Best Restaurants & Places in Branson

25 Best Restaurants & Places in Branson, MO | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Many travelers journey to Branson to gaze at dramatic enactments in theatres. With its enormous panorama, this town gets recognized as one of the best music places for music lovers. Other than that, the place also serves delicious food to satisfy your tastebuds.

This town can be an oasis for any food fanatic searching for a place to eat among the best restaurants Branson. So let’s check them out.

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The Best Restaurants Branson

1. Dobyns Dining Room at the Keeter Center

Dobyns Dining Room at the Keeter Center

Why it’s a must visit?

Dobyns Dining Room is a renowned diner in The Keeter Center at the University of Ozarks.

It’s a completely student-owned installation that delivers luncheons, dinners, and brunch on Sundays.

Raw derivatives get prepared as the modern relaxed lunchroom has a farm and table feasting policy.

Also, this area is known to be one of the finest birthday cafes in the city among its near regions, particularly if you have a family to celebrate it with.

Chef’s Choice

Pasta enthusiasts must experiment with their grilled mac with smoked bacon and dripping gouda cheese dressing for a sound feast.

The second incredible choice is their chicken and grilled mushroom alfredo.

Couple it with the unique handmade broth that differs every single day.

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2. Pickin Porch Grill

Pickin Porch Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The place specializes in providing one of the finest burgers in the city.

The ambiance is also impeccable because it features paintings from different artists in the USA.

The place is incredibly popular among the city’s citizens as it serves authentic, delicious food.

The place also holds a lot of live performances for people to enjoy as they feast.

Another great addition to this place is the surrounding mall which has fantastic stuff you enjoy after your meal.

Chef’s Choice

The Anaheim Burger gets lauded for its mouth-melting taste.

The seasoning of this burger is also great as it has various ingredients like onions, chipotle sauce, avocado, lettuce, and different other veggies to go with your meal.

The chorizo burger here is also great with candied jalapeños.

The barbecued pork sandwich here is also fantastic and should undoubtedly be tried by visitors.

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3. Rocco’s NY Style Pizza by Mama D’s House

Rocco's NY Style Pizza by Mama D's House

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is owned by a particular family and has served outstanding pizzas for years.

The location is also quite fantastic as it is located near a highway and is near downtown.

This place is quite renowned for its pizzas and is adored not only by the local people but also by foreigners.

The handmade ingredients also make this place quite a great pick as it’s incredibly healthy to eat.

Also, the place has a very modern look that will look chic to you.

Chef’s Choice

Their rancho romano pizza is fantastic and has a great seasoning of onions, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and various other sauces.

The cheese here is also excellent, especially the Hawaiian cheese and the margarita one.

The lasagna Mama D’s notable here is also unique and has a flavourful taste to them, making you take pleasure in every bite. 

No other restaurant in the city can beat this place’s lasagna and therefore should not be missed.

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4. Hungry Hunter Restaurant

Hungry Hunter Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The place gets considered to be one of the best ones to sell Europe based food and hence has a very American taste to them.

The ambiance is also very relaxing and has a casual feel, making people comfortable as soon as they enter the place.

The place’s opening hours are also quite flexible, making it a great place to have both lunch and dinner.

Chef’s Choice

Try their Black Angus ground beef served with three eggs so that you get the most out of your meal and fill your stomach to the brim.

The food near me is delicious and hence has an exceptionally calorie value to them, making it a great meal to feast and if you’re looking for a hectic day ahead.

Also, if you want to end your meal with a refreshing taste, then make sure that you try their homemade soup kettle for a rejuvenating finishing touch.

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5. Danna’s Bar-B-Que & Burger Shop

Danna's Bar-B-Que & Burger Shop

Why it’s a must visit?

The place enjoys its reputation primarily for its traditional way of serving barbecuing dishes by delivering them in the most generous form possible.

The place has many fans, primarily for its delicious burgers that are hard to find in the city.

The Barbequed beef and pork that they serve almost take around 12 and 14 hours to get cooked as they want to make it as flavourful as possible.

This place is the nicest and surely deserves mention on the list.

Chef’s Choice

Get their bbq pit dish to savor the chicken, diced beef, pulled pork, smoked sausages, along with ribs in one meal.

The dish also arrives with their famous Memphis rolls. It’s excellent for having a meal with a pal.

Another meal that people in this spot adorn is their Big Big Pig sandwich, a garlic Texas toast with seven ounces of bacon on the inside.

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6. Big D’s Bbq Branson

Big D's BBQ Branson

Why it’s a must visit?

The place has quite a history since the year 2017 as its transition from being a food bus to opening into a full-fledged restaurant by the following year.

This place is considered an awardee as the best Branson restaurants, mainly specializing in its barbecued dishes that will surely not disappoint you if you ever decide to feast there.

The entire process of barbecuing meat takes around 14 hours and certainly is sure to give you the taste of a lifetime as they are prepared with great patience.

Chef’s Choice

Take a bite of their Memphis-inspired baby back ribs to uncover how grand the meat is, and their mixed flavors are in taste.

One would similarly like their Texas-inspired brisket that employs checked Angus beef.

Individual meal portions other than the menu options again foresee you.

And obviously, you should never forget their handmade zestful caramel banana pudding to end your meal with a great flavor.

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7. Billy Gail’s – Branson

Billy Gail's – Branson

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is a classic as it was inaugurated in the year 1995 and hence has maintained its legacy of being one of the finest providers of dishes in all of the town.

The place has quite a classic ambiance to it as it is a family-owned restaurant and has a very traditional vibe to it.

The fantastic place will entice you through its fascinating layout, excellent staff performance, and huge servings.

It predominantly gets recognized for delivering huge meal options you won’t effortlessly discover anywhere else.

Chef’s Choice

Get the delicious Billy Belly’s Buster best choice meal which captions double eggs, vanilla hotcakes, meat, and dough.

Hash browns great aide dishes for one to try.

One must never miss their vast 14″ hotcake to savor how much meal your belly can take at dawn.

Another great dish here that you must not forget is their heavenly bacon to savor a confection and bbq aroma.

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8. Drafts Sports Grill

Drafts Sports Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

Launched in the year 2013, this place holds the wonder for being one of the most popular chain food providers in town.

Along with its incredible meals, this restaurant delivers a lively ambiance making it an excellent place for midnight hang out and having live streams of various sports channels together.

You’ll relish your meals further with nice pair of friends and a great vibe.

Chef’s Choice

You must get their bbq pork, which with a lot more seasonings.

Couple it with a cold cup of liquor to make the most out of the entertaining aspect.

Enjoy their flavorsome bbq pulled bacon dish if you haven’t fully fulfilled your appetites just yet.

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9. The Paddlewheel

The Paddlewheel

Established in the year of 2013, the Paddlewheel restaurant is an excellent wafting diner located on Lake Taneycomo at the most famous restaurants Main Street Marina.

It got inaugurated as an estate entirely owned and regulated by the Branson local people.

Nobody can ever question that the Paddlewheel restaurant is among the most cool places to eat with nightclubs in the city.

Get lost in the immersive incredible live lyrical performances and open-mic night shows here, primarily on Sundays and Saturdays.

It’s furthermore a generous feasting establishment with tons of space where one can relish themselves by being near the fire woods or going into the live-in theatres at the gaming center.

Chef’s choice

Make your belly full by grabbing their ideal chicken sandwiches.

It captions a great six-ounce nicely stuffed chicken breast loaded with pork, provolone cheese, honey mustard, and various vegetables.

As a substitute, there’s also a home salad for the ones who like to maintain a healthy diet.

Location and contact

10. Gettin’ Basted

Gettin' Basted

Why it’s a must visit?

The Gettin’ Basted Restaurant was initially established as a tournament barbecue squad in 2012.

Its residence is located in Branson’s entertainment sector and is the introductory complete service diner inaugurated in 2017.

This relaxed row diner is different from the other ones because it initiated a distinctive mode of simmering Ozarks bbq, which is spicy and rapid.

It’s pretty popular among youngsters.

Chef’s Choice

Grab the opportunity to get their amazingly decorated smoked brisket to find out about the Ozarks-inspired bbq that this eatery initiated.

Also, order their Nashville Hot sandwiches if you’re a fan of flavourful end meals.

Make sure you get their crown chicken wings and try their traditional dishes.

Location and contact

11. McFarlain’s Family Restaurant

McFarlain's Family Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

McFarlain’s Family Restaurant accentuates the traditional Ozarks-inspired cuisine for residents and travelers alike.

It’s a great place to feast after watching a movie as it’s inside an IMAX theatre.

McFarlain’s has a massive display of meal options that can lessen the cravings of your whole friend group.

It’s pretty accommodating even for a lot number of people.

Besides, its cabin interior layout provides a countryside aura that will hit you straight into your heart.

Chef’s Choice

The place’s signature Fried Chicken has amused the tastebuds of hundreds of visitors who have visited this place.

It’s a crunchy and savory chicken piece with a goldish crust that gets served with two other complimentary meals.

This place is great to have lunch in but tends to run out of stock quickly due to its popularity.

Visitors who still have some space left in their belly must get their zesty bbq in the city and must experiment with their Backwoods Grilled Chicken.

Taste their softened cheddar cheese and diced backwood pork pieces on the crust.

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12. Mel’s Hard Luck Diner

Mel's Hard Luck Diner

Why it’s a must visit?

Mel’s Hard Luck Diner is a two decade-old restaurant that provides authentic food to the native city.

This place has a lovely vintage vibe to it, making it a great place to eat and jam.

Established during the 1950s, this classic diner exemplifies a retro masterwork.

Crafted cassette covers, retro fairy lights, and classic coke memorabilia are exhibited throughout the place.

Its food serving techniques go further than delivering meals, and they amaze you with their immersing live performances.

Chef’s Choice

Try their majestic town cheese steak to relish the polished aroma of bbq beef, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cheese.

On feasting, you’ll immediately recognize why it’s among the excellent meals on the menu.

The second sandwich you probably don’t wish to skip is their roasted chicken croissant which is given with fruits.

Satisfy your cravings with their vintage banana split in a huge container with the servings of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice creams. It’s a delicious sweet with whisked cream and nuts, brought out by berries.

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13. Grandma Ruth’s

Grandma Ruth's

Why it’s a must visit?

This place prides itself on being able to serve authentic Branson food that comes from secret recipes that the members of a household practiced for hundreds of years.

It’s one of the must eat places in the city.

One can often see the grandma monitoring the entire staff to make the dishes, giving one a homey feel.

The meals here are also very homely in taste, giving one a nostalgia for their homelands, especially for those who are traveling in the city and searching for answers on where to eat.

Chef’s Choice

The most highlighted dish there are their cinnamon rolls, which taste pretty exquisite and take you straight to Paradise.

The place is famous for its desserts, especially the flavor of hazelnut, caramel, chocolate, apple, etc.

It’s a must try place for foreigners and locals alike as the entire experience there is fantastic.

Location and contact

14. Level 2 Steakhouse

 Level 2 Steakhouse

The level 2 steakhouse has one of the most romantic ambiances in the city of Branson, for it features a fine dining in Branson Mo experience for couples and colleagues alike.

The place is also located near the mall, after which you can go shopping when you finish feasting at this restaurant.

The place is also great for having lunch as it features a lot of breakfast options like eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, etc.     

Chef’s Choice

As the name suggests, the place specializes in providing one of the most stuffed steaks in all of the town and deserves mention in our recommended meal options to choose from, among many others.

Their steak is juicy, tender, flavourful beyond measure, and sure to take you to heaven.

As your end meal, below the curtains with their butter cake as a finishing dessert.

Location and contact

15. Branson Café

Branson Café

Why it’s a must visit?

The place has a unique sense of being in the quaint city of the town for it has many car theatres nearby, making it flourish among the people who like to feast and watch movies simultaneously.

The place keeps its charm by providing amazing deserts along with its main dishes.

Also, it has a reasonable price, and fantastic staff members make the entire feasting experience a lot more enjoyable.

Chef’s Choice

If you want to get a heavy meal, then you must try their chicken fried steak, meatloaf, and pot roast.

The breakfast options here are also vibrant ranging from pies, omelets, biscuits, and pancakes at the get-go.

Also, don’t forget to order the incredible dessert options to relish your tastebuds.

Location and contact

16. Farmhouse Restaurant

Farmhouse Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

To get a taste of yummy, lovely banquets that feel like they appeared right from your grandma’s house, one should visit this restaurant to get the experience of homemade dishes.

This little borough restaurant brags an intimate and cheering ambiance with peaceful waiters who make sure you relish your feast in the best way possible.

The place is also a very trendy place with a lot of options to roam around like various boutiques and other shops.

Chef’s Choice

One must try their Farmhouse symbolic meals, which are lightly breaded catfish, fried chicken, or handmade blackberry cobbler.

Get those along with classic complementary options like red crust mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, cinnamon apples, fried okra, and much more.

The place is also among great restaurants for having lunch and breakfast, basically, brunch, as it has a lot of great morning options to feast.

Location and contact

17. Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café

Jackie B. Goode's Uptown Café

Why it’s a must visit?

This place is quite funky and has a unique aura as it was established in the 90s and has a retro vibe.

It also features live entertainment programs like sports channels and various other tournaments for people to feast and have great enjoyment at the same time.

The place features Europe American-styled dishes and has a different morning menu for breakfast, which opens from 8 AM to 11 AM.

Chef’s Choice

Delightful starters like fried pickles, fresh beans, and chicken nachos are the good match for your tastebuds.

Their Hawaiian chicken, deep-fried country-inspired steak, and shrimps are a must try when visiting this restaurant.

In a nutshell, their best dishes are their non-veg ones which give you an exquisite taste that melts in your mouth like butter. It’s also one of the top restaurants out there.

Location and contact

18. White River Fish House

White River Fish House

Why it’s a must visit?

The place White River Fish House is renowned for its relaxing ambiance and fancy interior with fine furnishings that makes it a pretty pleasant place to dine at.

The dishes are unique here, with careful emphasis on presentations and fast service.

The surreal sea sight near the place makes it one of the city’s most fantastic places to eat.

Chef’s Choice

We highly recommend their Caesar Salad as your starter as it’s incredibly flavorful and makes you crave for more. 

The serving sizes are also huge, which makes the entire meal worth it for one person and even a group of people.

Also, their cornbread stuffed with cheese and corn is a delight as they are loaded with bursting flavors to enjoy.

Location and contact

19. Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack

Why it’s a must visit?

The place is very modest and has stunning decorations of fairy lights, and the ambiance there is also quite relaxing.

Though the place might seem a bit casual, its food should not be compared to how the interior is as it’s delicious and is undoubtedly surprising in taste.

The staff here is also very supportive and always manages to charm their visitors with their lovely assistance and fast service.

Chef’s Choice

The place specializes in seafood items like shrimps, crabs, and lobsters and has an impeccable taste.

Their snow crab legs are something to die for as they taste like heaven and immeasurably delicious.

The steam pot is also a great option here as it’s seasoned with zestful flavor and buttery texture.

Location and contact

Exotic Restaurants in Branson Missouri

20. Thai Thai Cuisine

Thai Thai Cuisine

Why it’s a must visit?

The place features authentic Thai cuisine and has ample main dish options to choose from.

The place is renowned for its presentation techniques that accentuate one’s a dining in experience to a whole new level.

The interior décor is impressive with attention to fine details as the place is formed with sculptures and an enticing ambiance.

Chef’s Choice

The main dish here features Pad Thai and Siam noodles adorned with stir-fried veggies, rice, and non-veg options like fish, bacon, beef, chicken, and tofu.

Every menu dish is spiced up with tasty seasonings like ginger, curry, and chili sauces.

Also, the dessert options are vast, with items like fried ice cream, coconut ice cream, and fried banana.

Location and contact

21. Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Why it’s a must visit?

This place is quite surreal in the sense of how accurately Japanese-inspired dishes are in terms of how they are served and how they cooked.

Also, one of the most notable things about this place is that its chef is a renowned person with a master’s degree in Japanese studies.

The ambiance of this place is also inspired by the Japanese culture and provides people a sense of being lost in the place and Japan’s culture.

The place opens from Monday to Saturday and has its fair share of discounted beverages, mostly imported and local.

Chef’s Choice

Aside from the conventional sushi, there are other great things and options here in this place that you can give a try.

Burst up your craving with their Takoyaki to amuse your appetites.

As for sushi, one should get them as appetizers and grab their sashimi sampler to savor the raw meal that the culinarian has exceptionally curated for you.

Then get other meals like seafood options as your main dish to replenish your hunger with lobsters, scallops, and shrimps.

The seafood also arrives with a premium miso stew, but you can also try their spicy ramen noodles if this is the stew you like more.

Location and contact

22. India Clay Oven

India Clay Oven

Why it’s a must visit?

Indian food lovers will probably love this place as it serves exquisite Punjabi food made in an original Indian style to appease the hunger of Indians and foreigners alike.

The place is quite renowned for its buttery dishes and its fantastic variety of options, including gluten-free foods and vegetarian ones too.

The customization option here also makes this place quite popular as one gets to mix and match their own preferred veggies according to their own tastes.

It’s also one of the top-rated restaurants in the city, mostly credited to its relaxing ambiance.

Chef’s Choice

The vegetable Samosa, along with potatoes and peas, are going to take you to heaven, for they are incredibly delicious to devour.

Their chili children are also quite renowned for their fantastic buttery taste that melts in your mouth as soon as you put it inside.

The taste is also quite spicy, but one can always ask the chefs to balance the taste as per your preference.

Also, their Raita soup should not be missed as it tastes heavenly.

Location and contact

23. Wakyoto Japanese Restaurant

Wakyoto Japanese Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The place serves authentic Japanese food and also has a rapid service that comes around as soon as you make an order.

The presentation of the dishes here is also impressive and genuinely aesthetic in every form it gets served.

Its fantastic array of dishes also has a beautiful ambiance that oozes a Japanese aura for an immersive experience.

Chef’s Choice

The sashimi here is something to be mentioned as it’s flavourful, juicy, and true to its authentic taste.

The place’s sushi is also beyond measure as raw ingredients are added to it, with a balanced simmering of seasonings and various other sauces.

The Kimbap rolls are highly recommended as they are truly exquisite in taste and have a very enticing aroma to them.

Location and contact

24. Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine & Sushi

Mitsu Neko Fusion Cuisine & Sushi

Why it’s a must visit?

The place serves authentic Japanese food and is one of the most popular restaurants near me in the city, mostly crediting to its outstanding dishes that are very fresh and raw in texture.

The service here is also outstanding as they are very charming and generous in their favor, making the visit as comfortable as possible.

The place also has live jazz music that accentuates the entire experience of the site as you feast on your food.

Chef’s Choice

The iconic sushi here deserves the top mention as it’s one of the top rated places to serve sushi in town.

It has a 5 star rating and an excellent atmospheric ambiance.

The sake is also something that should not go amiss as it acts as a great drink to pair with other Japanese dishes.

Location and contact

25. Pasghettis Italian Restaurant

Pasghettis Italian Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Pasghettis Italian Restaurant was inaugurated in the year of 2015 and is among the most memorable Branson meals.

It captivates people’s interest mainly because of its vast meatballs and spoon structures that serve as your entrance into the area.

It’s tough to keep up being in two various spots at once cause this themed diner just makes it feasible for you.

This place is among the most distinguished eateries to go to for an extraordinary eatery feeling.

Also, there’s a game room where children can have amusement after finishing their meal.

Chef’s Choice

Get a taste of their unique spaghetti seasoned with meatballs and a pinch of their handmade marinara dressing.

Also, grab their shrimp pasta and cajun chicken if you’re yearning for their delicious peppery fettuccine pasta.

Both these dishes arrive with a breadstick as a complimentary snack.

Location and contact

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list was able to help you solve your queries in finding a place to eat in Branson mo restaurant without any hassle. Also, the list was created in response to your burning questions about a place to eat.

The recommendations are chosen on-base credit on excellent reviews from previous visitors and are credible. So we hope that the above list of the best restaurants Branson has helped you clear your doubt in the easiest way possible.

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