try in the city.

Chef’s Choice

If you want to taste multiple delicious dishes in one go, then grab their colorful variety of lamb chops, lobster mac & cheese, and an entire course of their Wagyu ribeye tomahawk steak, which are made to quintessence with their specialized flavors and expert techniques.

Also, make sure that as your last dish, you get their glazed carrots which perfectly pair with any meal that you order and manage to surprise their visitors with their lovely taste.

A cup of their Mojito will also provide you with a refreshing sampling drink that can further accentuate your entire feast experience.

6. Lili’s Bistro

Lili's Bistro

Why it’s a must visit?

Lili’s bistro is located at W Magnolia Avenue and is an innovative contemporary diner that displays a huge array of implying impressive wine choices which have a retro vixen vibe to it with a brick-lined interior and an elegant piano bar beside it.

It’s a 5-star restaurant and is most famous as a birthday Fort Worth restaurants which offers exceptional service and fantastic food Fort Worth choices with enticing jazz music that adds to its overall upscale vibe.

It’s also one of the cool places to eat in Fort Worth due to its overall sophisticated layout and its extravagant furnishings with retro vintage decor pieces.

Chef’s Choice

One of the most incredible dishes that you can order here is their Gorgonzola fries which is one of the reasons why this restaurant is beloved by so many people.

As for their delicious desserts, you surely won’t get disappointed with their special donuts, which come with multicolored sprinkles.

Their ice cream is also decadent as it comes in several unique flavors like blueberry, cranberry, vanilla, strawberry, etc.

7. Texas de Brazil

 Texas de Brazil

Why it’s a must visit?

The Texas de Brazil restaurant is a classy Brazilian steakhouse that features every grilled crafted meat that you can imagine available on the table side with a complementary dish of fruitful salads.

Its separate salad bar has made it one of the most exotic locations to visit for a dinner buffet in Texas, as it exhibits an authentic cultural charm of the city through its many upgraded choices.

The food here is also out of the world as the ambiance is beyond anything you have ever encountered, which is ideal for visiting with your friends to have an enjoyable night with incredible steak variety in the most frivolous sense.

Chef’s Choice

It would be a crime to visit this restaurant but not stop by their famous salad bar as it’s their biggest highlight here.

But if you end up ordering off the table, then the best dishes that you can give a try here are their lobster bisque along with a separate plate of flank steaks which has the power to overpower your senses with their exquisite flavors.

Another genuinely spectacular non-veg dish that you can give a try here is their lamb chops whose tender meat will leave an unforgettable impression.

8. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Why it’s a must visit?

The Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is nestled along the street of W 7th and is a posh, classy food chain serving superb seafood and steak choices with separate cocktail bars which play live jazz music in the background to keep one entertained for hours.

Therefore if you want to experience a magical night with your loved ones here, then book a reservation at this upscale diner as it’s one of the bests for these occasions.

As it serves some of the most impressive food options in Fort Worth, visitors get a charming experience here which is further accentuated by the live music playing in the background that adds to its overall enthusiastic atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

The biggest highlight of this restaurant is its seafood platter dishes which come in the form of truffle mac & cheese and fillet Magnon as appetizing dishes.

The dessert here is also fascinating, especially their decadent banana foster cake, which is an absolute delight on anyone’s taste buds.

But almost every seafood dish here has no rival as it’s their specialty and, therefore, a must-try here.

9. Grace


The Grace restaurant is known for its prime steaks and is an innovative new American eatery that prides itself on serving creative dishes paired with exquisite wine, all inside an elegant and contemporary establishment.

It’s a lovely place to visit with your friends for a chill hang out as your loud conversations would be soundproofed here.

It’s also perfect for celebrating happy events or dates by feasting on its divine dishes.

Chef’s Choice

The superb exotic option of Korean pork shank has surprised visitors through its innovative take on blending Asian flavors with American ones.

But a feast is never finished without a special dessert in the end, which this butterscotch pudding stands as a great restaurants alternative as it is sweet beyond extent.

The best thing about this Grace restaurant is its masterful chefs who make sure that the dishes they create are familiar yet exotic in their flavors.

10. Ellerbe Fine Foods

Ellerbe Fine Foods

Why it’s a must visit?

The Ellerbe Fine Foods restaurant is another superb diner situated at W Magnolia Avenue, which is a HubSpot for hot served food and also shares its vicinity near a gas station where people can get takeout service, giving them the credit of tasting a seasonal menu presented with comfortable fort worth food choices which are authentic Southern American dishes.

So if you’re craving something refreshing, then this farm-to-table restaurant with its bright, colorful dishes in a calming setting will prove to be an excellent hideout for you.

Its authentic American atmosphere will make anyone feel as if they are at home due to its hospitable nature.

Chef’s Choice

The most impeccable dish that you can order here is their lamb shanks which come with flavorful seasoning through the use of several spices that blends incredibly well with its soft meat.

Also, their quail with lemon kissed risotto is another fascinating choice to give a try due to its many global flavors.

Finally, at the end of your course, grab a bite of their bread, putting it as a dessert option to get a sweet aftertaste.

11. Clay Pigeon

Clay Pigeon

Why it’s a must visit?

The Clay pigeon restaurant is nestled along the line of White Settlement Road in Fort Worth and is a casual diner delivering handcrafted meals which use locally fetched ingredients in making traditional American dishes with the finest pairings of excellent wine selections.

This restaurant is excellent for almost any occasion, be it coming with your family, or your friends or even your office colleagues as it offers people a relaxing getaway from world problems.

It has one of the most refined food near me and is perfect if you want to get a taste of their scrumptious dishes while also enjoying the vibrant environment of the place.

Chef’s Choice

Before starting your meal, order a plate of their delicate appetizers such as their soft and generously seared dressing of bone marrow.

As for your main dish, their duck fillet will entice your senses through its rich flavoring and multiple spices.

Another superb main course dish is their pork shank which is a good alternative among the many red meat options that are offered here.

12. Taste Community Restaurant

Taste Community Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The taste community restaurant is situated in Fort Worth and is an airy, memorable, and non-profit bistro organization that features the policy of deciding your own price through its several seasonal food options that are delivered here.

So if you’re looking for a unique culinary adventure in the city due to its exceptional service, then deciding to go to this place will be sound judgment.

Its humble concept in a modest setting has attracted the attention of a lot of outside people who visit this place if they are on a tight budget and want to relish tasty food options.

Chef’s Choice

As the restaurant is a Texas local, its main menu revolves around southern food, which comes in many comfort dish forms.

So when it comes to trying out their southern classics, their shrimp and grits are indeed delectable in taste due to the use of many local flavors.

In an overall sense, it’s a great place to support the local community while also enjoying their many decent food choices in a happy way.

13. Aventino’s


Why it’s a must visit?

The Aventino’s restaurant is nestled at Lovell Avenue and is a specialized Italian diner serving handcrafted creamy portions of pasta, different seafood platters, and several forms of baked goodies to elevate your feasting adventure.

This place is ideal for anyone who is in limbo about where to eat, as its consistent quality will surely disappoint you.

Apart from exhibiting a genuinely unique distinct food culture, the restaurant also delivers a warm and soothing ambiance that relaxes anyone with great ease.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many local favorites as menu options in this diner, the chicken Parmesan is the biggest hit here primarily for its graded spices and thorough seasoning.

In the same sense, their Tortellini is a must-try.

Just like that, their Cannelloni is something that has an unmatchable taste in the entire town which one can only taste at this restaurant.

14. Paris 7th

Paris 7th

Why it’s a must visit?

Paris 7th is as fancy as its title and is situated in Fort Worth with a roomy dining hall and elegant French touches to its many delicacies and classic dishes which are globally renowned everywhere such as their caviar and foie gras.

This place makes anyone feel pampered with a great sense of royalty which is one of the reasons why it always needs a reservation.

One not only loses themselves in the immersing atmosphere that this fancy diner exudes but also sways them away with its distinctive approach to delivering exquisite Gourmet Italian food options with authentic recipes.

Chef’s Choice

As it’s a fancy five-star restaurant, its prices are on the expensive side, but if you’re willing to pay for high-quality cuisine options, then their foie gras de canard pole will be the wisest choice here.

The foie gras gets served here with seared duck slices, which come in tender meat form and have a dissolving texture.

The dish gets served with precious cognac and plum glaze with hazelnuts and Szechuan peppercorns.

15. Zoli’s NY Pizza

Zoli's NY Pizza

Why it’s a must visit?

There are hardly any decent pizzerias in Fort Worth, except for this gorgeous Zoli’s New York Pizza site which serves unique American-styled round and square pizzas with several other Italian plus New York’s flavored inspired dishes like sandwiches, portions of pasta, and old-school recipes.

Therefore if you’re looking for a quick bite out of overflowing cheese pizzas in the area with a casual setting, then our recommendation for this pizzeria is more than enough as it’s one of the bests out there.

It’s also one of the best family restaurants Fort Worth, which families, especially children, love as it also has a separate playground area and is also great for youngsters with a particular hangout spot to chill with their friends and make wholesome memories.

Chef’s Choice

One can’t get enough of their decadent Zoli’s mouthwatering Detroit-inspired pizza, which comes with pulled mozzarella cheese that feels incredible in every bite.

Another superb book to this Detroit pizza is that it comes with a complementary dish of their zucchini fries which have a flavorsome crispy taste with several different sauces, for example, cheesy sauce, simple Ketchup, and pepperoni that adds to its full elevated flavor.

Get a Coke or any other beverage to further enhance your overall fast-food feasting experience in the most satisfying way.

16. Lonesome Dove Fort Worth

Lonesome Dove Fort Worth

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lonesome Dove restaurant is a classic steakhouse that was refurbished some years ago, which makes the traditional blend with the modern in the most exquisite sense through its wide variety of high-quality steak meat.

The owner of this renowned steakhouse named Tim love, who is the main chef here, too shares his commitment to using sustainable, high-quality ingredients that he keeps experimenting with to create innovative dishes.

Apart from that, he also takes pride in using global flavors from all around the world in his dishes which also get wonderfully fused with its Western theme, which is sure to lift your spirits in the end.

Chef’s Choice

As is a celebrated steakhouse, it features a wide variety of dishes in the form of ponzu, machego, and hoisin, where he meets the classics with buttery lettuce salad, it’s spicy chili relleno, and other high-end steaks in wide varieties.

Other red meat favorites here are their Wagyu tomahawk ribeye, their beef tenderloin, and Kuro Wagyu New York strip, as they all use fresh spices with tender steaks, which are cooked to perfection and carry the signature taste of this serrano lime butter with its aromatic scent.

Its organic ingredients are the biggest reason why this restaurant has earned such a reputable image all over Fort Worth.

17. Hg Sply Co.

Hg Sply Co.

Why it’s a must visit?

Instead of featuring the conventional farm-to-table dining in fort worth setting, the restaurant uses the farm-to-fork as its primary interior setting, which is the complete opposite of its Dallas restaurant branch, which goes by the same name.

This HG sply restaurant has spread its influence far and wide through its masterful use of locally sourced ingredients that makes for a robust selection of its own handcrafted beers with an airy and pleasant dining experience.

Even the pickiest eater will love to feast on its award-winning dishes as it does not only excel in its culinary specialization but also in its funky atmosphere that makes anyone hooked.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant delivers a magnificent fusion of the flavors of Texas with Mexico to regional southeast Asian tastes, which makes it pretty welcoming to people from distinct country backgrounds.

Some of its award-winning dishes are its simple hamburgers and other bowl dishes, which are adored for their busting flavors.

But the biggest reason why it remains one of the best restaurants in Fort Worth Texas is primarily for its deliverance of international cuisine in every form possible.

18. Little Red Wasp

 Little Red Wasp

Why it’s a must visit?

The Little red wasp, unlike its namesake, is a pretty friendly and laid-back diner that presents itself in a brick-walled interior fashion and has every simplistic option except for their highly reputed draft beer choices.

Almost every dish here is familiar to people from any regional background, which somehow is a perk considering it saves one a lot of time in deciding which dish to order.

Its convenient location at the heart of Fort Worth and its simple, straightforward food options with access menu options have made it one of the best night-out restaurants in the city, sharing the central location.

Another thing to note about this restaurant is that it features happy hour events seven days a week, but at specified timings from 4 PM to 6 PM, which one can visit anytime they wish.

Chef’s Choice

As the restaurant has familiar food options available on its menu, most of its choices range from comfort food choices that America is famous for, like simple fries or modest breakfast varieties.

But there are some excellent food options like deviled eggs and steak fries which despite being familiar options, are pretty remarkable in flavor and are also widely chosen by people here.

Not to mention its impressive cocktail collections, which is one of the reasons why this diner has become such a hit for night hangouts.

19. Toro Toro

Toro Toro

Why it’s a must visit?

The Toro Toro restaurant by spearheaded by an internationally acclaimed chef named Richard Sandoval who has spread his influence all over Fort Worth through his Latin-inspired cuisine made in a family style with old recipes and ingredients that are as refined as its decor.

The restaurant is so famous that it has several branches in different states like Washington DC, Doha, Miami, and Dubai, which adds to its overall excellence.

Also, it remains open from 10 AM to 2 PM only but features a special broad menu on Sunday as a Sunday Funday event because it always remains heavily crowded and always in demand.

Chef’s Choice

The one appetizer here which has turned heads because of its fascinating flavors is the smoked swordfish dip which has the power to overwhelm one’s senses with its refined taste and enticing smell.

But when it comes to trying their signature dish which goes by the name of Toro Toro Churrasco, it is an absolutely breathtaking meal that can rejuvenate your senses with its satiating power over pleasing your taste buds.

Overall it’s quite an extravagant restaurant as all the dishes here are made in an exotic sense and therefore add a lot of value to its whole significance.

20. Istanbul Grill

Istanbul Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The name of the restaurant, Istanbul Grill itself, gives away its specialization in serving the most sumptuous and authentic Turkish dishes with a rich cultural value to it.

Even though Fort Worth has lots of Turkish restaurants, this one stands out from all of them as it not only gives people a glimpse into Turkish culture through its many exquisite dishes but also delivers them a surprising fusion with new American cuisine too by offering people an unfamiliar peek into creative innovations.

By doing so, the restaurant has established itself as one of the most successful culinary delights in the city, which is ideal for savoring hearty Turkish dishes with an elegant and central atmosphere that is also spot on for business meetings or a simple night out with your favorite person.

Chef’s Choice

Turkish cuisine is famous for its classic dishes like hummus and babaganoush, which have continued to enamor people with their heavenly taste.

In the same way, Turkish cuisine has some simple delightful dishes too like their cigar borek which has a tangy flavor to it but surprisingly fits anyone’s taste preferences.

As for the staple food choices, the one dish which is available in every Turkish household is feta spring roll which is the dearest of many people as it contains crispy veggies with small chicken pieces wrapped around a chewy dough.

Famous foods to try in the city

Mexican cuisine – Even though Fort Worth is a North American state, it still displays a colorful variety of Mexican dishes available in several specialized diners but somehow only delivers gourmet Mexican food choices through its impeccable tapas-styled meals and other staples that are grounded with Mexico’s authentic recipes which are passed down through generational holdings.

Steaks – Fort Worth has remarkable steakhouses which serve people High-quality meats and also come with several complementary seared gravy options that further add a lot of juicy texture to the entire dish. Be it their calamari steak or simple lamb ribs, all of them have an infallible consistency to their flavor as they are created through the use of balanced spices and excellent dressing.

Flans – Flans are a dish that no person with a sweet tooth can turn their head against as it’s  soft texture with a pancake-like taste, and its seasoning of thick honey makes it quite a treat to savor, which Fort Worth excels in providing through its various restaurants who serve it as an end course mean. So if you’re a fan of this dessert, you would love to see how this city has so much to offer when it comes to decadent treats like this.

Final Thoughts

Fort Worth is a dreamy city for anyone who is a gastronomist and loves experimenting with several global flavors with thrilling excitement. Therefore, for anyone who wants to explore the city with its many hearty offerings, it goes by no doubt that one should be knowledgeable about which place to visit that suits their interests.

So keeping all those burning questions in mind, we gave you a list of some of the best restaurants Fort Worth that you can visit or find promising places to eat which can further fulfill all your culinary fantasies of relishing numerous dish

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