Best Restaurants in Boyne City

19 Best Restaurants & Places in Boyne City | 2023 (Top Eats!)

Boyne city is a beautiful place to experience several enthusiastic outdoor activities like shopping, skiing, biking, and a lot more.

It’s a growing city that bustles with lively energy, and it is definitely worth a visit because of several spectacular attractions like the young state park and avalanche preserve recreation area.

Therefore, if you are looking for some thrill and adventure, then there is no better place other than Boyne City.

But simply going through its adventure spots won’t fulfill the need to indulge in its many superb cuisine factors, through the numerous places to eat.

That’s why it’s essential that one keeps revitalizing their energy by keeping themselves constantly nourished with good food.

Therefore, we made this list of the best restaurants in Boyne city, to help you experience a decent feast.

Let’s take a look at them.

The Best Restaurants in Boyne City This Year

1. Cafe Sante

Cafe Sante

Why it’s a must visit?

The Cafe Sante restaurant is a superb dining establishment in Boyne city that serves people European-styled dishes, including several classic ones as well.

The restaurant is a casual diner that serves people simple cuisine involving lots of European techniques in creating delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes.

It was started in 2010 and became one of the most famous restaurants in Boyne city for its classic European concept and its hospitable quality.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant offers people dishes for both lunch and dinner and includes breakfast with delicacies like wood-fried pizzas, Belgian beers, pasta, panini, mussels, and frites.

The European cuisine blends exceptionally well with its light ambiance with delicacies like Pappardelle bolognese, which contains egg noodles, Parmigiano Reggiano, and meat sauce.

The meat sauce has a very melting texture and comes in balanced portions that makes one feel happy and satisfied.

Another incredible dish that one should definitely not miss out on here is their white fish, which contains sautéed whitefish along with dauphinoise potatoes and lemon butter that makes for a fantastic meal.

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2. Lake Street Pub

Lake Street Pub

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lake Street Pub restaurant is a traditional American diner that serves people fast food that is slowly made with perfection and care by using sustainable ingredients.

It was started in 2018 and quickly became a friendly neighborhood pub plus diner that is frequently visited by the local people and has a very approachable atmosphere with cheap prices.

It’s also one of the best family restaurants in Boyne city that has an arcade section the kids can enjoy by feasting on the many tasty snacks here.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant overall has a very lively ambiance and a large outdoor seating area with a friendly staff along with the best white fish sandwiches.

Also, the location here is perfect and is situated on the water, providing dazzling views of the lake along with various delicacies specializing in seafood.

Sandwiches and burgers are the most hyped dishes here, along with side salads that come with chips and fries.

Their mac & cheese is also a pretty good option here, along with their onion rings and patties, which make for fulfilling meal choices.

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3. Stiggs Brewing & Kitchen

Stiggs Brewing & Kitchen

Why it’s a must visit?

The Stiggs Brewing and Kitchen restaurant delivers people food near me made from locally sourced ingredients and is situated on the Rail Road, serving spirited craft cocktails and wines.

The restaurant was opened in 2016 and is one of the oldest breweries in Boyne city, that continues to use professional knowledge in creating wines and cocktails and is one of the best in the craft industry.

The flavors here are infused with Michigan spirits and have a certain cheerfulness to them that other breweries lack.

Chef’s Choice

As it’s a specialized brewery, it goes without saying that one should try the handcrafted cocktails and wines that professional mixologists make. 

It’s a great place to grab quick-bite snacks like french fries along with grilled rye that comes with white cheddar cheese, horseradish sauce, and caramelized onions along with smoked briskets.

The blasting music here, along with professional service and delicacies, makes everything feel a lot better.

Their filling dishes, like BBQ pulled pork which comes with their famous cherry or porter sauce, feel tantalizing. 

Their coleslaw is also a pretty good alternative as it comes with their brioche and feels extremely tasty with their fish and chips.

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4. Red Mesa Grill

Red Mesa Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Red Mesa Grill restaurant specializes in Latin American plus Mexican cuisine and is a specialized bar and diner that uses the finest ingredients to create its dishes.

The vast menu here blends exceptionally well with the festive atmosphere that this restaurant exudes, and it also takes pride in its largest tequila selection in all of North side in Boyne City.

It served Michigan’s best margaritas in town and was established in 1987.

It became a staple drinks junction in Boyne city with fresh and innovative Latin American cuisine and is also known to be one of the top-rated restaurants.

Chef’s Choice

If you are pondering over the question of where to eat exotic food along with fascinating drinks, then this place could be the one you were looking for.

The restaurant pays particular consideration to the fresh service dishes by serving them in a sizzling and piping hot manner.

It does that through delicacies like its chorizo and chicken along with cheese quesadilla with apple sauce that comes with tasty creamy melted cheese and definitely deserves a 5-star rating.

Another exceptional dish here is their burritos, tacos, and mac & cheese, which contain authentic Latin flavors and are suitable as quick-bite options.

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5. Bella Vita

Bella Vita

Why it’s a must visit?

The Bella Vita restaurant successfully achieves its goal of providing people with a pleasant dining experience with fancy details and delicacies that enraptures its visitors.

It delivers people an impressive service with decadent food choices inside its cozy and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for socializing with your friends or family.

It’s one of the top restaurants in Boyne city, which was started in 2011, and became one of the best rustic restaurants offering people a creative menu with various twists on classic dishes.

Chef’s Choice

Don’t be fooled by the unpretentious atmosphere of the restaurant, as the dishes here are lavish in every way with their tasty appetizers like carpaccio along with the desserts like flourless chocolate cake that feels amazing in every bite.

Their scallops and risotto are pretty good Italian options that one can go for that come with authentic Italian flavors and are pleasantly flavorful in taste.

Their pasta dishes are pretty good here, too, along with their morel mushroom fettuccine and mozzarella-encrusted walleye, which are excellent dishes.

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6. Sunnyside


Why it’s a must visit?

As one can figure from the title, the Sunnyside restaurant specializes in delectable morning meals through various revitalizing beverage and brunch options.

The restaurant is perfection in every sense as the prices here are fair and reasonable along with a speedy service, that is ideal for families and friends.

Anyone who visits this place gets enamored by its lively ambiance and beautifully presented dishes, which are highly recommended for breakfast.

Chef’s Choice

Among the many delicacies here, the one that takes the top spot is their market breakfast, which comes with two side dishes along with their egg Benedict and cinnamon apple chimichanga.

But if you want to stick with the classics, then you can enjoy their traditional breakfast or their tasty fish tacos that go beyond expectations due to their exciting flavors.

Don’t forget to check out their beverage section, which lists the best coffee varieties like cappuccino and espresso along with lots of other stuff.

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7. Boyne City Bakery

Boyne City Bakery

Why it’s a must visit?

The Boyne City Bakery is a wholesome bakery offering people exquisite American and French baked goodies with the most renowned dishes in town.

The owner of this restaurant has a baking experience of more than 30 professional years and makes every item from scratch which is why they have such a distinct freshness to them.

The restaurant is a pretty prestigious bakery that is perfect for romantic dates because of its overall fancy atmosphere and delicate delicacies.

Chef’s Choice

One of the best things about this restaurant is that it offers delivery even for baked items so that one is able to celebrate any special event like a birthday or anniversary in the comfort of their house.

Among its several baked goodies, the ones which are extremely loved here are their Kouign Amann and Breton Crepes, which is one of the reasons why it’s considered to be one of the many cool places to eat in Boyne City.

It’s internationally praised for its big breakfast choices and toothsome treats like pancakes, stuffed omelets, poached eggs, apple chutney, and a lot more.

One gets to taste both sweet and savory flavors here with their scone, quiche, and coffee. 

Therefore, anyone with a sweet tooth will love dining at this place through varieties like pastries, bread, cookies, muffins, grapes, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and a lot more.

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8. Barrel Back Restaurant

Barrel Back Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Barrel Back restaurant is a superb accommodating dining establishment that makes sure that people get to have the most hospitable experience dining here with various non-veg and vegetarian menu varieties.

This restaurant near me provides people with a quality dining experience with its Lakeside views and its exquisite beer on tao collection featuring more than 23 varieties and sparkling wines.

It only hires talented chefs to create its dishes and presents people with a creative menu with various spins along with gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant specializes in Wood-fired delicacies like its wood-fired pizza oven and other sizable options that pair exceptionally well with its collection of more than 100 wines.

For a light beginning, one can start with their Caesar salad or their West Arm salad, which contains smoked chicken breast along with various seasonings and is one of the best salads one can ever try.

In the same way, their other delicacies, like strawberry jive, rigatoni, and tomato basil pasta, along with an additional seasoning of shrimp, make things extra tasty and are suitable as main course dishes.

Their pulled pork and pretzel sliders are great options, along with fast food alternatives like burgers and pizza.

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9. Lake Street Market

Lake Street Market

Why it’s a must visit?

The Lake Street Market restaurant is a spectacular dining establishment that people who like fast food would adore because of its great takeout and delivery service, along with gift baskets and specialty food.

The restaurant provides people with both an indoor and outdoor dining experience, according to personal preferences, and delivers dishes with generous seasoning.

The assortment of menu options here can often be assisted by professional staff members here, who can offer their insight in providing you with the best sampling options.

Chef’s Choice

Even though it’s a cozy market, the restaurant office people a decadent variety of crackers, wine, olives, cheese, and lots of other mouthwatering items.

Its chicken chili is a pretty good option for those who have a good spicy tolerance and comes in a soupy form with shredded chicken pieces and white navy beans.

One can also try their chicken salad sandwich, which is one of the best salads one can ever have, that contains tender pieces of chicken chunks and cranberries, available in both dense or light options.

Another fantastic dish that one can try here is their pasta noodles, and end it with their sweet cookies, chocolate macadamia, and toffee which makes for excellent dessert choices.

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10. The Whi-Ski Inn

The Whi-Ski Inn

Why it’s a must visit?

The Whi-Ski Inn restaurant focuses its culinary creations on smoked barbecue dishes and bourbon beers that are perfect for reunions or hangouts.

It’s a bustling space that has a vintage feeling to it, with an old-school atmosphere and an accommodating stop serving people comfort food options with a speedy service.

The restaurant usually remains packed because of its high-rated dishes, which are available at affordable prices, and therefore is an excellent budgeted diner.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant showcases people a tight menu filled with extensive bourbon drinks and smoked meat that are perfect for those who are crazy about aromatic dishes.

One can start off with their remarkable sweet corn bites, cheese curds made with cheddar cheese, and smoked southern sausage, which contain the most decadence sauces and are homemade.

Their smoked chicken nachos are also a pretty good appetizer option along with the pulled pork sandwich, which is finger-licking good as it comes with generous seasoning.

As for kids, their mac & cheese and burgers make for excellent options and are pretty fulfilling too.

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11. Boppi’s Pizza

Boppi's Pizza

Why it’s a must visit?

The Boppi’s Pizza restaurant is a specialized Italian pizza diner that office people exquisite pizza varieties in different crust forms made by professional chefs. 

Everything here tastes yummy and lives up to the expectations one has with its thin crust and fantastic pepperoni seasoning that makes every pizza dish feel incredible.

Not only that, the restaurant introduces people to lots of gracious ingredients that they can customize according to their preferences.

Also, one can visit here after exploring the avalanche reserve to nourish themselves with these filling and tasty pizzas.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant introduces people to non-greasy pizzas with decadent varieties that are served in a refreshing manner in huge portions along with delicious seasoning.

The green goddess dressing is a pretty good option as it comes with lots of ranch options, and has received a lot of rave reviews previously.

Also, their crust pies and other deep dish pizzas are heartwarming choices as they come with pleasant creamy cheese and feel incredible in every bite.

All of its toppings are delivered freshly and have a crispy crust, which is why it has an essence of handmade Italian pizza quality.

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12. Walloon Lake Inn

Walloon Lake Inn

Why it’s a must visit?

The Walloon Lake Inn restaurant is a traditional diner that serves sustainably curated dishes made with locally sourced ingredients with appropriate seasoning by implying both conventional and modern American techniques.

The restaurant consistently manages to provide people with an exciting and fresh perspective on its mouthwatering northern Michigan creations through high standardization.

It was started in 1891 and has been in the culinary industry for more than 100 years with a quaint atmosphere and pristine view of the northern Michigan lake, that provides people with joyous comfort.

Chef’s Choice

This restaurant remains a popular destination for trying out fantastic gourmet options with a lovely ambiance, superb service, and an upscale food variety.

On a lighter note, one can start with their Walloon wedge salad, which comes with blue cheese, slow-roasted heirloom tomatoes, bacon, blue cheese dressing, and pickled red onions.

In the same way, one can continue it with their tasty whitefish that comes soaked in parmesan panko and is served with zucchini, crispy potatoes, and summer squash.

Their crapers are also pretty good as they are freshly prepared and have a light taste to them.

Their Red wine poached pear salad, which contains baby arugula salad, golden beets, caramelized onions, toasted walnuts, watermelon radish, and manchego cheese with vinaigrette dressing, is also an excellent alternative.

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13. Indo China Garden

Indo China Garden

Why it’s a must visit?

The Indo China Garden restaurant is an excellent pan-Asian diner that is situated in Boyne City, Michigan, that is a standoffish choice for its fresh and wholesome food variety.

One never gets to experience unpleasant dining here, as the food always tastes great and is served in a sizzling and hot manner.

Its buffet section is also one of the reasons why it’s considered to be among the nicest restaurants in the city.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant remains consistent in its quality of food choices and does a good job in its customization of spice levels according to various tolerances.

The restaurant features several great dishes like chicken pad Thai, Mongolian beef, and various other Chinese entire offerings, that remain a major highlight here.

Under no circumstances, one will get to taste a greasy-free dish in a fresh manner, other than in this restaurant, as they are prepared in a perfectionist manner.

Location and Contact

14. Forty Acres Tavern

Forty Acres Tavern

Why it’s a must visit?

The Forty Acres Tavern restaurant is renowned for its spirited culinary offerings and a divine transaction of a pleasant dining experience with unforgettable memories.

The restaurant takes pride in its aesthetic atmosphere, and its large selection of spirits, with the heavy microbrew rooster featuring more than 40 beer options along with upscale American pub cuisine.

The dishes here have irresistible flavor with fresh, innovative spices inside its overall gracious atmosphere.

Chef’s Choice

Quench your thirst by trying their phenomenal spirits section that delivers people the most exceptional variety of cocktails, beers, and wines.

The food here might be a bit on the pricey side, but it’s still worth every bite, especially with simple varieties like a chicken sandwich, calamari, burgers, onion rings, and a lot more.

The drinks are something, that can be paired with any dish that comes with signature sauces like their calamari and blends exceptionally well with their tasty cocktail section.

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15. Boyne City Tap Room

Boyne City Tap Room

Why it’s a must visit?

The Boyne City Tap Room restaurant is a traditional American diner and pub that has managed to inculcate its reputed image into the culinary diving scene of Boyne City, MI.

It’s one of the must eat places in Boyne city, that faces Lakes Street and delivers people the freshest and the highest quality of American food choices that are made with locally sourced ingredients.

One gets to enjoy the dazzling breeze of the wind while facing the gorgeous lake street, which is a sight for sore eyes.

It always remains open for both lunch and dinner and was started in 2016 as a family business.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant introduces people to a dedicated variety of exquisite southern-themed cuisine by giving people a range of tasty options like hoisin spare ribs and cocktails.

The menu here might not be as extensive as when might expect, but contains gourmet varieties that feel great while indulging as one listens to the immersing music that is played here.

Their veggie quesadilla and caesar salad is deserving of a 5-star rating and is one of the reasons why this restaurant has gained the image as one of the great restaurants in Boyne City.

Their quality salads, bread, burgers, and wings are good light options as appetizers and are executed exceptionally well.

Location and Contact

16. Beach House Restaurant

Beach House Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

The Beach House restaurant is heaven for vegetarian lovers and is excellent for replenishing one’s energy after a day full of activities while rejoicing in their beautiful patio. 

The restaurant has a warm ambiance which is perfect for an enjoyable Friday or Saturday evening and the menu also mentions several decadent options in gourmet variety.

It’s also one of the best family restaurants, as one gets to enjoy a good family time here while gazing at the sunset.

As the restaurant is located on the shores of Deer Lake, which is only some blocks away from the Boyne Mountain golf shop, the restaurant remains a perfect place to rejuvenate oneself after a hectic day.

Chef’s Choice

The menu is filled with simple yet decadent choices that feel amazing as one takes a bite out of them and gazes at the waters.

Their chicken comes in a very juicy and tender flavor along with the ribeye which is cooked to perfection and is worth every penny.

In the same way, their club wrap with fries makes for a good alternative as a lighter option along with their morel mushroom which comes battered with lots of butter sauce and ravioli.

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17. Junction Bar & Grill

Junction Bar & Grill

Why it’s a must visit?

The Junction Bar and Grill restaurant is a traditional dining establishment situated in northern Michigan and remains an iconic destination that paves the way for the Walloon Lake Village.

The restaurant has been operating for more than 125 years at it since it was opened in 1895 and has become a local favorite and a historic destination among food enthusiasts. 

The restaurant offers people a hygienic dining experience along with rustic details that focuses extremely well on its freshly prepared dishes and speedy service.

Chefs Choice 

The restaurant delivers people freshly made dishes in an innovative manner, like their ‘redneck meats,’ which contain lots of twists and have made it a pretty trendy spot among youngsters.

Their wings are not like conventional wings but are baked chicken thighs that come with crispy layering and a slice of juicy meat along with a spicy and sweet sauce that feels amazing as an appetizer option.

Also, their olive burger is a unique dish that one can try that comes with a hand-petite burger containing traditional olive dressing along with mayonnaise and lots of cream cheese.

Make sure to order a plate of their fries, as they will add a crispy touch to the dish with excellent seasoning.

Location and Contact

18. Mountainside Grille

Mountainside Grille

Why it’s a must visit?

The Mountainside Grille restaurant pays special focalization on ‘up north cuisine’ with exquisite seafood dishes, pan pizzas, and authentic polish cuisine in the form of beef sandwiches and a lot more.

The restaurant began during the year 2003 and has continued to astonish both travelers and locals with its authentic Michigan cuisine and more than 100-year-old building which it resides within. 

It’s a decent restaurant for those who are looking for budgeted options and are not in a hurry to grab a good meal.

Chef’s Choice

It’s an excellent place to have breakfast as the food here is served in a piping hot fashion and in a fresh manner.

Their mile-high meatloaf is a pretty good choice, along with their biscuits and gravy, which is a nearly perfect dish.

Almost every tiny bite options here are pretty good, like the pretzels along with their chicken wing basket and Ruben with other heavier choices like burgers and a lot more.

It’s a charming diner with beautiful wooden details and a quaint bar that is perfect for those who are looking for a simply tasty meal.

Location and Contact

19. Betty’s Restaurant

Betty's Restaurant

Why it’s a must visit?

Betty’s restaurant serves people hearty meal options with a good beverage section that gives people a revitalized breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The restaurant serves people fantastic brunch options with other comfort food varieties that have a homey feeling to them and comes with fair prices.

It might be a modest space with subtle details, but it’s still worth stopping by as the food here is extremely good, and it’s perfect for brunches.

Chef’s Choice

The restaurant is celebrated for its flavorful pancakes, homemade potatoes, omelets, and coffee, which people often enjoy as terrific breakfast choices.

On the filling side, their cheeseburger, which is hand spanked along with a western omelet, makes for a protein-packed meal as it comes in hefty portions.

Other great alternatives are their homemade cinnamon rolls and custom scrambled eggs which are served in a heartwarming fashion along with their fresh farm potatoes.

Location and Contact

Final Thoughts

Boyne city remains one of the hottest destinations for culinary enthusiasts to enjoy finding good places to eat without compromising on quality.

Boyne city is not just filled with adventure sports like hiking and biking along with various Avalanche features, but it still has a flourishing culinary scene that needs to be tried at least once.

It offers people a good escape from bustling city life but is itself a growing metropolis, that has shown its excellence in various aspects.

That’s why keeping oneself revitalized becomes a priority, and that’s why for that sole reason, we created this list of the best restaurants in Boyne city for you to visit.

So keep yourself nourished by visiting the places that we mentioned above.

Bon appétit!

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