Best Restaurants & Places in Fayetteville

15 Best Restaurants & Places in Fayetteville, AR | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Fayetteville city is known as a famous college town and has beautiful eye-catching museums which contain charming historical palace setups, retro planes, and even memorable battlefields that any history enthusiast would love to visit. It not only has fascinating landmarks but is also botanical heaven with thick forests and a lively population with lots of youngsters taking pride in their unique culinary scene due to its unique and familiar flavors.

So if you’re planning to visit this place to experience a gorgeous culinary scene, then below we have some treasured places to eat through the various Fayetteville restaurants.

Best Fayetteville Restaurants

1. Hugo’s Restaurant

Hugo's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hugo’s is a regional burger joint and is located in a hipster-like basement setting and is renowned for its comfort American food with lots of refreshing beer options.

It also has an adventurous theme to it that exhibits a mystery-like setting along with stairs that act as elevators to reach the dimly lighted area of the restaurant which has an ultimate comfortable environment to give you a relaxing stay.

It’s an ideal spot for anyone who wants to experience thrill and adventure in one go as it was rated as one of the top-rated restaurants in the city, mostly credited to its relaxed atmosphere and delicious yet familiar cuisine, which is perfect for a lovely hang out with your friends at night.

Chef’s Choice

As a lot of youngsters visit this charming restaurant, the snack options here are catered towards them, such as their lovely macho tacos, which have no rival against its taste.

But if you’re coming here all by yourself, then grabbing a plate of their aromatic smoky cheddar burger will give you a satisfying feast.

As this restaurant is also known for its beer options, you must sample your drinks with their other snacks to get a wholesome American fare taste.

2. Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese

Hammontree's Grilled Cheese

Why it’s a must visit?

The Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese restaurant is a famous sandwich diner and a bar that delivers people innovative creations on several varieties of sandwiches and hotdogs.

If you’re searching for some good places to eat in Fayetteville, especially for brunch or breakfast options, then this specialized grilled cheese sandwich restaurant will surely provide you with an appeasing experience as it features an outdoor setting which makes for a pleasant choice.

The taste of the food here is undoubtedly delicious and unique, and the umbrella-themed setting of the restaurants near me with shielded tables gives people a beach vibe with calming hospitality.

Chef’s Choice

One of the nicest dishes that you can try here in the form of snacks is their Gouda Bacon fries as starter options which have a crispy and lovely taste.

After that, you can choose to go with their white buffalo dish if you want to taste some sandwiches as main courses.

But if you don’t consider yourself an enormous sandwich enthusiast, then their Cali dog, which is a separate form of hot dog, will be a considerable choice to go for because of its meaty taste.

3. A Taste of Thai

A Taste of Thai

Why it’s a must visit?

A taste of Thai restaurant is one of the many casual Thai restaurants in Fayetteville well-celebrated for its creative take on traditional meals along with several vegetarian options.

The restaurant is considered one of the top restaurants in Fayetteville for a pleasant dining experience, especially if you want to experience Asian cuisine in a relaxing setting, along with traditional food choices to tingle your taste buds.

The entire dining hall of the restaurant is furnished to look like a charming house which also adds a lot of fancy to it, giving any visitor an immersing experience.

Chef’s Choice

One can give more than one dish a try here, especially if they decide to get their famous platter known as sampler appetizers which feature stuffed dumplings, potstickers, delicious wontons, and crispy coconut shrimp to give you a delightful overall Thai feast.

As for your main entree, their mango curry chicken with a complementary dish of steamed white rice can act as a perfect main course meal for you to give you a satisfying finish.

Also, it would be a great thing to give their dessert options a try to get a wholesome Thai experience.

4. Sassy’s Red House

Sassy's Red House

Why it’s a must visit?

Sassy’s red House restaurant is a casual barbecue joint that delivers people the smokiest of meat flavors along with a vibrant atmosphere to keep you hooked forever.

It has simple red colored walls, and due to its intimate spatial area, it’s considered one of the best places to celebrate special events, notable birthdays, and anniversaries due to its hospitable lively atmosphere and familiar food options with great restaurant taste.

So if you want to celebrate your special day with your friends, then this place should be your top pick as one can watch games and chat while drinking and having fun.

Chef’s Choice

Before you decide on any other meal, we recommend that you go for their starter options first, like their BBQ smoke wings with an aromatic flavoring and have a crispy layering with tender meat inside.

After that, you can follow their smoky wings with a serving of a beef brisket plate which has a genuinely filling taste.

The one reason why people love the beef brisket here is due to its excellent side dish, which comes with stuffed baked potatoes and their special sassy’s slaw to give them a filling and unforgettable lovely aftertaste.

5. Catfish Hole Fayetteville

Catfish Hole Fayetteville

Why it’s a must visit?

The Catfish Hole Fayetteville restaurant is a casual seafood diner that is known for its family-inspired dining decor that is accommodating for people from any sphere of background.

This restaurant is considered one of the best family restaurants Fayetteville as it has a casual ambiance with decadent seafood choices that come in a lot of variety.

The interior of the restaurant is modest, and the dishes here are simple too, but it definitely deserves a visit due to its comfortable atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best seafood dishes that you can try here is their fried catfish steak which has a divine taste with generous servings of multiple seasonings.

The steak not only has a refined taste to it but also comes with a delicious side dish of french fries and coleslaw, which makes it an overall most marvelous dish to consider ordering.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should end your meal with your famous cobbler à la mode, as it has a spectacular toothsome taste with balanced sweetness.

6. Wood Stone Craft Pizza

Wood Stone Craft Pizza

Why it’s a must visit?

The Wood Stone Craft Pizza restaurant is a beloved pizzeria and sidebar that delivers people pizzas made in wood-fried techniques along with their use of locally fetched ingredients to add to its authentic regional taste.

It’s a paradise for Italian cuisine lovers who want to experience the best lunch feast in Fayetteville Arkansas with their specialized would fried pizzas.

Even though the restaurant’s design is subtle, it has a trendy look to it which is ideal if you want to grab some aesthetic snapshots for your Instagram feed.

Chef’s Choice

The rainbow amount of choices here can get tasted if you go for their popular Mason trio as a starter option before beginning the feast with incoming heavier meals.

The mason jar trio will leave you so satisfied as its heavenly taste would appease all your yearnings but will still make you crave it more.

After trying out their appetizers, you can get their shareable platter of 12-inch craft pizza as a lovely main course option.

7. Wright’s Barbecue

Wright's Barbecue

Why it’s a must visit?

Wright’s barbecue restaurant is a relaxed barbecue diner that serves people their own handcrafted barbecue dishes in an outdoor setting with beautiful skyline views.

When listing 5-star restaurants in Fayetteville, this place takes the top spot as this barbecue joint got situated in an old house setting, and due to its legendary history and authentic menu, it has earned its reputation as one of the best restaurants in downtown Fayetteville.

Not only is its harming location the reason for its high reputation, but also due to its aromatic meal options, which give people a smoky flavor, whereas the outdoor setting further accentuates the entire dining in Fayetteville experience.

Chef’s Choice

If you want to try the traditional BBQ classic dishes, then you can get half a pound of each of their platters like their chicken dishes, rib pieces, or brisket meat comes in plentiful portions and is also shareable with other members of your group.

Also, it would be a great decision to pair these lovely non-veg dishes with their fast food Fayetteville options like mac & cheese, coleslaw, and mashed potatoes to get an overall barbecue feel.

Therefore if you ever question yourself and decide which barbecue joint to visit in Arkansas, this place should be on the top of your list as it serves one of the best smoky food choices in the city.

8. Pesto Cafe

Pesto Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

Pesto Cafe is another simple Italian diner that delivers people classic Italian-inspired dishes by using their traditional recipes along with unique wine parings with live music performances.

If you are in search of an excellent Italian place to eat in Fayetteville, then this quaint Italian restaurant should be your most fantastic pick due to its colorful menu, which is unrivaled among the many other local restaurants which serve the same purpose.

The restaurant exhibits a genuine Italian experience with its red flannel tablecloths and impressive wine collection, along with a sophisticated, relaxed ambiance that blends perfectly with your Italian favorites.

Chef’s Choice

Amy’s fantastic Aphrodisiac pizza, as the name suggests, has a genuinely immersing taste with the gorgeous layering of cheddar cheese that gives people an overflowing creamy taste.

Not only is the pizza exquisite in taste, but it also comes with a generous side dish of homemade meat lasagna, which is an excellent pairing when it comes to experiencing an authentic Italian dinner.

Whereas for the dessert, our highest recommendation would go for their peach melba, which has a lovely taste to it with a lingering sweetness.

9. Theo’s – Fayetteville

Theo's - Fayetteville

Why it’s a must visit?

Theo’s restaurant shares its location in a rich locale and is a diner that serves people exquisite new American dishes with an energetic ambiance and a cocktail sidebar beside it.

The restaurant is made in a very modern sense but has a calming feel to it which makes anyone at ease without any roadblocks.

Its decor is also worth mentioning as it features soft chairs along with dark wooden furnishings and a stylish interior which creates a compelling look and makes it perfect for celebrating his romantic dinner night.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best appetizer options that you can try here before your main meal is their fillet tip slider which contains several different platters in small portions to warm your stomach.

Following that, you can choose to go for a plate of their special crab ravioli as your main course, whose rich taste good relish your taste buds in the most exciting manner.

Also, as the restaurant features a sidebar within its proximity, it would be an excellent choice to consider pairing your dishes with their exquisite wines and cocktails to get a wholesome dining in experience.

10. Penguin’s Ed’s Bbq

Penguin's Ed's Bbq

Why it’s a must visit?

The Penguin’s Ed’s BBQ restaurant is a local barbecue joint which is located in the vicinity of the famous university of Arkansas and is famous among youngsters, especially college students who like to grab a quick bite at this place.

So if you’re searching for some simple places to eat in restaurants fayetteville and are confused about where to eat, then this barbecue joint is your place to go as it serves generous portions, which is ideal for college students who are on a tight budget.

One will also not get intimidated by this restaurant as it is made in a very modest fashion and its menu options appeal to almost anyone who can enjoy a good lunch here without any complaints.

Chef’s Choice

It would be a shame to visit this barbecue restaurant and not try their cheesy tators as an appetizer dish as they have a genuinely remarkable taste to them.

If you want to go for something simple and not complicated enough, then their BBQ sliced beef brisket sandwich will be an ideal choice for you to give a thought.

The reason why we recommend this sandwich is due to its generous filling, which comes with the smokiest beef meat along with a balanced amount of veggies to give you a fulfilling feast.

11. Bordin’s Restaurant

Bordin's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Bordin’s restaurant is a sophisticated diner that has recently become famous for its decadent new American Fayetteville food choices, which get favorably blended with exquisite Italian flavors.

This restaurant is considered to be one of the cool places to eat in Fayetteville and has earned its loyal patrons for its courteous service and delicious food options.

The restaurant features red carpeted floors along with deep Ebony wooden furnishings and a modern layout with a fancy setting which delivers gives people a luxurious feel.

It’s an ideal spot to visit for almost any occasion, be it fun family hangouts or celebrating a reunion with friends in the most exciting way.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things that you can start your feast with is their Cheese & Charcuterie, which acts as an incredible starter meal before trying any other unique dishes.

After that, a sip of their refreshing beverage named coffee Rubbed New York strip will give you the best caffeine rush you might have ever encountered in the most tremendous sense.

Nothing beats a feast when there is a sweet dessert involved in the end, which you can also try with their decadent maple plus vanilla cream Brulé to venture into the exotic Italian sweet flavoring.

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12. The Common Grounds

The Common Grounds

Why it’s a must visit?

The Common Ground restaurant is not your usual simple caffeine bar but is a gourmet provider of the most richly flavored beverage options through its espresso bar layout.

The restaurant is a perfect place to visit if you want to get a daily dose of your specified caffeine or want to grab a quick snack to appease your famished self in the most charming manner.

The restaurant also has an immersing artwork layout along with multiple music events hosted every night, whose details can also be found online.

It also remains open for all-time meals, be it for breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, or for late night drinking, as its specialization extends to beverages.

It’s much better to visit this place during evenings rather than mornings as the atmosphere remains quite bright with various hosted events, and on Thursdays, one gets to unlock the beer of the week event, where one gets a free pint glass that one can take home without paying.

13. Little Bread Company

Little Bread Company

Why it’s a must visit?

The little bread company is known for producing fresh bread almost every day and is a famous restaurants local bakery that people often visit bond and get their hands on the freshest bread in Fayetteville.

The reason why this quaint little bakery has such a vast loyal following is due to its use of locally fetched ingredients from regional farmers who provide them with the freshest produce available without any preservatives.

As every single dish here is made from scratch using local ingredients, it offers people a healthy alternative to any other bakeries in Fayetteville.

Chef’s Choice

One can visit this bakery to get the most delicious brunch of a lifetime through their specialized breakfast options like egg, ham, and cheese breakfast bagel for a fulfilling brunch experience.

Also, their hot sandwich is equally delicious as it comes with savory pickles and some crispy kettle chips that come off as a great pairing to give anyone a rejuvenating lunch finish.

But if you have a sweet tooth, then you must visit this place during the afternoon as they serve spectacular pastries and dessert options that will please your palate in the truest sense.

14. Petra Cafe

Petra Cafe

Why it’s a must visit?

The Petra Kathy is known for its unique take on Mediterranean cuisine and is n ideal place to get light lunch for a relaxed experience as you explore Fayetteville.

The restaurant enjoys its convenient location near several noteworthy landmarks of Fayetteville and has a seasonal platter that changes several times a week.

Besides being an adorable restaurant, it also acts as a marketplace for serving vast pots of homemade hummus in the most organic form.

Chef’s Choice

As the cuisine here is Mediterranean inspired, their Greek salad is the best one here as it contains divine flavors of well-seasoned veggies and cheddar cheese with decadent flavors.

Other marvelous dishes here are their falafel, and their chicken pitta, which is authentic Mediterranean dishes and therefore offer people a peek into the exotic flavors of Europe.

Due to its seasonal menu, one gets to experiment with its several unique platters, which are all distinct in flavor.

Famous foods to try in the city

Italian cuisine – Fayetteville holds a reputable stand on delivering people the most exquisite touch on French cuisine through traditional recipes and unique flavoring ranging from their simple dishes like spaghetti and pizzas to more complex ones like risotto and lasagna that not only provide people a glance into the authentic taste of Italy but also feature a thematic Italian ambiance which is loved by many and adored by thousands.

Falafel – Falafel is a special Mediterranean dish whose bursting taste has charmed the entire population of Fayetteville as it comes with specialized flavors which are true to the Mediterranean culture, and the spices which get added to the dish also get imported from European countries, which further elevates the authenticity of the meal while also proving it’s excellence in its taste as well.

Baked Delicacies – Fayetteville holds several quaint bakeries which not only provide people with the most decadent sweets but also deliver them a healthy alternative with a sustainable mindset through their use of organic ingredients while also altogether helping farmers through buying their produce. The non-preservative policy of this city in using organic ingredients has allowed people to enjoy several delicacies without having an ounce of guilt. Be it their pastries, delicious hot cakes or ice creams, etc., all of the desserts can be enjoyed in the fullest sense.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above trajectory has provided you an insight into the many decent places that you can visit in Fayetteville without any hassle.

All the fayetteville restaurants that we assembled above were prepared with efficiency and thorough focus with all the parameters and have delivered the most consistent quality when it comes to decadent food choices and generous hospitality. So keep exploring and Bon appetite!

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